Aproniana: Bohol Souvenir Shop

The Philippines is an archipelago known for its 7107 islands and due to the fact that it is a travel sensation among locals and foreigners, getting a souvenir in each visited place is not just a hobby by some but something to reminisce the moments spent in the place.

Before going back to your hometown, I suggest you visit Aproniana, a Souvenir Shop in Bohol. The gift shop is located in Taguihon, Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines. Aproniana Souvernir Shop is about 10 minutes away from Baclayon Church.

Aproniana Souvenir Shop

Aproniana Souvenir Shop

Otap and Tart

Otap and Tart

Considered as “Bohol’s ultimate souvenir destination”, Aproniana Souvenir Shop sells almost anything you want so you can remember the memories you spent in Bohol.

The shop sells the following:

  • Stuffed Tarsiers
  • Shirts
  • Bags
  • Replicas
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Hats
  • Decorations
  • Key-chains
  • Wood Products
  • Lanterns
  • Bohol Delicacies

A 10% discount coupon is given to visitors randomly. Hopefully if you visit the place, the son of the owner is there to give you the coupon. But I think this is just part of their marketing strategy to entice visitors to buy their products and I believe you can get the discount coupon from any of the employees. Without the discount coupon, you can still say that the price is very affordable compared to buying in souvenir shops near other attraction sites such as Loboc River’s Floating Resto, Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Conservation Center, Prony the Python and a lot more souvenir shops spread throughout the whole island of Bohol.

Aproniana Souvenir Shop is air-conditioned and has clean tiled floors. It has a couple of floor levels and the shop’s area is about 100 square meters. You will surely have a cool time staying in the place and find what you are looking for. So be sure not to miss this place and bring home something for yourself and your family. You can contact Aproniana Souvenir Shop directly at +63 38 540-9411, if you have any inquiries regarding their products.

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  1. Manoy says:

    Dai Connie,

    Musta namo diha. How are the kids?

  2. Angelica Bigyan says:

    hai good evening mam/sir, I am a student from Holy name University and we have a final project in marketing 1, these would be the final requirement for this semester to create an online marketing business, can I be your authorized retailer online?

    I choose this product because its the bestsouvenir shop here in Bohol and some of my friends and relatives in Manila wants to buy your products. I am waiting for your response mam/sir, thank you.

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    I’ve traveled up and down and all around the beautiful Philippines and Bohol is one of my favorite places because of its friendliness and general cleanliness. Once you leave the bigger cities and malls you don’t see the computerized inventory and bar code systems. Most small businesses still do it by hand. Scanners and computerized databases are just to expensive for these family-owned businesses that sell P10 bags of candy. Understand that when several tours come at the same time, the workers will be very busy handling many purchases at once. Still, as a traveler, I’ve learned to use a number of tools to keep track of purchases. First and foremost is my head. I can tally quite a few purchase items by rounding up to even numbers. Long ago I used to write down purchases in a small notebook. Nowadays I’m more likely to pull out my phone. It comes with a handy free app called a calculator. A few keystrokes and you have your total. If it doesn’t match what you’re asked to pay then ask them to recheck. Don’t hand over money if you’re not confident about it. There’s no need for “official receipt”. It’s not likely you’ll be returning pasalubong. It’s mostly delicacies which are really good here. Sure you might save a few pennies at the mall but why bother when you can get everything here. The t-shirts are designed by local artists and are beautiful. I have shirts several years old and are still in good shape. Everything is made locally so you’re supporting the island economy. And unlike some big cities where you have to constantly watch your bag, back and wallet, the people here are generally honest and hardworking. So before you COMPLAIN, try using your BRAIN. Note: the “stuffed” tarsiers aren’t real!

  4. Jr says:

    hi po dyan din po kami sa aproniana namili last 2008 nung nag tour yung school namin sa bohol di ko matandaan kung may receipt or wala pero tama lang yung binayaran ko kasi ako mismo na compute ko na lahat ng pinamili ko bago ako nagpunta sa cashier and yung discount binawas naman nila yun sa napamili ko na puro star peanuts at kalamay sa bao….tapos nung bumaba ako para mamili ng shirt ok naman yung nag assist sa akin mejo matagal pa nga ako namili dun kasi walang magkasya sa akin ahahaha pero i bought 8 shirts para pang pasALUBONG and again sakto lang ulit yung binayad ko sa cashier.

  5. garnie says:

    I just came from Bohol (Tubigon as starting point) and found excellent souvenir items found at Nicole’s Gift Shop at Carmen, I didn’t buy from Nicole’s because I was thinking I could buy it at Aproniana Gift Shop at a lesser price, only to find out that they are NOT selling such fridge magnets.

  6. PDA says:

    we were at the aproniana giftshop in Bohol last december 26. i would like to comment also regarding the lack of OFFICIAL RECEIPT kasi we weren’t sure if the entire total was correct since the amount was also scribbled on a pink paper. however, the amount per item was not stated tpos manomano pa yung pagbibilang ng items. pls make your receipt computerized para NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED! after we paid for all our purchases upstairs, we went down to buy shorts. after paying the item, we went straight to the section where there were keychains. To our surprise, the saleslady from the shorts section DEMANDED THAT SHE LOOK INTO THE PURCHASES WE MADE UPSTAIRS!. Nagulat kmi kasi, bakit nya kelangang i-check so parang nakaka-OFFEND YUNG GESTURE NYA!. We asked her, “Miss bakit mo chinecheck?”. ang sagot nya “chinecheck ko lng po”. nagalit kmi syempre kya instead of buying keychains, we went out already. . . TO THE LADY FROM THE SHORTS SECTION, WAG KANG BASTABASTA NA LNG NAGKAKALKAL NG BAG FULL OF PURCHASES KASI PARNG MAY IBIG SABIHIN YUN. BESIDES, HINDI MO JOB YUN!!!!

