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Cheap Bohol Tour Package is one of the commonly searched keywords when looking for the most affordable price before going to Bohol and I bet you’re going to see a lot of them over the internet claiming they are the cheapest but in truth, they are not. Some of them are cheap it’s because they don’t bring you to many of the tourist spots of Bohol and/or you’re going to pay the entrance fee yourself.

Before you go to Bohol, I suggest you read this short article about my personal experience before we went to the wonderful place. A month before traveling to Bohol in the Philippines, together with my friends and wife, I was tasked to search for a Cheap Bohol Tour Package. I found a lot of them at Sulit, OLX and 88db. I sent an email to those who have the best offer in both prices and itinerary. 60% of them replied and most of them have different (higher) prices compared to the one they posted at the advertising sites. This is because the price they posted for this Cheap Bohol Tour Package is for a group of 10 persons and above.

Cheap Bohol Tour Package: The Starex Van

Cheap Bohol Tour Package: The Starex Van

After 3 days of searching and inquiring for a Cheap Bohol Tour Package, I found Jeconias D. Ursos, Jr. AKA “Kuya Dodong”. In less than 24 hours, he replied to my email and provided me all the information I needed. I inquired for the itinerary and price of 5-6 persons on a 3D and 2N vacation and below was his response.




  • On-board Motorized Banca with life saving gadgets, boat operator and crew.
  • Jump-Off time 5:30 AM
  • Guests will be the one to pay for the swimming gadgets and food in the island.



  • Resort Accommodation, Air-conditioned Room, Shower.
  • Free daily breakfast
  • Aircon Starex Van Transfer Resort (Trans-in, Trans-out)
  • Aircon Starex Van for Day Tours
  • Motorized Banca for Dolphin and Island Hopping
  • Entrance Fees in All Tours
  • Buffet Lunch at Loboc River on board floating restaurant
  • Fuel
  • Tour Guide – Driver
  • Free tempura snacks at Loboc manmade forest




  • Call/text Kuya Dodong for the updated rates

The price above was a SPECIAL PRICE FOR ME AND MY GROUP after a long negotiation with Kuya Dodong through texts and emails. I also informed him that I have several websites about travel and thousands of friends to recommend his services if he is going to give us a very good price for this Cheap Bohol Tour Package. What a great way to bargain, isn’t it?

On Kuya Dodong and his Cheap Bohol Tour Package

After the long negotiations, Kuya Dodong asked me to deposit a partial amount of P1,500 to his BPI Account for the reservation of the Hotel. In our case it’s Tierra Azul Hotel but you can also request if you have your own preference. The price would vary as some hotels have higher rates.

At first, the group was somewhat paranoid that we might be scammed by this person whom we don’t know personally. We are even discussing that we will not give all the money to him unless he shows us some identifications or business registration of some sort.

Our paranoia ended when we saw Kuya Dodong who fetched us at Tagbilaran Port in Bohol. Asking for the ID’s and probing that he is not a scammer is already in the backburner. He was dressed in some kind of Barong/Filipino type of Shirt and looks formal. He talks very pleasantly and his hospitality is so amazing. We started the trip and had our first stop at Blood Compact Shrine. He asked for the full payment on the way to Loboc River because he is going to use the money for the entrances and lunch. That time, we were no longer hesitant to give him the full payment as everyone was already sure that this person is not a swindler. Then we went to several different places with ease and peace of mind riding the Starex Van with him as our driver. He also discussed some key points about a tourist spot while he drives. On every tourist spots, I always find time to talk with Kuya Dodong and his background. I learned that he was applying as Safety Officer in the Middle East but since the pay was low he didn’t pursue it. He started this travel business a year ago. He bought 3 Starex Vans because this is the minimum number of vehicles required if you want to apply for a franchise. The other two Starex Vans were used by his brother Kuya Jojo (who drove us during our Panglao-Dauis tour) and his cousin.

I’m not sure if it was one of her siblings or one of his relatives who used to sell Tempura to help in the family’s financial needs and that’s why he is also offering free Tempura snacks once you’re in Bilar-Loboc’s Man-made Forest. He brings his own gas-stove and condiments.

