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San Francisco’s Municipal Hall

One of the largest towns in Camotes Island, Province of Cebu, San Francisco is known as the main area of commerce and trade. Located just in front of Saint Joseph Parish Church and a few meters away from the Baywalk, where townsfolk and tourists take a leisurely walk, the San Francisco Municipal Hall is one of the busiest government centers in the island. Nowadays, the town is widely known as “San Fran”. Outside the Town Hall is a park where many parents take […]

Lake Danao Park, Camotes

One of the tourist access points to get to Lake Danao is Lake Danao Park. Unlike Green Lake Park, which is the other access point and is a privately owned park, Lake Danao Park is developed and maintained by the Local Government of San Francisco (formerly known as Suangan and Pacijan). This park is a home of the fresh tilapia, endemic trees and distinctive ducks. Agriculture is the main concerns of the park. One can feel the fresh air and relax in the […]

Onboard a Sakanaw to Snake and Crocodile Islets

One of the latest tourist attractions developed by the LGU (local government unit) of Camotes and Provincial Government of Cebu in the Philippines is the “Sakanaw” (pronounced as sa-ka-nâw). It is a an outrigger boat, cube-like in design and it looks like a small Floating Restaurant in Loboc River in Bohol without the sumptuous food. It’s powered by a motor similar to speed boats and its steering bar is similar to an old bicycle. The Sakanaw was established on May 24, 2009 by […]

Green Lake Park: The gateway to the biggest lake

Green Lake Park is one of the two options for tourist to see Lake Danao, the biggest and longest lake in the Visayas. It is situated in the northwest part of the lake in the peaceful village of Union, Pacijan Island, Camotes, Cebu in the Philippines. It is a “green park”, family friendly in ambience and is the haven for nature enthusiast and artist. Green Lake Park lies in a 1.5 hectare of ancient hardwood mangrove forest. It projects a charming serenity that […]

Santiago White Beach in Camotes

One of the trademarks of Pacijan Island not visible in Poro Island is the white-sand beach at Santiago. It is a wide area of fine grain white sand that entices locals and tourists alike to visit the awesome environment. Santiago White Beach is owned and maintained by the Camotes LGU. The cottages cost P200 per day while tables costs lesser. During low tide the beach stretches to 100 meters before reaching the sea because of it’s shallow design, during high tide it is […]

Santiago Bay: The Prime Garden and Resort of Camotes

The best place to stay when going to Camotes, Cebu in the Philippines is probably Santiago Bay Garden and Resort or known concisely to locals as Santiago Bay. It is the most sought after beach resort because it offers a salient ambiance that comes with its relaxing mood and sumptuous food. It is a peaceful village situated in a 2.5 hectare land in the southwest of Pacijan Island. It has an overlooking view of Santiago White Sand Beach and its clear blue waters. […]

Lake Danao in Camotes: Largest Lake in the Visayas

Lake Danao is probably one of the most spectacular and breath-taking tourist attractions of Camotes Islands in Cebu, Philippines. It is the largest and longest lake in the Visayas formed like a number eight (8), similar to the body of a guitar. It is really like a guitar when you’re there because you will be serenaded by the natural breeze of the water, the singing birds and the swish of the trees. Lake Danao occupies an estimated 649 hectare with a couple of […]

Santiago Catholic Chapel

The Santiago Catholic Chapel in Santiago, Pacijan Island (now known as San Franciso) is one of the oldest chapels in the island. It was established in 1862 by the Spanish friars where Señor Santiago was honored as a patron Saint. According to historians, the first mass was celebrated by Father Igot, a Filipino priest who came from Limasawa Island. When looking at the front of Santiago Catholic Chapel, one can see the image of Señor Santiago riding a horse, carrying a sword and […]

St. Joseph Church in San Francisco, Camotes

St. Joseph Church became a parish in 1863 and is independent from the town of Poro. It is the oldest church in Camotes located at Pacijan Island in the town of San Francisco (formerly known as Suangan). This church is dedicated to the Fatherhood of St. Joseph. In 1886, the parish had a modest church of wood and “tabique” (spanish word which means partition) built on a meter high foundation of rubble, “nipa” (filipino word which means palm) roof and a wooden floor. […]

Mangodlong: A rock resort in Camotes

One of the best beach resorts and accommodations Camotes has to offer is Mangodlong Rock Resort or fondly known as Mangodlong to locals. It is a sister resort to Santiago bay and occupies a small cove. It offers one of the best snorkeling spots in the island and it has a PADI dive center that charges the standard fee of $25 per dive known as Ocean Deep. Mangodlong is located in Himensulan, Pacijan Island (which is now known as San Francisco Island) in […]

Baywalk: Leisure Area of Camotes

Located meters away from the Port of San Francisco, the main town of Camotes, is San Fran Baywalk which recently changed its name to just “Baywalk”. It is an estimated 300 stretch from the main road near the Causeway and ends at the foot of a mountain. The beautiful bermuda grass design and snake-like passageway of the Baywalk is what makes it very interesting for families and friends as a relaxing area during the afternoon and evening. The Baywalk trail is equipped with […]

Causeway: The Poro-Pacijan Link

One of the less interesting spots for those who haven’t really researched about Camotes is the Causeway. It is a 1.4 kilometer road that is raised above water or marshland or sand built during the 17th century when Sulangan was a “visita” (visitor) of Poro before its establishment as a Parish. On the eastern side of the Causeway is Poro Island while the western side is the Pacijan Island. These are the two main islands of Camotes in the Philippines. Other islands are […]

Arqui’s Viewing Deck in Monte Alegre

Arqui’s Viewing Deck is one of the tourist destinations in the upland area of Pacijan Island, Camotes, Cebu in the Philippines. It is in the summit area of Barangay Monte Alegre (Joyful Mountain). One can see the picturesque view of the biggest lake of the Visayas, the Danao Lake as well as the islands of Cebu and Leyte from afar. Arqui’s Viewing Deck used to be the meeting venue for the Mayor and its subsidiaries. But due to the fast spread of news […]

Bukilat Cave in Poro Island, Camotes

Bukilat Cave is one of the main tourist attractions in the Camotes group of Islands in Cebu, Philippines. It is one of the 8 natural caves in Camotes and is the most prominent. It is believed to be named after the founder’s name, Bukilat. A long time ago, Bukilat Cave used to be the shelter for the people living in the island from the Japanese invaders during World War II. It has been rumored to have hidden treasures scattered throughout this area. Located […]

Consuelo Port, Camotes

As part of the provincial territory of Cebu, Camotes boasts one of its three sea ports, the Consuelo Port. This port is currently under development and funds coming from Governor Gwen Garcia have been very beneficial to the improvement of the said port. It is the landing port of ships coming from Danao City, one of the urbanized cities of Cebu. Shipping Schedule from Danao, Cebu  to/from Consuelo, Camotes SUPER SHUTTLE FERRY (Daily) Danao to Consuelo Port 6:30 AM Consuelo Port to Danao […]

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