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Mark Maranga

Mark Maranga

Considers himself as a sporadic travel blogger & landscape photographer, website owner Mark Maranga works as a freelance/home-based SEO Specialist, Ethical Hacker and Website Developer. He’s made more than a hundred websites already but he is now focused on his own online businesses and no longer accepting web projects.

Before he got into Website Development and SEO, he started working as a part-time crew member of Kentucky Fried Chicken while he was on his 3rd year in college but had to leave the food chain because of school projects. In his last year of taking Bachelor of Science in Technical Education major in Industrial Electronics in Don Bosco Technology Center, he had his first “school-OJT” in the College of Technological Sciences-Cebu, teaching electronics theory and laboratory subjects to Electronics and Communications Engineering students.

On his “industry-OJT”, he went to Celestica Philippines without knowing what type of job he’ll be doing. Lucky enough to be acquired by the Hardware Design Engineering Group and tasked to do component-library and PWB (Printed Wiring Board) designs using a Japanese-developed software, Mark got a full-time job in the same company as a Design Engineering Support, after five months. He was working mostly on electronics component-specifications documents. After 2 years, his manager James Din, decided to promote him after giving his resignation letter. He decided to stay because of his advancement as Procurement Engineer. He was transferred to the Supply-Chain Management Group but the skills, knowledge and attitude he acquired from his previous group remained in him. He doubled his efforts to learn the things he needed to learn and easily got the trust from his new boss, Raymund Retutal, even though he was the only non-engineering graduate from his new group.

As a Procurement Engineer, Mark got many chances to talk with people from the different provinces in the Philippines as well as people from all over the world to discuss and negotiate their products and components for Celestica to use in manufacturing their own products. To build rapport, he always do small-talks with them by asking them some information about their place. From there, his urge to travel and discover new places was triggered – but sadly, he doesn’t have enough “travel funds” yet.

Resigned from the job and finally decided to look for greener pastures, Mark applied for jobs which were far from his line of interests but still lucky enough to get the job offer – notably as CAD Ship Designer, Production Engineer, Product Manager, etc. – the salaries offered were fairly high but not high enough to allow him to do what he really wants to do in life – Travel, Photograph, Write.

Decided to self-study IT as his then girlfriend, now his wife, Lisa Rae graduated from IT in the prestigious MSU-IIT school in Iligan City, Mark was lucky enough to get a free training from TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) for Computer Troubleshooting and Networking Class. While having the training class, he applied as a Management Trainee in Informatics Computer School. Without minding, he luckily got the job, which he thought would give him a very less chance of getting hired. As a Management Trainee, he was trained to do administrative work and given the chance to teach Business Subjects at the same time. He also helped in marketing and selling the school to graduating high-school students by means of career talks.

In the following school year, he was asked if he could teach HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) and never hesitated even though he has limited knowledge about it. He’s literally 1-page ahead of his students but it did not stop him from giving his students the lessons they needed to learn – and he know he delivered the subject matter well because he was given an excellent grade by his students during the teacher evaluation.

Because of the trust of Ms. Jennifer Sebastian, the Academic Head, he got to teach other IT subjects including MS Access, PC Troubleshooting and Networking, System’s Analysis and Design, Web Programming & the Internet to part-time and full-time students. He also taught Flash Animation, Photoshop and Web Design to JITS (Junior Information Technology Society) members.

Then there was a job opening for a Web/IT teacher in UP (University of the Philippines), a prestigious school in the Philippines, famous for their oblation run. Mark knew the pay would not make a big impact but a lot more opportunities will open for him because of the influence of the school. As part of the hiring process, he was tasked to demonstrate in-front of the school heads and selected students – and they say it was brilliant! The several rounds of interviews by the principal, school administrators, head teachers were seamless and his medical exam was fine. He was advised to resign from his present job to start processing his requirements so he can start teaching as soon as possible. He was very responsive but then, the school dean looked at his college records and discovered he had failure grades. They told him they were no longer hiring him. Mark was dismayed because he already spent a lot of time, money and used a lot of vacation leaves just to get the job. Sad to know that someone who has not met Mark or interviewed him believes that his failing grades 5 years ago is a manifestation of the present him.

After that day, Mark thought that God may want to give something better to him.

He decided to withdraw his resignation in Informatics and decided to stay. After a couple of months, he was pirated by a French-owned Company as a Project Manager after discovering his management skills.  He was assigned to oversee several web developers as well as develop E-commerce Websites. This helped him enhanced his skills in PHP, Paypal, Website security and other E-commerce related skills.

In about four months he was pirated by an American-owned Company as a Manager, who also works as an SEO Specialist and Web Developer. He got to call and teach Americans how to manage their own websites.

Six months later he decided to work home-based.

In his 3 years working in Web Development, Ethical Hacking and SEO, he has worked with many foreign customers mostly from the US, Canada, UK, France, Ireland and Vietnam. At the same time, he makes his own blog sites specific to boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) events and added some advertisements on his websites to earn additional income.

Now blessed with a decent income from his current online job & small-time party shop, Mark continues to work in the Philippines. He’s open to working and possibly migrating abroad if there’s a good opportunity in a well-known and stable company.

Through blogging, Mark is enjoying the “fruits of his labor”. He gets to do the things he love the most and earn at the same time. It’s not much but enough to shoulder the basic needs of his family and travel occasionally. Together with his wife Lisa Rae and their sons Sam & Jim, they will be showing you the different tourist attractions of the Philippines.

Come, travel and explore the amazing Philippines. Tara na, Biyahe tayo!

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