Go-Karting at Kartzone, Cebu, Philippines

Summer has just started here in the Philippines and everybody’s preparing for their own summer escapade. Mostly people would spend some time out on a beach or nature trekking and some would prefer trying out different adventures or sports within the city. One of the hippest sports to try in Cebu is go-karting at KartZone in F. Cabahug Mabolo, Cebu City in the Philippines.

Go-karting, also known as karting, kart racing or go-kart here in the Philippines, is a version of open-wheel motor sport with small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called go-kart or kart depending on the design. It is normally sensed as the way to the higher and more expensive ranks of motorsports. This is the form of sports that’s defined by one word: Speed.

Lisa and I decided to try go-karting at KartZone Cebu one afternoon after long hours of work. Go-kart rental rates are at P300.00/Single Seater and P350.00/Double Seater. This includes the use of the helmet and the kart for 8 laps. You will also need to pay for the head mask at P25.00/person.

Cebu KartZone Banner

Cebu KartZone Banner

The Main Entrance

The Main Entrance

Go-karts back view

Go-karts back view

Upon arriving at KartZone, we quickly noticed the different precaution signs posted on the wall so customers would be aware of the different do’s and don’ts while in the place and especially when driving the kart. One of the sign that caught our attention was the warning sign stating that motor racing is dangerous and anyone who participates in the activity assumes all risk and is responsible for his/her action.

Each of us wore the head mask and the helmet and hopped inside the kart. A marshall quickly briefs us on how to use the kart which includes the brake location which is on the left side and the gas pedal is on the right side. After that, the marshall started the engine and then the next thing we know; vroom! vroom!, we were on our way racing against each other. We traversed the 600-meter length race track with an asphalt road with curves like that of a snake. Suddenly I felt my arms tightened up while gripping securely on the steering wheel and my right leg was busy pushing the accelerator as I swept the full stretch. My left leg are stepping on the brake to navigate through the spiral turns.

On the Karts

On the Karts

Ahead of the Race

Ahead of the Race

Very close race

Very close race

Racing for the first place

Racing for the first place

Lisa is ahead

Lisa is ahead

Back view

Back view

Enjoyed the ride

Enjoyed the ride

It was so much fun and we were laughing and chanting especially whenever I overtake Lisa. What a great afternoon! Particularly because during that time, it was only me and Lisa who were using the race track and the weather was perfect. It is as if we rented the whole race track for that afternoon. After finishing the 8 laps, we stopped at the pit lane barrier and waited for the marshall to stop our engine. On our way to returning the helmet, Lisa and I chatted on our own experiences while driving the kart.

What a fun to end the day!

Kartzone Cebu is open from Monday to Saturday starting 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on regular days. During summer, they are open until 11:00 PM. They are also accepting Birthday Party Lock Out, Corporate Events, Team Building Events and Special Lock Out. You can reach them through Landline Number: +63 32 422-2782 and one of the staff will answer you.

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  1. Phiilip says:


    I just want to confirm if you’re open on Sept.4,2017? And how much is your rates now?

    Pls send the details in my email address if that’s possible.

    Thank you.

  2. jinky says:

    Is this safe for 3 year old kid? or are they allowed to use this? i mean for the two seater, the kid and the father.
    please advice, thanks.

  3. dayne dewsbury says:

    What engine size are these karts? The biggest I have used is a Honda 270gx in Sweden and that was amazing…. Also,I’m coming to Cebu in January so would kartzone be open and available for me and my fiancée to use….. Thanks for your time

  4. windel says:

    ad2 mi og cebu kron nov 24-28 sir. 9 mi kbuok gs2 mag go kart. =)

    naa mi mga kauban babae, concern lng ko sa max speed sir?

  5. Sean Vacal says:

    Good morning. How many gokarts are available?

  6. dennie says:

    saan po tau makabili nang wheels at hubs nang go kart

  7. mantoy says:

    pila ang rate sir?

  8. bimbo saavedra tocmo says:

    can i buy go kart tyres in your place?im from davao city.

  9. bimbo saavedra tocmo says:

    can i buy some spareparts of kart like tyres and wheel drive?im from davao city.

  10. Mark Austal says:

    Hi, May I know the contact number of Kartzone?

  11. Jerry says:

    Mangutana lang niya ko if naa bay requirement(s) needed para maka drive sa kart. If yes please tell me. Me and my girlfriend would like to try this ^___^

  12. Shiela T. says:

    The manager is an @55h0le. Just because we parked our car semi diagonal and suggested to him he should put lines and so we don’t assume it’s a free parking, there parking area is gravel and no signs whatsoever btw. Never thought he was that narrow minded. He said he don’t need our money, and we should just leave. What a big head considerng we were their first customer at that time 11AM. The place was empty, he could have at least reconsider, what’s 8 laps anyway. Now mind you it’s not only he throw us out of the place but give us a ‘bleh’ sign and suck D!ck moves… it blow me away to see him do it. He is a short guy, kinda big rounded eyes and probably gay, working @11AM shift, too bad didn’t get his name. Will never go back there again. It happened today September 24, 2013, around 11AM. Really a bad day, I felt bad to see a Filipino treating a foreigner, a business owner, an investor.

  13. Sarz says:

    Wanna ask if kartzone is still close on sundays.

  14. Van says:

    I am really interested in this kind of job.. How can i apply as an employee of kart zone.. Ive already experienced producing engine parts for honda. Pls help me find some spots in kart zone..

  15. maricel says:

    Can I have your number please coz Im trying to call your landphone but its busy. Do you have any contact number. I would like to have a reservation by 4pax at 5pm today itself. Thanks

  16. Patrick Yape says:

    Any events held on the KartZone this coming may? have plans of going there but the date is not fixed. Ill also ask for updated contact numbers of KartZone…. thnx a lot..

