El Lauriento Swimming Pools, Timoga, Iligan

El Lauriento Swimming Pools is one of the most visited Spring Pool in Timoga because of its family-friendly ambiance and it closes late in the evening. It used to be named as Holiday Swimmers’ Pool but changed it several years ago to El Lauriento Swimming Pools because of its array of pools.

El Lauriento Swimming Pools is a minute away from Mimar’s Springway Resort and a kilometer away from Maria Cristina Falls. Its water supply is from the spring that came from the central mountains of Iligan. It is located in Timoga, Buru-un, Iligan City, Philippines and can be accessed by jeepneys and buses as it is located in the National Highway. Locals and foreigners alike visit El Lauriento Swimming Pools for fun together with the family. Peak time during the year is Christmas and summer season.

The entrance fee of El Lauriento Swimming Pools is P50 per person. Only infants are free, kids are not. The small tables are available for rent at P75 and the big tables are at P150. They charge every case or bottle of softdrinks or beer brought inside the pool. Corkage fee is P2 per bottle or P10 per case.

El Lauriento Swimming Pools

El Lauriento Swimming Pools

El Lauriento Swimming Pools together with all the other spring pools in Timoga agreed on “Operation Bakal”. This is the prohibition of all PNP (Philippine National Police), AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and Civilians to bring firearms and/or bladed weapons inside the establishment. This “Operation Bakal” is approved by the City Director of the Iligan City Police Office.

El Lauriento Swimming Pools offers a free parking area. Parking is at your own risk so be sure to lock your vehicle when going inside the establishment. The management will not be liable of any damage or loss of the vehicle or its contents.

In front of El Lauriento Swimming Pools are several sari-sari stores that sell a wide variety of foods, snacks and drinks.  “Puso” (hanging rice) are available at P5 and “lechon manok” (grilled chicken) at P130. Be sure to check the rice and the chicken if it’s fresh as sometimes local tend to sell the day-old chicken first before grilling the new ones.

Wonderful Slide Design

Wonderful Slide Design

El Lauriento Swimming Pools has enough space to accommodate hundreds of people. Several pools of different sizes, depth and design are available. You can choose to stay in any pool that you like. There are the adult pools with the highest depth of 6.5 feet and the children pools at 3 feet.  A canteen and restaurant is available inside so if ever you don’t want to bring your own provisions, they can cook food or snacks for you. Bottled sodas, beers and water are available at a decent price. They also sell swimming goggles at P60 and swimming shorts at P100-P150. The most distinguishable feature of El Lauriento Swimming Pools is the array of slides that both kids and adults can enjoy. Concrete cartoon figures and wall paintings make the atmosphere more pleasing and child-friendly.

When visiting Iligan, Philippines, be sure to a dip at the icy-cool spring waters of El Lauriento Swimming Pools AKA Holiday Swimmers’ Pool and be chilled, relaxed and unwind.

Holiday Swimmers' Pool

Holiday Swimmers' Pool

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