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Old Capitol Building of Iloilo

The Old Capitol Building of Iloilo is now considered a National Historical Site by the NHI (National Historical Institute). It is the old edifice fronting the Arroyo Fountain in Iloilo, Philippines. In February 2009, the provincial government applied to the NHI for the declaration of the old Capitol as a historical site. In early 2010, Joenar Pueblo, the Provincial tourism officer, received the confirmation of the marker to be placed at the old Capitol. The historical site marker was unveiled on April 11, […]

Museo Iloilo

Considered as one of the many remarkable museums in the Philippines, the Museo Iloilo boasts its displays as one of the riches in historical value. It is a public museum in Iloilo now supervised by the Iloilo Cultural Research Foundation, Inc. It’s main mission is to preserve and develop cultural education, research and tourism through safeguarding the display of Western Visayas native culture and history. Located in Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City in the Western Visayas Region, the Museo Iloilo, or Iloilo Museum, is […]

La Paz Church: Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Church

The La Paz Church is one of the many reasons why tourists visit Iloilo in the Philippines. This historical church, also known as the Nuestra Señora De La Paz Y Buen Viaje, was built in 1870 with the help of the Spanish friars. This church is now known as the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Church, the direct translation of its Spanish name. A temporary church and convent was built in 1847 by Fr. Candido Gonzales. It was made mostly of […]

Lapaz District Plaza

The Lapaz District Plaza is one of the many places families stroll on an ordinary day. This place is widely known in Iloilo as the La Paz Park. It is the pride of Iloilo for its historical significance. With its intrinsic value preserved, the Park went through the process of extensive development to serve as the forefront of urban ecosystem for the future generations. The new Lapaz District Plaza or La Paz Park celebrated its Grand Opening on March 18, 1998. It was […]

Graciano Lopez Jaena Park in Iloilo

Probably one of the less maintained attractions in the city of Iloilo in the Philippines, the Graciano Lopez Jaena Park (also known as Jaro Plaza) is one of the many parks located in the island of Panay. It was constructed years ago to honor Graciano López Jaena (1856 – 1896), a Filipino journalist, orator, and revolutionary from Iloilo. He is well known for his written work, La Solidaridad (The Solidarity). Graciano López Jaena’s parents sent him to Jaro which had been opened under […]

Iloilo International Airport

The Iloilo International Airport, also known as Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Iloilo in Filipino and Internasyonal nga Hulugpaan sang Iloilo in Hiligaynon is the main airport serving mainland Iloilo. It is located in Iloilo City, the capital city of the province of Iloilo and the regional center of the western part of the Visayas Region in the Philippines. After a decade of designing and construction, the Iloilo International Airport unfolded its doors to commercial flights on June 14, 2007. It is a replacement of […]

San Jose Church in Iloilo

The maiden church in Iloilo City in the Philippines was established by the Jesuits around 1607 to attend the necessities of the military stationed in Punta, the former name of Iloilo. On April 29, 1617, the Augustinian priests built San Jose Church, a house of order. They held San Jose Church until 1775 when governance was handed over to the secular clergy. In 1868, Iloilo together with La Paz (Loboc) was handed to the Augustinians in exchange for Jaro (where the Jaro Cathedral […]

Jaro Cathedral: Our Lady of Candles Parish Church, Iloilo

The Jaro Cathedral (Filipino: Ang Katedral ng Jaro) in Iloilo was built in 1874 under the management of KGG. Mariano Cuartero, O.P., the first bishop of Jaro. It was destroyed by an earthquake in January 1948. It was later repaired in 1956 by the order of KGG. Jose Ma. Cuenco, the first archbishop of Jaro. On December 20, 1856, Graciano López Jaena (1856 – 1896), a Filipino journalist, orator, and revolutionary from Iloilo, well known for his written work, La Solidaridad, was baptized […]

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