Tops in Busay, Cebu

Tops” is one of the most overrated tourist spots in Cebu. It can be found in Barangay Malubog, Busay, Cebu City in the Philippines. The entrance of Tops along the main road of Busay is fronting the entrance of Doce Pares Zip-line Adventure.  Other attractions which can be found in the mountainous areas of Cebu are Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, Q Park, The Family Park, Cebu Taoist Temple and a lot more.

Tops is owned by Emro Holdings Inc. and has an entrance fee of P100.00 for all visitors which you’re going to pay before entering the place. Locals and Foreigners have the same rate and there is no special rate for children. Once inside, you’re going to be dismayed because it’s not the biggest bang for your buck.

At Tops, watching the City Lights

At Tops, watching the City Lights

It is about 30-40 minutes from the center of Cebu. You will already see the City even if you’re not inside Tops. When inside, you can see the wonderful view and the spectacular city lights of Cebu and Mactan. Bohol is not too visible during nighttime but you can still see some lights. Tops is about 2000 above sea level and it has about 1 hectare in area. The main ground is decorated by concretes in hexagon form and withered Bermuda grasses. The covered resting and eating area is wonderfully made by big concrete stones and designed in curves and circles. The tables and sitting area which can be used by anyone are made of concrete too. There used to be several stores that are opened in the place but lately, there are only 2 left. One is a souvenir shop which sells keychains, cellphone charms, magnetic decors, bracelets, necklace and hats. The other store is selling snacks such as junk foods, sodas, beers, juices and noodles. I suggest you bring your own food as the price is doubled.

Viewing deck and main ground

Viewing deck and main ground

Resting and Eating Covered Area

Resting and Eating Covered Area

Parking Area

Parking Area

Tops has a spacious parking area for cars and motorcycles. One notable thing in Tops is the big old bell which a lot of people enjoyed banging. There are about a dozen seats near the viewing area which a lot of couples and families used for spending the night watching the bright lights of the city. During sunset a lot of foreigners and photographers visit the place just to relax, enjoy, take a panoramic view of the city and breathe the fresh air which you can’t experience in the polluted areas of the city.

The Bell

The Bell

Picture Picture

Picture Picture

If you haven’t been to the place, set aside a small amount of money just to see the wonderful view of the city of Cebu only at Tops.

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  1. Steve Schwartz says:

    I went to the Tops on November 28 with my GF. I haggled with the taxi driver for 1000 peso to drive us there from the Cebu R Hotel Capitol site. He waited 2 hours for us to come back. It was at night and the lights of Cebu were beautiful. The air was chilly and an escape from the hot climate down below.

  2. amber says:

    can we bring our own drinks like (ilimnon)there at tops? pls reply

  3. pia says:

    Hey, thanks for the info. But, do you have any idea if it is possible to stay overnight in Tops?

  4. Tale Vidalacovic says:

    hey..I and my friends are plannig to go to cebu tops this saturday…is there another way of getting there appart from taxi…we live near southwestern university and we are international students so we really dont know this place very well….thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Clottey says:

    …is there a free wifi?

  6. Cyndie Mapa says:

    hi.. we will be going to Cebu on April 21 and we are very interested in going to TOPS. we are 5 people.. is there any other way to have a cheaper ride going there? what are our options? hope to hear some advice from you guyz.. 🙂 tnx! God Bless…

  7. John Doe Cabahug says:

    Nice place but unfortunately it destroy my family, but i’m happy and blessed that i the court give me the custody of my children. Caught my wife and her Beau at parking area, guards should be strict in the future please have them roam around parking area especially outside some lunatics will do they deeds there.

  8. Maria says:

    From south bus terminal , how do we get there?

  9. Mikey says:

    how about Cebu Hilltop Hotel? does anyone know if this is really near tops? Please advise. Thanks!

  10. Nicanor B. Euldan says:

    So many are interested in TOPS Cebu and I think the place is a tourist destination. But one sad thing to note is that the service facilities for going & staying there are not modernized & updated, that is, there are no hotels, lodging houses or pensione, good transport services & food parks catering to variety of ordinary & fancy food items to respond to the need of gourmands who may visist the place & partake in food trips. I think the management of TOPS needs to look into these if it indeed wants to contribute to soaring Cebu as a favored tourist destination. Congrats for Cebu & the TOPS management!

  11. Allyssa Bea Magallanes says:

    I just want to ask if we could stay overnight and can view the sunrise at Tops?

  12. Hi!

    Was looking for the contact number of TOPS and it led me to:
    EMRO Holdings (63-32) 340-7837
    The lady who answered was very helpful.

  13. ah xing says:

    hello !!
    hmmn., just want to ask ..
    i with my boyfriend is planning to go there on our first monthsary , it’s our first time to visit in there ..
    .. just want to ak about the rate !! 🙂
    do they have rooms for overnight stay ??
    how much did it cost ?
    how much is there entrance fee per person ?
    is it allowed to bring own food in there ??

  14. flor supz says:

    we would like to know if what time will Tops be open and be closed..
    do they have website?

    please reply asap..thanks

  15. janjan says:

    sir, I’m planning to go there by september.. I will be alone, I don’t own a car, what can you suggest that I can ride going up? I don’t know how to ride a bike also.hehehehe

    • Hi Janjan,

      You can ride the “habal-habal” (motorcycle for hire) in JY Square, Lahug. The fare is about P100-P150, but you can try to haggle or canvass so the driver will give you the best price.

  16. yoshie ocinas says:

    i would like to ask for an update of your entrance fee rate, if it is still php 100.00/person? is it still allowed to bring own food ?

    reply asap. thanks!

    we’re planning to visit there this saturday.
    i hope you could answer my questions.

    God Bless!