Kuya Dodong and the group eating Tempura

Kuya Dodong cooking the tempura

After my very satisfying Bohol experience together with my wife and friends, I always associate Cheap Bohol Tour Package with Kuya Dodong. He is a world-class Filipino who offers excellent service. He also brings a medical kit with plasters, band-aids and medicines in case of emergency. He knows a lot of people who offer the same services and he can always give you to someone he knows and trusts if he is not available.

The main reasons why he offers this Cheap Bohol Tour Package is that he owns and drives the Starex Van which means he doesn’t need to rent a vehicle and a driver and second, he doesn’t bring the name of another travel agency because he owns this business.

Avail the same Cheap Price we had

All you need to do to avail the same Cheap Bohol Tour Package we got from Kuya Dodong is tell him that you got this information from Mark Maranga or I already informed him to give the same price to my friends and those who visited my website. Of course the prices would change a bit due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Enjoy your trip to Bohol with Kuya Dodong’s awe-inspiring services. This person is world-class!

Contact Kuya Dodong

Cell Phone: +63 9995985138 (Smart), +63 9166396347 (Globe)
Home Address: Lower F. Salazar St., Ubujan District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

*Please plan your vacation and reserve 2-3 months ahead so you can get beach-front accommodations especially during peak season.


After a friend told me he saw Kuya Dodong in TV Patrol days ago, he informed me that he (Kuya) is going to appear again in Rated K on October 23.

I do not usually watch TV because most of the time I am busy with my blogs and taking care of my baby and wife. I told myself that I should watch this episode.

Yesterday, Sunday, I was very happy to see Kuya Dodong featured in one of the segments of Rated K. After my out-of-nowhere blog about this person, he has become one of the most sought after tours providers in the island because of his affordable packages and child-friendly assistants – and appeared on one of the popular shows on TV. He appeared on the later part of the Rated K video below. He gave a short info Bayoyoy, one of the tourist attractions in Bohol.

I saw that his wife Marilou uploaded some pictures and found out that the Rated K team availed his service and went to other Bohol tourist attractions as well.

It is really an honor to meet this simple person with extra-ordinary love for God and family. His excellent service and affordable price just makes him the best!

Korina Sanchez and Kuya Dodong

Korina Sanchez and Kuya Dodong

Kuya Dodong Interview

Kuya Dodong Interview

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Mark Anthony Maranga Mark Anthony Maranga is a Web Designer based in Cebu, Philippines. He sells Balloons and Party Supplies in Mandaue City, Cebu and explores the Philippines tourist attractions. During his free time he take pictures and write blogs. Check his website design portfolio and know more about him.

  1. Jennifer Ocampo says:

    Highly recommended.👍 Very nice to transact with. Courteous driver – Kuya Joseph. Avail their services, sulit. 😊

  2. Abigail Palang says:

    My family decided to take a break in Bohol.I was happy I bumped into this website upon searching for cheap tour in Bohol. I immediately contacted Kuya dodong/grandscenerytour in a short notice for a 3D2N stay. It was a smooth transaction. I did not expect something grand because it was cheap but the tours and accommodation are satisfying, COMFORTABLE AND HASSLE FREE. Thank you to KUYA DODONG, KUYA JOSEPH AND KUYA RAFAEL for the services. We greatly enjoyed BOHOL.Till our next adventure in Bohol.

  3. Mariz Velasco says:

    Kuya Dodong is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Kuya Dodong ensured our stay in Bohol will give us unforgettable happy memories.
    Panglao experienced brown out on the day of our countryside tour, coming from our tour with Kuya Dodong, mostly of the guests came earlier than us, the receptionist told us that their generator could not accommodate our room, and asked us to wait for few hours before looking for another room where we could transfer. But since it is too hot, I just immediately called Kuya Dodong if he could still come back to bring us to the city. He came back and even offered us that he will fetch us once we are done eating dinner. I felt Kuya Dodong’s concern for us. He doesn’t want us to go back to Panglao riding tricycle because there are few side street lights. As promised, he fetched us from the mall even if it not included in our package and he didn’t ask for additional payment.
    On our last day, I only availed the sea of clouds tour and service to the airport. As early as 6:30am we were already done with the sea of clouds, but since our flight is 4pm, Kuya Dodong brought us to Sagbayan Peak, Bohol National Museum and the house of the late Pres. Carlos P. Garcia, etc without additional payment and brought us to the airport just in time to check in our luggage.
    We are so lucky that Kuya Dodong personally joined us in our tours.
    Maraming salamat Kuya Dodong!!! God bless po..

