Sugar Beach in Bantayan Island

One of the more popular beaches in the municipality of Santa Fe in Bantayan Island, Cebu is Sugar Beach because of its wide area of white-sand beach as well as its affordable room accommodations and services. They are the “go to” resort during the super peak season in the island of Bantayan – Holy Week. The island is allowed by the catholic church to eat pork meat during this season because according to history, it was during this time of the year where the fishermen of Bantayan could not find any fishes which makes them lose their main source of income as well as their main food.

Sugar Beach is located less than 10 minutes away from the sea port of Santa Fe which is the usual gateway of visitors coming from Hagnaya, Cebu. Because of the broad beach front encompassing the resort, most of the tourists prefer Sugar Beach as their place of stay and relaxation. Their rooms are not really the best quality and most of them are less maintained which makes it not very pleasing for those who are looking for decent rooms.

The beach is where some of the tourists pitch their tents in lieu of using the resort’s rooms. There is a minimal fee of P100-P150 which is still negotiable. The resort does not have its own restaurant but there are a few people who will visit you and ask if you want something to eat and they will cook for you. A small carenderia (eatery) owned by Aling Bising is found at the side of the resort, at P70 pesos you will already fill up your tummy. Bringing of grills is your own choice and you can cook near the coconut trees. There are a lot of open air cottages which makes it appealing for those who just simply want to relax, enjoy and chill in this resort.

Sugar Beach Bantayan Island

Sugar Beach Bantayan Island

Since there are a lot of coconut trees, both adults and kids should always be careful not to play near the trees. There might be ripe, rotten, or old coconuts that will fall off and hit your head or body. Unlike the beach in Boracay and Panglao Beach Resort where they remove all the coconuts even if it’s not ripe to avoid hitting someone’s head accidentally. The crews of the resort are not very pleasing as well. They are locals who are not well trained about guest relations and hospitality. They are there just to maintain the cleanliness of Sugar Beach as well as receive the money for accommodation. They can also help you with some of your queries but not to the extent that they know almost everything a new tourist is looking for. There are people in the resort that provides a “motorcycle for rent” at P50 per hour excluding the petrol.

Brother Constantine trying to find some fish

Brother Constantine trying to find some fish

The entrance fee at Sugar Beach Resort is only P30 per person. The rooms are as low as P500 per night. The bigger rooms which can accommodate up to 10 are at P1500-P2500. The air-conditioned rooms good for four are at P1000 and it has its own patio where most guests drink their beer and play cards. Most of the room needs more sanitation and the water for bathing tastes a bit like salt. The common comfort rooms are new and clean and there are several cubicles. If you are not very meticulous about sanitation and just wants to enjoy the beach with families and friends, Sugar Beach is perfect for you.

Big Cottage

Big Cottage

Clams for sale

Clams for sale

Function Hall

Function Hall

Mark and Lisa at Sugar Beach Bantayan

Mark and Lisa at Sugar Beach Bantayan

Pitching our Tent

Pitching our Tent

Room at Sugar Beach

Room at Sugar Beach

Row of Trees at Sugar Beach

Row of Trees at Sugar Beach

Open Air Cottages of Sugar Beach

Open Air Cottages of Sugar Beach

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  1. amy suzara says:

    Hi Sir,

    Good day!

    May I ask mobile globe number if any to call for some inquiries of your place.

    Thanks you so much for your kind accommodation.


  2. cheryl says:

    hi sir… do you have tent that are for rent?

  3. stevie says:

    I just want to ask room/s are available that could accommodate 8-10 persons around may 4-5, 2013…..?

    if possible sea view please….

    and please can u post an active # of sugar beach?

    please get back to me…GOD BLESS! THANK YOU! 🙂

  4. Minda says:

    Hi, May i know your room rates per day and or per month basis? and what are the basic requirement if we would like to reserved? please get back to me. Thank you.

  5. vhanelyn says:

    hi! i just want to ask if naa ba available room good for 2 in sugar beach resort?

  6. john mark egos says:

    we are 15 persons going to this resort on march maybe last week of the month…please give me a contact number so we will be aware of the rates for 15 persons or up…please help us to be guided for our trip…we are from cebu and we are just students from a not known school…we are just trying to have fun after the semester next year….

