Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu

Hidden Paradise in San Fernando, Cebu in the Philippines is one of the unknown resorts in the country. It is found in a secluded and mountainous area in Brgy. Ilaya, San Fernando, Cebu. It was our first visit to the place and we had a hard time looking for signs that lead to Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort. We asked several people in San Fernando to give us directions and at long last we found the right corner going to the Resort. It is about 5km drive from the main road going to the place but it will take you a lot of time to maneuver your vehicle because of the rocky road. Only the midway road (around 100 meters long) is concrete because it is where the Barangay Captain lives.

When we arrived at Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, we had a warm welcome from everyone who works in the place.  We went to the cashier to check the prices of the rooms and she showed us these prices.

DAY USE: (no corkage fee)


  • adult – 100.00
  • 4-8 years old – 50.00


  • native picnit hut (8-10 persons) – 300.00
  • table/umbrella (2-4 persons) – 150.00


  • sunflower – (40-50 persons) – 1,500.00 (non-airconditioned)
  • orchid A – (30-40 persons) – 1,500.00 (non-airconditioned)
  • orchid B- (30 persons) – 1,500.00 (non-airconditioned)
  • rooftop – (300 persons) – 6,000.00 (non-airconditioned)


  • sampaguita (30-40 persons) – 3,500.00 (airconditioned)
  • sunrise A (100 persons) – 8,000.00 (airconditioned)
  • sunrise B (50 persons) – 3,000.00 (airconditioned)


  • shuttle – back and forth – (14 persons) – 3,500.00
  • charcoal – 25.00/plastic
  • corkage (overnight) – 35.00/head
  • cooking charge – (rice, viands) – 75.00
  • cooking charge – (canned goods, noodles) – 15.00


  • videoke – 150.00/hour (exclusive)
  • videoke – 5.00 (hulog-hulog)
  • billiard – 75.00/hour
  • trekking – 75.00/person
  • campfire – 500.00/event



  • executive family room (4 persons) – 3,500.00
    • FREE breakfast for two (2), hot and cold shower, aircon, TV, ref
  • de luxe room (2 persons) – 2,500.00
    • FREE breakfast for two, hot and cold shower, aircon, TV
  • standard room (2 persons) – 1,500.00
    • airconditioned, shower, 2 single beds or matrimonial
  • dormitory room (10 persons) – 3,500.00
    • airconditioned, shower, CR, 5 bunk beds)
  • mini-dormitory room (4 persons) – 1,500.00
    • airconditioned, shower, CR, 2 bunk beds
  • family native room (6 persons) – 1,400.00
    • non-airconditioned, fan, CR
  • native rowhouse (2 persons) – 600.00
    • non-airconditioned, fan, CR

We availed the P600.00 native rowhouse, because it is the only room we can afford (hahaha). Besides, we don’t need an airconditioner as the place is not too hot because of the trees surrounding the area. We noticed that there were other activities we can enjoy in the resort such as zip-lining, monkey-bridge, cob web and even trekking in the mountains. There were four pools in Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort but only 3 pools were functional during the afternoon and the executive pool is only for those who availed the executive rooms, which leaves us only two pools. At around 5pm we started dipping into the water. Time flew so fast that we haven’t noticed it was already 8pm when we went inside the room to eat dinner. After eating, we dipped ourselves to the pool again and enjoyed talking till 12mn.

Since all the food we brought from outside were consumed and the highway is 30 minutes away from the resort, our only option is their canteen. We looked at the menu and were very much surprised to see such high prices for the food, but since we don’t have a choice, we bought a Pancit Canton (not the Lucky me) and some drinks for our Breakfast.

We had a great time at Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort and we would like to recommend the resort to everyone. Just be sure to have a car going to the place to avoid the hassle of finding a motorcycle-for-hire or “habal-habal” at P75.00 per person for a 1-way ride.

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  1. Johnmark says:

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    Overnight Package Minimum of 30 pax (PHP 1,200.00/head)
    * 3 meals buffet
    * 2 snacks
    * Flowing coffee
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    * Room Accommodation
    * Function Room with projector, microphone and wide screen
    * Videoke and sound systems
    * Use of outdoor area
    * Use of swimming pool and water slide
    Day use Package Minimum of 30 pax ( PHP 750.00/head )
    * 1 meal buffet
    * 2 snacks
    * Flowing coffee
    * Waived entrance and corkage fee
    * Function Room with projector, microphone and wide screen
    * Videoke and sound systems
    * Use of outdoor area
    * Use of swimming pool
    * Van Transportation (PHP 3,500.00/van
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    * Pick up and drop off

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Geo Juarze says:

    Hi. I just want to ask for the roomrates good for 2 persons? And also your contact number please. We are planning to go there this weekend 🙂

  3. Mica says:

    How much is their rate per person for River Trekking?

  4. Jimmy says:

    HEY anyone know what the phone number is?? mean having a real hard time getting their contact numbers. they cant even be reached.

  5. Kent Honey Veve says:

    Hi, Pilay plite habal-habal padung Dra inyuha gkan sa highway?

  6. Robert says:

    Hi there!

    Just want to know how deep are the pools for adult which would be available for day user only. And is there time limit? Please respond coz we’re planning to be there this coming Saturday, july 27.


  7. maristela says:

    The place is very far from the national highway and the road in going there is very rough. I don’t advise you to go there because there’s no signal and the food is not good. The rooms are very drab, not fresh , need renovation. They water in the pools is cloudy, not clear.

  8. nhona.pe.le says:

    ask lang unta ko if pila ang zipline? were planning to visit this sat 🙂 and phone # pls from the hidden resort.. thanks

  9. katskie.pinayprinces says:

    well… this place seems nice and looks relaxing..

  10. jenz says:

    is there any discount if we are many more than 10 persons?

  11. anch says:

    Regarding the cottage rate , do we have to pay the excess persons 100/head for the cottage? i am just confused about it 🙂

  12. eam says:

    hi.. could you upload the photos of native rowhouse (2 persons) – 600.00 ……. i just wanna see it.,., tnx.,. bcuz i have plan kasi.,.,.

  13. zweetrhea says:

    i really wanted to go there..nice photos..nice place..peaceful.. a place which my husband wanted….

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