Santiago White Beach in Camotes

One of the trademarks of Pacijan Island not visible in Poro Island is the white-sand beach at Santiago. It is a wide area of fine grain white sand that entices locals and tourists alike to visit the awesome environment. Santiago White Beach is owned and maintained by the Camotes LGU. The cottages cost P200 per day while tables costs lesser. During low tide the beach stretches to 100 meters before reaching the sea because of it’s shallow design, during high tide it is only about 3 meters.

Santiago White Beach is located in Barangay Santiago, Camotes, Cebu in the Philippines. It is in the south of Pacijan Island, one of the 4 islands of the Camotes government jurisdiction. The Santiago White Beach is the similar beach shared by Santiago Bay, Masamayor Beach Resort and Payag Beach Resort because of its long stretch which ends in the foot of a mountain. Outrigger boats known as โ€œbangkaโ€ are docked here and can be rented at around P500 for a half day use. Nenaโ€™s Grill and Putoโ€™s Sutukil are the restaurants available here. They also offer a videoke at P5.00 per song.

Landscape view of Santiago White Beach

Landscape view of Santiago White Beach



Nena's Grill

Nena's Grill



Tourism and Youth Information Center

Tourism and Youth Information Center

Teenagers playing at the Basketball Court

Teenagers playing at the Basketball Court

Meters away from Santiago White Beach is a basketball court which one can enjoy a 5 versus 5 game with P5.00 bet for each player. Across it is the Santiago Catholic Chapel. One can also see an on-going development of the Tourism and Youth Information Center which is very near the Old Talisay Tree. Take note that throwing of garbage on improper places will be penalized with P200. The landscape and cleanliness of the area is maintained by a couple of caretakers but the sea weeds going to the beach is sometimes disregarded.

The old Talisay Tree

The old Talisay Tree

Lisa's slipperprints in the sand

Lisa's slipperprints in the sand

Santiago White Beach

Santiago White Beach

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  1. Tiza says:

    hi, can we camp there?? how much entrance fee, space for the tent.. we’re planning to stay there for 2 nights..

  2. Mai says:

    Hi Mark,

    Do you have a picture of Nena’s Grill’s menu? I really would like to know their bestselling dishes and the respective prices. Thanks!

  3. Uncle Klaus says:

    Hi Anthony,
    A nice website. Referring to rent a motorcycle in Camotes. You should know that most of the motorcycles are NOT registered and not in best condition. We have 2 motorcycles to offer. A Yamaha Nuovo Z for 600 and a brandnew XRM Motard for 500 per day. Both are registered (the XRM will be in mid April) and in very good conditions. The Yamaha Scooter has a big top box with space for helmets.
    If people want make reservation they can send me an e-mail. Thank you.

  4. bembem says:

    hi mark,

    does santiago beach resort accepts credit card payment?

    • Hi Bembem,

      The last info I got, way back in 2011, is that they accept credit card payments in their office in Mandaue. I don’t know if they accept credit card payments at the resort. Please contact their landline just to be sure.

  5. Ron says:

    hi! where can i rent the motorcycle? is it in the resort? is it automatic or manual transmission?

    • Hi Ron,

      You can rent the motorcycle at the port. It is usually around P500 to P600 excluding the petrol. You can choose automatic or manual transmission – but around 80% to 90% are AT.

  6. Ruby says:

    Do they have a room for overnight stay?

  7. cindy says:

    you can contact our friend there, please email her at tatarabe at yahoo dot com or her cell phone number at 09173061568

  8. Cindy says:

    hello there,

    we happened to be there in camotes island last august 2012. Well, i got our tour package from my friends contact, tata rabe. It was indeed a very relaxing tour we had.

    maybe tata rabe can also assist you on your tour. Many of our friends also got a lot tours not only in cebu but other tour places.Try to contact her at cp number 09173061568 or email add For sure she will help you on this.

    good luck! Camotes island is indeed a heaven.

    im cindy

  9. ivory says:

    hi …punta sana ako sa beach camotes and how much the expenses ninyo? two person lang po… this coming october over night stay lang… thanks and more power ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Zaido says:

    HI Mark! zai here from cebu. This blog is so helpful. We are planning the trip on aug 21-22. there will only be 2 of us me and my partner. We will value any recommendations you may have. We are looking into an affordable trip. Would it be best to book on tour packages or take advantage on those offers from several tour guides when we get there? We are taking SAntiago bay resort.

    if you dont mind ๐Ÿ™‚ How much are expenses all in all. I would like to have an estimate good for 2pax thats already including food, amenities and the tour. You mentioned that it will be best to rent a motorcyle. is Php 500 for for 2 pax or 500 each? or would be better to rent a van? Aside from motorcycles, are there multicabs too or that would only be suitable for groups?

