West Cove: Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay

Until today, many believed that West Cove is Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay, Philippines. Locals usually include this in their island hopping tour package as part of the tourist attractions you’re going to see in Boracay. The tour is usually packaged with Snorkeling at Crocodile Island and going to Crystal Cove Island.

The reality is that this Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay is not actually owned by Manny Pacquiao himself but instead by Crisostomo Aquino, a businessman, a friend, the official flag bearer whenever Pacquiao has a fight and a big fan of the latter.

Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay is named such because Manny Pacquiao together with his wife Jinky Pacquiao and kids have been sighted staying at the Santorini-inspired hotel, a world-famous hotel in Greece. To the folk, West Cove is unarguably Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay. Many would say that Manny just denies it so people simply disregard the news and give credit to Aquino instead. Pacquiao has never admitted that he owned the 930-square meter, 12-villa resort in Boracay.

Pacquiao's resort in Boracay

Pacquiao's resort in Boracay

Above are the under-developed rooms of West Cove

Above are the under-developed rooms of West Cove

It was in December 2007, before the Juan Manuel Marquez fight, that Manny Pacquiao first saw the resort of Aquino. He liked it so much that he decided to stay and to patch up things with Jinky after a quarrel about petty points. It came into rumor that their child Queen Elizabeth was made in West Cove. This is because if you count the months from conception and birth of Queen Elizabeth, there is a great possibility that the child was made there. If this theory is correct, then Manny Pacquiao’s daughter was born in room 108 in West Cove. This is the most sought-after room by Filipino and foreign guests as this is the biggest room of the resort and believed that it could ignite their sensual passion. But in reality, guests don’t need any specific rooms, as long as they are in West Cove: Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay, they will simply be stunned by the breath-taking view and wonderful ambiance. It’s also used as a wedding and reception venue because of its secluded luxury, peace and sumptuous offerings.

Lisa passing by 'Pacquiao's resort'

Lisa passing by 'Pacquiao's resort'

For more information about West Cove: Pacquiao’s resort in Boracay, you can visit their website at http://www.boracaywestcove.com/ or contact them at telephone number: +63 36 288 4279 or mobile number: +63 922 3231083. You can also email them at info@boracaywestcove.com for more details.

Enjoying the trip with the local boatman

Enjoying the trip with the local boatman

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  1. alex santos says:

    Punish the violators as simple as that

  2. asus says:

    this only show some biases… If you want to preserve boracay… remove every resort and let it have the natural way. don’t single out a single resort because every resort will destroy boracay’s NATURAL beauty. You’ll understand what I mean unless you’re another stupid businessman or a greedy political IDIOT.

  3. Constance says:

    Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thnaks!

  4. This resort West cove is an environmental disaster in Boracay island…it is against the will of the people of Malay, Boracaynon’s and even our Municipality of Malay..they operate the said resort with no Mayor’s permit,no building permit, not even owned the land..they have only FLAGT ( issued by DENR)..no ECC ( environmental compliance clearnce)…the destroyed our natural monuments of lime stones and natural rocks..which added to the beauty of the island..but now a monster resort that is build in a no hazard zone…a dangerous area..due to big surge of waves..or typhoon this place will be broken..its just a question of time according to the old people leave there and the experts..who will clean up there mess that will deposit to the sea? and destroy our natural living organisms living in the water…Where is there waste going? Why a hero of our nation will support such a thing which is against the people in the community…whoever reads and see this area..please open your eyes and heart….WE IN BORACAY…CRY FOR HELP…OUR MOTHER NATURE is needed OUR HELP>>< OR we just let it happen?…The future generations is kawawa naman…they will just clean the mess we will leave for them,..and not the beauty where we used to see..

    PLEASE…HELP to stop this non-sense……..against the WILL OF THE PEOPLE AND THE ISLAND!!!!!

    • fruit says:

      FYI. The FLAG-T exempts its holder of the ECC requirement. The media and other resorts have been targeting west cove because of its affiliation with Pacquiao (news viewership) and its perfect location (other resorts envy the place). Almost 70% of the resorts in Boracay do not have an ECC nor a FLAG-T. I believe that the FLAG-T should be strictly implemented on all resorts. Placing a resort on top of a limestone may be aesthetically wrong but we should be also be aware that there are other resorts that cut off trees, cropped off mountains (see Megaworld Boracay Project, Shangri-La Boracay and Fairways and Bluewater bulldozing half of a mountain in Boracay). Keep an open mind and stop the biases. Resorts in Boracay have been giving the people jobs and livelihood. The best thing for the people of Boracay to do is help each other maintain what the island has and restore what they have taken. This should be the will of the people and the island. The local government in Malay should cooperate with the DENR and make them understand what the FLAG-T is. I can see that the Malay LGUs do not understand environmental laws at all. Peace! 🙂

  5. analia quion says:

    Hi! The entire Snorkeling at Crocodile Island and going to Crystal Cove Island is P600 per person? Did i get it right? How about including reef walking in the package? Would you know if there’s a diving shop that includes reef walking in the package? Only a friend and I are going this July, hopefully the weather is good.

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