Lanzones Festival in Camiguin

Considered as the island’s celebration for the abundance of Lanzones and bountiful harvest, Lanzones Festival reigns as one of the most watched festivals in the Philippines. It is celebrated mainly in Mambajao, Camiguin every 3rd week of October, for about 4 days, thanking the divine for the plentiful, delicious, sweet Lanzones growing in the trees in the whole island. This is why, when you are in Cebu, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro or other parts in the country, you will hear someone shouting “Mambajao” instead of “Lanzones” because the best and sweetest of this fruit are found in the municipality of Mambajao.

Since Lanzones is abundant in the island, it is a major source of livelihood for the people of Camiguin probably next to Tourism or Hospitality industry. Because the fruit plays a vital role in their lives, they celebrate Lanzones Festival during the annual harvest. The Lanzones, sometimes referred to as Buahan is a dark yellow colored fruit about 1-2 inch in diameter and have a sweet white edible substance inside.

Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival



During the Lanzones Festival, people, houses, street poles among many other things and places are decorated with the Lanzones Fruit and Lanzones Leaves to signify abundance. Locals dance with happiness commemorating the legend of a beautiful, young maiden who changed the taste of the fruit from bitter to sweet. Street dancing highlighting the culture, tradition and the fruit of Camiguin invites domestic and foreign tourist alike to watch the scenic grand parade of the golden fruit during the Lanzones Festival. Parties, cultural shows, beauty pageant or coronation of Mutya sa Buahanan and trade fair that features local handicraft and products are among the other activities featured during this time of the year in Camiguin. If you have free time during the 3rd week of October, take a chance to visit and celebrate the Lanzones Festival in Camiguin.

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  1. rikka cascon says:

    ….its almost good to be true….some fruits from Laguna are big and slightly sour but in Camiguin variety ,mostly small and round but they are superb in its taste…coz of its balance in sweetness and little bit of sourness!…

  2. Joray says:

    Actually it’s Camiguin as a whole that produces the best lanzones, not only one of its town, the volcanic minerals from its soil are said to give the fruit its distinct and superb quality. Lanzones you tried in Mambajao, as the capital town of the province may come or were harvested from other towns also.

  3. stubby herky says:

    i would like to testify that the best lanzones i ever tasted is the one from Mabajao, Camiguin!!

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