Galleon Andalucia in Cebu

Ever wonder what’s the actual design of a Galleon Ship used in the 17th century to export goods from country to country? If so, then you might want to visit Galleon Andalucia and have this once in a lifetime experience to witness the replica of a ship used by the galleon traders to ship materials and goods, taking the Manila-Acapulco route.

The Galleon Andalucia is currently docked near Pier 1 in Cebu at the back of Malacañang sa Sugbo which is a stone throw away from Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia. The Galleon Andalucia is a large ship, 51 meters in length, 3.40 meters draft (vertical distance between a point on the waterline and the baseline or keel), with six decks designed by Ignacio Fernandez Vidal. It was supported and built by the Nao Victoria Foundation and Junta de Andalucía, where the name of the Galleon got its second name – “Andalucia”.

The predominant material of Galleon Andalucia is oak, iroko and pine. Even though it’s only a replica, the Spanish want to ensure safety to the ship which is why they coated the body with fiberglass to avoid tremor against punishing waves and wind during sailing.

Galleon Andalucia

Galleon Andalucia

Before the Galleon Andalucia arrived in Cebu last Wednesday, October 13, 2010, it docked in Manila Pier for a week which also got numerous visitors because of its historical value and the once in a blue moon experience.

Fore Mast

Fore Mast

In Cebu, the Galleon Andalucia was warmly welcomed by the people, headed by the city local government, stating that Cebu and Spain have a very good trade relationship. The Galleon Andalucia will be staying in Cebu from October 13-24 before it will leave for Bohol.

Visitors at the Front Deck of Galleon Andalucia

Visitors at the Front Deck of Galleon Andalucia

The Galleon Andalucia targets to dock in 8 different countries this year and seeks to remind people of the importance of the gelleon trade and what it has contributed to the world.

Galleon Andalucia Sevilla

Galleon Andalucia Sevilla

The Galleon Andalucia, also known as the Galleon Andalucia – Sevilla (a city in southwestern Spain; a major port and cultural centre; the capital of bullfighting in Spain) – has several cannons in each side. Because the ship was used for commerce, pirates during those times were rampant. To avoid getting pirates in a nearby area, the galleon ship used the cannons to fire at these enemies.

One of the Cannons

One of the Cannons

There are Spanish navigators (in history, was known as Conquistadors) who will guide you inside the Galleon Andalucia. A number of policemen are on duty to ensure safety. You can visit the Galleon Andalucia from 10am – 2pm and 4pm – 7pm every day until it leaves for Bohol.

Main Top in the Main Mast

Main Top in the Main Mast

Stern of Galleon Andalucia

Stern of Galleon Andalucia

Mark at Galleon Andalucia

Mark at Galleon Andalucia

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  1. Arra says:

    Hi Mark!

    Is the Galleon Andalucia can be viewed on Oct. 12, 2012?

    thanks to advice.

  2. Where is it now? says:

    Is there anyone who can tell me where the Galleon Andalucia is now, March 2011 as I can only find 2010 updates. Thanks.

  3. Where is it now? says:

    Is there anyone who can tell me where the Andalucia is now in March 2011? I can only find updates for 2010. Thanks

  4. eric says:

    hi, at last the galleon visited maasin. i never thought that it will pass maasin. even if the sun was so hot, i patiently waited until i have a turn to get inside with the galleon. it was worth seeing…to the crew Mabuhay! Viva Espanya! Viva Maasin!

  5. gbars says:

    just an update: The Galleon Andalucia just arrived in Maasin City Southern Leyte 4pm this afternoon and will stay until 6th of November.

  6. beth says:

    when will the galleon left bohol?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I’m very sorry, there are no specific dates over the internet and I don’t have any contact information on Galleon Andalucia to ask for the correct schedule. We need someone from Bohol to give us complete details about the schedules.

  7. alberto_504 says:

    the galleon was already here in bohol and docked at catagbacan pier, loon, bohol. it was really a nice experience seeing despite the crowd. we’re just thankful we’re treated as vip when we visited there. the galleon arrived oct. 23 and be leaving this afternoon. —>504

  8. hermie says:

    May we know where is Galleon Andalucia now? Ive heard that they docked here in mactan.We want to know the specific location. Thanks!

  9. Mark Maranga says:

    Latest Update:

    I went to the nearby Sto Nino de Cebu Church this afternoon (5:30pm). From the City Hall I saw Galleon Andalucia’s Mast (a vertical spar for supporting sails), with Spain and Philippine Flag. This means it is docked again at Pier 1 near Malacanang sa Sugbo.

  10. lou says:

    can we still see the ship today at pier 1??

  11. chona says:

    hi i wanna know the galeon landed in sharingla as of today? just read some other comments here that its for private function? why is that so? how about us here in mactan that we want to see the galeon……i want to know if it is open to public and want to knw also if the galeon is really land in shangri-la ? i hope not because we cannot go inside the shangri-la because it is a private resort.. Looking forward for the answer.. thank u!

  12. un ija says:

    asa na man jud naka dock ang galleon andalucia? anyone knows?

  13. ulrich says:

    galleon come to davao ??????

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I don’t know if the Galleon Andalucia will go to Davao or not. I tried getting the correct schedule and route of the ship over the web but I couldn’t find any.