    Ill be looking forward to ur response! Thnx!


  11. lyca says:

    hi Mark

    We will be having our team building this saturday or sunday and were looking for a package rate for our stay and tour any suggestion? or recommendation?

    plz ill wait =)

  12. Detski says:

    Hi Mark! …just love your site…its so informative. Have a question — do you happen to know how much it would cost (rough estimate) for a taxi ride from Mandaue to Danao port? We would be leaving Mandaue in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks!! More power to you!

  13. evil yu says:

    nobody is answering the phone.

  14. virgil aleguen says:

    Do u know a person or his contact number where we could hire a van…or a multicab/jeepney where we could hire and accommodate 20 passengers?… tnx

  15. Bayek says:

    Hi Mark! im from cebu. next week, my bf and i are planning to go to camotes for a day. do u know any day tour packages?

    • Hi Bayek,

      I don’t know anyone who offers tour packages in Camotes. I suggest you rent a motorbike (P500 + 2 liters fuel) to roam around the island. You or your boyfriend can drive the motorbike or you can let the owner of the motorcycle drive for you. Choose the motorcycle that looks new and find a driver that has a map, which will surely help you find the tourist attractions around the island.

  16. Tetoy says:


    just wanna ask if the beach is allowed to set up tents, near cottages or is there a place where you are allowed to camp and how much will it take me.

  17. ALFRED LIM says:

    hello mark. im ALfred. i offer transportation in camotes island. i have motorbikes, multicab, aircon van and tatos vehicle. this is my number mark. 0926-529-6337, 0910-879-5577, 0905-155-0325. thanks a lot for the help mark…

  18. roberto says:

    hi, robert here from cebu. we would like to spend out december gathering there in santiago white beach. is it okay if we will just bring food? is there a corkage fee? do you have promos going on for the hotel accommodation if we are more than twenty pax? also, is your resort far from the main road? do we need to ride a motorcycle and pay 500 pesos plus the 100 gas for two liters? what is your limit for the number of persons per room? do you have a big room for a group? thanks. will be spending our decembr 27 and 28 there… will have it overnyt. will be asking ur timely response po… god speed!

  19. joana says:

    hi! is it possible to go to camotes island on a day trip?
    I will be staying in cebu city and i was wondering if a day trip to camotes island is possible and worth it.


    • ALFRED LIM says:

      yes you can have a day trip. i advice to the the first trip ferry so that you will have a lot of time to roam around the island. thanks

  20. Klaus says:

    Hi Mark,
    Great Blog! Yes, indeed, Camotes is a wonderful place and my wife and me are hopping, that it will stay like it is for a more couple of years.
    For other future visitors: I would suggest to start at Bus Terminal North in Mandaue City. There take the Ceres. They are all heading for north. Even there is indicated “Hagnaya without stop over”, the will stop at Danao. Some have aircon. The price (actually 50 P.) is almost the same than jeepney, but it’s a lot more comfortable and faster. Just ask the conductor to let you off at pantalan at Danao.
    Mark, I heard somewhere that at Camotes you can stay in private families. It’s cheap and you get in touch with the locals. Do you know s.t. about that? Phonenr.? Thanks.

    • ALFRED LIM says:

      hello sir klaus… remember me? this is Alfred who offered transportation in camotes. do you want me to post here a number for house rentals?

  21. jene says:


    ..yung 1000(non-aircon) ilang person po ba ang limit ?

  22. Bhe says:

    Hi MArk,
    You mentioned the motorcyle rental, is this the only transportation from the resort to Consuelo port?

