Camp Phillips: Del Monte Pineapple Plantation in Bukidnon

Bukidnon is considered to be the food basket in Mindanao and is a home to the finest and sweetest pineapple in the country. It is a major producer of rice, corn and pineapple among others. Not only that, it is also the home of numerous plantations such as Del Monte, Lapanday Diversified Products Corporation and Dole Philippines, which are engaged in pineapple, banana plantation among other tropical fruits.

Camp Phillips is a community situated in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It is also where the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation is located. It has a vast field of pineapples covering around 9000 hectares of land. A wide area of the place is planted with pineapples that stretch from horizon to horizon.

Upon entering Camp Phillips, one would be able to see a big pineapple statue, a perfect spot for picture taking. One can look around the vast area without seeking any permission from Del Monte as it is open to the public. Inside Camp Phillips, one would be able to see the American style housing project built by the Americans (previous owners of Del Monte) for Del Monte employees.

Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

Lush Green of Pineapple Plantation

Lush Green of Pineapple Plantation

Big Pineapple with Mark and Lisa

Big Pineapple with Mark and Lisa

Home of a Del Monte Employee at Camp Phillips

Home of a Del Monte Employee at Camp Phillips

Home of a Del Monte Manager

Home of a Del Monte Manager

While in Camp Phillips Pineapple Plantation, one can get a chance to see their manufacturing plant and buy some pineapple goodies like fresh pineapple fruits, pineapple jam, pineapple yema and a whole lot more of pineapple delicacies. They have a souvenir shop where one can buy all of these at a reasonable price. They also have a church nearby and a vast playground which kids would surely love to play around.

Camp Phillips Souvenir Shop

Camp Phillips Souvenir Shop

Camp Phillips Tennis Court

Camp Phillips Tennis Court

Del Monte Cooperative

Del Monte Cooperative

The climate at Camp Phillips is relatively cool and moist throughout the year. It’s a perfect getaway during summer when it’s hot and dry. It’s a beautiful place with nice landscape, scenic views, clean and peaceful environment. People in the area are friendly and accommodating.

Del Monte Philippines Production Area

Del Monte Philippines Production Area

Main Building of Del Monte Philippines

Main Building of Del Monte Philippines

The main area of Camp Phillips where the school, playground, production area and many houses are located is about 30-40 minutes going to Barangay Dahilayan’s Zipline and Adventure Park. Along the way, one can pick a free ripe Del Monte Pineapple at the wide green of pineapple plantation. It is an eat-it-where-you-picked-it policy to ensure no one will bring home the Del Monte Pineapples. You don’t know who is watching you, or worse sniping at you (hahaha), so don’t dare bring even just one pineapple inside your vehicle.

Camp Phillips Rules

Camp Phillips Rules

How to get to Camp Phillips

Camp Phillips is a 40-45 minutes drive from Cagayan de Oro City. One can reach the area either by riding a bus going to Manolo Fortich proper or take a van that goes directly to Camp Phillips for P50.00. Inside Camp Phillips there are jeepneys going to Alae for P20.00 and the ones going to Manolo Fortich proper would cost P25.00.

Never forget Camp Phillips and Del Monte Pineapple Plantation in your itinerary when visiting Bukidnon and try the sweetest and most delicious pineapple in the Philippines.

A view of Pineapples, Grasses, Trees of Bukidnon's Mountain

A view of Pineapples, Grasses, Trees of Bukidnon’s Mountain

Near ripe pineapples

Near ripe pineapples

Pineapple Plantation

Pineapple Plantation

Playground at Camp Phillips

Playground at Camp Phillips

Rocky and dusty road of Camp Phillips

Rocky and dusty road of Camp Phillips

Start of Camp Phillips

Start of Camp Phillips

Vinegar - One of the Products of Del Monte

Vinegar – One of the Products of Del Monte

Welcome to Camp Phillips

Welcome to Camp Phillips

Del Monte Pineapple

Del Monte Pineapple

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  3. Mae says:

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    We would like to visit the pineapple plantation? Is the a tour on how the pineapple become del monte. from the start to the end . .. ?

  9. ella libongcogon says:

    Paano po ba mag apply willing po akong mag apply kahit anong position ng company .i am food processing NC11 graduate at Central Mindanao University and i passed the assessment .sa ngayon naghihntay pa kami sa certificate

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    Hello Good Day. I’m an Industrial technology student. Our Department is planning for an Educational Field trip next month (3rd week of May) and they want me to look for best places in Bukidnon. So, I just want to ask if how can we visit there. Is there any entrance fee , arrangements or contact no.?

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  12. Vilma Aclon Jacama says:

    I am a Del Monte baby , we are from Camp 14, another place inside Del Monte Plantation. I missed the place. Thanks for the picture. sana updated next time.

