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Ocean Tower View Point and Bar

Considered as one of the watchtowers in the island of Boracay, the Ocean Tower View Point and Bar will surely not disappoint anyone who visit the place. Situated in Mt. Luho, nearby Mount Luho View Point, Ocean Tower View Point and Bar is the usual destination if you want to ride the Buggy Car or ATV, which are the most popular rides in the small island. Take the 194 steps to the heavenly beauty of Boracay Island and be refreshed by Ocean Tower […]

Parasailing in Boracay

Do you want to experience something that is unforgettable when you visit Boracay? Parasailing might the answer to your question. Gliding in a parasail is one of best adventure rides in the island. It is perfect during sunsets but the ride is available starting 8am until late in the afternoon. Strapped in a seat covered by a colorful parachute, being on a parasail for about 15 minutes will surely give you a memorable experience. Seeing the pristine white sand of Bulabog Beach and […]

Sand Castle in Boracay

Boracay is one of the most popular places in the Philippines that offer a pristine white-sand beach. People living in the island and visitors of this paradise love to make Sand Castles or other designs that looks nice. Sand Castle in Boracay is one of the main attractions of the island. Usually visible during early mornings and evenings, these simple attractions normally has the current date carved to it so tourists in the island would love to take pictures and remember the date […]

Wide-variety of products and services in Boracay

One of the reasons tourists flock to the island of Boracay is its different ambiance from the City. Visited by millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, the pristine-white sand Beach of Boracay is no longer the only thing the visitors can enjoy. They can also avail the wide-variety of adventures, services and products offered in the island. One good example of these unique products are the hand-painted shirts and the fresh sea-foods. You can also buy the delicious fresh fruit shake […]

Seafood in Boracay

For many travelers, Boracay means beach, adventure & fun but for food lovers, the island offers a distinctive taste of freshly cooked seafood. There are different variety of seafood in Boracay from fishes of different kinds such as Tuna, Marlin and Bangus to Shrimps, Lobsters & Seaweeds. Most restaurant in the island offers seafood but only a few can cook it with finesse. Before choosing your fresh seafood, try to check the prices first and compare with the nearby stores. See if there […]

Fire Dance in Boracay

Fire Dance is one of the things you will see and experience when you visit Boracay. This is a dance where the dancer carries a couple of small flaming containers and dances freestyle or depending on the type of music they are dancing. The fire container is suspended on a metallic chain and one end is secured on the fingers of the dancer. The dancers will see to it that the fire will not throw away to the audiences. Fire Dance is a […]

Fun activities in D’Mall, Boracay

Unlike any other mall in the Philippines, D’Mall is one of the shopping areas located just a few meters from the shore, where you can enjoy a variety of activities and dine at fine restaurants. Fun activities in D’Mall, Boracay are reasons why tourists flock in the area. Situated in Station 2 (middle part) of the long stretch of pristine white-sand beach, D’Mall is one of the highly visited areas in Boracay because it offers a lot of interesting adventures, sumptuous food, and […]

Souvenir Shopping in Boracay

One of the best ways to enjoy Boracay, a top tourist destination in the Philippines, is to visit its shopping areas and buy a few tokens to remember your awesome experience in the place. Souvenir shopping in Boracay is one of the fat-burning activities, which you will surely enjoy. Yes! It is a fat-burning activity because you will surely end up walking and standing for a couple of hours while enjoying the different souvenir items the locals made. Considered as one of the […]

Willy’s Rock in Boracay

Probably one of the most recognizable attractions in the island of Boracay, the Willy’s Rock is an oddly shaped volcanic formation with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on one corner. Willy’s Rock got its name from the nearby Willy’s Beach Club Hotel, situated in Station 1 of the island. Considered by international critics as one of the best tourist destinations, the island of Boracay does not only offer a four-kilometer stretch of pristine white sand but also natural creations – and […]

Sunset in Boracay

The sunset in Boracay is one of the most astonishing views here in the Philippines. The sun sets at around 5 to 6 in the afternoon but local and foreign tourists wait for it from 4 o’clock PM. The sunset in Boracay is almost similar to the sunset in Dapitan‘s boulevard except for the number of observers and the white-sand beach among others. The warm color of the sun together with the deep blue sky and sea reflections makes it a wonderful piece […]

Sexy & Beautiful Ladies in Boracay

One of the many reasons the island of Boracay is a wonderful place to visit is that it is full of sexy and beautiful ladies. Locals and foreigners alike always see to it that they look their best because they encounter thousands of visitors who flock to the island to experience not only the pristine white-sand beaches but also the heart-pumping adventures including jet-skiing, parasailing and helmet diving among many others. These sexy and beautiful women in Boracay try their best to look […]

Massage in Boracay

Dubbed as the relaxation paradise in the Philippines, Boracay boasts one of its ideal services where many domestic and foreign tourists patronize – Massage in Boracay. Getting a massage in Boracay is one of the best things you are going to enjoy while in the island. Walking along the long stretch of white-sand beach, one will hear a lot of people calling for customers to avail their massage services. A lot of local folks stay by the beach, look for customers and massage […]

ATM and Foreign Money Exchange in Boracay

Nowadays, going to Boracay in the Philippines is much lighter and easier by bringing only a small amount of Cash, ATM Cards and the normal luggage. There are 3 ATM’s in Boracay placed in strategic locations along the white beach and inside D’Mall. Allied Bank ATM, located a couple of hundred meters away from Villa Romero in Station 3 is very visible and accessible. The stand-alone ATM located outside the building is open 24 hours a day. It is specifically in Queen’s Beach […]

