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I’ve been travelling to the different parts of the Philippines for almost 2 years now and I don’t see any reason why I should stop doing this in the next 5 years or so – not only because I love to travel but because I bring along my wife Lisa and son Sam with me most of the time.

After my tour in Bohol & Panglao over a year ago (my first and only tour package availed), I decided to write about my wonderful experiences and my recommendation on how to avail a cheap tour package. The response has been very great and up to this writing, my “push for something” was still considered as the “biggest bang for the buck” for those who availed the cheap tour. In my own little way, I have helped someone grow his tour business – bought a new van, added more staff, etc – without asking anything in return but gratitude.

In the past several months, I’ve been getting inquiries about affordable tours in Cebu, not only because I live here but I’m one of the go-to-websites when it comes to obtaining information. I always refer them to my friend, Mr. Antonio “Tony” Araneta, who’s been on the business for a long time. When someone asks me about a cheap Cebu tour package, I would always refer them to his travel and tours company because I know he will “deliver”.

About Mr. Tony Araneta

I’ve met Sir Tony 3 years ago when I was still working at Informatics – International Computer School here in Cebu. He was a humble man who has the wit and passion when it comes to travelling. He is a family-oriented religious person who believes that God is so powerful that he made not only the Philippines but the entire world a green place with full of awe-inspiring sights and adventures – and this is the very core of establishing Green Earth Tours & Travel, Inc.

About Green Earth Tours & Travel, Inc.

I always assert that the best way to get a low-cost Cebu tour package is by availing the services of Green Earth Travel and Tours. It is a Cebu-based travel agency providing travel and tour services for both local and foreign guests.

Green Earth Tours & Travel is duly-registered with the Philippine Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

The company is composed of competent trustworthy people trained to be responsive to the needs of their clients. This is why I always refer them when someone asks me about budget-friendly tour packages in Cebu & Mactan.

Green Earth Travel and Tours

Green Earth Travel and Tours

Satisfied Customers are inspirations

Sir Tony’s company has boomed from zero to hero after hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who availed their low-cost services recommended them to their friends and families.

In a recent talk with Sir Tony over a Capuccino at Starbucks [yummy], I discovered that he’s been getting good feedbacks from his clients. This is one of the many reasons why he love this job so much because he gets to show his customers how beautiful this country is and he gets heart-warming feedbacks from his guests as well.

Take it from me

When planning to go to Cebu for a tour, Sir Tony’s company is highly preferred; take it from me. This trustworthy and friendly person always make sure his guests are satisfied with his company’s services and when they go home, they would tell their friends to avail the same low-priced services at Green Earth.

Avoid danger, Save Time & Sweat

I’ve been to many places in the Philippines and before I go with my family to a certain place, I always search for tour operators/packages and take a look at their itinerary. This is a good reference when it comes to knowing – and going to – the different tourist attractions in those places because they normally place it in sequence in terms of the location and the route the vehicle will travel.

I don’t usually avail the services of tour operators because I want to discover as much information as possible so that I can write it on this blog – street names, jeepney fares, exact locations, do’s & don’ts, tricks, hazards, etc.

Because of my advocacy, I have saved a few hundred bucks but perspire a lot and lost a lot of time compared to availing a hassle-free systematic tour package. I’m also risking my wife, baby and myself to possible street dangers and just hope my karate skills will work when we’re on a dangerous situation [LOL].

Beware of unreliable tour operators

As a web developer and SEO specialist, I have a few tools which can determine if a webpage is reliable or not depending on the traffic it receives and the date it was published. I’ve found out that there are many unreliable tour operators in the country. They post their cheap tour packages all over the net and once they get the deposit from their guests, they evaporate. I warn those who don’t want to lose their money to go to a travel agent who has a permanent address and reliable contact numbers – and an approval from me [wink].

If you want to be sure you get the best and most affordable Cebu tour package, avail the services of Green Earth Travel and Tours. I’m putting my name on the line here because I know you won’t be wrong when you decide to go with Sir Tony’s company.


Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro

Cebu City Tour (3-4 hours)
1. Fort San Pedro
2. Magellan’s Cross
3. Basilica Minore del Sto Nino
4. Casa Gorordo
5. Taoist Temple
6. One-hour shopping at Ayala Center Cebu or SM City Cebu (if time permits)

1. Licensed Tour Guide
2. Air-conditioned transportation
3. Pick-up/drop-off from Cebu City Hotel or Mactan Hotel
4. Entrance fees
5. First-aid/Medical assistance during unfavorable situations

P 1700 – 2 to 3 persons
P 1400 – 4 to 5 persons
P 1200 – 6 to 7 persons
P 1100 – 8 to 13 persons

*Rates quoted are inclusive of taxes and service fees.
*Rates are valid until further notice.
*Rates are quoted per person.

