Consuelo Port, Camotes

As part of the provincial territory of Cebu, Camotes boasts one of its three sea ports, the Consuelo Port. This port is currently under development and funds coming from Governor Gwen Garcia have been very beneficial to the improvement of the said port. It is the landing port of ships coming from Danao City, one of the urbanized cities of Cebu.

Shipping Schedule from Danao, Cebu  to/from Consuelo, Camotes

Danao to Consuelo Port
6:30 AM
Consuelo Port to Danao
10:00 AM


Danao to Consuelo Port
9:00 AM
5:30 PM
Consuelo Port to Danao
5:30 AM
2:00 PM

STO. NINO (Daily)
Danao to Consuelo Port
5:45 AM
Consuelo Port to Danao
11:00 AM

RJR (Daily)
Danao to Consuelo Port
10:30 AM
Consuelo Port to Danao
6:00 AM

The usual fare from Danao City Port to and from Consuelo Port is P180.00. A terminal fee of P5.00 per person is collected at Danao Port but at Consuelo Port it is free at the moment because the budget for maintenance and development is shouldered by the local government of Camotes and the Province of Cebu. Freight cost for vehicles depends on the weight. A motorcycle costs P350 which already includes the fare of the driver.

Consuelo Port

Consuelo Port

Docking Area

Docking Area

Consuelo Port is 20 minutes from the prime beach resort of Camotes, Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. The main transportation you will see when you arrive at the port are motorcycles which will bring you to your destinations. You will only see several multi-cabs (smaller-sized jeepneys) but will consume your time as they will look for more passengers to ride their transport. I personally suggest you ride the “habal-habal” or motorcycles for hire. The standard fee going to any location in the island of Pacijan is P50.00. Pacijan is one of the islands of Camotes and it is where the Consuelo Port is located. If you’re going to Poro Island, prices are subject to negotiation depending on the location you are going to. Don’t ever ask the driver why it is that expensive because they will just answer you that it is the standard fee there. You can’t get any discounted fare. Don’t even dare to inform the local police or the government for overpricing because it is the price approved by the municipal government.

Super Shuttle Ferry Sailing

Super Shuttle Ferry Sailing

Mark driving the Super Shuttle Ferry

Mark driving the Super Shuttle Ferry

At Consuelo Port, the ticket booth is located in an unfurnished concrete waiting shed. You can also see several stores that sell snacks and beverages. Life rafts are visible in front of the waiting shed to be used during emergencies. Throwing of any kind of garbage on public places is strictly prohibited. You will be penalized or let you do a two day social service or you will have a case in court.

Waiting Shed and Ticketing Booth

Waiting Shed and Ticketing Booth

Sari-Sari Stores

Sari-Sari Stores

Life Rafts

Life Rafts





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  1. Jessica Boorman says:

    Hi Mark, your website is very helpful! i intend to do the following with a party of 5 pax,
    am wondering if there is a driver contact you can share with me:
    cebu – oslob (+2 nights)
    oslob – danao (how long will this ride be?)
    danao – camotes (+2 nights)
    camotes – cebu

  2. eric jude labastida says:

    sir mark pano po pumunta sa camotes,,from ormoc city? how much is the fare and what time? and when we arrive at camotes how can we get to santiago..we are 16..tnx

  3. Floresita Maru says:

    My question is if we are going to use our family car, can we leave our in danao port for a couple of days?

  4. Saruchi says:


    I wanted to check that for our upcoming trip to camote islands where should we get off -poro port or conseulo port? We are reaching Mactan Airport at 4 am and will try to take the earliest ferry to camote. Mactan to Danao Port will be done in a cab.


  5. alfred says:

    hello i am ALFRED… i have multicabs, aircon van and motorbike for camotes transportation… i have also extra services like reserving your tickets to the ferry in going back home… my transpo rates is very affordable… right now we have a promo… free pick up and drop off to port and resort to port… all you have to pay is the tour….

    • Abi rodriguez says:

      Hi sir….ask lang ko. How far is poro port to santiago bay resort. Pila imong pangayo ani

  6. john paul sipalay says:

    how much would be the fare if i’m going to bring my motorcycle to camotes island? thanks in advance for the reply..