  4. Irish Vallejos says:

    Our Bohol trip was amazing, the whole family enjoyed our 3 nights 4 days tour. Kuya dodong was very professional. Rates were very reasonable and affordable. Our itinerary was changed a couple of times but he was very patient with us and he would respond right away through text messages. Our drivers were accommodating(Kuya Joseph and Alex). Definitely we will be coming back to bohol and will avail of Kuya dodong’s service again! Kudos

  5. N. Lagman says:

    I strongly recommend the services offered by Kuya Dodong. He has a pleasing personality and easy to get along with. I and my family and friend had our Holy Week vacation in Bohol. It was a memorable and an enjoyable stay in the island province. One thing that I like in Kuya Dodong’s services was he is very accommodating and he would like his visitors to make most of their time to savor what Bohol can offer. On our way back to Manila, going to the airport, he still managed to drive us at the Hinandangan Cave. Since, there was ample time for us to see the cave. We were toured by one of his friends around and inside it. It was spectacular and we had a great time in Bohol. If you are planning to have a tour in Bohol, you should avail of Kuya Dodong’s services. It is affordable and He is friendly and accommodating.

  6. Katrina Sigua says:

    Last March 19-22 2018 we had our vacation in Bohol. Thanks to Kuya Dodong me and my family really enjoy our vacation. If your looking for affordable Bohol tour Kuya Dodong is the one that you need. I send him our preferred itinerary and I’m shock that it’s so affordable so my family and I discuss about it at first my mom had a doubt and she doesn’t want me to book but I told him that Kuya Dodong is highly recommended and my friend who work in a travel agency knows him too so after some conversation we decide to make an reservation. Our tour came Kuya was the one who fetch us in the airport he tell us the things we need to know about Bohol. For our next day Kuya Joseph was our guide he is very quite but a very nice. In our 3rd day Kuya was our guide we had a lot of fun and we learn so much from him, he has a lot of jokes to tell hahahaha. Our departure is 6:40am Kuya called the hotel to prepare breakfast (thanks Tierra Azul Staff for waking up early to prepare for our breakfast) and he woke up early just to accompanied us to the airport. In behalf of my family we’d like to thank you Kuya Dodong. I promise that if we where given a chance to go back to Bohol we wil avail your service again. Thanks Kuya and Godbless you. More powers to you and to your agency.

  7. Mary Ann Longcop says:

    we had the best vacation in Bohol all because of Mang Dodong…he has a lot of stories to tell and give you extra service without asking for it…he really ensure that we will get the best of our stay in Bohol. Also, thanks to Kuya Joseph as well for patiently waiting for our arrival which is one hour delayed.. So, when I think of Bohol I remember Kuya Dodong and his team…Thanks so much !! Super highly recommended! don’t hesitate to contact him, he is surely the best and the cheapest…:-)

  8. Perlyn Punongbayan says:

    Kudos to Kuya Dodong’s Bohol Tour Agency! My husband and our 2 boys had our very first out of town family vacation last January 13-15, 2018. And I did not go wrong in availing Kuya Dodong’s services. Negotiations thru email and text had been very smooth and affordable, as well! Although we were not able to meet Kuya Dodong himself, we were provided with a very friendly and accomodating guide/driver in the person of kuya alex, whom our our 2 boys liked so much. He was very accomodating with us despite our delay in getting to Bohol because we got left by the fastcraft early in the morning(we were not able to wake up early 😅), and even with my roudy boys. The whole trip was hassle-free,fun-filled and also educational, even my husband wanted to live in Bohol already! Tour guides at the different sites were also very friendly and fun, especially the one in our Hinagdanan cave tour, we were laughing most of the time. You will not hesitate to give bigger tips bacause it is worth it. We will definitely avail of Kuya Dodong’s services again if we will go back to Bohol and will definitely recommend him to everyone we know.