  17. rodette says:

    thanks for the info sir, i’ll definitely try to visit there SOMEDAY hehehe 🙂

  18. rodette says:

    Thanks Sir Mark for the Info, it’s helpful to us na hindi kabiasado ang cebu hehehe anyway, i just want to ask From there going back to downtown cebu ano ba pweding masakyan?(cheapest lang sana)hehehe AND IS IT STILL SAFE AT NIGHT to travel from there to the downtown? Thanks and GOD Bless 🙂

    • Rodette,

      The cheapest transportation is the “habal-habal”. The night is not as safe as the day because only a few streetlights are available in the area; but for me, 7:00pm – 8:00pm is still OK.

  19. Otep says:

    To the lights of a thousand mornings!

    hello everyone,

    nice article. TOPS contact numbers are (032) 340-7837 to 38. their office is located at cebu yacht club in Mactan.

  20. Mnemosyne says:

    hi.. same inquiry with “Rachelle Anuada” . . . I’d like to know if it’s possible to hold a wedding reception in this place.. Thanks

  21. JACKY says:

    hi…we plan for a pre-nuptial shots with my fiancee in tops, can we ask for d contact nos. and any information too if still need to get a permit for d pictorial?
    PLS. REPLY ASAP….this will be held on JAN. 14, 2011, SATURDAY…


  22. Rachelle Anuada says:

    is it possible to have the place exclusive for wedding? thanks

  23. Misha says:

    My friend and i are planning to visit TOPS,cebu.Am just wondering regarding the taxi rates from Fuente Osmena to TOPS.And is there any possible hotels to stay within that
    place? Taxi rate back and forth specifically.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  24. Javie says:

    Hi! im in cebu right now, i have no idea how much will it cost me if i take a cab from robinsons cebu to tops, any help? and would it be safe if i go there alone at night, wanted to take some photos of the night lights. thank you very much 🙂

  25. jane says:

    Hi,i just want to ask, how much the entrance n tops,,thin, what are the activities aside zipline…Rply ASAP;)

  26. germelina sheila f. yap says:

    good pm.we are planning to travel in cebu for my cousins wedding in chateau d busay.we need accommodation near the venue.can you please give us information.thanks?

  27. Joniel says:

    Planning to go to Tops, will be there in a few minutes.. 🙂

  28. mike says:

    I’m so glad I found this article.
    My gf and I are planning to go to Cebu this june.
    I just want to ask for the details ( directions and cost) on transportation straight from Mactan Cebu Airport.


  29. Aira says:

    Hi! This article has been very helpful.
    Were heading to Cebu this June 2011 and I wouldn’t want to miss visiting Tops.

    Coming from the Crown Regency Towers, what would you suggest as the best way to get to Tops?

    We were hoping to visit the Doce Pares Zipline first, then to Tops, the entrances aren’t that far away right?

    I read in your other article that the Zipline has shuttle services, how can we avail of this?

    Many thanks in advance!

  30. Monica says:

    Hi there. Very useful information you get here! I was just wondering how much it would be to go to Tops coming from Pier 4 in Cebu City? Most likely by taxi? I really want to try the zipline there with my partner.

    Or would it be better if we try the zip line in Crown Regency instead? Thanks!

    • Monica,

      Taxis that bring you to Tops or the nearby Doce Pares Zipline would normally require a fixed rate of about P500-P800 for one way (which should not be the case as they are breaking the transportation law).

      For metered taxis from Pier 4 to Tops, the fare will only be about P300.

      Just think of this: Cebu is not like Manila where most taxis are fixed rate and after reporting them to LTO it requires much time for them to take action. Most taxis in Cebu needs passengers, not the other way around.

      Please note my suggestion to get a metered taxi: All sea ports in Cebu have “taxi queues” or “taxi stand” (we call it locally as “nag-tama nga taxi”). There are security guards in those areas that give you a small sheet of paper with the taxi number in it. If the taxi driver insists on asking a fixed rate or does not bring you to your destination, tell him you will sue him or report him to LTO (the phone numbers are on the small paper).

  31. Kate michelle navaha says:

    hi, just want to ask the contact number of TOPS-busay , coz wer planning to have a cater this month…i just want to ask some information..hope to hear you ASAP, just email me the info…thanks.. expected on april 10, 2011…thank you

  32. vina says:

    uhmm…is this tourist spot handled by the baranggay of Busay???and may I know if their baranggay officials are open for interviews regarding this tourist spot ….???…i really need it for our final project….

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I think “Tops” is privately owned (not by the government). But the LGUs should have information about this. I think they are open for interviews.

  33. anz tudio says:

    i want to visit in this nice place,but i dont know how to get there,can u help me?

  34. Emily Joy Legados says:

    My colleagues and I are staying near University of San Carlos when we go there this December. We will just be commuting from there. How do we go there? Any tips or nice suggestions??

    • Mark Maranga says:


      If you mean USC-Main (near Sto. Rosario Church), take a Lahug/JY/Apas Route Jeepney (17B or 17D) then stop at JY Square (Mall).

      Take a “habal-habal” (solo motorcycle – that can carry at least two people) that will take you to Tops at a negotiable price. The price range is about P50-P100 per person.

      If you take a taxi going to Tops, just prepare to be negotiated for a fixed price at around P400-P500 including your return trip.

    • pretty says:

      can i ask the contact number of TOPS? thanks

  35. janeth says:

    may i know the contact details of tops busay cebu city cause we’re planning to go there this coming saturday… thank you….. if possible globe lines… thanks….

    • Mark Maranga says:


      At the moment, I don’t have any contact information on Cebu-Busay Tops. I suggest we’ll both search the net. If you can find the number, please email me and I’ll update the article above. Thanks!

  36. rd sean says:

    i visited cebu and i dint miss to get here in tops. i just love the city lights.. lovely shot you got there 😉

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