  7. Naomi says:

    Hi, inquire ko..pila ang plete sa sakyanan nga 4 wheels? ang Jomalia shipping mo karga ug sakyanan..I want to know the fare of the 4 wheels vehicle.


  8. Raissah says:

    I was wondering what the best option is if you leave Cebu @ 6:30 am after the Novena Mass in Sto. Nino. Is it better if we catch a V-hire from Cebu to Danao and then Danao to Camotes or catch a fast craft from Pier 1 to Camotes ?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    Million thanks 🙂

  9. gellie24 says:

    hi po…ask ko lang pag nakarating na kami sa consuelo port..malapit nlng ba ang santiago bay garden and resort don? first time kasi namin pupunta sa camotes..e wala kami idea saan ang santiago bay resort! 😉

    • sam says:

      To gellie24,

      I think it takes only 5 to 10 minutes going to santiago bay from consuelo port and 50 pesos per person is the fare

  10. karen says:

    hi mark
    can i ask for the fastcraft shipping line that travels from Pier1 to camotes? and how much?

  11. Ara says:


    Is there still a terminal fee for consuelo port?

  12. th3rd says:

    hey! i would like to ask if are there any boat from pier of cebu city to camotes?

  13. Natz says:

    hi mark! i would like to ask how much is Super Shuttle Ferry’s current freight rate for motorcycle.. thanks..

  14. Sherlane says:

    Hi Mark,

    Your site is such a big help. Do you know if multicabs/ jeepneys are available at Poro Port going to Santiago Bay Garden and Resort? There are 35 of us so we are hoping to ride a 4-wheel vehicle instead of motorcycle.

    Thank you.

    • Sherlane,

      Yes, there are multicabs available but I think most of them can only accommodate 14 to 16. So you need to hire at least 2. During peak season, sometimes your only option are the motorcycles because most multicabs are hired (for tour around the island).


      Mark M.

  15. nheizl says:

    JUst this summer, we had a trip to Camotes and it’s a peak season of course daghan ug tawo ang mangadto…BUT VERY DISAPPOINTING KAY ANG SHIPPING LINES SA DANAO ‘JOMALIA ‘ WAY AYO ANG MANGEMENT . NAGLINYA ANG MGA TAWO PARA sa TICKET for how many hours unya di ra diay makasakay kay unahon tong mga sakyanan ug pasolod the fact nga naa toy mga pasahero sila pud and mauna para sa ticket aside ulahi silang naabot, asa naman ang HUSTISYA ana…unsaon nalang tong nanaglinya..Di pud sila mo.issue ug ticket after ma.fully book na ang trip..maghuwat pa 30 mins-1 hr para m.issue napud ug ticket for the next trip,,asa naman ang management ana..naglinya ang mga tawo for an hour nga init ra b a kaayo sa gawas.mayo unta naay waiting area sa gawas para paglukat ug ticket…TO JOMALIA SHIPPING CORP..CHANGE YOUR MANAGEMENT…

  16. ruel parena says:

    hi Mark!

    your site is very helpful in terms of giving information when i went to Camotes recently last holyweek.

    i enjoyed a lot and felt confident when i went their as if i know the places……eheheh!

    thanks, can you please send me places you been to which is more beautiful than camotes? hopefully in the visayas region first…….ehehehhe!

    thanks and GOd bless!

  17. Neil says:

    hi Mark!

    i want to know if the trip schedules for the ferry this coming Holy week will be usual or will there be days with less/no trips? particularly, on Good Friday, April 6, will there be a trip back to Danao? Would you have contact numbers of the Ports?

  18. Grazy Alesna says:

    Hi! Which is cheaper, the Mangodlong or Santiago? I’d appreciate much if you can give me their number. Is there a chance that the resorts next weekend will be fully booked? And how much mostly for tour(habal-habal) all around camotes?