  7. MARY says:


    i would like to inquire if how much would be your cottage in the beach and can we put a tent at the side of it?

    please email me asap thanks

  8. gerlie joy says:

    hi… me and my student will go there on july 20,21,22… pls reserve a room for us… and tx me as soon as u read my msg.. 09352317360.. im hoping for u asap reply… thank u.

  9. Vanessa says:

    I am planning going in 2 days. Can You give me a contact to make the reservation, or should i just go without booking first? And prices, Please…

  10. anselle joe says:

    how much is the rate for a airconditioned room good for 2 pax?

  11. joan says:

    hi can i have the list of the rates for the rooms or cottages. do i need to make a reservation? planning to go there on mAY 19. please email the number for the sugar palm beach thanks

  12. joan says:

    number please for the sugar palm beach planning to go there this may 19 together with my friends. please send me the room rates also thanks

  13. irish jean says:

    ahmm, im planning to have a vacation with my friends and family in sugar beach this coming june 1st-3rd. im planning to treat them before classes starts since we did so many stressful stuffs this passed days. may i know how much is the fare going their if we ride a boat or something, and can you recommend me a room for 15-20 people??i need the exact price but if u cant then can u just estimate it for me??please. i just really need to budget everything. i really need your help!! and by the way, kindly send your answers to my email. it will really be a great help. tanx:)

  14. derder says:

    il be going there this sunday apr 29. Do u have their contact number? please send me your room rates. il be looking forward to receiving your email message. thanks and more power ^_^

  15. kaisenel says:

    Gud evening!!!

    I would like to inquire your room rates of sugar beach resort. We are planning to go there this coming may 7-10 for 3 days only. Can we cook in the beach? I would like to know the rates for air conditioned rooms with tv, cr and kitchen. Email me your room rates for 2 persons only. Thanks!

  16. Adrian says:

    Good day!

    We are planning to go to Bantayan this Thursday ( April 26, 2012 ). I have visited sugar beach before but that was like 2 years ago. I dont know if rates of your rooms/cottage are still the same. We stayed in a cottage that has 2 beds in it and an e-fan, I think the rent that time was 600PHP ( Im not so sure ). Can we still stay in the same cottage bisan 6mi kabuok para maka less mi??? You? And for the entrance, FREE lang ba ang mga BATA like below 3 yr.old? Please I need your reply ASAP!

  17. von esdrelon says:

    how much is the entrance fee in bantayan island?

  18. cheryl cabalse says:

    gud day!!

    Do u have any contact number? that i can call to have my reservation..we are planning after holy week.. thx

  19. jam dumadag says:

    good afternoon,

    am planning to spend my birthday in bantayan specifically in your resort because i have heard that yours is the best. my birthday will be on april 29 but we will be there by the 28th. may i know your room rates as soon as possible because i am planning and budgeting the event ahead, hoping for your help. we are about 15 to 20 people. please send it through my email. hoping to hear from you soon. thankyou!more power 🙂

  20. nonette says:

    hi! i just want to ask for the contact no. of sugar beach, as i was planning to book a room for holy week good for 10 persons… thanks

  21. carz says:

    pls pm me your contact number.. thanks

  22. Jason Flint says:

    Hi! do we need to have a reservation if we want to camp just along the sand bar and how much would be the fee? pls. reply asap! Thanks!

  23. girl says:

    number please? 😀

  24. frizk_09 says:

    hello, i’m sure bantayan resorts will be fully-booked this holy week. is this the resort my friends say that we can pitch our tents on should we find no available rooms for the holy week? my friend says there is a daily charge. how much? thanks.

  25. gheramhae says:

    Hi i just want to ask for the contact number of sugar beach, as i was planning to book a room for my friends and relatives. i want also to celebrate my wedding reception in sugar beach because of the white sand they have.. please give me there contact info.. thank you!

  26. Owen says:

    Are there still rooms availble on april 7 for 6-8 persons? i need to book a reservation asap. waiting for your pm.

