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Lanzones Festival in Camiguin

Considered as the island’s celebration for the abundance of Lanzones and bountiful harvest, Lanzones Festival reigns as one of the most watched festivals in the Philippines. It is celebrated mainly in Mambajao, Camiguin every 3rd week of October, for about 4 days, thanking the divine for the plentiful, delicious, sweet Lanzones growing in the trees in the whole island. This is why, when you are in Cebu, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro or other parts in the country, you will hear someone shouting “Mambajao” […]

Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin

Dubbed as “The Premiere Vacation Resort of the South”, Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin claims as the best beach resort in the island. It is the getaway destination for those who are craving for the perfect stress-reliever from the bustling city life. It is the resort which housed the most hospitable people in the whole of Camiguin, Philippines. Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin has super clean air-conditioned rooms with most of the walls covered with weave of bamboo strips and roofs made from “nipa” (dried […]

Sto Nino Cold Spring

Camiguin Island is an ultimate getaway from the hassle and bustle from the city. It has a lot of tourist attractions to enjoy and one of them is the Sto Nino Cold Spring. It is situated 4 kilometers north uphill of Catarman proper where you can find Catarman Coral Dive Resort. Sto Nino Cold Spring has a pool measuring 25 meters by 40 meters and a dip of 4 ft to 8 ft.  The water then flows into a smaller pool built for […]

Ardent Hot Spring, Camiguin

One of the main attractions of Camiguin aside from White Island is Ardent Hot Spring. It is situated 6 kilometers southwest of Mambajao specifically in Esperanza Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin in the Philippines. This is also considered as the most popular hot spring in the island.  It is a natural pool of about 39 °C coming from the bowels of Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Before, Ardent Hot Spring used to be a four-tiered pool of varying depth and warmth with the hottest one located on the […]

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery which is the remains of Mount Vulcan 1871 eruption lies 20 ft underwater in Barrio Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin, Philippines. History has it that Mount Vulcan or locally known as the Old Volcano had 4 historic eruptions. One was in 1827 but records of this particular eruption were not important. Second was in 1862 which claimed 326 lives when thick ashes flowed and caught people who were fleeing towards the sea. The third one was in 1871 which caused the whole […]

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls is one of the treasured gifts nature has bestowed to the island of Camiguin. It is one of the many waterfalls Camiguin has to offer. It is located 5 kilometers southeast of Mambajao at the foot of Mt.Timpoong in Camiguin, Philippines. It is about 250 feet which cascades 70 meters into a rock pool surrounded by trees, wild ferns and the like. It is very ideal for swimming as the falls tumble down into the green pool. Katibawasan Falls is ideal […]

Catarman Coral Dive Resort

Catarman Coral Dive Resort is a beach resort located in Punta Puti, Catarman, Camiguin, Philippines. It is in the southwestern part of the island and is 30-40 minutes away from the northern beach resorts such as Paras Beach Resort and Caves Dive Resort which is sometimes confused as Catarman Coral Dive Resort. Similar to Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin, Catarman Coral Dive Resort does not want to belong to the northern beaches so they can be distinguished. Staying in the resort is worth relaxing […]

Camiguin Highland Resort

Found in a secluded area in the upland of Mambajao is the wonderful, high-end and classy Camiguin Highland Resort. It boasts a Mansion type building with oozing class and luxury. The building is Mediterranean in design and of solid structure.  Guests at Camiguin Highland Resort can choose either a room with a sea view or a mountain view as it is strategically designed and located in one of the best viewing areas in the mountains of Camiguin. All of the rooms in Camiguin […]

Soda Water Swimming Pool in Camiguin

The Soda Water Swimming Pool in Camiguin is the first of its kind in the entire Philippines. It is the latest addition to the tourist attractions in island and it was built/developed in 2007. It is made into a swimming pool for human enjoyment and satisfaction. The Soda Swimming Pool is situated in the town of Catarman which is 30 minutes away from Mambajao, the main town of Camiguin. It is named such because according to folks, it used to taste like soda. […]