  19. Je says:

    Hi Mark,

    We’re planning to go to Camotes Island on April 28. I just wanna ask if you have any idea (to date), what would be the last trip available from Danao to Consuelo? Arrival time ng flight nmin is 6:10 pm and I’m not sure if meron pang available trip if we decide to go to Danao port right after our arrival in Mactan International Airport? Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


    • Hi Jr,

      I think the last trip from Danao to Consuelo is about 5pm to 6pm. If you arrive in Mactan at 6:10 pm and the travel time from Airport to Danao is 2-3 hours depending on traffic, your chances of riding the RORO is very low. I suggest you stay at a hotel in Cebu or Mandaue City and go to Danao the following day. Just for your info, I think there are fastcrafts from Pier 1 (Cebu City) to Camotes but I do not know the schedule, you can try to research about it.

    • Je says:

      Whoa,… That was a quick response. Really appreciate it. One last thing, I really don’t have any idea about the thing you’ve mentioned on your reply… “I think there are fastcrafts from Pier 1 (Cebu City) to Camotes”.. Would you mind providing further info. Could we consider this as another option in going to Camotes upon our arrival in the airport? Thank you.

    • Hi Je,

      Pier 1 to Camotes is another option (instead of Danao to Camotes). I can’t give you more information about the schedule because I haven’t tried it yet. Please ask Google for help.

    • Je says:

      I see. Your reply is already enough. Thanks for all the info you’ve shared. I wish you good luck and hope that you’ll still continue helping other too. Thank you again.

  20. grace/ges says:

    hi, ask lng po sana ako. ppnta kc kmi ng cebu sa feb 17, arrval sa mactan airport i think is 0130 pm, drtso na rn kmi agad sa camotes resort.
    ano po best skyan nmn? d kc nmn alam . taxi/jeep from mactan airport to mandaue city danao route ? tama po ba ? den , ano po madali mkarating sa camotes island ? pls help 🙂


    • Hi Grace,

      If money is not a problem, you can ride a taxi from the airport to Danao port where the ferry boats going to Camotes island are located. If you are on a budget, you can ride a taxi going to Mandaue City Hi-Way and tell the driver to drop you across Jolibee (A.S. Fortuna Branch), then take a jeepney going to Danao port.

  21. Mike Baylon says:

    Hi! You have a very interesting photostream about Camotes. I wonder if you can add it on the pool of Philippine Ship Spotters Society on Flickr.

    Thanks a lot.


  22. jessica says:

    hi anyone who can give me a schedule of boat (Saturday) from danao port going to consuelo port?

  23. Rey Angoluan says:


    We are arriving on Cebu on Nov. 20 at 6:00 in the morning. What is my best option to get to Camote Island? We will be staying at Santiago Resort for 2-3 days. Also how far is the hotel from Consuelo Port? How much will it cost to get to the hotel? What is the best option to get around the island? What places will you recommend? Can we tour the island in two days? I would like to spend time also in Cebu City.


  24. joboy says:


    Its nice to know that you help tourists with some queries about camotes.

    I would like to ask also how to contact mv jomalia for me to buy tickets in advance from consuelo to danao.. Or are the tickets available on the day of travel in consuelo port?

  25. exie phillip says:

    we’re planning to have our wedding on the 30th of september. i saw camotes and fell completely in love with the place. i heard that mangodlong rock resort caters to weddings but i couldnt find any rate for it. would you recommend the resort.

  26. ann says:

    hi..may i know what’s the earliest and fastest trip frm consuelo to danao?

  27. Eddie says:

    Hi! nindota gyod sa lugar nato.. thanks for posting these pictures…Welcome to all visitors.. may you enjoy our place…

  28. ross says:

    hi there any trip direct to poro port?how can we get there?

  29. judy says:

    hi, this is an informative site on camotes. we’re headed there sometime 28th or 29th this month. can u pls advice some affordable houses/hotels for 10 people? we are from davao. also, any special not-to-be-missed spots/places in camotes? thanks

  30. aileen says:

    hi! we are a group of nurses wants to travel to camotes this weekend..Jomalia shipping vessels leaves at 5:30pm right? this is still their scheduled time? we still have work until 3pm so we are planning to take the 5:30pm vessel. So we will be leaving cebu by 3:30pm to danao and we will take the 5:30pm M/V Jomalia. Is M/V Jomalia a roro vessel or a pumpboat? thanks

  31. mitch says:

    hi.. i’d like to ask for contact numbers of the resorts u have mentioned pls. tnx mucho=)

  32. neil verallo says:

    how much would be the fare in shuttle from danao to camotes?

