Palacio del Gobernador in Intramuros

Palacio del Gobernador literally translated as Palace of the Governor but correctly known as the Palace of the Governor-Generals is one of the edifices found inside Intramuros. It is a stone throw away from Manila Cathedral and it is fronting Plaza Roma.

The current location of the building once stood the original Palacio del Gobernador. It was a state residence of the Governor-General of the Philippines. The First Palace or Palacio Real was constructed in 1599 near Plaza de Armas (Parade Ground) in Fort Santiago. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1645.

It was later moved to the present site and became the Governor-General’s residence and office as well as the Real Audiencia (Supreme Court). It was then reconstructed in 1733 and 1747. It was damaged by an earthquake in 1771. In 1850, the Spanish-type façade was added to the building then later destroyed in 1863 by an earthquake. It was abandoned by the Governor-General when he moved to Malacañang.

Palacio del Gobernador

Palacio del Gobernador

It was used as an air-raid shelter during World War II where 80 male civilians were massacred in 1945.

The site was formerly occupied by the stately residence of Captain Manuel Estacio Venegas, Secretary to Governor General Diego Fajardo. Venegas died on March 7, 1660 when he was in incarcerated at the Fort Santiago. His residence was confiscated and became the Palace of the Governors of the Philippine Islands until its destruction by the earthquake of June 3, 1863.

The current building was constructed in 1976 to house the government offices.

Jim2x, Bouyind, Lisa, RC at Palacio del Gobernador

Jim2x, Bouyind, Lisa, RC at Palacio del Gobernador

Palacio del Gobernador is inside Intramuros in Manila. It is one of the neglected tourist attractions in the area because it seems an ordinary structure or misconceived as a hotel to many of the visitors of Intramuros.

Northwest of Palacio del Gobernador, about 5-minutes walk, is the Fort Santiago where the Rizal Shrine and Open-air theater are housed. A little further is the Pasig River. At the southeast of the Palace, about 4-minutes walking distance, are Casa Manila, La Monja Loca and San Agustin Church.

Former Palace of the Governor-General

Former Palace of the Governor-General

If you are visiting Manila Metropolitan Cathedral, the Mother of All Churches and Cathedrals in the Philippines, in Intramuros, you won’t miss Palacio del Gobernador. Check this solid structure, where the former Governor-Generals of the Philippines lived, once you’re there.

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