  9. Gigie Guilas says:

    We went to Bohol Dec 2017 and took the package Kuya Dodong gave us. He requires us a deposit of Php1,500 only and full payment upon arrival. This is not a problem at all as the whole trip is worth every penny you pay. We didn’t saw Kuya Dodong personally but he let Alex drive for us during our stay. All went well including our side trip on where to eat our lunch or dinner. Kuya Dodong is very responsive to all our queries. Alex is always on time, a salute to that! I seldom encounter a guide who is on time. He values every minute of your stay and he made sure that he is around if needed. Though we didn’t see any dolphins, the trip to Balicasag and Virgin Islands is a worth sight seeing. My kids enjoyed this BOHOL trip and will recommend Kuya Dodong’s services to my friends. Two thumbs up to Kuya Dodong and Alex! Keep it up! and GOD Bless.

  10. Oliver says:

    Kuya Dodong is easy to talk to. Rates are affordable. The driver we got was Kuya Joseph. The tour was smooth. Until next time. Thank you!

  11. Benjamin K says:

    When I first found this site and read the comments, I wondered if the recommendations were genuine as some were way back in 2010. I did further searches on the Internet and finally, I sent an email to Kuya Dodong.

    The email correspondence with Kuya was smooth. Even though I changed the itinerary a couple of times, Kuya was fine and I transferred the required deposit to him.

    On the day we reached the Tagbilaran seaport, as promised, he was there holding a placard bearing my name. From there on, I knew God has led me to make the right decision. I must say that all the positive comments on this page are reflective of the services you will get from Kuya Dodong.

    My wife and (young) children had a wonderful time in Bohol (October 2017) as Kuya brought us to the different tourist spots. The weather was unpredictable but it did not affect our tour. Kuya told us stories and gave information from a local’s perspective. We felt very safe and comfortable with Kuya’s services.

    Truly, a world-class Boholano. Highly recommended. Salamat po and God bless you and your family, Kuya Dodong!

    • Clarice Reyes says:

      Hi. Paano nyo po nacontact si Kuya Dodong? Hindi pa po kasi sya nagrereply sa email ko e. I tried searching for his website and fb but I’m not sure if sya talaga yun. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

    • Susie says:

      Hi po, can I ask the number of kuya dodong? will be travelling this march 10-2018 po

    • Jeffrey Tibay says:

      It was my family’s first time in Bohol last Jan.31-Feb.4, 2018. And it was a blessing that we had availed of Kuya Dodong’s service. Thanks to him for making our Bohol experience totoo lang po simple lang ang mga attractions in Bohol, but Kuya Dodong has the magic to make it the grandest..promise!! Nag enjoy talaga ang mga kids ko especially my 8-year old son, for the first time hindi sila nainip, our Countryside Tour was filled with laughter because of him and other funny tourguides. Kudos kuya Dodong..keep up the excellent work, you really are an asset to Bohol’s tourism industry!!..will definitely recommend you to our friends and workmates. GOD BLESS YOU PO!!!

  12. Fe San Miguel says:

    two thumps up for Kuya Dodong Service… Kahit super kulit at gulo ng schedule namin nagawa pa din ng paraan… even time schedule ng mga port sya din ang umaalam for us… for kuya alex (our tour guide) super bait din hindi nagmamadali sa mga tour… on time ang dating nila para sunduin kami.. thank you so much for free hassle bohol vacation for our barkada…. if ever nababalik kami for 3rd time still kay Kuya Dodong pa din kami kukuha ng cheapest tour….

  13. Melai Batalla says:

    First of all, I want to commend Kuya Dodong, Kuya Alex and Kuya Sherlo for providing us the best tour in Bohol. I highly recommend Kuya Dodong and his team dahil di lang sobrang affordable ng mga inooffer nya na mga tour packages kundi sobrang hassle free pa nga mga trips/tour at napakasmooth pa ng transaction namen sa kanila. Sobrang nagenjoy po kame sa Bohol at dahil po yun sainyo! 👌🏼 Di man namen nameet si Kuya Dodong, sobrang inasikaso naman kame ng mga mababait nyang driver na sina Kuya Alex at Kuya Sherlo. Wala ka ng iisipin pa dahil nakaarrange na talaga ang mga activities per day kaya magrerelax ka nalang at ieenjoy mo nalang ang beauty ng Bohol. Kaya sa mga nagbabalak na pumunta ng Bohol, CHOOSE KUYA DODONG! Kayang kaya nyang iaccomodate di lang family or group kundi, pati na rin couples! The best po kayo! Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagaccomodate nyo po sa amin at sana po ay mas marami pang mga turista ang mapasaya ninyo! 🙂 God bless po!

