Gloria Fantasyland, Dapitan, Philippines

Gloria Fantasyland is one of the main attractions in Dapitan, Philippines. It is a world-class commercial center comparable to Disneyland theme parks. It is the biggest theme park outside Metro Manila and it is composed of 35 rides. The operator of Gloria Fantasyland is the prominent name of Dapitan, the Jalosjos Family, who also owns the famous Dakak beach resort.

Gloria Fanstasyland is situated at Sunset Boulevard and has a land area of 3 hectares. It is very near to the beach of Dapitan as well as the Hotels and Inns. It’s usually best to visit the theme park at night so you can enjoy the scenic wonders, light combination and stage performances.

Gloria Fantasyland has been operational since May 2009 and the growth of tourists from then on has been getting numerous. The ticket price used to be P75 per person and was gradually increased. Just last April 1, 2010 the new rates have been implemented.

Gloria Fantasyland

Gloria Fantasyland

Mark and Lisa with the King and Queen

Mark and Lisa with the King and Queen

New Rates of Gloria Fantasyland

P400 – Ride all you can + Hunted House
P300 – Ride all the rides once (excluding Go-Kart) + Hunted House
P200 – Sight-seeing Only (sometimes a free Go-Kart ride or Hunted House is given as complimentary)

Gloria Fantasyland Safety Rules and Regulations

  1. Foods, drinks and smoking are not allowed inside the rides.
  2. Refrain from engaging in rough plays like pushing and shoving.
  3. Always keep your hands and feet inside the ride.
  4. Always remain seated while rides are in motion.
  5. Feel free to consult with the ride safety officers (RSO) for any help or assistance needed.
  6. Cellphones, cameras and other loose items should be kept inside the pocket while inside the ride.
  7. 4-12-2 rules: At least 4 feet in height, At least 12 years old to ride alone and 2 years old is not allowed.

The following are not allowed to ride

  1. Customers with heart ailment.
  2. Customers with back or neck problems.
  3. Customers with motion sickness
  4. Expectant Mothers
  5. Customers with disorders

Gloria Fantasyland Ticket Policy

  • Gloria Fantasyland shall revalidate tickets of guests in case park operations stops due to weather disturbance under the following terms and conditions:
    • Weather disturbance lasted for more than an hour within the period 7:30pm to 9:30pm of park operating hours.
    • Guests who have not spent at least 2 hours inside the park prior to the weather disturbance are entitled to revalidation.
    • Revalidated tickets are valid within 24 hours only.
    • Revalidated tickets cannot be assigned to other people.
    • Park management holds the right to declare a rained out or weather disturbance situation.
  • Unused portion of P200 tickets are not qualified for revalidation during regular park operations. Some rides may not be available due to maintenance procedure. Gloria Fantasyland is in no obligation to replace or substitute rides under maintenance procedure.
  • Purchase of Gloria Fantasyland tickets signifies agreement to this policy.

The main ticket booth is available outside the main gates of Gloria Fanstasyland. During nighttime at around 7:30pm-8:30pm the line usually gets long because a lot of tourists visit the theme park during this time. If you wish to upgrade your tickets, you can proceed to ticket booth #2 at area 1 inside the park. Firearms and sharp objects must be deposited to the gate guard. Pets are not allowed inside the park.

A map near the entrance gate will help you locate the rides you want. It is divided into 3 areas which composed of a wide variety of rides and games to enjoy. Stage performances like dance, drama, fantasy and band are regular at Gloria Fantasyland.

Some of the Rides at Gloria Fantasyland


An 18-seater mini train powered by a two-seater diesel locomotive prime mover that pulls the train in an existing mini forest area of FantasyLand.


A small version of Enchanted’s LOG JAM, the ride is likewise located inside the mini forest of the park. The midi flume was placed under old tress of the park so as to create a riverwild/forest ride atmoshere. This is a bit bigger than the river ride of Festival Malls’ Pixie Forest.


Comparable to Roller skate ride of Enchanted Kingdom. It is also located in the area of the MIDI FLUME RIDE.


A kiddie ride that functions like a Ferry’s wheel. It has six attractive ball-designed gondolas.


Another exciting rides for kids. The ride is composed of six giant tea cups/choco cups rotating simulateously with its huge circular 9-meter metal base.


Made up of 8 fiberglass gondolas designed like the air balloon ride. It has a circular base of 8 meters.


A 24-seater / 12-gondola ride, a modern version of the famous octopus ride. It has a circular base of 12 meters.


A design of mix animals, put together in one rotating base with its own music.


An all horse carousel ride for kids and adult.


Ten (10) exciting electric bumper cars, housed inside a 12 meter x 18 meter covered area with turbo lightings.


A huge 20 meters x 47 meters based ride with a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour. This ride can accommodate 20 passengers at a time. An Italian made Pinfari ride named Zyclone.


Unlike in Houston, this has no problem because it stays on the ground. It however gives the riders an illusion of being in the spaceship while inside this ride.


A 32-seater circular ride with exciting light decorations. This ride has a 14 meter rotating base area covered by a fiberglass canopy.


