Manila Yacht Club

Conceived as one of the oldest yacht clubs in Asia, the Manila Yacht Club (MYC) is one of the few organized yacht clubs found in the Philippines. It is based in Manila, exclusively for members and they are situated in Manila Bay where sunset is a perfect view during fine weather conditions.

Because the Philippines’ has 7,107 islands, yachting in this archipelago may be one of the main reasons the Manila Yacht Club was set-up. The club coordinates many international and regional competitions and assists in other related events. The Manila Yacht Club members often join in yacht racing events both in and out of the country. This includes the China Sea Race which was started by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in 1962, the King’s Cup of Thailand and Rajah Muda of Singapore among many other regattas. The Manila Yacht Club also joined the Presidents Cup Regatta which is known as a major event in the whole Philippines, held after Easter. This eagerly anticipated event began in 1993 as the Philippine Easter Regatta and came to be known as it is today when former President Fidel V. Ramos requested the Manila Yacht Club to hold an international regatta during APEC Summit held in the country in 1997. From then on, the event was renamed as the President’s Cup Regatta. The next Presidents Cup will be held in Boracay.

Manila Yacht Club

Manila Yacht Club

The Manila Yacht Club is the Philippines’ prime yacht club which owes its strong reputation to its rich historic past, exciting present and promising future. On January 20, 1927, five yachtsmen gathered at the Polo Club which was then situated beside Manila Bay and signed their names on the By-laws (made since 1926) of the Manila Yacht Club. James C. Rockwell, Joseph A. Thomas, Aubrey P. Ames, Stewart A. Tait, and A. S. Heyward affixed their signatures on the document, making them as the first few members of the club.

Office of the Philippine Navy Patrol near Manila Yacht Club

Office of the Philippine Navy Patrol near Manila Yacht Club

In about 1933 to 1934, the Philippine Navy Patrol moved its office from Canacao Bay in Cavite to Manila Bay which was then solely occupied by the Manila Yacht Club and caused minor conflict between the two entities. The Philippine Navy Patrol occupied the area near the club and moved the latter’s clubhouse in a nearby location. On December 28, 1941 before the Japanese Marine Detachment, the Manila Yacht Club suffered on what would have been its “last day”. In 1945, with the liberation of Manila, the Manila Yacht Club started to reconstruct its clubhouse and other facilities. On April 1, 1947, the Manila Yacht Club officially re-opened using the Quonset hut as a Clubhouse.

Manila Yachts and Philippine Navy Ships in Manila Bay

Manila Yachts and Philippine Navy Ships in Manila Bay

Manila Yacht Club is one of the many yachting hub in Southeast Asia. It is committed to the promotion of sailing as a sport. The club entices both sightseers and hobbyists to join them. They hold its racing season from September to May every year. Some of them offer free and paid ride to locals and foreigners, cruising along Manila Bay by afternoon until night.

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