  14. Rodanelle Jonah Gonzales says:

    LubOs ang aming kaligayahan
    Sa byaheng di namin makakalimutan,
    Ang aming buong pamilya
    ay nagsama sama para sa
    huling hirit sa tag-init

    Isang bakasyong punong puno ng saya
    dahil sa iyo kuya dodong
    Maraming salamat po sa napakasulit na byaheng BOHOL..

    • Janette Cruz says:

      Salamat Kuya Dodong sayo at sa iyong Team.Gaya ni Kuya German, naging maayos ang countryside tour namin at masaya ang aming naging bakasyon.More power and more blessings sa inyo.

  15. Janice says:

    Thank you Kuya Dodong for affordable and hassle free tour..super bait at mapagkakatiwalaan na mga queing sa tourist spots..and we had the best guides..highly recommended for Bohol tours!

  16. Catherine Conde says:

    Guys! If you want a budget-friendly tour I will strongly recommend Kuya dodong’s bohol tour services. 🙂
    We went to bohol just last Saturday May 27 2017 for our day tour (countryside). But kuya dodong wasn’t around that time but nothing to worry coz kuya german,one of his driver will be there to make your tour enjoyable and unforgettable! They were so kind and accommodating. A big thankyouuuuu to kuya dodong and kuya german! We had an amaaaaaazzzing bohol tour!

  17. Charmaine says:

    Thank you so much Kuya Dodong for the smooth transaction with you.. Our trip to bohol last Mar.29-31,2017 was awesome with the help of your services.. This is our first time in bohol and our first out of town and you made it memorable to us.. Thanks! Keep up the good services.. Two thumbs up for you and to your team.. GODBless..

  18. Kathy Vismonte says:

    Recommended for backpackers and family vacation.two thumbs up! Kuya dodong is very accommodating as well as the drivers assigned to us. Sa uulitin! 🙂

  19. Jenny Munoz says:

    For the best experience in Bohol, get kuya Dodong’s services! He will set up everything and you will tour around Bohol like a boss. Nice and affordable package tours, sulit na sulit! I would lke to thank Kuya Alex for being a great driver and guide to us. He is very chill and accomodates our requests without a fuss. You have great staff Kuya Dodong, I will recommend you to my friends visiting Bohol. Thank you.

  20. Nikki Rivera says:

    we had our bohol trip last feb4-6, 2017 and we availed the services of kuya dodong. it was a very smooth transaction and communication because he replies right away. i was worried because we might be scammed but as we met our tour guide kuya alex…i was relieved because he gets the payment every at the end of our tour. this gave me the assurance that he will not run away!

    to sum it up it was a stress free trip especially i am with my family.

  21. Francis says:


    Just saw this post and I think the service of the tour is good.
    Anyone going to Bohol on July 2 – 4 who can join us and cut expenses for the package. We are a group of 3.
    Already messaged Kuya Dodong. Sabi nya, the rates can be given on the month of May.

    Thank you for the review, this is helpful especially for first time travelers going to Bohol

    Thanks and regards.

  22. Jennelyn Rafa Minsorado says:

    We will be traveling to Cebu and Bohol on Feb 8, 2017… And thank you for this blog. I was able to find cheap bohol tour package With Kuya Dodong ( 8,480php for 2pax) . We will be staying at Bohol for 2D/1n. Countryside Tour + Island Hopping At Balicasag and Virgin Island. accommodation is at ALONA beach which is already included in the package. I’ve made my payment for the initial deposit (1,500 Php only). thru cebuana (my request, as I am not able to pay at BPI because of my work and banking hours operation)

    Looking forward for the great service that they provide. See you soonest Bohol 🙂

  23. CHUPALOKS says:


    Im planning to go to bohol with entire my family this coming feb.19. My question, does kuya dodong still the same contact no.? I can’t call him right now co’z im here in dubai.

    thank you in advance very helpful your blog and interesting.

