Soda Water Swimming Pool in Camiguin

The Soda Water Swimming Pool in Camiguin is the first of its kind in the entire Philippines. It is the latest addition to the tourist attractions in island and it was built/developed in 2007. It is made into a swimming pool for human enjoyment and satisfaction.

The Soda Swimming Pool is situated in the town of Catarman which is 30 minutes away from Mambajao, the main town of Camiguin. It is named such because according to folks, it used to taste like soda. All you need to do is to add sweeteners such as caramel and sugar to taste like Coke. The locals visit and swim in the pool to refresh themselves and not to drink the soda water.

Once you’re there, you will be disappointed after tasting the water because you will surely say that it tastes just like fresh water. One thing that possibly changed the taste of the soda water to fresh water is age. The natural soda underneath have already degraded. But until now, the bubbles that sparkle in the water are still visible. This is because a subterranean spring coming from the sandy and rocky bottom area of the pool is providing the water. The Soda Swimming Pool is surrounded by lush greenery of plants, bushes and trees. Several cottages are available for use as shade or eating.

Entrance Area of Soda Water Swimming Pool

Entrance Area of Soda Water Swimming Pool

According to folklore, the area near the Soda Swimming Pool on certain occasions is visited by “ungo” or “bal-bal” (superstitious monsters). Praying to god and asking a silent permission from these superstitious creatures are the practice before swimming. There have been several incidents where locals saw these unknown creatures but it’s a good thing they don’t hurt or mind you. If you see one, just don’t mind them too and be happy that you probably have a third eye. To date, there have been no accidents reported yet and the Soda Swimming Pool continues to provide leisure and relaxation to the locals and tourists.

Soda Water Pool

Soda Water Pool

Entrance at Soda Water Swimming Pool is only P20 for adults (above 12 years old) and P10 for children. Cottages and tables can be rented at P20 each. The ordinary swimming pool rules and regulations apply here. People under the influence of liquor are strictly prohibited. The pool is open until 5-6pm only because road lighting is not yet installed. A very dark roadway during the night is experienced here.

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