  27. cherry says:

    we are planning to go der on march 27-30. can we ask kng anu po much would it cost,room accomodation for 6 adults and 2chldren.thanks

  28. Paul vincent sepra says:

    Is the room that can accomodate 10 persons still available on march 9 & 10? can i have yout contact no. Sk i can make a reservation asap. Tnx.

  29. Maria Theresa says:

    Are there still rooms left (2 rooms) for reservation for this coming holy week? Once confirmed, we will call asap for reservation. Thank you very much ü

  30. oshen says:

    I want to go there with my friends.. please send me the full info about accomodation.

  31. Jay Villarmia says:

    Thanks for the good info’s mark.

    Is sugar beach near Kota? I’m not sure if you’ve heard about Kota but most of my friends said it has the best stretch of white sand.

  32. xox says:

    Hi! i guess, every question was thorougly answered. but, the only thing that was stated in here was like 10-12 person max. how about 15-20? can we still rent the cottage that worth 1,500? and how about the fare? i mean the boat that will take you to bantayan island? how much is it per person? am hoping to get a reply as soon as possible. thank you!

  33. cherry says:

    09217755058 is a working number…I was able to talk to them…just try to call them many times…thats what i did and finaly i got nora…hehheh…

  34. Veronica says:

    Hi, can you email me your rates for 2-3 persons for January 21-22.


  35. Rei says:

    FOR CLARIFICATION: It is not that the locals could not find fish during Holy Week. Since the their only livelihood and main source of food is through fishing, they are not allowed to work and eat fish during the Lenten Season as penitent. Hence, they have to eat pork. It was an exemption signed by the Vatican in 1843.

    On the lighter note, nice post about Sugar Beach. Very informative. 🙂

  36. shei oporto says:

    hi! got the number from the owner of the beach stated before mine. their cell number is 0921-7755058.. text them before you call kay they wont answer it, murag mahadlok singlan credit card, lol! anyways, i hope that number i provide can help u! im planning to make a reservation by dec 26-27 man gud.. See you there!

  37. Joey Enario says:

    Hi All,
    I’m sorry i only saw this page now. you may contact the owner’s residence for info about sugar beach. +6332-4609012. It’s normally filled to the brim during the days leading towards Holy Week. Enjoy the white sand…..

  38. Jennilyn D Santillan says:

    Good day! i would like to inquire about the sugar beach. can you please send me list of packages that we ca decide upon. my family are planning to go to cebu this may 2012 were about 10 ppl.thanks

  39. may says:

    how much it will cost if my hubby and i stay there fo just 1 night?
    i despritely need your answer
    please include your contact number.
    thanks a milion

  40. jonah says: bf and i would like to spend hols in sugar beach this coming feb.2012 there any air-conditioned room there?…

  41. ping burgos lee rollan says:

    can you reserve a nipa hut (aircon) good for 6 people near the shoreline on nov. 5-6 … if not available pls. give us an option…. moreso, what would be the 1st ferry trip from hagnaya to bantayan?

  42. mico ramos says:

    Hi,whats the phone number of the resort really need it for this sembreak.mico 11 years old…. for my tita

  43. rooolin says:

    how many total cottages are in all???asap

  44. Chinx says:

    Hi. My friends and I are planning to stay in bantayan too. If ever there’s an updated number that we can contact. Please post it. Thank you very much

  45. Joanne says:

    hi! any contact number we can call to coordinate? also for directions how to get there, the ideal time to go take off from cebu etc… thanx

  46. Joanne says:

    hi! any contact number we can call to coordinate? also for directions how to get there, the ideal time to go take off from cebu etc… thanx

  47. Marlene Ignacio says:

    Hi! Would a day trip from Cebu City to Bantayan Island still be enjoyable? Arrive in the island before mid-day, frolic in the waters for a couple of hours or so, then leave for Cebu in the afternoon…is it advisable? Thanks!

    • Marlene,

      I don’t think so. It’s best if you stay for 1 night then leave for Cebu in the afternoon. The bus/car ride from Cebu to Hagnaya and ferry ride from Hagnaya to Bantayan will make you feel a bit tired.