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    We have received some photos of General MacArthur, his family and some of his men taken at Del Monte Plantation in March 1942. We would like to identify the people in the photos. Can you put me in contact with anyone who might be able to help? The photos were published in a book, but there are no captions attached to the copies I have.

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    is del monte clubhouse located in camp philips?
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  17. taga bukid says:

    I agree with what Pineapple says, this place is a plantation and they only production area you’ll ever get to go near where fresh fruits are shipped is at the next camp. Oh the main building it’s actually a recreation area where social activities, sports, general assemblies, community gathering takes place. Also, don’t pick pineapple fruits it might be newly sprayed with chemicals.

    Lastly, don’t miss the fresh milk and choco milk! Just ask where it can be found. =)

  18. Crisansel Floren says:

    I grew up in Del Monte. I really like articles on the place. Keep up the good work!

  19. Pineapple says:

    its good that you’ve visited the place. but just make sure to write correct facts.

    there a lot of wrong information written here

    1. Pineapple fruits are not allowed to be picked by anyone. You cannot pick pineapples freely and there definitely is no such policy on eat it where you pick it.
    2. The production plant picture is also wrong. The Manufacturing plant is actually in Cagayan de Oro where the cannery is located.
    3. The main building in your picture is actually a Social hall where sports and other social activities are held

    • I’ll agree with Pineapple. But one place you missed to visit and that is the home of the
      big bosses in Cawayanon with state of class golf course and exclusive bungalow restaurant.just 10-15 mins travel only from Camp Phillips.

    • Lelen says:

      Hi there Pineapple! ????
      seems like you are very familiar in bukidnon..
      may i ask something as i am preparing an IT for our trip there next year.. 🙂
      we will arrive around 1345H at CDO airport.
      is it possible to explore bukidnon, specifically “Dahilayan Adventure Park” & “Camp Phillips: Del Monte Pineapple Plantation” for the rest of the day then go back to CDO?
      Thank you in advance! cheers!

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    hi, i’m planning to come visit dahilayan adventure park but i think i can get to pass by camp phillips right, think it would be a great stop over for me to eat breakfast or lunch perhaps? what do you say.. will there be an available ride for me from here to dahilayan adventure park? how much will that cost me?

    • Hi Toni,

      Yes, I think Camp Phillips is a great pit-stop. There are jeepneys, motorcycles and vans that can bring you to Dahilayan Adventure Park. I don’t exactly know the cost but it should be around P80 to P100. Enjoy your trip!

  21. cy says:

    @amzky – you can text me if you need data on del monte plantation. cy-09204480887. @marilyn rivera- yap del monte club house has d best steak. you can also play golf at the driving range. you can rent golf balls for 35 pesos per 45 pcs. if you want to stay here for a night, i can offer my house at a very affordable price. text me at 09204480887

    • dey says:

      I called the bungalow they said guest should be sponsored by company?

    • Rain says:

      Hello dey/cy, do you have the contact number of The Bungalow? Can I have it.. there’s something I wanna inquire to them.. Thank you 🙂

  22. marilyn rivera says:

    please advise where is the place where we can eat steak from pineapple fed cows? we will be in cdo city in february and would like to go to this place in bukidnon. thanks

    • denshu says:

      U cud go to Del Monte Club House, located in San Miguel, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon- an hour travel from CDO, or u cud visit Bungalow in Camp Phillips

  23. Shiela says:

    Good day!

    May I know if you deliver pineapples to Cebu City? or Do u have a factory in Cebu that delivers del monte pineapples? May I have a cp number of the one in-charge of delivery pls?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Crisansel Floren says:

      I do deliever MD2 and Champaka pines to Cebu by the ton. Iam Crisansel Floren from Damilag Bukidnon. prices vary depending on volume of orders. text me at 09197738550.

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    I am a student, working for a thesis to be submitted this semester.. I need a raw data on Factors Affecting Del Monte Pineapple in Bukidnon.. specifically (1) Area of the land cultivation (2) year (3) rainfall (4) produce.. please help me.. thanks

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    if u want to go to del monte plantation i can give u addres how to go there,,, wen u there in cagayan de oro airport just till the taxi go to GUSA WEST BOUND TERMINAL and till some people of there wer is the van going to camp philips bukidnon,,,only 2 rides,,,,only 40-45 minutes traveling,

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    We are a goup of students around 100.



  27. Ba Kak says:

    Wrong. Pineapple picking is not allowed. If you pick one and get caught you will land in jail. So be careful. If you must eat…buy it from the stores or in Puerto (ask the locals where this is).

  28. april says:

    any info?????? about thise pineaple plantation…..

  29. april says:

    me too… any info???and contact , thanks

  30. Jasmin Aljas says:

    any contacts on how to get there? or information on how to contact the Del Monte Plantation?

  31. Joselito S. Lira says:

    These scenery is very nostalgic for me.I spend 15 years of my life helping to improve the quality of the pineapple while under the Agricultural Research Department and in the Field Operations..

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