  24. April Ang says:

    If you ever plan of going to Bohol, I highly recommend that you get the services of Kuya Dodong. Super mabait at accomodating. Hindi sya mapagsamantala at napakagalang na tao. Super memorable ang trip namin na ito since it’s our first time na magtravel via airplane (me and my son). Bohol is super beautiful, at talagang na enjoy namin ang mga tours na kasama sa package because everything has been planned out perfectly. Super worth it ang bayad sa tour package. Thank you Kuya Dodong for a wonderful trip and for being the best tour guide ever. For sure babalik kami and ikaw ang kukunin naming tour guide again. Hindi kayo magsisisi sa pagkuha ng services ni Kuya Dodong. God Bless you Kuya Dodong and your family. I pray that God also bless your business. See you again soon. (PS.AJ says hi!)

  25. Armie says:

    Hindi kami nagkamali when we decided to put our trust to Kuya Dodong when we made our reservations for our first tour. Our Bohol adventure was so memorable and satisfying and we have nothing bad to say about Kuya Dodong’s services. We are completely satisfied. Sobrang enjoy and madami kaming natutunan sa buong tour. We can’t even decide what part of the tour we liked the most. Kuya Dodong even offered us to drive to the peanut kisses factory so we can buy pasalubongs at lower price! Sobrang sulit and this is definitely not the last time we will avail Kuya Dodong’s services. We will surely recommend him sa mga kakilala namin. It feels like Bohol is not complete without Kuya Dodong.

  26. Balanas Team says:

    The best si kuya dodong of bohol…Super enjoy and hassle free travel….good thing we tap kuya dodong in our bohol trip..he respond in matter of minute in our text messages and in phonecall..feeling turista talaga kami…on time ang van driver and ang bangka…maganda ang resort na pinag stay namin…super bait ni kuya dodong and his staff..anyone who plans to go to bohol should contact kuya dodong…GOD BLESS po kuya dodong and your team!!

  27. Marites Ocampo says:

    Thanks kuya dodong for the wonderful bohol experience. The whole family enjoyed the trip (Sep 23-26). Our driver/tour guide is honest and accommodating. Though we haven’t met kuya dodong personally, we had communication through texts. We’ll definitely recommend your service to our friends here in Manila 🙂

  28. Karmi says:

    I was searching for cheap package tours in Bohol because the transportation expense is very expensive when travelling in Bohol based on my research. I was glad to find this blog because the package rate provided by Kuya Dodong was the cheapest compared to other travel agencies.

    My travel experience in Bohol last August 27-29, 2016 was a blast and smooth sailing from the 1st day up to the last day of our tour. Thank you Kuya Dodong, Kuya Tata and company for accommodating our group. Thanks for posting this blog, Mark 😉

  29. faye says:

    thankyou so much kuya dodong for everything! 🙂 we really had a great time exploring the sceneries in bohol. The package you made for us was budget friendly and we can say that it is super sulit! ????????????. we are also thankful for the assigned drivers day by day to tour us around, they are very hospitable! 🙂 our trip was bitin and we will definitely be back for more!! until next time kuya! hope we could meet you personally on our next visit! God bless! 🙂

  30. Czarina Javier says:

    My husband and I went to Bohol as part of our 11th anniversary celebration. I made several research for an affordable yet “sulit” Bohol tour and I came to this page. Since it’s our first time to travel, and comparing with other tour, I decided to get Kuya Dodong’s service after reading several comments. Sabi ko bahala na, may next time pa naman if ever hindi namin magustuhan.

    The day of the tour came, and we were a bit delayed by an hour sa ferry from Cebu because we were not able to meet the original schedule of 6am. So from the original 8am tour start, we arrived at Bohol port by 9am. Amazingly, the assigned driver to us was not Kuya Dodong, it was kuya Alex, but never the less we enjoyed being with him the whole day. He was so accommodating with our tour questions and I really love his “Tarsier Love Story”, never it left my mind and I kept on sharing it with my officemates and loved ones. On the mid of our tour, heavy rains accompanied us, my husband and I was about to give up the rest of the tour by kuya Alex insisted he said “okay lang yan ma’am sa ibang parte ng Bohol hindi naulan 🙂 ” we trusted his smile and get on with the rest of the itinerary.
    We were able to meet Kuya Dodong during our Baclayon Church visit, and wow, he is very nice ^_^

    Thank you Kuya Alex for giving us the unforgettable we deserve. We will surely avail of this service when we return in Bohol… My husband & I really fell in love with the place… nature at it’s best! God Bless Kuya Dodong and all of his staffs! 🙂