Mantigue Island

More of an adventure rather than a sight-seeing spot, the Mantigue Island offers one of the best experiences when going to Camiguin in the Philippines. It is one of the islands under the jurisdiction of the local government of Camiguin. The other one is White Island located off the town of Agoho. Mantigue Island offers a lush greenery effect from afar. It has a mini-forest area in the middle and the beach is white-sand. It is an estimated four hectares of land located […]

Balbagon Port in Camiguin

One of the three operational wharves in Camiguin, Philippines is the Balbagon Port. It is located in barangay Balbagon, 2-3 kilometers going east from the town center of Mambajao. Balbagon Port caters ships coming from Cebu and Jagna, Bohol. The Super Shuttle Ferry (telephone number: +63 32 2323150) from Cebu to Camiguin travels every Friday at 8pm. That same boat leaves Camiguin to Cebu every Sunday at 8pm. The estimated travel time from/to Cebu/Camiguin is 12 hours. Trips from/to Bohol is daily and […]

Guiob Church Ruins in Camiguin

One of the structures built in the 16th century and continues to amaze the tourist of its tough and sturdy built is the Guiob Church Ruins made from coral stones. It is specifically located in Barangay Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin and is one of the highly respected ancient structure in the Philippines. It was damaged due to the volcanic eruption on May 13, 1871. Guiob Church Ruins is maintained by the Local Government Unit of Camiguin. Locals continue to beautify the surroundings to preserve […]

Parola sa Camiguin

“Parola” is the local translation of Lighthouse. One of the not very interesting places to visit is the Parola sa Camiguin located in Mambajao, the main town of the Camiguin, Philippines. We just happened to pass by this place because the “motorela” (a three/four wheel vehicle powered by a motorcycle) driver suggested to eat in the nearby Vjandep (pronounced as Vandep) restaurant which according to locals as the best “carenderia” (eatery) in the town of Mambajao. The Vjandep near the Parola restaurant is […]

Flights to Camiguin

I am very sorry to inform you that there are no more flights to Camiguin as of this writing. South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) Philippines used to fly from Cebu to Camiguin Airport two times a week but due to very less passengers the management decided to stop the operations. Flights to Camiguin used to be an easier way to reach the island than riding a boat from Balingoan to Benoni Port, Cebu or Bohol to Balbagon Port. Because of the rural living […]

Camiguin Walkway: To Mount Vulcan and Stations of the Cross

The Camiguin Walkway is a series of steps going to Mount Vulcan, popularly known as the old volcano. The side of Mount Vulcan is Mount Hibok-hibok and both of these mountains are visible from White Island. Along the Camiguin Walkway path one will see the statues depicting the Stations of the Cross. This is one of the reasons why this place gets crowded during the Holy Week in time for the “Panaad” festival. Camiguin Walkway is located in barangay Bonbon, town of Catarman, […]

Paras Beach Resort: A place of peace and comfort

One of the best beach resorts in Camiguin, Philippines is Paras Beach Resort. It is probably second to Bahay-bakasyunan but the amenities and services continue to be at par or even better than the latter. At Paras Beach Resort, peace and relaxation from the fast pace of city life is the main theme. It is the perfect getaway for those who want to get the stress out of their system and spend time with their families and friends. Paras Beach Resort is located […]

Caves Dive Resort in Camiguin, Philippines

Caves Dive Resort is strategically located in the northern area of Camiguin Island. It is one of the many beaches found in Agoho. It has a very relaxing ambiance and has been a popular resort for group recollection and activities. Caves Dive Resort is one of the best starting point when going to White Island because it offers the more affordable (but still expensive) trip going to and from the island at P400 (when negotiated) compared to the P500 in other beaches. Going […]

White Island in Camiguin

According to folklore, Camiguin used to have white sand beaches until the eruption of the volcano happened. It killed thousands of people and made the beaches rocky and having dark sand. One area which has not been destroyed by the volcanic eruption is White Island. It is about 2 kilometers away from the nearest beach of Camiguin. The grains of sand at White Island is comparable to other white sand beaches in the Philippines like Pandanon Island in Bohol, Virgin Island off Panglao, […]

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