  33. jache says:

    hi is it safe to ride in roro this rainy days? thanks were going tomorrow…

    • Jache,

      For me, yes it is as long as the rain is not to heavy and it’s not too windy. Anyway if the coast guard thinks it’s safe to travel, then they will allow the RORO to go to Camotes, otherwise they will reschedule the travel time.

  34. zenschzui says:

    hi! i’d like to ask what’s the best transpo rental to roam around camotes islands? let’s say, going to the caves and other spots… no night life, right? thanks!

    • Zenchzui,

      Motorcycle is the best transportation to use in Camotes. There’s no night life (probably because most of the streets don’t have street-lights yet). Camotes starts to become quiet starting 6pm.

  35. hi.. me and my friends are planning to go to camotes this holy week.. to be specific april 23- 24, 2011.. uhm pwede muask f pila ang fare from danao to camotes and vice versa? ug what time ang schedule sa mga trips? another thing.. we were able to rent a house somewhere in taliwang bas.. how far is the port from taliwang bas? and naa bay trip na 9 am from danao to camotes and 4pm from camotes t0 danao? salamat sa tabang..

    hope to hear from you asap

  36. neca says:

    im neca from cebu im just asking if somebody knows or met jim,there in consuelo,camotes island,.his a foreigner from australia!!!!!!!!!!please leave a message for me.,please

  37. eiramyoj says:

    Hi! How much is the multicab rental in camotes. my family is planning to go there but we have 1 child with us so i think habal-habal will not be an option for our transpo. Thanks!

    • Mark Maranga says:

      eiramyoj (Joy Marie?),

      The multicab rental costs about P1000-P1500 per day excluding the petrol. Just canvass and negotiate for the best price first before availing it.

  38. Qute says:

    Ask ta ko pila plete auto danao-camotes via danao and vice versa?
    Cherry QQ ang sakyanan, gamay ra maguwang ra sa motor.

  39. kevinjoy says:

    how much is the shuttle ferry from danao to camotes?where can we get the ticket? how long will it take?

  40. Alfred Tabar says:

    the shuttle bus from sm to danao is 6:00am daily going to danao, there is also a shuttle bus also at 3:30pm going to danao.

  41. Alfred Tabar says:

    mostly the taxi fare from airport to danao is 700 pesos. they will not use meter because its very far. from airport to danao is 1 hour trip. you still can catch the 11:00am trip. that would be RJR pumpboat. there is no tricycle in camotes island. only two person can carry a habal-habal motorbike. from poro to santiago bay is about 20 kilometers. we the habal habal driver ma’am will assure your safety in riding with our motorbike… the road in camotes is very nice its not rough road…

  42. Alfred Tabar says:

    hello, im a habal habal driver in consuelo port. if you want some information you can text me or call me with my cell number 0905-1550325. thanks a lot….

  43. Ayi says:

    Hi Mark,

    We’re planning to go to Camotes on February. Our arrival in Cebu City airport is Friday 9:15am. I’m confused on what route/strategy to do for us to arrive in Camotes by Friday afternoon since we will be going back to the city the next day. If we’re going to take a cab from airport to Danao, what time are we going to arrive in Danao and would you know by how much would be our taxi fare? Or if we’ll take the multicab from Gaisano Mandaue (directions from other blogsites) to Danao, we will be arriving there by 11PM to 12NN. What ferry can we ride by that time? You also suggested to bluebubbles08 above that if they choose to arrive in Poro instead of Camotes, they can ride habal-habal from Poro to Santiago Bay Resort in San Francisco? Have you tried this one? Lastly, by habal-habal do you mean motorbike, as in the passenger will ride at the back of the driver? Aren’t there any tricycle, as in 2-4 persons can sit inside? Well, I just don’t like to ride motorbikes since afraid of riding them. Sorry for having so many questions. 🙂

  44. HR says:

    can someone please help me in retrieving the contact number of RJR Vessel? Thank you.

  45. joy says:

    i was also told that there’s a shuttle from SM cebu goin to camotes. do you have any information about this?

    thank you.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I can’t confirm because I have no idea about it. But I think it is possible. Just try to contact SM City Cebu at phone number (+63)(32) 231-0557 for more information.