  17. Kristine Buquiran says:

    Okay lang po ba na 17 yrs old kami? or kailangan po na meron nakakatanda?

  18. Abby says:

    Kahit po ba first timer,pwede?

  19. Beth Itao Duterte says:

    hi Mark! Wow am so proud of you! remember me? you ask inday ysil and Auntie NEne 😉 mark, am planning to treat my son, Ice for just a-day or 2 adventure. He’s 6 years old. He loves animals and rides, etc. Please help me where to go. I also consider this KartZone, surely he will love this. We’re only limited to places within the city premises because we still have to travel home. hope to hear from you. miss everyone in labangon! regards to ur mommy, bj, venus… pls add me in facebook!

    • Hello Beth,

      Kahinumdom kaayo oi. Thank you!

      Naa ko e-suggest na itinerary for you Beth. I suggest you go to KartZone (F. Cabahug St.), Rainforest Park (F. Cabahug St., walking distance ra from KartZone), Doce Pares Zipline (Busay), Mountain View Park (Busay, near Doce Pares Zipline), Cebu City Zoo (Lahug), Taoist Temple (Lahug). You can also visit Crocolandia in Talisay kay naa daghan animals didto. Enjoy mo Beth!

  20. Rica says:

    Hi Imelda,

    There is no minimum age but there is a minimum height requirement. Unfortunately im not sure of the exact measure because the lady said as long as the child’s height reaches the top of their yellow railing. My daughter was 2.5yrs old and she didn’t reach the height requirement 🙂 See Mark’s 3rd picture with yellow railings above. That’s their reference height requirement.

  21. imelda says:

    how old can a child ride in this kart?

  22. michael jun says:

    Hi! I was wondering where is the go-kart located? =))

  23. Raymund says:

    hi, just wanna ask, how much is the prize?, because we will try it with my gf on the day of our anniv 🙂 Thank you! 🙂

  24. Karl J says:

    Rates are still the same as before. P300 for one-seater+P25 for head mask
    P350 for two-seater+P50 (P25 times 2) for head masks

  25. tin says:

    Hi, we will be in Cebu on June 2012. Are the rates for go-karting still the same ? Thanks a lot.

  26. kristina mahusay says:

    hi sir mark. we r planning a vaca this oct 17 sa cebu and will be staying at sampaguita suites tanong ko lang paano kami makakarating sa kartzone? thanku so much also for this info i love it!

  27. Jeremy says:

    The phone number listed (above) says it is not in use

  28. Jeremy says:

    Hi, are you not open Sundays?

  29. Christeen says:

    Do you think it is possible for us to try the go-kart? We don’t know how to drive but me and my partner would really want to try it because we love watching racing games and we want to experience it ourselves.
    We will be in Cebu this December and was really taking time to check for more adventures there. 🙂

    Thanks for posting 🙂 really nice.

    • Christeen,

      It’s 100% fine to ride the go-kart even if you don’t have any driving experience. My wife, who don’t know how to drive a car, drove the go-kart with ease. Enjoy!

    • Christeen says:

      Hi! A just came by to check some additional information and to my surprise you replied in my comment. Thanks you so much 🙂 We will be in Cebu next week and I really appreciate.. This go kart adventure is at the top on my list.

      Nice to find your blog! Keep it up.

  30. KAi says:

    Hi… just wanna ask… how much is the rate if we will try??? its only me and my bf… we want to try this as one of our bonding moments… 🙂

  31. Nonoy says:

    This is what I was looking for. I didn’t know that there’s go karting in Cebu until this post. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely visit this place and take a ride. cheers!:-)

  32. Kym Limgenco says:

    Hello! Just a quick update on Kartzone’s info. They have changed their contact number to +63 (32) 268-2553. The operating hours is from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

    • mark alfornon says:

      Hi goodmorning,
      regarding on the rental rates you published, are there any changes? please give us an updates coz we have a plan to hold an event
      this month and we are very interested. we are about 30 persons from San Miguel-Mandaue Glass Plant. tanx

  33. neil patrick dy says:

    hello! im patrick accounting student from Ateneo de Davao. We are currently conducting a feasiblity study on establishing go kart here in Davao. Do you have any information regarding the suppliers of their go kart? tnx!

  34. Yellow Cab-Marco says:

    Have you heard about a concert to be held at Kartzone this 23rd of Oct.?
    I am from Yellow Cab and we are trying to get in touch with the coordinators
    so we can have a sponsorship Tie-up during the event.

  35. Kai Lin says:

    Do they have email address?

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Kai Lin,

      I am sorry, I don’t have any information about the email address of Cebu Kart Zone. I tried looking for it at Google but could not find one. I think the best thing you can do is call them through their landline. If you have the email address, please get back to me so I can update the site. Thanks!

  36. Shirley Yau says:

    Re: Qualcomm Group

    We are planning a 2 days meeting in Cebu, during the meeting, we would like to organize a teambuilding activity, GoKarting is one of the programs we are interested, can you please advise the following:
    Group size: 30 pax
    Proposed Date: Nov 23 pm


    • Mark Maranga says:

      Hi Shirley,

      I think a Go Karting Adventure in Cebu is perfect for a group of 30 but the race will be divided by group/rounds, say, elimination-semifinals-finals. This is because there are limited number of GoKarts available.

      I bet there are only a few (or even none) who are interested with the two-seater because only 1 can drive, the other will just watch (just like a poor child). Hahahaha.

      If you want to reserve, contact Cebu KartZone directly.

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