  14. Eric says:

    oh man! it was suppose to be in fort san pedro this morning… around 11am… but the ship wasn’t there…

    it sailed to shangri la…

    when to shangri la around 4pm… it wasn’t there cause the hotel person said it left 3pm

    they did say the galleon will port back in shangri la tomorrow but its for a private function…

    100% facts…

  15. lyrma says:

    wanna ask if where is the exact location in mactan? so excited to be there..

  16. elizabeth tamboboy says:

    where in Mactan?

  17. ann says:

    heard it was transferred in mactan and will have a 2days viewing schedule before going to bohol, is it true?

  18. Izy says:

    In what part in Mactan will it land today?

  19. Icami says:

    Is the galleon really staying in Cebu until the 24th??? I read somewhere that today was their last day …. I really want to know, since I haven’t seen it yet and I really wanna experience seeing it … Anyone kind enough to tell me if it will still be there till 24???? Thank you

  20. Ka Bino Guerrero says:

    Buenas Dias Senyor Mark Maranga..

    Perdone, pero tengo que corregir.
    Las maderas que utiliza Galeón Andalucía son Iroko y Pinos

    (Excuse me, but i have to correct you.
    The woods that Andalucia Galleon uses are Iroko and Pines )

    Wikipedia states; Iroko is a hardwood from tropical Africa. It is one of the woods sometimes referred to as African Teak, although it is not always suitable as a substitute for teak. Color is initially yellow but darkens to a richer brown over is the strongest It is yielded mostly (probably) by Milicia excelsa. In much of the literature on this timber the names of the trees that yields it are given as Chlorophora excelsa and Chlorophora regia.
    The wood is used for a variety of purposes including boat-building,

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Muchas gracias, señor

      I have updated the blog to include Iroko in the predominant materials and retained Oak and Pine.

      El material predominante es la madera de roble, de iroko y de pino (The predominant material is oak, iroko and pine).

  21. Aaron Sales says:

    Yeah my visit to this ship is worth seeing despite the crowd. I guess everybody is just excited in seeing this spanish ship. I hope moe replicas of the spanish galleons will be built. haha

  22. Roy Castillo says:

    nindota tan-awon ani sa personal uie.. hehehe pang espanol kaayong barkoha 😀

  23. Sugbo Rocks! says:

    Wow! It was a nice experience seeing the Galleon Andalucia, a replica of the actual ship used by the Spaniards to export goods. The line was long but it was worth it! The entrance is free and there are a lot of policemen in the area.

  24. alex says:

    The visit to the Galleon Andalucia is one of the worst experiences I had in my life. I wish the Cebuanos were not unruly and barbaric. It was merely a reenactment of how the natives reacted to the coming of Fernando Magallanes in Philippine shores in 1521. The Cebu govermentt should have made provisions for the visitors to have a meaningful experience. The policemen never had courtesy. It was a nightmare. I have adviced my friends to go to Bohol and see the galleon there. I know it will be much better and meaningful than the rudeness of the people of Cebu!!!!

    • Aaron Sales says:

      Perhaps u expected to be treated as a VIP. Cebuanos are no nonsense people. You should have brought u own body guards so that u won’t be pushed and shoved! Okay u can go to Bohol if u want to. Who cares.

    • Remy says:

      Aw!? Cebuanos are not like that! Cebuanos are prim and proper. That’s why foreigners preferred to live in here. Just don’t expect to be treated highly special or VIP when and if you go to places where there is something rare… and will be open for public viewing. U will surely follow as the same as to others. I think the problem is, YOU. You don’t have the sense of a “camaraderie”. You will go to Bohol? I’m sure you will say the worst. Good luck!

    • carl says:

      how can you say it will be a worst experience if he will view it in Bohol? we are totally different from Cebuanos. you might have issues with the way you treat visitors but us we treat it differently. you can go back to your history book and read what happened when the Spaniards arrived in Cebu and what Lapu-Lapu did, compared to Boholanos on how we welcomed them.
      next time, think before you comment. its not only Cebuanos reading this post.

  25. Daniel Campos says:

    i have been there ^_^ it’s really nice…

    • sandy campos says:

      Yes, it’s really cool even if i visited her at high noon! But of course! Because it was windy that time as well. :>

      And the interesting thing is, 2 days ago, I met a Spaniard who comes from Andalucia, a city from the southern part of Spain. Muy bien!

  26. Roxanne says:


    do you know if they will allow public viewing until oct 24?


  27. Shandie says:

    is there an entrance fee???

  28. Boholano says:

    Mark, when is the Galleon Andalucia going to Bohol and where will it dock?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The Galleon Andalucia will leave Cebu for Bohol this October 24, 2010. So it should arrive on the same day or on October 25, 2010 in Bohol.

      It will dock at Tagbilaran Port/Pier so people in the City and those from Panglao can easily see the Galleon Ship.

      The Bohol layover will be about 10 days to refill the ship’s supplies and to pay tribute to the role of galleon trading in the country.

  29. Mel says:

    how much is the entrance per head ride bro?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Entrance to the Galleon ship is FREE.

      The public can board “Galleon Andalucia” and view the traveling museum on board only and not travel or move.

  30. Tarantado says:

    Nice bro.

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