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Mimbalot Falls

Known as one of the most prestigious waterfalls in Iligan City together with Tinago Falls and Maria Cristina Falls, Mimbalot Falls is an awesome tourist attraction to visit especially for nature lovers who enjoys the beauty of our God-given environment. Just one of the 39 waterfalls in the City, Mimbalot Falls is part of the “big three” or the “tourism triangle” together with the other two waterfalls mentioned above. Unlike Maria Cristina Falls, which supplies the electric power in the province, Mimbalot Falls […]

Cheding’s Peanuts, Delicacies, Souvenirs

Cheding’s started as a peanuts store in Iligan City. For decades it has existed in this wonderful city of waterfalls and recently decided to put up a store in the United States. Because of its very satisfying taste of its prime product – the roasted peanuts – the business grew larger than expected. Later on, more and more delicacies from different places, mostly in the Mindanao, were displayed and sold inside the store, now popularly known as Cheding’s Peanuts. Both tourists and locals […]

Senator Tomas Cabili Marker in Iligan

One of the now-ignored markers of Iligan City is the Senator Tomas Cabili Marker located meters away from Iligan Sea Port where most jeepneys pass when going to the city center. For the information of the general public, Tomas L. Cabili served 9 years as Senator in the Philippines, from 1946 to 1955, engraving his name in history as one of the First Senators of the First Congress and First Congressional Representative of undivided Lanao in Mindanao who refused to sign the 1935 […]

Saint Michael the Archangel Cathedral & Diyandi Festival of Iligan

Saint Michael the Archangel, locally known as “San Miguel” is considered as Iligan’s protector against evil and healer of the sick. One of Iligan’s churches, the Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel was built in honor of this saint in the city center of Iligan. The church is fronting St. Michael’s College which is considered as the oldest school in the Lanao area, which was established as a catechetical center in 1914 by Fr. Felix Cordova. A year after, it was formally constituted […]

Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House

The Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House is considered as the first house in the Philippines where two of the country’s Presidents lived. Diosdado Macapagal, the 9th President of the Philippines and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the 14th President of the Philippines, used to live in this, then, rest house as a Vice-President Father and Daughter. The Macapagal-Macaraeg Ancestral House has been declared a heritage house by the National Historical Institute last August 14, 2002. Now, the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral Houseis considered as one of Iligan’s tourist destinations. Although, […]

Dela Mar: Spring Swimming Pools

Dela Mar is where you can experience the icy-cool and crystal clear waters of the mountain spring of Iligan. It is situated in Barangay Buru-un, Timoga, Iligan, Philippines. It is one of the finest swimming pools in Timoga as they offer an Olympic size swimming pool which is one of the main attractions of Dela Mar. The Olympic size pool has an area found at the side, fenced with a net, with 16 feet depth and has a diving board which is the […]

Timoga Spring Pool, Iligan City

Iligan, the City of Waterfalls, has several spring swimming pools to offer. One of the most spectacular of which is the Timoga Spring Pool found in Timoga, Buru-un, Iligan, Philippines. It is one of the several pools found in the area that got its water from the flowing spring coming from the mountains of Iligan City. It is 5-10 minutes away from Maria Cristina Falls and minutes away from El Lauriento Swimming Pool and Mimar’s Springway Resort which are also classy spring pools […]

El Lauriento Swimming Pools, Timoga, Iligan

El Lauriento Swimming Pools is one of the most visited Spring Pool in Timoga because of its family-friendly ambiance and it closes late in the evening. It used to be named as Holiday Swimmers’ Pool but changed it several years ago to El Lauriento Swimming Pools because of its array of pools. El Lauriento Swimming Pools is a minute away from Mimar’s Springway Resort and a kilometer away from Maria Cristina Falls. Its water supply is from the spring that came from the […]

Mimar’s Springway Resort, Iligan

One of the most visited Spring Pools in Timoga, Buru-un, Iligan City, Philippines is Mimar’s Springway Resort. This Swimming Pool has icy-cool and crystal clear waters which came from the natural spring that flow from the mountains of Iligan. Mimar’s Springway Resort is located 1 kilometer away from the entrance of Maria Cristina Falls and has unlimited spring water that flows through it even during “el nino” season. It has a spacious parking area that can accommodate several automobiles and motorcycles. A sari-sari […]

Tinago Falls, Iligan City

After going to Maria Christina Falls, we went to Tinago Falls. It is situated in Buru-un, Brgy. Ditucalan, Iligan City in the Philippines. Tinago Falls is another attraction in Iligan City and its popularity has grown all over the country and soon the world after I write this. The name “tinago” is based from the Filipino word which means “hidden”. It is simply because Tinago Falls is covered by trees and going to the bottom area of the falls is only by means […]

Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City

Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City is the second highest falls in the Philippines. It is a waterfall of the Agus River on the Island of Mindanao and is a landmark of Iligan City. Because of the presence of more than 20 waterfalls, Iligan City is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. Maria Cristina Falls is situated 9.3 kilometers away southwest of the Iligan City proper in the boundaries of Barangay Maria Cristina, Ditucalan and Buru-un. It’s a 320 feet high waterfall […]

Maze Park in Iligan City, Philippines

Iligan City in the Philippines is commonly known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. It has dozens of large and small waterfalls but the most notable are Maria Christina Falls and Tinago Falls, I will write another article about these falls later. One beautiful and relaxing place in Iligan City is the “Maze Park”. Maze Park and Resort is known for its wide land area with animals such as Ostriches, Cows, Snakes, Monkeys, & Fishes. It has a couple of big swimming pools […]

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