D’ Family Park in Talamban, Cebu, Philippines

One of Cebu’s famous man-made park is D’ Family Park found in Talamban, Cebu in the Philippines. It is a nature park with a mini zoo similar to Crocolandia in Talisay, Cebu. It is perfect for family picnic and venue for large group activities and it is the first of its kind here in Cebu. It is inside the 20-hectare compound managed by the Metropolitan Cebu Water District or MCWD.

D’ Family Park offers a variety of recreational activities for both Locals and Foreigners and at the same time it promotes the beauty and protection of nature’s plants and animals. It was started by Fr. Francisco G. Silva, a former General Manager of MCWD and the project is funded by Congressman Raul del Mar.

D’ Family Park was opened to the public last May 8, 1999 with the development still on progress. They had a couple of animals and the park was still bare. Right now, if you go inside the 20-hectare you will need to pay P15.00 for adults (13 years old and above) and P10.00 for children (12 years old and below). Inside you can find a swimming pool for both kids and adults to enjoy. The swimming pool entrance fee is P35.00 for adults and P25.00 for kids.

Other Fees:
Kiosk (near the playground): P150.00
Kiosk (near the pool): P100.00
Table: P20.00 each
Chair: P5.00 each
4-seater Bench: P10.00
Electricity: P20/hour/unit
Sound System: P2000/whole day and P1000/half day
Function Hall: P3500/whole day and P2000/half day

The lake

The lake

Amenities of D’ Family Park includes picnic camp sites, children’s playground with swings, see-saws and slides, a mini zoo full of animals in the Philippines, a multi-function club house and a pavilion. The park also has a stage equipped with sound system to hold events such as fashion shows, reunions, and others. It has a huge open field big enough to hold events such as baseball and soccer. It has a jogger’s path along the sides of the concrete to entice everyone to be healthy and breathe nature’s fresh air while exercising and a kiosk made for those who simply enjoy watching the beauty of the place.

One of the main attractions of The Family Park is the huge lake. A lot of people loves to stay in the area and sits on the benches around to chat and enjoy the calm and scenic view. For us, it is really the complete relaxation to visit the park. It is one of Cebu’s best and largest parks.

When you are in Cebu, be sure not to miss D’ Family Park together with your friends and families. Be sure to bring some blankets, mats and foods and enjoy a cool nature picnic.

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  1. Pau says:

    Hello is it possible to have fireworks display here?

  2. Honey Lou Monares says:

    Naay number ni? Para tawagon namo pls urgent kaayo

  3. Jeff Sebes says:

    Hi. Can I ask for the contact number of Family Park?

  4. Shee says:

    Please boycott this park. Look at those poor animals in the above pictures do they look happy and well-taking care of by the owner? NO. They all look emaciated, cages are all so tiny and filthy , and they are deprived by their freedom–all for the purpose of entertaining human. Don’t support any shows, parks or zoos that exploit on animals. Be compassionate towards the animals. They deserve their freedom. Please report any parks that exploit on animals.

  5. Ena says:

    HI… can I ask for the current rates of the park’s entrance fee?? specifically for ages 17-20 y/o.. thank you

  6. Abegail says:

    Is it allowed to play frisbee on the field?

  7. Alfie says:


    how much is the entrance fee for the pool?

  8. Junel Cipres says:

    Is the pool still under renovation ? We are planning have a birthday party in your area …

    Pls calltext 09233924292/…
    I’m not always online ..
    Our plan is this Sunday Oct. 11 2015….

  9. eunice says:

    are pets (dogs for example), allowed?

  10. Otek Durante says:

    Anybody here know do we contact this place?
    We don’t wanna end up like the others. Going there and it’ll be closed for renovation or an exclusive activity.

    • ano says:

      For more inquiries, call the MCWD production trunkline @ 032-254-5784 and just ask to connect you to family park.

  11. laurie askey says:

    So the 12 of us adults and children travelled there in a 45 minute jeepney ride excited for a family day out. My Filipino gf and her family had packed a large picnic and were all ready for an enjoyable day out. When we arrived a small sign stated it was closed to the public on the Saturday 25th April for an exclusive day. The poor guard could not explain why no advance notification had been posted on the internet and an employee pointed to the sign to confirm it was in fact closed to us. I angrily pointed out that we knew now after arriving in person and why the management idiots hadn’t told the public beforehand. In the end we had to take an hour’s jeepney ride to the Green lagoon Resort where we had a lovely time.

  12. Denise says:

    Are small pets allowed? I’m planning to have a photoshoot there with my shihtuz- poodle mix

  13. doren says:

    can we stay even late night?

  14. cresilda says:

    under renovation pa ang pool diha?unsay contact number nila?pwedi mangayo pls?thanks

  15. g-girl says:

    naay corkage fee?

    dili pud pwede mag dala ug alcoholic beverages?
    dili ko alcoholic,pero just in case gusto mag inum ang uban friends nga mu kuyog namu..thanks…:)

  16. ah xing says:

    hana tabaranz,
    yes .. it’s still under renovation ..

  17. Margiel Gaviola says:

    i like to visit this place, please advertise direction going to this area….

  18. hana tabaranz says:

    is it true that the pool is still under renovation?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I haven’t been to the place for quite sometime now. I am not sure if the pool is under renovation or not. You may try calling The Family Park for accurate answers.

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