Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant in Panglao

Bohol Bee Farm is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines together with Bayoyoy and Hinagdanan Cave. It is one of the many enticing spots in Bohol just like Chocolate Hills, Loboc River’s Floating Restaurant, Bohol Butterfly Sanctuary and many more. It is situated in Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island and it is managed by Ms. Vicky Wallace.

Bohol Bee Farm is not very usual in the Philippines. They boost their agricultural development to help promote a better environment. They are one of the very less people in the Philippines who are advocates of happy and healthy living.

Bohol Bee Farm is found in a secluded Barangay about 1-2km away from the main road of Panglao. Getting there from Tagbilaran City, Bohol is easy if you ride a metered taxi, a friend’s car, or in a package tour. But for those who love adventure and want to smell the fresh air of Bohol you can choose to ride tricycles (motorcycles with sidecar) or the “habal-habal” (motorcycles for hire). I suggest you negotiate the fare before going to Bohol Bee Farm as some drivers offer extremely high rates especially to tourists. The Resort also offers a free shuttle ride going from and to the pier or airport. You can just contact their staff and tell them your time of arrival so they can prepare ahead and take you to the farm safely. They can be contacted at landline number +63 38 5022288, cellular phone number +63 917 3041491 or email at

Mark and Lisa with the Bees

Mark and Lisa with the Bees

They need to wait for at least 10 visitors or 30 minutes before the guide starts the tour and discuss what they do in Bohol Bee Farm. We learned that almost all of the plants are developed organically to help promote a better environment. They used worms and bees to develop these plants which they are going to use as main ingredients on some of their organic foods and products. They don’t use any pesticides and other ingredients just to help the plants grow faster. They also encourage the staffs at Bohol Bee Farm to do livelihood activities such as weaving, bag making, designing a variety of crafts and making organic foods.

Bohol Bee Farm is named such because of their abundance of bees which helps in the pollination of the plants and flowers inside the resort. They showed us the beehive with thousands of bees inside that develops the honey used as alternate to sugar. In each beehive, only 1 queen exists. 10 percent of the bee population inside a single beehive are male. The only purpose of the males is to mate with the queen bee to produce more bees. After the male bee mates with the queen, they immediately die. Thus the saying goes “happy ending” or “he died happily”. Bees are not allowed by the doorkeeper/guard bee to get inside the beehive if they don’t bring anything.

Beekeeper and visitors

Beekeeper and visitors

In the picture you can see the tour guide wearing a protective net, but this is just used as props so that he will look like a real bee keeper. Bohol Bee Farm nurtures European Bees and these type of bees are friendly and don’t sting unless you hurt them or their queen.

Bohol Bee Farm is the healthy option as what they tag themselves. You can just stay and eat inside their restaurant which offers a variety of organic and healthy foods. They also sell organic ice cream which amazingly tastes very good. I tried the “Malunggay” or Moringa Ice Cream which, to my delight, tastes deliciously. Other ice cream flavors are Durian, Ube, Tisa, Avocado, Spicy Ginger, Pandan, Choco, Mango, Langka, Pandan and Buko. They also use an organic cone made from cassava. The ice cream sells at P40 per cone.

Bohol Bee Farm also sells bags made from Abaca which cost P90. They also offer Charcoal Paintaing Services at P500-P1000 depending on the size of the painting/frame. All you need to do is to pose for 30 minutes. The area is surrounded by a variety of plants, flowers, bushes and trees. They have a small resting place with beds and chairs in front of an overlooking view of the sea. They also offer a massage and spa service in an open air facing the sea.

Bohol Bee Farm offers “learning the Farm Livelihood activities” which includes the following:

– Rafia Making
– Basket Weaving
– Organic Farming
– Decorating and Crafting
– Bee Culture
– Paddling
– Farm Pampering
– Island “Hilot” or Massage

In Bohol Bee Farm you can also eat some salads, vegetables, soups, meat and fish, pasta, pizza and sandwiches. Just ask for the menu so you can see the different dishes and food they offer. Their prices are not really the “bang for the buck” for a typical Filipino. But for the experience, try their organic foods and smell the fresh air at Bohol Bee Farm and you’ll never regret the money you spent.

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