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Cebu Balloons

Guide to Philippines Tourism & Top Philippines Travel Destinations like Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Camiguin, Manila & Davao. Philippines Travel Guide, Updated Information, Facts, History, Culture, Tradition & Honest Personal Experiences.

Photos of Surigao’s Baywalk & Watchtower

Dubbed as one of the laid-back baywalks in the Philippines, the Surigao Baywalk is where locals and tourists spend an early morning or late afternoon stroll. Many like to jog here because of the fresh cold air and the feel of the sea breeze. One can take a tricycle going to the port area or Gate 2 of PMO-Surigao to start the long stroll at the pier area. You can instantly see the watchtower with red light to signal incoming and outgoing ships. […]

Museo nan Surigao

Situated along Parola Boulevard in Surigao City, the Museo nan Surigao is a Mineral Rock Museum & Research Center for Local Culture. It is also the home of the Parola Travel & Tours, which has a small souvenir shop. Used to be called as the Surigaonon Heritage Center, the Museo nan Surigao houses old Jars, Shells, Sea Creatures, Stones and many others. It is one of the few Museums found in Surigao City. Located just a few meters from the sea, where bancas […]

Dotties Place Hotel and Restaurant

Located along the JC Aquino National Highway, or more commonly known as the Butuan-CDO-Iligan Road in Mindanao, Dotties Place Hotel and Restaurant is one of the top choices for tourists who want to visit the wonderful city of Butuan. Placed on a two-storey L-shaped building, the Hotel Rooms are clean and well-maintained that any guest will surely notice. Inside the vicinity of the Hotel is a huge swimming pool, perfect for families or even large groups. Night swimming is preferred by most guests […]

Don Bernardino Jalandoni Museum

Known by many locals as the “Pink House”, the Don Bernardino Jalandoni Museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental is one of the many National Historical Landmarks in the region. Declared by the National Historical Institute as a historical site in November 6, 1993, the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. It certainly gives you a glimpse of the past. Built by Don Bernardino Jalandoni and Doña Ysabel Lopez Ledesma, who were formerly from Jaro, Iloilo City, […]

Mimbalot Falls

Known as one of the most prestigious waterfalls in Iligan City together with Tinago Falls and Maria Cristina Falls, Mimbalot Falls is an awesome tourist attraction to visit especially for nature lovers who enjoys the beauty of our God-given environment. Just one of the 39 waterfalls in the City, Mimbalot Falls is part of the “big three” or the “tourism triangle” together with the other two waterfalls mentioned above. Unlike Maria Cristina Falls, which supplies the electric power in the province, Mimbalot Falls […]

  • Come! Discover the Philippines

    What makes the Philippines more than a usual holiday destination?

    Some say, when the Gods created the Philippine island, they liked it so much, they decided to create seven thousand more. That meant having over seven thousand different views of the sun, and many different beaches like Boracay, which is probably unlike anywhere you’ve ever been.

    They say that Gods took their time when they made this paradise. Having thousand of islands also meant that our wildlife and marine life are among the most diverse in the world.

    Even our history comes in many chapters, each one with the different theme. Our colors come in infinite forms and our melting pot of cultures contain more than the usual ingredients, so you can expect more than the usual festivals every year.

    We’re oriental, and were western too! That’s why no matter where you're from, the Philippines will feel like home.

    Many come here to learn... and play. We just love taking the usual things further like honeymooning , relaxing, partying, and shopping. You haven’t seen a real bargain unless you shop here.

    And if we like to over do things here in the Philippines just imagine what it’s like, to be our guest!

  • It’s More Fun in the Philippines