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Corregidor’s Eternal Flame of Freedom

Designed by Aristides Dimetrios (a famous contemporary sculptor), the Eternal Flame of Freedom symbolizes never-ending liberty. It is a 12-meter high Corten steel structure that remembers the sacrifices, hopes, aspirations and the epic battle by the United States and the Philippines to keep our freedom for future generations. It is a reminder that all men will fight as one if needed to defend a nation’s liberty. The Eternal Flame of Freedom is located behind the dome of the Pacific War Memorial which is […]

Filipino Heroes Memorial

Erected in 1987, the Filipino Heroes Memorial is amongst the latest landmarks in Corregidor which honors the courage of Filipino heroes in their struggle for Philippine sovereignty. It features 14 murals which portray diverse scenes in Philippine history – starting from the Battle of Mactan in 1521 until the first People Power in 1986. The complex was designed by Francisco Manosa and the murals and statue of a Filipino guerrilla were sculpted by Manuel Casal. The Filipino Heroes Memorial is located in the […]

Corregidor’s Battery Hearn

Artillery batteries are scattered in every part of Corregidor Island. Among the major batteries such as Battery Way, Battery Geary and many others, Battery Hearn is the longest artillery battery in the island. Battery Hearn is famous to Japanese tourists who remembered the banzai victory photos of their countrymen/troops when they conquered Corregidor. But the truth is, this particular battery along with Battery Crockett never played a vital role during the belligerency due to their position, which is facing towards South China Sea. […]

Corregidor’s Mile-Long Barracks

The Mile-Long Barracks in Corregidor is the world’s longest military barracks. The entire building measures 1,520 feet in length. American officers and enlisted personnel assigned at the garrison are quartering in these barracks. The headquarters of Gen. Douglas MacArthur was also situated in this building. The Mile-Long Barracks is a 3 story hurricane proof building. It is located in the Topside part of the island just meters away from Cine Corregidor and Pacific War Memorial. The barracks blend to the distinct and thematic […]

The Historic Cine Corregidor

Corregidor Island is not just about artilleries and mortars. They also have recreational facilities for the soldier’s leisure. One of the said recreational facilities is the Cinema Corregidor also known as Cine Corregidor. American personnel of the garrison along with their family enjoyed watching movies at Cine Corregidor before World War II broke out. The last movie that was shown was “Gone with the Wind” which starred Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh Moore. Cine Corregidor is located left of Pacific War Memorial. Today, […]

Corregidor Island: Battery Geary

The island of Corregidor is surrounded by different kinds of artillery batteries used during World War II. Aside from Battery Way, Battery Geary also plays a vital role during the war in defending the island. Battery Geary had a battery of eight 13-ton, 12-inch mortars. It is being kept in a hollow part on Corregidor’s Southern coast so it would be well protected from the Japanese bombardment.  By then, Japanese couldn’t pin point as to where the bombs were coming from. However, under […]

Corregidor Island: Battery Way

Corregidor Island in the Philippines is packed with artillery batteries used during World War II. One of the artillery batteries is Battery Way, named after Lt. Henry N Way of the 4th U.S. Artillery who died in service in the Philippines. It was constructed in 1904 and was completed 1914 at an estimated cost of $112,969. Battery Way is a battery of 4 12-inch mortars of M1890 type and are mounted on M1896 Mortar Carriages. It could lob a 1,000 lb deck piercing […]

Pacific War Memorial

Corregidor Island in the Philippines is a historical place as well as a tourist destination. One of the main attractions in the island is the Pacific War Memorial located west side of the island. It was built by the United States Government to honor the American and Filipino servicemen who participated in the Pacific War. It cost approximately 3 million dollars and was completed in 1968. At the Pacific War Memorial one can see the stunning dome which is a 6,000-square meter complex […]

Corregidor’s Spanish Lighthouse

The Spanish Lighthouse located in the highest point of Corregidor Island was built in 1896. The lighthouse served as an alarm to Manila Bay during Spanish era to signal approaching galleons or to warn against enemies. The Spanish Lighthouse had an unusual design of a circular stone tower rising from the center of an octagonal stone dwelling. In 1897, the lighthouse was being replaced by a much bigger lighthouse but was later destroyed during the outbreak of World War II when Filipino and […]

Corregidor’s Japanese Garden of Peace

Corregidor served as a fortress of defense and penal institution in the past especially during World War II. Today, it has been declared as a protected area and a famous tourist destination. Visiting Corregidor would surely give you a clear picture of what happened in the past. One of the attractions in Corregidor aside from its huge mortars is the Japanese Garden of Peace. It is located in the tail side of the island and is the site for various soldier’s memorials and […]

Lorcha Dock in Corregidor

Lorcha Dock is situated near Gen. Douglas MacArthur Park and often referred as The Army Dock or MacArthur’s Dock.  It is in this dock where Gen. MacArthur exited from Malinta Tunnel to Australia as ordered by then US President Roosevelt. Gen. MacArthur was accompanied by US Navy Lt. Bulkely on board PT-41. They rode the PT boat for three days to reach Mindanao before boarding a plane going to Australia. Today, what was left of the old Lorcha Dock was its ruins consists […]

Gen. Douglas MacArthur Park in Corregidor

Corregidor Island is an islet located at the entrance of Manila Bay. Because of its strategic location, it has been the location in the past of large amount of ammunition magazines and coastal artillery to defend the important harbor of Manila Bay. Today, Corregidor is one of those tourists attractions in the Philippines which will help you understand what happen in the past especially during the War. One of the attractions found in the island is the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Park. It is […]

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