Manokan Country: Bacolod’s Grilled Chicken

One of the main sources of income of the city of Bacolod in the Philippines is selling poultry products; but what’s noteworthy and shouldn’t be missed by a local or foreign tourist is the sumptuous and delicious grilled chicken in Manokan Country.

“Manok” is the local translation of chicken and Bacolod is one proud city offering such an appetizing meal for everyone – rich, middle, poor – they all buy it and enjoy the unique taste of the chicken. It is tender and full of flavor, with or without the sauce.

Manokan Country is one of the many areas in Bacolod that offers the mouth watering and delectable Chicken Inasal. There are several others found in other areas of Bacolod that offer the same great grilled chicken but most of the people flock to Manokan Country.

Manokan Country

Manokan Country

Chicken Inasal (photo:

Chicken Inasal (photo:

There are about 21 stalls on the main building but there are several others who are at the sides. They almost have the same prices at about P50-P60 for a package meal which includes a grilled chicken, rice and achara (filipino pickled green papaya). Because of the competition, the dining area in most of the restaurant is clean so there’s no worry in choosing the perfect place to stay.

Manokan Country is open-air so for those who prefer air-conditioned restaurants, Mang Inasal is an option; Chicken Inasal and Bacolod Chicken Deli are alternatives.

Manokan Country Bacolod

Manokan Country Bacolod

During noon time, people usually flock at this area to eat the delightful grilled chicken. At night, this place becomes packed with drinkers. Socializing over a beer and a chicken inasal is a good way to unwind.

Most of the time, “barkers” call people who pass by the streets to promote their restaurant and eventually stay and eat there. The perfect way to eat the grilled chicken is by bare and clean hands so you’ll know how yummy Filipinos dine and prove that it’s really finger-licking good. The meals are served with garlic rice or white rice if you request it. If the food will be served late, you will get a complimentary Arroz Caldo (rice, chicken, fish sauce and other seasoning).

Manokan Country is located in Fr. M. Ferrero Street, near Rizal Street, Reclamation Area. To the west about a couple of hundred meters away is SM City Bacolod and to the east about 250 meters is the San Sebastian Cathedral which is fronting the Bacolod City Plaza.

If you’re planning on visiting Bacolod, be sure not to miss the grilled chicken at Manokan Country. You will surely enjoy the great tasting but inexpensive delight of the city.

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  1. kokok says:

    Manok sa manokan country d best in d world better than sex…

  2. Bac says:

    bacolod chicken inasal’s taste never fades. I remember when the manokan country was still located in cuadra street. That was many years ago.

  3. pepong parroo says:

    we miss this place for so many years na

  4. pepong parroo says:

    I miss this place for so many years na (14 years ) will see you next year

  5. vicky abay says:

    one of our favorite spots, too, for chicken inasal.

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    Sureness! i love chicken so i will surely not miss having my own chicken meal at Manokan Country deeee – light!

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