In other theme parks this is called GALLEON SHIP or ANCHORS AWAY ride. A 32- seater exciting ride with an imposing 30 meter high A-frame.


An interactive ride. This is the first of its kind in the Philippines. The six electric powered cars is equipped with 2 laser guns for each car. There are 8 fiberglass animal figures made for targets.


Likewise a first in the country, another interactive ride with 12 boats equipped with 2 water guns per boat. This ride can accommodate 24 shooters at a time.


A place for suspense and thrill seekers. This house is designed by the group of Tony Tuviera of TAPE and APT Productions. APT Productions is the producers of the successful first Filipino animated movie URDUJA.


The park will not be complete without this ride.


10 GO KART racing units in an exciting and challenging race course.

A souvenir shop which sells shirts, mugs, stuffed toys, tumblers and accessories are available inside Gloria Fanstasyland. It also sells tokens and serves as the redemption center of the theme park. In some of the rides a booth that captures your “moments” sells the pictures at a decent price. You can choose to frame it or just buy the picture alone. Statues of cartoons are found in different points of the park and are common place to take pictures. Ice cream, hotdogs and beverages are available inside the theme park.

Getting to Gloria Fantasyland is easy. It is 15 minutes away from the port of Dapitan. Available vehicles from the Port to Sunset Boulevard are tricycles and “habal-habal” or solo-motorcycles. The drivers commonly offer the fare at P50 per person, but you can still negotiate. Just tell them that Sunset Boulevard is very near or you can choose another vehicle that offers a lesser price. For those who are on a land trip, you can park your vehicles at the spacious parking area provided to customers. A police station is nearby and several rotating guards are available which makes Gloria Fantasyland safe and secure.

Water Feature

Water Feature





Tele Combat

Tele Combat

Wonder Flight

Wonder Flight

Wonder Flight slow Shutter

Wonder Flight slow Shutter

Midi Flume

Midi Flume

Flying Ball

Flying Ball

Snacks Area

Snacks Area

Bull Ride

Bull Ride

Galleon Ship

Galleon Ship

Fire Breather

Fire Breather

Hunted House

Hunted House

Dance Presentation

Dance Presentation



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    My Family want to visit to this place on April 2017 is the Rates still the same as below details:

    New Rates of Gloria Fantasyland
    P400 – Ride all you can + Hunted House
    P300 – Ride all the rides once (excluding Go-Kart) + Hunted House
    P200 – Sight-seeing Only (sometimes a free Go-Kart ride or Hunted House is given as complimentary)


    Leah Madarimot

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    • Najia,

      Gloria de Dapitan is the one that’s open in the morning. Gloria Fantasyland, which is located inside Gloria de Dapitan, opens in the afternoon. There are several hotels and pension houses located outside the theme park. These hotels cost about P600-P1000 (or more for higher-end) for double-sharing air-conditioned rooms.

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    We are planning to visit Dakak and Fantasyland next week. Is Horror House included in the rides for P699 package?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      When we were in Gloria Fantasyland last May 2010, the prices are as follows:

      P400 – Ride all you can + Hunted House
      P300 – Ride all the rides once (excluding Go-Kart) + Hunted House
      P200 – Sight-seeing Only (sometimes a free Go-Kart ride or Hunted House is given as complimentary)

  55. Bonne Garcia says:

    Hi Mark,

    How is this different from Sta. Rosa’s Enchanted Kingdom and Manila’s Star City?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I think Gloria’s Fantasyland, Enchanted Kingdom and Star City are pretty much the same – as a theme park. Enchanted Kingdom is best known for it’s roller coaster (and the new “instant-drop” ride) which can drop 50-60 kilometers per hour. Star City is popular for their Snow World. Gloria Fantasyland has the best horror house but the one at Enchanted Kingdom is also good. More or less they are comparable with each other and they have a wide variety of rides for both thrill-seekers and the not; and for both children by age and by heart. The three theme parks have some unique features which are all worth the try. For me, Enchanted Kingdom is better than Star City and Gloria’s Fantasyland but the two are not that far behind.

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    • Mark Maranga says:


      Yes, Gloria Fantasyland is doing everything to make its place and rides safe for everyone. Just be sure to follow all the rules.

      I’m sorry, I don’t have the contact number of Bed and Breakfast Inn. Anyway, once you’re there you can choose from the dozen inns & hotels near Gloria’s Fantasyland so there should be no worries for the accommodation unless for special cases.

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    • Mark Maranga says:


      I don’t have any idea about the latest promo of Gloria’s Fantasyland. Kindly contact them directly. You can choose to go there by boat (to Dapitan) or by plane (to Dipolog) or if you’re in the island of Mindanao you can choose to ride a bus.

  62. kathy uy says:

    incidentally, where did you stay in dapitan? what was the rate?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      We stayed at “Bed and Breakfast”, it looks like a home but there are rooms for rent inside. It is along Sunset Boulevard, has a outside sign/banner and about 5 minutes walk from Gloria Fantasyland. The room for 2 is P1000, with Cable TV, air-conditioned room. There are other hotels and inns along Sunset Boulevard so you have a lot of options.