  48. katrina alcantara says:

    hi,,,,,how much is your rooms?maybe 6=7 persons…?how much is your cottage?entrance?foods?how much sd ang fare cebu city to der?plz pm me..tanx

  49. shiela marie lastimosa says:

    hi! the same with our team too. we’ll be planning to have a team building this coming july big is P1500 room? we are 15 too..

  50. Eye Ross says:


    would like to ask if the room can accommodate 15 persons, and how much will it be?, coz me and my team are planning to conduct our team building there..

    please reply!

  51. rosean says:

    woohh mukhang mas mura to kesa sa budyong wala bng contact number..asa bantayan kmi this friday..7 persons..

  52. Acantha says:


    We are planning to go in your resort…there are rooms that can accommodate 20-25 persons…and how much the rates of the room?You don’t have any contact number so that we can reserve the room…

  53. Anna Liza Miranda says:

    is there a room for about 6-8 persons??and how much?we are planning to stay in your resort by the end of June..So we are searching for the room rates..If theres any can you advise me for the Room rates..?or e.mail me through…hoping for your earlier response.

    • Anna,

      Yes, they have rooms good for 6-8 persons. The price is about P800-P1200. They don’t have any website or contact numbers over the net which makes it very hard to reserve. If you can find the contact number somewhere, please post it here.

  54. Judith says:

    OMG!..any updated number? its out of badly needing it…=)

  55. tina says:

    Hello!! My family is planning to go to Sugar Beach from June 11-13. How do I make a reservation? Do you have any contact nos. where I can reach them or their website perhaps which can help us do the reservation online… Pls. I need this as soon as possible.


  56. betsy says:

    hi. just want to ask if they have rooms good for 4 people. and how much will that be? does the room comes with a kitchen so we could cook by ourselves? thank u so much. 🙂

    • Betsy,

      Yes, they have a room good for four. I don’t know the exact amount but it should be about P600-P800. There’s no kitchen inside the rooms. You can cook outside/at the grilling area.

  57. michelle says:

    hi, would like to inquire if you have contact number for sugar beach. planning on a weekend getaway this week. thanks.

  58. princessaphire says:

    hi……..were planning to have a 3days 2nights at sugar beach resort this coming sat….but until now we dont have a reservation for the room….it’s ok f we directly go there?wat can u advise….we dont have a contact number..

    • Princessaphire,

      It’s better you go there directly. The super peak season (holy week) has ended so there should be available rooms for you. Rooms are on a first come first serve basis.

  59. Andres Philip Mayol says:

    I would like to ask if there are rooms for 6 to 8 persons. because we are going there on may 7 and i would like to ask if there is a telephone number in your office that i can contact you.

    • Andres,

      Yes, there are rooms that can accommodate 6-8 persons. Until now I don’t know the contact number of Sugar Beach. If you found it on someone else’s website, kindly add it here.

  60. Meja says:

    Hi can i ask about sugar beach resort’s address .. me and my friends is checking in one of the hotels in osmena blvd cebu city .. how can we get there from this osmena blvd? or maybe i can google the address on how we can get there … THANKS 🙂

    • Meja,

      From Osmena Blvd, take a taxi going to “North Bound Bus Terminal”. This should cost about P100. So if you are four in the group it’ll only be P25 per person rather than taking 2 jeepneys and wasting a lot of time asking from folks.

      From the Bus Terminal, take a bus or v-hire (van for hire) going to Hagnaya Port. To be sure, just ask the driver or conductor of the bus/van if they will take you to the port where boats are docked for Santa Fe Port, Bantayan. The fare should be about P150-P200 per person.

      From Santa Fe Port, there are tricycles, multicabs, and habal-habal (solo motorcyle for hire) which will take you to Sugar Beach at a fixed rate. If you want to save a little, try hiring a vehicle (outside) away from the port and negotiate for the best fare.

  61. winkle says:

    does any one has a contact number for sugar beach? coz i might go there aftr Holy Week. Thanks.

  62. ahnne santos says:

    Hi Im from Pan Pacific Travel Corp. Manila, in June i will be in bantayan Island. based on what i’ve read, sugar beach is one of the best place to stay. Would like to know how much is the room accommodation per room per night? Please advise also the contact details so i can request for a contracted rate for travel agency for us to promote said hotel.