Villa Romero: Boracay’s Affordable Hotel

Considered as one of Boracay’s most affordable Hotels, Villa Romero boasts its 26 rooms in different themes and styles which make the holiday seekers experience the best yet the cheapest accommodation in the paradise island of Boracay. Villa Romero is a few steps away from the long beach, ATM machine, restaurants and establishments which offer the different adventures which can be enjoyed in Boracay. Villa Romero’s Gypsy Room is also known as the Matrimonial Room, perfect for the honeymooners. The Safari Rooms are […]

Jonah’s Fruit Shake

If you are planning to go to Boracay, make sure you include Jonah’s Fruit Shake in your itinerary. It is dubbed as “The Best Fruitshake in the Island” and is one of the most visited snack house in Boracay. Both foreign and domestic tourists, patronize the place as it offers the best tasting fruit shake – Avocado, Banana, Mango, Strawberry, Melon, Papaya, Pineapple among many other fruits and combinations with chocolate and vanilla. Jonah’s Fruit Shake is one of the many establishments that […]

Boracay Hand-painted Shirts

Boracay is not just about the white beaches, luxurious hotels, sumptuous restaurants and modern-day adventures; it is also a home to a simple work-of-art – the Boracay Hand-Painted Shirts. It is one of the many wonders that can be found in Boracay Island in the Philippines. The hand-painting talent of the local folks is just magnificent and eye-catching to both locals and foreigners as they paint these shirts along the white-sand beach in Boracay. Boracay Hand-Painted Shirts can be found near the entrance […]

West Cove: Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay

Until today, many believed that West Cove is Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay, Philippines. Locals usually include this in their island hopping tour package as part of the tourist attractions you’re going to see in Boracay. The tour is usually packaged with Snorkeling at Crocodile Island and going to Crystal Cove Island. The reality is that this Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay is not actually owned by Manny Pacquiao himself but instead by Crisostomo Aquino, a businessman, a friend, the official flag bearer whenever Pacquiao […]

Crocodile Island in Boracay, Philippines

The island of Boracay, known for its talcum white sand, crystal clear blue water and the breathtaking view never fails to magnetize tourists. It offers limitless activities to both local and foreign tourists which they can indulge while in the island. One of these activities is to go on scuba diving or snorkeling in Crocodile Island which is about 20 minutes sailing time from the white beach. It is located in the southern tip of Boracay in the Philippines. This is usually part […]

Boracay Jet Ski

Riding a Jet Ski in Boracay is one of my unforgettable adventures. It was my first time to experience this extreme activity in the Philippines. There are hundreds of locations in the Philippines that offer Jet Ski experience such as Cebu, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro among many others. Boracay Jet Ski is available for rent at a price ranging from P600-P1000 for a 30 minute use and P1200-P2000 for 1 hour use. Higher prices are offered to most foreigners as they can […]

Butterfly Farm at Boracay, Philippines

Boracay Island in the Philippines has a lot of wonderful places to offer aside from the powdery white beaches. They have Mount Luho which gives you the panoramic view of the island and they also have the Butterfly Farm which is situated along the main road of Boracay inside the Fairways & Bluewater Resort in the Philippines. Butterfly Farm is a 2,200 sq. ft. greenhouse garden with a butterfly breading program. It holds a Wildlife and Collectors Permit to breed butterflies. The breeding […]

Mount Luho in Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island isn’t just about beach fun and water sports. You can also enjoy adventure hiking or driving on a buggy car. Speaking of adventure hiking, a trip to Mount Luho at Boracay Island in the Philippines would be great. Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay and one of their tourist attractions that rises up to an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. It is a small mountain with a viewing deck. A bird’s-eye view from the top of Mount […]

Buggy Car Driving in Boracay, Philippines

Driving a Buggy Car is one of my childhood fantasies and it came true when I went to Boracay. I didn’t expected that there were Buggy Cars in Boracay because I used to believe that there’s nothing more in Boracay than JUST wonderful white beaches and water sports. When a local agent came to us and showed us a banner of some of the Boracay activities we can enjoy, I instantly noticed the Buggy Car Driving. That person sells the activity at a […]

Ride the Zorb at Yapak, Boracay, Philippines

Ever experienced the longest 10 seconds in your life? If not, you better Ride the Zorb at Ilig-Iligan, Yapak, Boracay Island in the Philippines. It is one of Boracay’s newest adventure and without any doubts we tried it ourselves. Zorbing is also known as orbing and globe-riding in the Philippines. It is a giant inflatable bouncing ball usually made in transparent plastic rolled down the hill for the purpose of recreation. There are two types of orbs, the non-harness and harness orbs in […]

Crystal Cove Island, Philippines

Crystal Cove Island (used to be Tiguatian Island) in the Philippines is a wonderful island with white beaches and crystal blue water. It lies near Caticlan and Boracay Island. It has a peaceful and relaxing environment with pleasing ambiance and no living inhabitants. It was discovered a long time ago by fisherman and was gradually developed to invite tourists and locals to visit the place. Crystal Cove Island is a fantastic way to rejuvenate. If you’re on a vacation in Boracay Island, missing […]

Marine Walk at Boracay Island, Philippines

Marine Walk is one of the most enjoyable 30 minute activities in Boracay Island, Philippines. When we arrived at Boracay Island last February 2010, a lot of locals introduced the activity at a very high price ranging from P2000 to P2500 per person. While walking along the long beach of the island we met Allan who gave us a very tempting discounted price of P900. At first I taught this was the best price I could get for the Marine Walk, so I […]

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