Perdo Ano-os: A ‘healer’ of Siquijor

Considered as the island of Mystical healers, Siquijor boasts one of its famous healers, Perdo Ano-os. He is from Tigbawan, Lazi and he uses his way of of healing through a light candle while murmuring his ritual or prayers over the sick person. The melted candle is also used as his medication together with herbal plants given to the client.

Here in the Philippines, many used to believe about the mysteries of Siquijor. Some are already living testimonies to the mystical powers of the so-called “healers” who are living in the “Isla de Fuego” or “Island of Fire”. Pedro Ano-os is just one of the hundreds of healers found in the island. In the past, many people all over the country tagged them as “mangkukulam” or witches or someone who casts a hex over another person for revenge.

Siquijor today is no longer the dreaded island, it is now one of the best places to relax and enjoy together with the family.

Pedro Ano-os

Pedro Ano-os

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