Buggy Car Driving in Boracay, Philippines

Driving a Buggy Car is one of my childhood fantasies and it came true when I went to Boracay. I didn’t expected that there were Buggy Cars in Boracay because I used to believe that there’s nothing more in Boracay than JUST wonderful white beaches and water sports. When a local agent came to us and showed us a banner of some of the Boracay activities we can enjoy, I instantly noticed the Buggy Car Driving. That person sells the activity at a crazy price of P1000 per rider for a total of 1 hour ride to Boracay’s Butterfly Farm and Mt. Luho, the highest mountain in Boracay. I convinced Lisa that we can get a much cheaper price with the same itinerary. The following day, we found another agent who gave us the best discount at P350 per person, so we got his contact number and availed it in the afternoon of that day.

Buggy Cars along the Road

Buggy Cars along the Road

From Station 3, we rode a tricycle (together with our local agent) at P25 per person going to an area near Bolabog Beach. It was my first time to see a real Buggy Car, and like a child, I started riding it just to get the feeling of it.

A Buggy Car is also known as a Dune Buggy in the Philippines. It is a vehicle used for recreation and it has a large wheels and wide tires. It is designed for use in sand or beaches. The engine is mounted in an open chassis. The design was made such that the power to weight ratio is increased.

A Personal Buggy Car

A Personal Buggy Car

We paid our local agent and he was the one who paid the cashier and we know for sure that he gets a good commission from it. We were requested to go to the orientation area for some instructions on how to ride the Buggy Car, the course and some rules and regulations to follow.

Rules and regulations:
1. Always follow your guide. He is riding in a motorcycle and the front car should be two cars away from him. If anything goes wrong, just shout. =)
2. There should be no overtaking.
3. Maximum speed is 15/kph.



Mark and Lisa in the Buggy Car

Mark and Lisa in the Buggy Car

When it’s time to hit the road, I was excited to get in the driver’s seat and Lisa as the passenger. Driving the Buggy Car, we went to the Butterfly Farm then to Mount Luho. We did everything as instructed to avoid any accidents. Riding a Buggy Car for the first time in my life was such a great afternoon delight.

Enjoying the ride

Enjoying the ride

Following the Guide

Following the Guide

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  1. Hero says:

    Hi Mark.
    Could you please give me the contact number and the name of the person of your contact?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Vickie says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve read about the buggy car ride you’ve posted. It’s so good of you giving information of the cheaper price. Can you give us the contact number of such agent of yours.How about the activities like zorb riding, speedboat rides & banana boat rides and can you suggest other exciting activities for a family consisting of 5 persons? And where can we got a cheap but safe place to stay for at least 4 days. I’ll appreciate it very much if you’ll consider my request. Good luck and more success in all your endeavors.

  3. jean says:

    Hi there..My officemates and I are going to Boracay this June 2012. And I love to try the buggy car. Can I also get the number of your contact?
    Thank you very much in advance : )

  4. Kristine says:

    can i get the number of your contact, so that we could reached him when we got there?

  5. JeleclIlm says:

    Coolness, want to do that
    I love boracay beach and their activities

  6. Oliver says:

    Hi Mark,

    How much did you pay for the buggy car? Also, is it in a hour rental basis or not?


  7. Ralph in Iraq says:

    Can buggy cars be driven on the streets in Philippines ? If I buy a buggy car….can I get a tag for it ? thanks

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Buggy Cars can be driven on the streets but only on the secluded areas, not on highways and main roads. If you buy a buggy car, you can get a tag for it.

  8. Ricky Rodriguez says:

    Hi Mark! Good Day! Me and my wife are schedule to go to Boracay this Nov 10, 2010. May I ask what is the name of company who operate the Buggy Car? We want to try that, so we have an Idea where we going to go when we try that ride.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      When we were there I didn’t notice the company name of the Buggy Car operator. If you are staying near the famous Long Beach, there will be a lot of locals that will approach you and introduce the Buggy Car at initially a very high price. Try to negotiate for the best price then continue to canvass prices from several other locals and when you found the one that has the best price, get it. If you are staying near Bulabog Beach (the other side of the Long Beach), the Buggy Car operator is nearby.

      Ask them what is their route. Most of the Buggy Cars’ route will be Mount Luho and Butterfly Farm. If they offer a longer route, the price will be a little higher.

  9. Danny from Maryland says:

    I did this today with my family. I enjoyed the view at the top of Tanawin Building. It was spectacular view.

    My disappointment was the amount I paid as follows:

    Php 1,100 for 1 Buggy Ride
    Php 550 each for 2 ATVs

    I arranged this activity through the hotel. I suppose I got the tourist rate (OUCH! This happens when you have impatient family members.). It took us a total of about half hour round-trip ride to and from Tanawin Building at Mt. Luho (?).