    Motorcycle Rental = P500 (7am-6pm) + P100 gas (2 liters)

    thank you.

  23. mar says:

    hi, just had my island tour in Camotes and it was all worth the price and effort. It was fantastic. We will definitely come back next year. Buho resort was enchanting. You should try to visit. Santiago and Mangodlong too. The water is very clear, rock formation along the beach is very beautifully hand crafted. Very nice place. Hope you will enjoy visiting Camotes island.

  24. mye says:

    please email me the total expense or package in santiago beach..a room good for 5 pax in a room non aircon or aircon..entrance fee and transpo fee in going the place…thanks a lot.God Bless.

  25. Bimmy Bass says:

    hi mark,

    can we have a trip from danao or ouano warf to camotes during the day? because check in time is 2pm. ive checked shipping sites bound for camotes and most of them travels 4pm or 8pm..

  26. Lanie says:

    Thank you so much Mark. I’m really looking forward on this trip. I hope this is worth all my several itinerary revisions. Good day!

  27. Lanie says:

    Good day, your blog is indeed very informative. The only thing I would like to ask you is the transportation. What is the fastest way to go there coming from Mactan Intl Airport?
    Another thing, do they have any other establishments there like in Galera or Boracay?
    Hope to hear from you soon. My Camotes trip would be on March 23 and I’m really looking for all my options.

    Thanks again. God bless.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The best and fastest way to reach Camotes is by taking a taxi going directly to Danao Port. But if you are on a budget, you can take a taxi going to Mandaue City (A.S. Fortuna – Jolibee) then take a jeepney going to Danao Port. Take the ferry from Danao Port to Consuelo Port, Camotes <- check this post for more information.

  28. Andrew says:

    Hello… I was wondering if you have contact numbers for the Masamayor Beach Resort and Payag Beach Resort which is in Santiago Beach?… Please I really need it…

  29. Bimmy Bass says:

    Thanks for the info! its a lot of help. im making a reservation now for the holy week and this june,, and hey i would also like to ask if santiago white beach and santiago bay are the same? if not, can we step on to santiago white beach’s shores for free?

  30. pusa says:

    wow this is impressive, would you know of any travel agent who can help me secure accomodation and transportation from cebu, or everything can be DIY… do i need to do an advance booking at santiago bay? thanks

  31. Tiffany says:

    Thanks mark. same here i prefer Santiago than Mangodlong based on pictures. thanks for all the info.

    (two thumbs up) Great site! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep posting!

  32. Tiffany says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your quick reply. haha.. I was impressed. That was very detailed. Thanks, that will help a lot. Ummm, one more thing, hehe, between Mangodlong and Santiago which do you think is better? Yes, i saw the pictures but maybe it’s different base on experience. (Just a thought)

    Thanks in advance.


    • Mark Maranga says:

      Tiff, Santiago Bay is better than Mangodlong. Even though these two are sister companies, Santiago Bay is more developed and has the longer stretch of white beach to enjoy. Plus the swimming pool at Santiago Bay is a lot bigger (and better view) than Mangodlong. I stongly suggest you rent a motorcycle so you can go to Mangodlong and tour the different tourist attractions in Camotes.

  33. Mark Maranga says:

    Hi Tiff,

    Thank you. Please see below for the expenses per person.

    Cebu City to Mandaue City = P100 (taxi), P12 (jeep)
    Mandaue City to Danao City = P25 (jeep), P40 (van)
    Danao City to Consuelo Port, Camotes = P180 (ferry)
    Consuelo Port to Resort = P50 (habal-habal)
    Resort Accommodation = P1000 (non-aircon), P1500(aircon) per night
    Food = P80 (breakfast), P150 (lunch, dinner)
    Motorcycle Rental = P500 (7am-6pm) + P100 gas (2 liters)

    Entrance of Tourist Spots = P5-P20
    Sakanaw at Green Lake = P500

  34. Tiffany says:

    Hi Mark,

    Tiff here, avs girlfriend. You went already to Camotes and i am wondering if you could give me a rough estimate of the total expense per person excluding accommodation. e.g. fare from Cebu to Camotes.


    P.S. Nice site and interesting content… (thumbs up)


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