  7. mengielyn says:

    when did your shop started? i mean..for how many years have you been operating? we’re tourism students and we’re doing a marketing plan about your shop..we’ve to your shop last March and we were very impressed in your shop.:) we need your help..and would you mind if you tell us your annual sales? :)) thanks!!

  8. lorraine cari-an says:

    ..can i ask for your contact numbers??please pm me at, stitch_raine@yahoo.com
    or kindly contact me at this number: 09267346693. thank you.

    because we are currently packaging our bohol tour. tnx

  9. Arline Pangan says:

    Ms. Connie Geonzon:

    I went back to your shop on Jan2011 to buy again some stuff. Your store is really nice you know. Don’t waste it to an ignorant system! At some point, I thought this is fraud? I mean, who would take time to double check if the total is even correct?! I EXPLICITLY asked for an official receipt at the cashier area but they did not give me one. Nobody said a word so I expect that the OR thing has been sorted out. What they gave me was the same “pink copy” of a paper that looks like a sales invoice but does not bear the name of your store. To make my day less stressful after an audit preparation, I took my purchased items and headed to Tagbilaran Pier to catch the 4.30PM ferry to Cebu. Please please do something about your system. The internet is very helpful in one’s business. But it can make or break!

    • alma mejias says:

      good pm mam len.thank you sa lahat ng yong concern sa store shop namin….malaking tulong talaga namin yan para maimprove po namin yong system namin.pacencya talaga sa pagkakamaling yon mam pero po kinunsulta na po namin yong nasabi nyong tauhan namin.sana po sa pagbalik nyo dito po mam magkita po tayo para mapasalmatan kita personally kasi malaking tulong talaga po yong ginawa niyong concern sa amin mam para ma call po yong attention ng aming mga tauhan….

  10. MJ says:

    Hello, we had a great time at Bohol couple of weeks ago and it was an awesome experience, besides the customer service at Aproniana. We arrived there at 10am, on our way to airport and had lot of time to shop for souvenirs. I bought about 4 tshirts, peanut kisses, other handmade stuff and gave all the items to the cashier. I asked the lady to breakup the price and let me know so that I am aware of entire breakup. No invoices were given, and the lady just scribbles some number on a piece of paper and throws it on the table. I thought it was very inappropriate gesture, specially when you are buying stuff for over PHP 5000. I would have left everything, if not for the kids with me! Awesome place, nicely done, but customer service and the lady at cashier leaves a sour taste. Hope they improve their service and make shopping pleasant experience for everyone. Oh, the 10% discount, i have no idea whether it was applied or not (though i got the coupons for it). They really have to perform to get more tourists there.

  11. sophy isidro says:

    we also went to this store,while we were in bohol and we buy lot’s of goodies.most especially “peanut kisses”. yes,,they did not gave me an O.R.,,ang mali lang namin hindi namin hiningi…at nagtaka ako ngayon lng after ko mabasa ung message mo “arlene” ngaun ko lng naisip na mataas ung binayaran namin.at hindi rin nila ginagamit ung bininbigay nilang discount sheet..pero sinasabi nila my discount na….next time we go to this store,,,check ko na talaga ung babayaran ko.

  12. Arline Pangan says:

    This souvenir shop is really good in terms of location and variety of products
    you can bring to family and friends as pasalubong.
    CAUTION: They do not issue Official Receipt and worse they make you pay far more
    than what you shopped. For example on Oct 9, 2010, I dropped by at this store after a
    day’s tour in Bohol. I got 1 small guitar (marked 800 – not sure if this is the price) which I gave to our drivers’ son as a gift. 10 pks of peanut kisses (20g) which says Php10.00 each; 6 kalamay @ Php35.00 each, a kid’s shirt that has a tag price of 239 and another for 179.00; 4 bottles mineral water and a bottle of real life green tea. I was asked to pay Php1979 for everything! Wow! Upon parking, 2 men approached me and gave me discount coupons which were not actually applied to my purchase. You may want to check and see for yourself! The great Bohol experience was outweighed by this very bad experience! Stressful! 🙁

    • connie geonzon says:

      good morning mam.sorry for the delay of our response, I am connie geonzon the manager of aproniana giftshop.first, may i express my sincere appreciation on your comment because it made me realized that we really need to check our existing system and customer service.I know I can not make it as an excuse that I was in our hometown attending the improvement of my parents tomb in Clarin. Mam, again, thank you very much and my apology also that instead of contributing to your vacation enjoyment, it ended that way. I just hope Mam, that in your next visit to Bohol it will be pleasurable. My best wishes for the holiday and God Bless..

  13. mark gerald l. maneja says:

    can i order a sovenir shirt from bhol?
    i 4got 2 buy the last tym =(

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I don’t know if Aproniana sells online. The best thing you can do is contact them directly because I am not connected with them in any way.

    • alma says:

      good day sir..thank you so much sir for dropping to our shop..hoping po sir na makabalik po kayo dito para ma assist po namin ulit kayo.anyway po sir nag aaccept na po kami ng cater with affordable price po lalo na po yong sa mga students na budget po..salamat talaga ng marami sir..god bless po..

  14. lourdes prado says:

    hello can i buy online?…i like to buy a t-shirt…how can i avail it?

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