Zip-line at Doce Pares, Busay-Malubog, Cebu, Philippines

Zip-line has been one of the most exciting and thrilling adventure these days. In fact, it is one of my childhood fantasies. Just this afternoon, I made a fantasy become a reality. My wife and I went to Doce Pares, Mountain Training Park in Barangay Busay-Malubog, Cebu City in the Philippines.

Zip-line is also known as zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, flying fox or death slide in the Philippines. Zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on two points on an inclined position. This allows the user to be propelled by gravitational force to slide from the top point to the bottom point of the inclined cable. Cables and Pulleys are usually made from hard-steel or stainless steel and tested thousand times to ensure safety to the users. Zip-lines are often used as entertainment for both kids and adults. But in some other countries it is a means of transportation to access remote areas. Zip-line tours are becoming more popular to locals and foreigners.

Cebu Zipline at Doce Pares, Busay

Cebu Zipline at Doce Pares, Busay

Entrance at Mountain Training Park

Entrance at Mountain Training Park

Doce Pares Zipline Tag

Doce Pares Zipline Tag

It was the best time for a Zip-line Adventure because the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot as what we normally experience here in the Philippines during 4 o’clock in the afternoon. We went there by motorcycle because we don’t know that Doce Pares offers Shuttle Service from JY Square, Lahug to the Zipline Area. The minimum charge per roundtrip is P300.00 which is good for 10 persons. The Shuttle Service is only every Fridays from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and Saturdays-Sundays from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The Shuttle ride is about 8 kilometers or 15 minutes from JY Square Mall.

Lisa Paying at the Information Area

Lisa Paying at the Information Area

Mark and Lisa with the Que Number

Mark and Lisa with the Que Number

Zipline at Doce Pares, Busay is open every day at the following time schedule:

Mondays-Thursdays (10:00 am to 8:00 pm)
Fridays (10:00 am to 10:00 pm)
Saturdays-Sundays (8:00 am to 10:00 pm)

When we reached the place, there was an entrance fee of P20.00 per person. The fee was intended for development of the place. If you want to experience the full thrill of Zip-line, you’re going to pay P100.00 per person. This includes the use of harness, helmet and two rounds in the Zip-line. There are several crews that assist us in everything and we didn’t feel worried on the safety and security of the dual-cables as it is very thick and has an extra support that holds the harness. The top point to the bottom point is about 140 meters. Next month, they will open the 400 meters.

Harness Preparation

Harness Preparation

The other end of the cable

The other end of the cable

Helmet check

Helmet check

Ready for the Zip-line thrill

Ready for the Zip-line thrill

Mark and Lisa enjoying the Zip-line

Mark and Lisa enjoying the Zip-line

Mark and Lisa at Doce Pares, Busay

Mark and Lisa at Doce Pares, Busay

The bamboo bridge

The bamboo bridge

It was a really fun activity we had this afternoon!

If you’re planning to visit the place and experience the thrill, you can contact the Doce Pares Zip-line through Mariz or Tina at Landline Number: +63 32 344-3028 and Cellphone Number: +63 9088624276 / +63 9206539874.

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  1. Cebucation says:

    Hi Mark,

    Love the website and this article

    Do you know if this place is still open???

  2. Cebucation says:

    Hello Mark,

    Love your website!!

    Is this place still open?? the number to ring them don’t work…

    I would love to go and do this next week

  3. jax says:

    badtrip – when we came ther and soooo much excited. we were dissapointed because the said place is already closed. grrrrr hahay

  4. eunice says:

    Hello Mark,

    I just want to ask… where’s the exact location. Because we’re planning to go there using motorcycle… but we are not familiar with the place and we don’t know the exact location..

  5. Emer says:

    Hi mark,

    Thanks for this blog. Open na daw ngaun ang 400m db? how much it will cost kaya? 100php pa rin kya? walking distance lng ba ang TOPS sa doce pares zipline?

