Lazi Convent

The construction of the Lazi Convent started in 1887 under the supervision of Fray Toribio Sanchez, using indigenous coral stones and local hardwood. It was completed and blessed in 1891. The Lazi Convent has a spacious area and measures 42 by 38 meters. It is by far, the biggest among the oldest in the Philippines and the whole Asia.

By virtue of Presidential Decree No. 260 dated August 1, 1973 as amended by Presidential Decree No. 375, dated January 14, 1974 and No. 1505 dated June 11, 1978 the Lazi Convent was declared as one of the historical landmarks of the Philippines by the Philippine National Historical Commission.

The Lazi Convent is located very near to San Isidro Labrador Church. It is nearby Cambugahay Falls when going north while on the southeast, about 4 kilometers away, is Ilihan Cave. It is of walking distance from the Port of Lazi town.

Lazi Convent

Lazi Convent

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