Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery which is the remains of Mount Vulcan 1871 eruption lies 20 ft underwater in Barrio Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin, Philippines. History has it that Mount Vulcan or locally known as the Old Volcano had 4 historic eruptions. One was in 1827 but records of this particular eruption were not important. Second was in 1862 which claimed 326 lives when thick ashes flowed and caught people who were fleeing towards the sea. The third one was in 1871 which caused the whole capital of Camiguin along with its cemetery sunk under the sea.

The years after the destructive eruption of Mount Vulcan,the Sunken Cemetery was visible during low tide.  But Mount Vulcan erupted again in 1948 until 1953 sinking the whole area deeper.  To mark the community cemetery, a large cross was built on the solidified lava in 1982.

Today, the Sunken Cemetery is one of those most visited tourist spot in Camiguin and is one of the most unique diving sites. One can see coral encrusted tombstones when snorkeling and diving in the area.

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

From afar - the green & shallow area is the whole cemetery

From afar - the green & shallow area is the whole cemetery

Sunken Cemetery is just 5 to 10 minutes away from Camiguin Walkway were one can also see the view of the cemetery on top of the old volcano. It’s also 10 minutes away from the Old Spanish Church which was also destroyed by the 1871 eruption. 15 minutes going north, one will reach Paras Beach Resort and Caves Dive Resort. These two and all the other resorts nearby can take you to White Island. Going south from the Sunken Cemetery one will reach Catarman Coral Dive Resort for another option of beach resort accommodation.

On the month of November, a fluvial procession usually organized by the townsfolk of Barangay Bonbon is held in honor of the sunken graves of their forefathers.  They would bring flowers and candles as an offering.

The Cross from the Beach

The Cross from the Beach

The Sunken Cemetery is meters away from the shore but there are available bancas that can take you to the site of the cross if you want a closer look. The banca for rent costs 100 pesos for a maximum of 5 people. Or alternatively, if you have your swimming gear you can swim through the clear waters up to the site of the cross for 5 minutes.

Visiting Sunken Cemetery is free. But the property owner is not liable for any loss, damage or any untoward incident that will happen while in the area. Just take extra precaution in everything that you do while enjoying your vacation.

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  1. lana says:

    hi mark! how far is the sunken cemetery from paras beach resort? great blog by the way. thanks

  2. Niña Bibanco says:

    Hey Mark!

    Hopefully me and my brother can visit this beautiful Sunken Cemetery by next year. Can you give us some recommendations for a good and safe hotel or resort to stay in Bonbon, Catarman? We also planned for a dive or 2 as part of our itinerary.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


  3. Mark Robin says:

    Been there last May 28.. Great Place and Great Tour Guides..

  4. Chinny says:

    I can’t wait to visit and see it for real, we’re going to camiguin on April 3 with my fiancee..Im excited!! but I just want to know if how far is this from camiguin golden sunset beach club?


  5. leizel says:

    hi Mark,

    can you recommend a cheapest hotel or inn in Camiguin? and also a Nice package tour in the island?


  6. carl says:

    hey mark,
    very glad that you have a blog like this, so informative for a backpacker like me. good thing that your post are all updated since it is dated this year.
    i have plans of going to camiguin as a way for me to prove that i can be independent. i havent traveled alone so no idea if i can survive by myself wandering in the street.
    in camiguin, can i take a habal2 for me to tour me around? i’ll be in camiguin for a day and will go to CDO afterwards.


    • Mark Maranga says:


      Thank you for the nice comment.

      If you are going solo, you can take a habal2x (solo motorcycle) and tour around the different tourist spots on the island including the Sunken Cemetery, Ardent Hot Spring and Katibawasan Falls among many others.

      Be sure you canvass for the best price and go with the friendly driver. The tour price for a tricycle is P1000 so a solo motorcycle should cost the same or much lesser.

      The problem with habal2x is the the weather – heat and rain – which can ruin your beautiful day.

  7. Cool, I have seen pictures of this but didn’t know where it was. Maybe one day I can get up that way.

  8. Batousai says:

    Hello mark!

    I like the view of the Sunken Cemetery. But I’m gonna have goosebumps everytime I hear or read the word “Cemetery”, but I like the view though! It’s very nice. Foreigners would love to take a closer look at it.

    Wandering Swordsman

  9. Lian says:

    Swimming there will surely give me goose bumps. LOL… Once I have the chance to visit Camiguin next month, I will try to see what’s underneath this sunken cemetery. The water looks clear and very inviting. Thanks mark!

    • Mark Maranga says:

      When we were there, several locals were swimming near the beach. There were 3-4 who were snorkeling in the middle area. There’s no need to worry when swimming there. There have been very less reported accidents and it was already developed by the LGU of Camiguin so people will be enticed to visit and swim in this Sunken Cemetery. Don’t worry you won’t see bones or skulls…

    • says:

      hahah 🙂 camiguin Sunken CemEteRY love lovelovelove loveSo I Love you Camiguin