  6. ivan says:

    hi! is there any room accomodation in tops?

  7. rodette says:

    Thanks Mark for the Info, it’s helpful to us na hindi kabiasado ang cebu hehehe anyway, i just want to ask From there going back to downtown cebu ano ba pweding masakyan?(cheapest lang sana)hehehe AND IS IT STILL SAFE AT NIGHT to travel from there to the downtown? Thanks and GOD Bless 🙂

  8. gelbernz says:

    hi can you comment here the amount of your rides that you have in Doce Pares

  9. Chelsea says:

    hi! i would like to ask sir, if how much is the ATV ride, the wire-walk, bounce trap and other services that they offer sir, because me and my barkadas are planning to try it on my birthday and we have limited budget..

    thank for your blog site sir, such a help and more power!

  10. Isay says:

    ask ko lang po sana if anong weight ang carry ng zipline ano ang magximum??

  11. abby says:

    sir, i would like to ask if transportation is always readily available (by habal-habal/taxi/jeep) from TOPS and the ZIPLINE GOING BACK to the city…you have only mentioned here in your blog GOING TO dolce pares…

    and sir, from Doce Pares, will habal-habal be always be available going to TOPS…untill what time will it be available since we might be there till evening…

    thank you sir and more power to your blog site…

  12. Rema says:

    Mark and Lisa,

    your site is very helpful…i put it on our favorites so that i can have an easy access on it. We will be in Cebu by July and for 5 long years of not seeing Cebu i noticed that a lot has changed….you guys are of great help to make us feel at home again!

    By the way, this Zip line thing do they have age limit? My son is 8 years old and he wants to try that… in Europe they didnt allow him the last time we went to a park where there was a Zip line….he was 7 years old then and the inssurance will not allow 7 years old to do it! So my son is so excited when he saw your pics and wants to experience that adrenalin drive

    • Rema,

      I’m sorry for the late reply because I don’t have access to my PC while traveling in Iligan.

      Thank you very much for the nice comments.

      I think they allow an 8 year old to ride the zipline. When we went there last December, my 10 year old brother and 8 year old brother-in-law tried the 200-meter ride. I saw several other children who tried the zipline too – and they had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  13. louie says:

    how much is the 400m zipline?

  14. ellen says:

    hello mark!
    ive been reading your blod since me and my friends are planning to go to cebu this july2011. it is our first time so i really need your help on how to get to the sipline in the cheapest way. we are planning to stay at sampaguita suites.
    thank you very much! 🙂

    • Ellen,

      Please see my reply to Emem. Crown Regency and Sampaguita Suites is less than a minute away. Just ask some information from the front desk personnel of your hotel where you can ride a 17B or 17D jeepney.

  15. emem says:

    thank youu soo much for this info! i just wanna ask, kasi po ung house kung asan kme nagstay e malapit sa crown regency, how can we commute going doce? pwede taxi?how long is the travel to the zipline area? thank youuuu

    • Emem,

      Take a 17B or 17D jeepney going to Lahug (JY Square Mall). From there, take a habal2x (motorcycle for hire) going to Doce Pares Zipline. You can also take a taxi going directly to the place but the fare will be very expensive because most taxis offers a fixed rate (rough estimate is about P500 from Crown Regency) going to the area. It will be about 30-45 minutes travel time depending on the traffic.

  16. shera says:

    hi Mr. Mark..
    good day.. i just want to ask if how much did you pay for the motorcycle??? are they really going to drop you at the entrance of doce pares park or you will still walk??

    thanks a lot 🙂 Godbless!

    • Shera,

      I have my own motorcycle so we didn’t have to ride/pay a habal2x to get there. I think the fare is about P70-P100 person (1-way). Just try to canvass/negotiate for lower fares from different motorcycle drivers first.