    Awaits for your prompt reply. Thanks!

  63. apple says:

    How about their website, do you have it? thanks

  64. o'leepz says:

    any vacant room for accomodation this holy week 2011?

  65. Samatha says:


    do you have available rooms for March 21-24, 2011? good for 4-5 people? and how much is rate? I hope you can inform us as soon as possible. thanx…^_^

    • Frauke says:

      Hello, i’d love to stay in sugar beach resort with my husband and my to kids (4 and 6 years old) from december 2nd till 8th. Is there any possibility to make a reservation for a simple hut with private bath (cold water will do) were we fit in? and how much would that appoximatly be?
      Kind Regards Frauke

  66. belle says:

    hi! we are planning to go der @ sugar beach resort. can i hav ur contact number. thnx ;D

  67. Damah says:


    I, my cousin and my bestfriend are planning to stay there during the Holy week. Is the crowd equally the same as that in Puerto Galera?

    We are itching to go there. Any contact number so we can make reservations?

    Are there clubs and bars we can chill by night?


    • Mark Maranga says:


      During Holy Week, the guests at Sugar Beach Resort is phenomenal. But Puerto Galera has more guests compared to Sugar Beach.

      This is because Bantayan Island celebrate their fiesta and they are allowed by the catholic church to prepare Lechon. I don’t have the contact number of Sugar Beach up to this time. There are less clubs and bars surrounding the island – the only time of the year that there are parties and events is during Holy Week. Shows, celebrities, bands rock the island during this time..

  68. mark anthony quinto says:

    to whom it may concern:

    we are planning to have a 3 to 5 days vacation there at sugar beach resort this coming much is the room that can accommodate 10 person? and can i have your number so that i can make a reservation as soon as possible..thnx..i need your reply asap…

  69. zhar says:


    i would like to inquire if you have a capability to contact Sugar Beach and make a booking in behalf of me. i would like to book a room that’s good for 4 pax, with own cr and aircon.
    We will be arriving in the resort on the 13th of March. we will stay there until the 15th.


    please contact me on my email.
    thanks so much!


  70. girl says:

    i need reply ASAP in regards of my inquiry……please please please……..will be going there by feb, 24-27.tnx

  71. marreil says:

    Hi, me too i also need the contact #. because were leaving next week. ASAP. thanks

  72. marreil says:

    hi, Just want to ask if you have any contact number that I can call sugar beach. and how much is your room rate good for two person? we’re about to stay for 3 days. thanks 🙂

  73. Loida says:

    We will be in Bantayan from June 1 to June 4 and we are looking for a place to stay that can accommodate 12 adults and 4 children with very good rate and near the beach.

    Please email me your best offer for our group. We need aircon rooms. What are the amenities of each room? Do you provide Cable TV?

  74. dodong B says:

    Hi, i also need there contact # i need it also. ASAP
    @girl: I have this # +63-921-775-5058 but its not ringing…
    if you have any info… please post it here. thanks!

  75. girl says:

    hi there….i would like to ask how many persons can be on the cottage range Php 500?
    can we stay over night under the open air cottage?
    i can have a number so i can call for any deatils?tnx…i need reply asap

  76. girl says:

    hi there….i would like to ask how big is the room range Php500@ night?how many persons can accomodate the room range Php 500?
    can we stay over night under open air cottage?

  77. jean says:

    hi there we are planning to have a TRIBO CAMP next year MAy and we are looking for a place… can Sugar Beach accomodate 300 persons?

  78. Eric says:

    I need contact number pls wer going today

  79. kristine says:

    can i have a contact number???so that i would be able to call you..thnks

  80. deej says:

    may I know the contact numbers?

  81. Maria says:

    Hello, I have a party of 10-12 people in early December staying for 3 nights. Can we all stay in the one cottage? Or what is the cheapest option for us? Also are there any cooking facilities? Thanks.

  82. angelyn pepito says:

    how much is the rent for open air cottages?

  83. Naomie says:


    Just want to ask if you have any contact number that I can call sugar beach to have my reservation. I’m planning to go there by December together w/ some friends.



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