How to avail a discounted price

I told Sir Tony that anyone who tells him or his staff about me, Mark Anthony Maranga or will have a P50/person discount. If you’re 10 in the group, you save P500 which is enough to feed a family of 4 in a day [right?].

He knows that I’m also passionate when it comes to helping Filipinos and foreigners see the different tourist spots in the country and this is the very reason why I created this blog. I ask people for discounts not for my own benefit but for those who are also fanatical about travelling.

How to see additional sights

Many of the tourist attractions in Cebu are just along the way going to the tourist attractions specified in the itinerary above. Some are not picturesque but worth the short glimpse.

Heritage of Cebu Monument

Heritage of Cebu Monument

The best way to see the other tourist attractions I’ve written on this blog is to tell Sir Tony that I or my website told you this: tell him to inform their licensed tour guide to notify you about the other tourist/historical spots, written below, as you pass along the main sites written on your itinerary.

1. Plaza Independencia
2. Malacañang sa Sugbo
2. Cebu Subway/Tunnel (if time permits)
3. Rajah Humabon Park
4. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
5. Colon Street: Oldest Street in the Philippines
6. Heritage of Cebu Monument
7. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

More information & discounts

If you check their website,, you get to see a wide variety of cheap tour packages not only for Cebu but for Bohol, Palawan, Boracay, Davao & Dumaguete as well.

If you are planning to avail any of their low-priced tour packages, tell him to give you a discounted price because told you.

I’m 100% sure, they will give you the discounted price.

Enjoy and good luck on your tour!

Contact Details

Owner: Mr. Antonio “Tony” Araneta


Owner’s Email Address:
Staff’s Email Address:

Office Address:

Suite 203 Cardoc Building,
Mango Avenue (across old Sacred Heart for Boys)
Cebu City, Cebu, 6000


Telephone: (+63) (32) 238-6625
Fax: (+63) (32) 412-1028
Mobile Phone Number: +63 918-902-8738

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About the author
Mark Anthony Maranga Mark Anthony Maranga is a Web Designer based in Cebu, Philippines. He sells Balloons and Party Supplies in Mandaue City, Cebu and explores the Philippines tourist attractions. During his free time he take pictures and write blogs. Check his website design portfolio and know more about him.

  1. Emily says:

    im planning a trip to cebu with 2 more friends! Thanks for the info about this travel agency. I already got in touch with them and I am really hoping for fantastic experiences in Cebu!

  2. Ging says:

    How much city tour for 3 hrs. 2 person.

  3. Leah Serran says:

    Do you have an package including airfare from Manila?

  4. Ging says:

    Sir good morning, yong 1700 po ba ay good for 2 person. Day tour

  5. shaikh wajid says:

    I want to come Philippines, to meet my old friends. for 4 days nd 3nights…how much the tour package charges 4 days nd 3 nights ..I don’t want to More roaming.. I just want to stay more in hotels…plzz reply soon…

  6. Sean L. Mueller says:

    Thank you for discussing such an insightful article with all of us.

  7. cielito says:

    Mark , Thanks for the info. My family are going to Cebu & Bohol in june. pls. help me select a good tour packages and hotel accommodation 1 night in cebu and 1 night in Bohol for 3 adults. Thanks and more power to you!

  8. Art Pua says:

    hi, may i ask for a qoutation for whole day cebu package tour. Me and my wife will be in cebu by march 8 to 10. we already have hotel to accommodate us. our time of arrival from tagbilaran via supercat ferry maybe around 6:30 to 7 pm of march 8. we’re couple to take vacation in cebu. so i wonder if you could arrange a tour package for us on a cheaper and budgeted rate…thanks

    Art Pua from baguio city
    cp no. 09166194123

  9. sally gutierrez says:

    Pls quote us package tour to Cebu for 4 pax, arriving at Cebu City on Jan 26, 2015, around 9pm. kindly include hotel accomodation and probably tour sites to visit. we will be leaving Cebu City going to Iloilo on Jan 29, 2015. thanks.

  10. Mariden Diaz says:

    Mr. Mark Marangga

    We, (4 adults) intend to take a 1 day tour of Cebu on Dec. 5, 2014. ETA is 4:35 AM at Mactan Int’l Airport. We will stay for the night then plan to proceed to Bohol on the 6th.

    I will send an email to Mr. Araneta’s office. Can you please help me out of this?

    Thank you.

