Orchid Farm in Davao

Named since 2008 as the “most livable city in the Philippines“, Davao also boasts Orchid Farm as one of its tourist attractions. It is a complex which houses different Orchid species including the “Waling-waling” which used to be the National Flower of the Philippines until it was change to Sampaguita.

Located in front of Malagos Garden Resort, along Calinan-Baguio road, the beautiful Davao Orchid Farm is a florist/hobbyist delight. There are ornamental plants and native orchid collections. Visitors can see flower harvesting and packing everyday which helps inspires those who are planning to go into the floral business.

Orchid Farm

Orchid Farm

Owned and managed by the Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants Inc., the Orchid Farm is a must-see for the excursionists who are also planning of going to the Philippine Eagle Center to see the national bird of the Philippines, the Philippine Eagles.

The Orchid Farm also houses a Plants and Pasalubong (Souvenir) Center and they also offer guided farm tours.

Ornamental plants include Red Button Ginger at P175.00, Oliva and Palmera are also for sale. Dendrodium costs P90.00 – P150.00 per pot while Sanderiana seedlings costs P21.00 – P30.00. Potted Chrysanthemum costs P60.00 and Azalea costs P175.00. Prices of the plants vary a bit depending on the season.

Orchid and Flower Farm Tours

– For individuals and small groups: A minimum purchase of P250.00 worth of orchids or any ornamental plants, entitles entry for the Orchid Farm Tour.
– For groups of 5 or more: An equivalent P50.00 minimum purchase of orchids or any ornamental plant entitles one person for the Orchid Farm Tour.
– The Farm Tour will be scheduled on the day of the plant purchase.
– If a Farm Tour is to be availed, a tour ticket will be issued and assigned personnel from the farm will accompany the guests.
– The Farm is open for tours from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily. The Farm will be closed on Sundays.




Commonly known in the Philippines as “Waling-Waling”, the Euanthe sanderiana is a flower of the orchid family. It is also named in some countries as Sander’s Euanthe, after notable orchidologist Henry Frederick Conrad Sander. After being replaced by the Sampaguita as National Flower of the Philippines, the waling-waling is now known as the “Queen of Philippine flowers”. Most native people of the Bagobo tribe continue to worship this orchid as a “diwata” (fairy).

Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach originally named Euanthe sanderiana as Vanda sanderiana. It has two forms, pink and white, also referred to as alba. M. Roebelin discovered the original pink variety in the Philippines in 1881 or 1882.

Euanthe sanderiana is indigenous to Mindanao region in the provinces of Davao, Cotabato, and Zamboanga where it is found on the trunks of dipterocarp trees at elevations below 500 meters. Over-collected, the plant is considered rare in nature and it is often used in hybridization.

Studies have shown that when the waling-waling is raised at high altitude, the plant bears flowers early. In 2004, there had been a motion in the House of Representatives of the Philippines to declare the “Waling-waling” as the country’s national flower, replacing the Sampaguita.

How to get there

From Davao International Airport, take a taxi (P150) or jeepney (P15/person) going to the Bangkerohan Terminal (city center). Take the “v-hire” (van for hire, P40/person) going to Calinan for about 45 minutes. Then take a “habal-habal” (motorcycle for hire, P10/person) going to the Orchid Farm.

Contact Information

For more information about the Orchid Farm of Davao, you can contact them at telephone numbers +63 82 301-1671 or +63 82 266-4446.

Light Colored Plants

Light Colored Plants



Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants

Variety of plants in pot

Variety of plants in pot

Sanderian Seedlings

Sanderian Seedlings

Tropical Plants

Tropical Plants

Green House

Green House

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