Philippines Barangay Elections 2010 Updates and Results

This October 25, the Philippines will once again hold a voting event known as the Barangay Elections 2010. This is the second event to happen this year where people from all over the country will vote for leaders to help them in their needs including livelihood, security and health among many others.

The Barangay Elections 2010 followed 5 months after the first Philippine Automated Elections happened last May 10, 2010 winning Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III as President and Jejomar “Jojo” Binay as Vice-President. It was one of the most peaceful Elections. The unofficial total election results were given to the public in less than a week. The official election results were the canvassed by the Senate and Congress and were released after a month. Both “unofficial” and “official” results have almost the same numbers.

This October, the Philippines will vote for Barangay Officials and “Sangguniang Kabataan” (SK) or also known as the Youth Council Members. This is mandated in the current 1987 Constitution of the Philippines as well as in the Local Government Code of 1991.

Barangay Elections Candidate - Saying his Speech

Barangay Elections Candidate – Saying his Speech

Election Campaign Materials in the Barangay Hall

Election Campaign Materials in the Barangay Hall

Convincing to vote her in the Barangay Elections

Convincing to vote her in the Barangay Elections

The Barangay elections are held every three years and it is not always in the same time as elections for other positions such as President, Vice-President, Congressmen and Senators. There are times when the term of the Barangay Officials are extended because Congress suspends the Barangay elections as a cost-saving measure.

Barangay Election Campaign - Folks attending

Barangay Election Campaign – Folks attending

The Barangay-Level Positions

One barangay captain
Seven barangay kagawads (councilors)
One Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chairperson (youth council chairperson)
Seven SK kagawads (councilors)

Latest update on the upcoming Barangay results is that candidates are now doing their best to promote themselves by putting banners, posters and other campaign materials along the streets. Many toured around the Barangay and play their personalized songs just to let people know that they ran for that position in the Barangay Elections 2010 and they need the vote of each and everyone in their Barangay if possible.

Barangay Elections - Miting de Abanse

Barangay Elections – Miting de Abanse

During the Barangay Elections, the candidate looks for a nice, strategic place where most people pass. They put up a stage and hold their “Meting de Abanse” (Meeting in Advance) to promote themselves by sharing what they have done to the community and, more often than not, mud-sling onto their opponents.

Voters Qualification

Every citizen of the Philippines above 18 years old on Election Day may vote. In order to actually vote, a citizen may have to register. The COMELEC (Commission on Elections) has a registration period a few months prior to the election. Those who are not registered will not appear on the voters’ list and is ineligible to vote despite being qualified to do so.

Barangay Election Results

The results of the Barangay Elections 2010 will be posted on this website, if I can find a reliable source over the net. Other options are going to Comelec’s Official Website and reliable media companies such as ABS-CBN and GMA.

The Barangay Election Results will not be as fast as the May 2010 elections because this time it’s back to the manual voting where people still have to encircle their best candidates on the piece of election papers given to them. Then the volunteers, usually teachers, will manually count the votes inside the ballot boxes. It is expected that the final and official Barangay Election Results 2010 will be released more than a week up to 3 months.

Those who want to file an election protest may do so after the results are final which will be ruled by the Supreme Court if the case will be dismissed or valid and will follow due process.

Visit this website more often so you will be the first to know the Barangay Election Updates and Results for 2010.

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