  11. vangie lee says:

    Hi, Can i get a quotation for 3 to 6 pax. 3 nights 4 days.

    thank you

  12. Winston Singun says:

    Nice one. Very informative

  13. Winston Singun says:

    Can you please quote for 2 (me and my wife). We will be arriving from Manila morning of March 28 (Holy Thursday) and stay until very early morning of March 30. We would like to take the city tour and please recommend accommodation and other things to do within the 2-day period. THanks

  14. Kris Albert says:

    We will be in Cebu on Sept 2013, can you quote how much will it be for 4 person (2 adult – 2 children)

  15. Sly says:

    thanks for this . i plan to visit cebu next month, any suggestions for a neat hotel with pool swimming located near Ayala mall (at least easy access to public transportation to Ayala)? appreciate your help. thanks

  16. agnes lucia tibay says:

    can i get a quotation for 5 to 6 persons — accommodation and tours, arriving on jan 10, around 7 am. and leaving for manila jan. 12 at around 6 pm.

  17. Cristina says:

    How much po yung tour package niyo for 2 person and ilan hours? do we need to be reserve or book? thanks

  18. anne says:

    dear mark,

    thanks, your post is a help for us, however, i tried to contact sir tony and he gave me higher price than what is posted…. 🙂 hope the price given can be discounted. Again, thankyou. You are really of great help to us. Hope our trip became successful.


  19. AL says:

    It is safer to avail legit tours from professional guides like these guys. There are a lot of scammers out there that are our to rip your pockets. look for DOT accredited agencies as well. Happy travels!!

  20. naj says:

    Hi! Is the price Php 1700.00 good for 2-3 persons already or will it be charged Php 1700.00 per person? My brother and I are going to Cebu this weekend and we’re looking for sulit tour packages there. Thank you! 🙂

  21. via says:

    great! tnx mark..u have a great blog…) this is the one ive been looking 4…

  22. jl says:

    Availed their affordable services early this year and I can say this is one of the best travel and tours company in Cebu. Their tourist guides knows a lot of things and they are very friendly.

  23. Stef M. says:

    This is awesome! I’ll contact them when I go to your place this September.

  24. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Mark! Very wonderful blog and it’s a good thing this guy is religious. My friends are planning to go to Bohol first, then Cebu. I’ll tell them about this.

  25. G. Ong says:

    sir mark, still remember me? your stud in pc repair?

    nice one sir! naa nya ko e refer nila na amerikano. i saw their website, for me, medyo gubot kay daghan kaayo variety ila packages pero i think much better pud ni kay naa daghan options ang client.

    • Gwen,

      Yes, I remember you. Thank you and I hope you also share this page to your FB and Twitter. For some, searching through dozens of packages can be very tedious. But I still think there are a lot out there who wants more options depending on their budget and time here in Cebu.

  26. julz says:

    This company is the most reliable travel and tours company here in Cebu. Every we have an American or Korean guest in our company we always refer it to them and comments were great. In 2008 we tried to avail a couple of much cheaper tour packages/companies, about P100-P200 less, but it’s really not worth it because those people we referred to them give bad feedbacks. Go with Green Earth and your tour will be very worth it…

  27. backpacking101 says:

    Backpacking MAY cost more compared to availing a tour packages in Cebu. There are areas in Cebu where the only option is to ride a taxi (flagdown: P40, every 300 meters: P3.50). The city is not safe and secured compared to, IMO, Dumaguete and Davao.

  28. louella PC says:

    Sir Mark, thanxlot 4 ds informative blog, reali helpful for my family’s trip to Bohol ds August, il get in touch with Green Earth Tours, & yez i must mention ur blessed name… God bless u more, Sir!

  29. Seair says:

    Thanks for this informative post. I, personally like to take tours when I am visiting an unfamiliar place. I feel that aside from being able to see all the popular tourist attractions, listening to the tour guide also gives you some background about your destinations culture and history.

  30. edmund t. says:

    I’ve tried the services of this travel/tours company last year and I can say that their tourist guides are very professional. They may not be the cheapest tours company in Cebu because there are a lot of colorum operators or scammers out there, but with them, you get your money’s worth. Kudos to Sir Tony and his staff!

  31. Mira Torres says:

    Mark, I agree that there are thousands of swindlers out there. After you deposit the money, you can’t contact them anymore. They don’t have an office address and they can’t provide a DOT (Department of Tourism) certificate. Good luck to Sir Tony and his Cheap Cebu Tour Package.

  32. lorenz says:

    I saw this travel and tours company near Ayala land and I think they are more reliable compared to tour operators who only work at home and not DOT approved.

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