  17. angelio says:

    halu…taga cebu ra jud tawon ko, and i want to experience the zipline, kon naa ta sakyanan makasulod ra ta didto?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Yes, there’s a parking area inside Doce Pares Zipline. An small entrance fee is collected prior to entering the area because the land is not totally owned by Doce Pares. The parking fee is optional; you can choose to give P5 to the kids who will watch your car while enjoying the zipline.

  18. Zipline Tours says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the insightful blog-post. Your story, pics and videos all are very amazing. I’m totally stoked about this. I plan to do it on my next Philippines trip. I’ve always wanted to try ziplining.

  19. theresa says:

    thank you for these information. this is just what im searching for. 🙂

  20. Shiela says:

    hi! this blog entry of yours was really a great help…we were planning to go to Doce Pares for Xmas but we were hesitant if they’re open on Xmas day so I kept on searching for their contact details till I came across with this post of yours…

    I texted them since the phone number indicated above is always busy. I asked for a shuttle service to pick us up from Marco Polo where we were spending Xmas. A close friend of the owner picked us up from the hotel using a personal car. We really had fun as we tried the 400m zipline.

    While we were about to go back to the hotel, no driver was available so the owner himself drove us to Ayala since we wanted to have dinner there. We had a great time with Atty. Cañete, the owner of the zipline facility as he talked about ongoing projects for Doce Pares.

    thank you so much, Mark Maranga for this blog post..It helped us a lot! 🙂

  21. katrina&company says:

    ey…hi…thanks for accomodation last thursday…we enjoy it..

  22. Ms_Mars says:

    hello there mark,
    my trip to Cebu is fast approaching na this Friday, the 26th…grabe excitement to the maxx!

    going back to my query on going to Doce Pares zip line, so the best ride to up that site is via habal habal only? and wala na ibang transpo mode?

    thanks again, po!

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Ms Mars,

      Best choice is via habal-habal. Another option is contacting Doce Pares Zip Line for the v-hire schedule (JY Square to Doce Pares). Last option is via taxi.

  23. Ms_Mars says:

    gud day Mark,
    great! thanks a super bunch for the fast reply on my query. ok will keep your info
    in mind, if in case we get lost ill text you or ask around, gulp! hehe.. there is also
    habal-habal ride in Boracay which i noticed last time i was there last year…

  24. Ms_Mars says:

    hey there! the personal article on Doce Pares zip line was great!
    im headed to Cebu vacation for the first time this coming Nov 26 2010 weekend…then my mom and sister will follow the day after. Mom wants some zip lining thrill and its great na meron ng ganyang attraction as well aside from the one in Bohol.

    we will be staying in a hotel at downtown Cebu and would you be familiar how can we
    get to Doce Pares from downtown proper? via jeep?

    hear from you soon! thanks a many!

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Ms Mars,

      From downtown take a Lahug route jeepney (alpha-numberic code: 17B, 17C, 17D, fare P7-P10 per person) then drop by JY Square Mall. Take a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) going to Doce Pares Zipline (fare P50-P100 per person, just negotiate or canvass for the best price first).

  25. angelyn pepito says:

    the 400 meters is available but 1 way only for now.

  26. d4carvajals says:

    i’ve been there w/ my family & friends….my kids really had fun…when man ang 400 meters mag-officially open? my daughter is really excited!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I’m not really sure when is the commencement date of the 400 meters long Zip Line. The last time I was there (days before I made this blog), they told me it will be finished in a couple of months but until now, it’s not yet made? Tsktsktsk. I will try to contact them soon and if they already open the longer zip-line I will try it too.

  27. Hardy Jr. says:

    I love ziplining.. Thanks for the info that you posted here in your site.. Its really true..

  28. hana tabaranza says:

    ive been there last monday with my boyfriend…and really…had a lot of fun!!!! im gonna try it again!!!!! 😉

    • Mark Maranga says:


      It’s good you enjoyed the Cebu Zipline Adventure. Have you tried the 400m long zipline? Because the time we were there, they only have the shorter one.

  29. Rochelle says:

    Good Day to you!

