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Bacolod’s Palacio Episcopal (The Bishop’s Palace)

The Palacio Episcopal, also known as the Bishop’s Palace, is one of the many “passersby attractions” in Bacolod. It was established by Fr. Julian Gonzaga 46 years prior to building the San Sebastian Cathedral in 1876, which is located right beside it. The construction of the Palacio Episcopal commenced in 1830 and it was finished in the 1890’s. Notably, the Spanish Military and civic officials sought refuge in the Bishop’s Palace during the revolution in 1898 which started on November 5 – now […]

Manokan Country: Bacolod’s Grilled Chicken

One of the main sources of income of the city of Bacolod in the Philippines is selling poultry products; but what’s noteworthy and shouldn’t be missed by a local or foreign tourist is the sumptuous and delicious grilled chicken in Manokan Country. “Manok” is the local translation of chicken and Bacolod is one proud city offering such an appetizing meal for everyone – rich, middle, poor – they all buy it and enjoy the unique taste of the chicken. It is tender and […]

Negros Occidental Capitol Park and Lagoon

One of unique ways to see the splendid city of Bacolod is to visit the Negros Occidental Capitol Park and Lagoon. It is located along Lacson St., and is considered as the Kilometer Zero or point of distance reference of the city – the mother of all distance reference in the Philippines is Kilometer Zero in Manila. The Negros Occidental Capitol Park and Lagoon may not be as jolly during daytime, but for sure when the late afternoon comes, more and more people […]

Bacolod City Plaza

Located just across the astonishing and historic San Sebastian Cathedral is the  Bacolod City Plaza. It is a 2 hectare land, probably one of the less maintained but cleanest and most peaceful plaza in the Philippines. Adults and children alike recreates in this large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property. Passersby, cheesy dating lovers, strollers and vendors are the people you often see inside the Bacolod Public Plaza. Although the Public Plaza is considered as one the less […]

Dizon-Ramos Museum in Bacolod

Housed in the ancestral home of Raymundo L. Dizon and Hermelinda V. Ramos, the Dizon-Ramos Museum is one of the many reasons you will visit Bacolod, Philippines. It was constructed in 1950 and shows the architecture of after-war Bacolod. The house is a blend of modern and neo-classic which makes anyone appreciate its past. The visitors get a sense of how upper-middle class lived in Bacolod in the 1950s. In 2007, the house of Ramos and Dizon was converted into a museum, thus […]

Cathedral of San Sebastian in Bacolod

The Cathedral of San Sebastian in Bacolod, Philippines was originally founded by Bishop Mariano Cuartero, O.P. In April 27, 1876, the cornerstone was laid and the church was inaugurated in January 20, 1882. Fray Mauricio Ferrero, became the first parish priest. The original church became a cathedral in June 23, 1933. Three years after, it was repaired and improved by Msgr. Casimiro M. Lladoc D.D., the first bishop of the San Sebastian Cathedral who served from 1933-1951. The Recollect priests believe that the […]

Bacolod-Silay Airport

The Bacolod-Silay Airport, known in Filipino as Paliparan ng Bacolod-Silay and in Hiligaynon as Hulugpaan sang Bacolod-Silay is the now the main airport serving the province of Negros Oriental and Negros del Norte, mostly used by the people living in Silay and the nearby Talisay and Bacolod Cities. In 2007, this bigger and more modern airport served as the replacement to the Bacolod City Domestic Airport, in Bacolod City, Philippines. Located about 15 kilometers north of the main city in Negros Occidental, Bacolod […]

Cinco de Noviembre: Negros Revolution

Originally known as the Negros Revolution or Negros Day, the Cinco de Noviembre was a political campaign that created a government in Negros Island in the Philippines. This secretly developed government run by the Negrense native ended the Spanish control of the island informally – not the whole archipelago and for a relatively short period of time. The freshly constituted Negros Republic lasted approximately three months. On February 2, 1899, American forces landed on the island unopposed, ending the island’s freedom. In the […]

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