Paintball at Global Gutz, Mactan Island, Philippines

Paintball is one of the most “breathtaking” team-strategy games I have played, and I mean “breathtaking” literally. A good friend invited me to play Paintball at Global Gutz. At first, I was very hesitant to play the game because I was afraid I could get some lumps and bruises from the paintballs and could probably lose a shirt and pants due to the paints. When other friends showed me pictures of the protective vest and convinced me that the paintballs were water-based, I agreed.

Paintball is played at Global Gutz, Villa Asela Resort Fields, Bang Bang Cordova, Mactan Island, Cebu in the Philippines. There are several other regions in the Philippines that offers Paintball Games. Villa Asela Resort is a 30-minute ride from Mactan Jeepney Terminal or 1-hour ride from Cebu City.

The price for day games is P350.00 per person which includes 50 bullets, paintball gadgets and free swimming at the pool after the games. For night games, the price is P500.00 per person. This includes 50 bullets, paintball gadgets, lighting fixtures, free swimming at the pool and overnight stay. If you exceed the 50 bullets, you can buy 1 bullet for P6.00.

When playing Paintball at Global Gutz players must be from ages 6 to 60 years old. Those players who are below 18 years old must have a parent’s consent and must be mentally and physically fit.

Each player is required to fill-up the waiver form and read the tournament safety rules (I posted the waiver form below). Manny Pacaldo, the game master and one of the referees, will also provide a short briefing before the game starts (I posted the GM’s script below).

Paintball in Global Gutz is usually played in a 5 versus 5 match-up. There is a free target-shooting practice for everyone so they will know how the paintball gun works. A leader is chosen in every team to shot the circle target and whoever hits near the bulls-eye chooses which side of the battle area they want.

An actual game is played 5-10 minutes depending on the agreement of each team and the Game Master (GM). To win, the team should be able to hit all their enemies or capture the enemy’s flag. Playing the game gives you a lot of sweat because the mask, suit and gloves are all very thick and you have high adrenalin during the game. If you are hit in an uncovered area of your body, you will surely get bruises and lumps.

After the games, everyone was happy and talked a lot about what happened during the game. On our next Paintball game at Global Gutz we will surely bring other friends along.

You can contact the “Game Master” Manny Pacaldo at Cellphone Number: 09173291520, Home Landline Number: 2366550, Office Landline Number: 2380131

Or you can contact me and we’ll have a friendly game. Just be sure to bring in some beers. =)

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  1. Jay says:

    6 pesos per bullet thats kinda high price… I played once here in US where 16 dollars for the whole box thats around 1000 bullets.

  2. Pacman says:

    You can also visit and LIKE us at Facebook PAINTBALL CEBU URBAN WAR ZONE. See you soon… This is good for bonding with family and friends, classmates, reunion, occasions such as birthdays.

  3. Pacman says:

    Hello Mark Anthony Maranga, thanks for this article. Right now, paintball urban war zone can be played 24/7, all-weather, right inside J Centre Mall, 2F, near Coffee Dream. Rates vary from P220 to P320, with bullets at 33 and 50 paintballs, respectively. All gears provided, except long pants and rubber shoes. You can book at 0917 3291520 or 0932 5010680

  4. plokie says:

    hey…update your contact numbers. you two landlines are not wroking. i was fortunate to get through your mobile but no one answers. i kept on calling pero wala jud mo tubag. anyways, i want to reserve for paintball on nov.10, saturday from 1-5pm. kindly advise thru my email or thru my mobile 0923.807.4258. waiting and i hope this time i’ll get a response. thanks

  5. reny says:

    hey thats sound interesting coz i never tried paintball game. have u tried the airsoft games? u must try it, am sure u will enjoy it.. nice page tanx.

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