    Thank you so much for this info. I’m not really familiar with Cebu City coz I’ve only been there once. From the above-mentioned options, what will be our cheapest choice? If we rode an ordinary taxi going to JY Square, how long (hours) will our trip be and how much would it cost? Kindly give me an estimate coz we might get overcharged (I had experienced it in Cebu before). You also mentioned about the shuttle service in JY Square from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm… is it a private transpo or we can join other group to split the expenses (since we’re only 3 pax)? Does the shuttle leave every hour? Thanks again for your help!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The cheapest choice is riding a jeepney. Most jeepneys does not overcharged. But if you want faster and less hassle way of getting to JY Square, I suggest you ride a taxi from the airport. It will cost you about P150 and would take about 45 minutes.

      You won’t get overcharged because most taxis use their meter. If you take a taxi in the taxi waiting area, you will be given a note by the police officer. The note contains the 4-digit taxi number and contact information of LTO Cebu. If the taxi overcharges or does not start his meter or refused to go to your direction (JY Square), you can tell the taxi that you can file a suit against him or call a police officer. Hahaha. But don’t worry when riding from the Airport because recently there have been no issues of overcharging or any malicious behavior.

      I think the shuttle service is a per group basis unless you contact Doce Pares Zipline through their contact numbers provided above. There are instances where other guests want a private trip and don’t want strangers inside the shuttle.

      Once you’re in JY I suggest you take a “habal-habal” (motorcyle) going to Doce Pares Zipline. Taking a taxi or van from JY costs a lot because of the steep slope.

  30. Rochelle says:


    I’m going to Cebu next month and have a lot of free time in the morning upon arrival (I’ll be waiting for my companions to arrive in the afternoon) and I think this will be the best thing to do for me not to get bored. What’s there opening time? How can I go there from Mactan Airport? Or from the City, how can I get to JY Square? Thanks for your help!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The opening time from Mondays-Fridays is 10am while Saturdays-Sundays is 8am.

      The only available transportation from the airport are the “Airport Taxi (Yellow) – flagdown P70, succeeding 1/4 kilometer is P4”, the “Ordinary Taxi (White) flagdown P30, succeeding 1/4 km is P2.50” and “Van/Car for charter, crazy price…”. Choose the “Ordinary Taxi” if you see one, be sure to tell the driver to turn on the meter. If the driver insisted not to turn on the meter, call an Airport Security so he will be sued and choose another one. If you’re inside the Taxi and he asks for an additional payment, tell him to change route and bring you to the nearest LTO office or threat to call LTO Cebu at (032) 256-3767.

      JY Square Lahug is accessible only by Lahug Route Jeepneys (with plates 04L, 04H, 04*) as it is located in the uptown area of Cebu. If you’re not really familiar with Cebu City, I suggest you ride a Taxi from the airport going to JY. But if you want adventure, you can choose to ride a Taxi going to Marina Mall (3-4 kilometers from airport), then ride a Jeepney going to SM City Cebu (30-45 minutes from Marina Mall), then take a 04L going to JY Square (10-15 minutes from SM).

      In JY Square, you can choose to ride a “habal-habal” (motorcycle for hire) for P50 going to Doce Pares Zipline, just be sure to negotiate the price first.

      Enjoy your Zipline at Doce Pares! Take care…

  31. hansel says:

    thanks for this article. I got some information. I’ll go there at zipline once I arrived in Cebu.

  32. miTa says:

    Thanks for this. Just what i needed. Great for TB activities. 😀

  33. DOuano says:

    just the article i needed…thanks. going there this sunday 🙂

  34. Juan: Cebu says:

    We’re going to try the zipline next week. Thanks for the information bro!

    • Akira says:

      We also wanted to try this adventure! Thanks for the info.

      I guess this will be a fun experience with my boyfriend.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I am sure that the Zipline at Doce Pares, Cebu will be a great experience for both of you. I hope they already finish the longer Zip Line so you can try it.

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