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Guide to Philippines Tourism & Top Philippines Travel Destinations like Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Camiguin, Manila & Davao. Philippines Travel Guide, Updated Information, Facts, History, Culture, Tradition & Honest Personal Experiences.

Parilya Seaside Restaurant at IL Corso

Considered as one of the finest restaurants in Metro Cebu, Parilya is now one of the most visited fine-dining restaurants in Cebu City. Aside from its simple and clean interiors, the restaurant is located just a few meters from the sea. Situated in IL Corso, City Di Mare, South Road Properties, Cebu South Coastal Road in Cebu City, Philippines, Parilya boasts its Lechon, Seafoods and Grill. It is one of the perfect venues for an outdoor candlelight dinner for an anniversary or a […]

753 Rice Toppings & Siomai in Tisa

Started its operation just a few years ago, 753 Rice Toppings & Siomai in Tisa is now one of the favorite destinations when it comes to tasting the best Siomai in the country. Unlike the original version of the “Siomai sa Tisa”, which is already mass produced & commercialized, the Siomai in 753 Rice Toppings has an exquisite taste that will surely make you ask for more. Before venturing into the siomai business, 753 Rice Toppings started with selling cooked rice with sisig, […]

Island Hopping at Honda Bay

Honda Bay is one of the top tourist destinations not only in Palawan but also in the entire country. It is where you can experience the beautiful breathtaking views of the lush greeneries of Puerto Princesa City. Situated on the other side of the Palawan Underground River, Honda Bay is an area where several stunning islets in the MIMORAPA region are located. If you are planning to have an island hopping at Honda Bay, make sure you discuss the itinerary with your travel […]

Plaza Cuartel of Palawan

Used to be a military defense base during the World War II, the Plaza Cuartel is where the Japanase soldiers burned approximately 143 American prisoners of war on December 14, 1944. Some survivors swam in the sea to going to the town of Iwahig. The remains of the victims were brought and buried in St. Louis County a common grave at the National Cemetery Barracus Jefferson, Missouri, USA in the year 1952. Plaza Cuartel is now one of the tourist spots in Puerto […]

Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Located along the main highway of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral stands as the ‘central church’ of the island. It is accessible along the Rizal Avenue, fronting the Rizal Monument and Park. For those who do not know “Rizal” comes from the name Jose P. Rizal, who is the National Hero of the Philippines, which is why his name is used in many streets, schools, towns, etc in the country. The other side of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral is […]

  • Come! Discover the Philippines

    What makes the Philippines more than a usual holiday destination?

    Some say, when the Gods created the Philippine island, they liked it so much, they decided to create seven thousand more. That meant having over seven thousand different views of the sun, and many different beaches like Boracay, which is probably unlike anywhere you’ve ever been.

    They say that Gods took their time when they made this paradise. Having thousand of islands also meant that our wildlife and marine life are among the most diverse in the world.

    Even our history comes in many chapters, each one with the different theme. Our colors come in infinite forms and our melting pot of cultures contain more than the usual ingredients, so you can expect more than the usual festivals every year.

    We’re oriental, and were western too! That’s why no matter where you're from, the Philippines will feel like home.

    Many come here to learn... and play. We just love taking the usual things further like honeymooning , relaxing, partying, and shopping. You haven’t seen a real bargain unless you shop here.

    And if we like to over do things here in the Philippines just imagine what it’s like, to be our guest!

  • It’s More Fun in the Philippines