  46. joy says:


    am clueless as to goin to danao. where do i take i ride going to danao from cebu city?

    thank you.

    am travelling tomorrow, such short notice.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      From Cebu City, take a jeepney or taxi going to Mandaue City (A.S. Fortuna – Highway). In front of Jolibee in A.S. Fortuna, there are a lot of Danao route jeepneys there.

  47. bluebubbles08 says:

    Thanks again Mark!

    Your such a H U G E help for this trip! 😉

    OT: How about Bantayan, Island? Any tips? 😉

  48. Majs says:

    Heyah!! Is the rjr still operational?? We want to take the 10 am sked so that it is not too early…

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I suggest you take the early trip to avoid being stranded in Danao. I think 8am is fine. Don’t be too confident on taking the 10am trip. There are times when the RJR is not operating.

  49. bluebubbles08 says:

    Wow! That’s a quick response. Thanks a Bunch!

    Can we just ask the taxi driver to bring us straight to Danao POrt instead of transferring to a jeepney?

    Do you have any recommendation what ferry to take us going to Consuelo POrt at around 1530-1600hrs? For we are arriving at 2ish in Mactan City.

    But I really want to take the ferry going to Consuelo POrt. M/V Jomalia is departing Danao Port at 530pm, right? For I checked on other online sites, they only have 1 trip & that’s in the morning. & the only available for 5ish is Golden Express Fast Craft which is in Pier1, but arriving in Poro. So, I’m not sure if how far is Poro from Santiago Bay Garden Resort (with your high recommendation, I think we’ll stay there ^-^)

    Any more recommendations where to eat?

    Yaaayyy, getting headache on arranging on tiny bitsy details…

    Sorry for the hassle.. & thanks as well for all the help! ☺

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Yes you can take a taxi going directly to Danao Port. But since you are expecting to arrive at Mactan around 2pm then Danao Port is not a nice option on that day. Lately, M/V Jomalia sometimes doesn’t travel in the afternoon so to be sure I suggest you take the Fast Craft at Pier 1. Don’t worry if it docks at Poro Port. Santiago Bay is about 15 kilometers away from Poro Port so travelling by Motorcycle (or “Habal-habal”) takes about 20-25 minutes. Fare is about P50-P100 each.

      Santiago Bay is one of the best places to eat in Camotes with mains at P150-P200, Mangodlong is a good option too. There’s a couple of good grill restaurants in Santiago White Beach (the beach near Santiago Bay) which offers fish, pork, tropical drinks and beer. A lot of foreigners stay/eat there. Other restaurants are found in San Francisco (known as “San Fran”), the main municipality of Camotes but we were hesitant to eat there just to avoid getting an angry stomach.

  50. bluebubbles08 says:

    HI Mark!

    I have a query regarding trip to camotes. How many hours will it take us going to Danao POrt from Cebu Airport? then Danao POrt to Consuelo Port? We’ll be visiting Camotes on October arriving at 1400hrs whilst departing after 2days at 1000pm. or if we’re coming from Pier1 taking the 530pm boat, what time do we arrive at camotes? Which is better to stay, Mangodlong or Snatiago Bay?

    HOpe to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in advance. ☺

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Going from Mactan International Airport to Danao Port would take about 1.5 to 2 hours during the “normal” time of the day. But if you travel early morning, like 4am-6am, it would only take you 45 minutes to an hour. I suggest you ride a WHITE taxi (not YELLOW/AIRPORT taxi, because of the high flagdown (P70) and 300m distance (P4) rate compared to the WHITE which is only P30 and P2.50. Hahaha.) going to Jolibee in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City. In the highway road across Jolibee, you can ride a jeepney going to Danao Port for only P25 (or P30). Danao Port to Consuelo Port is about 2 hours.

      If you take the trip from Pier 1 to Camotes, it would take you about 3-4 hours depending on the type of boat. The problem is that the travel schedule at Pier 1 is only late afternoon so you’ll arrive in Camotes late in the evening. Travelling around Camotes (or even just going to your resort) during this time is not recommended because there are no (or very less) street lights.

      I suggest you stay at Santiago Bay Garden Resort for a more peaceful and relaxing stay. It is so far the best resort in Camotes and I highly recommend it.