  31. Jane Mendoza says:

    first time to have a tour guide sa mga paglalayas ko and I FEAR NA MAGING STANDARD KO ANG QUALITY SERVICE NI KUYA DODONG! He made our one(1) day Bohol countryside tour (6pax) amazing, great, astonishing, astounding, wonderful, fabulous, amazing, stunning, impressive, fantastic, incredible, marvelous, awesome, lovely at lahat ng synonyms ng bawat words na iyon! iyong tipo na nakabalik na kami sa aming workplace, pilit na nagbabalik alaala ang qualityservice ni kua dodong, oh how much we miss his starex and buti na lang nakalimutan na nia magbigay ng quiz after the tour! hehehe… DAGHANG SALAMAT KUYA DODONG! God bless you more!



    plz quote for me 3D2N bohol tour package with accomodation the cheapest price
    thank you
    best regards

  33. Krislyn Liwanag says:

    Hi Mark, I wanna know if Mang Dodong tour package for 5 which cost 3200 is all-in rate?
    I mean, the accomodation, tour lunch, entrance fee, environmental fee & etc.

    We are planning to go in Bohol this coming month of May 12, 2016 and will leave on May 15 morning. Can you help me to this.

    Thank you for your blog, it will be a big help. More Power Mark!

  34. Jessica says:

    Kuya Dodong is very nice, hospitable and very punctual. He made our trip pleasant and really memorable. He would really go out of his way, to attend to our needs and concerns. We just love Kuya Dodong! We will surely avail his services again when go back. I would highly recommend him to all those who are planning to go to the beautiful island of Bohol!

  35. tatkal yatra says:

    Your website is such a big website and you are sharing with public such a useful content. i like too much

  36. Robert Sanchez says:

    Anyone who will go to bohol? We just need additional to cut down the cost. We are just 2 going on June 3-5. Thanks.

  37. Marvin Macabenta says:

    Tatay Dodong was my inspiration on putting up the same business in line with affordable bohol tour packages. He is somewhat an icon of Bohol tour operators. Sometimes when clients are scarce Tatay gracefully shares his fullybook business to us just to accomodate the pouring tourist that likes to avail of his service. His passion and commitment is unsurpassed that makes him the role model of us all transport operators. Thank you mark for this blog.

  38. Rodrigo Matamis says:

    We went to Bohol last March 20-24. This is our first time to visit the province so we want our trip to be smooth, exciting and memorable. Last December, as we browsed several Web pages for affordable tour packages, we were too blessed to have found Mark Maranga’s page and read his great experience in Bohol with Kuya Dodong’s services to his avail. We immediately contacted Kuya and booked for his well-praised services. Good to note that he generously answered all our queries.

    Then came the date of our long-awaited vacation, Kuya Harvey met us outside Tagbilaran Airport. He was carrying a bond paper with my name written in it. Hewas our tourist guide and assistant on our first day tour. He greeted us with a smile and a handshake. As we wished, everything goes smoothly. We enjoyed our tour from Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Sanctuary to Loboc River. The rest of the day was extraordinarily unique. We didn’t even notice that the first day tour is over and it’s time for us to rest. We were tired but very well satisfied!

    Then came the next day. We prepared early for our Island hopping. The boatman called me to inform us that we’re leaving. This guy picked us up at our hotel and brought us to our boat location. Since it’s low tide early in the morning so we have to walk quite far to reach the boat. There were only four of us in the boat plus the boatman (sorry, we weren’t able to get his name) The moment the boat moved away from the shore, we felt happy, nervous and excited, as this is our first time to be travel in a boat as family. We were amazed on how beautiful Panglao sea was and how the people of Bohol kept the water healthy. We enjoyed our day in Balicasag Island and the breath taking, Virgin Island, where my 4 year old and 2 year old daughter get to swim on its shallow water..

    Overall, we enjoyed the tour services of Kuya Dodong and his team. If in any time we’ll be in Bohol again, i’ll make sure that we’ll book with him again!

    You should try their services too.. Two thumbs up Kuya!

  39. Laarni Delos Reyes says:

    Thanks so much for great services, kuya dodong, who personally guided his clients need. We are very grateful too for the driver, kuya joseph for keeping us safe through all the countryside trips we had. We will surely contact you, guys, for our next trip. Happy bakasyonista here ??????

  40. Eusebio Nanalis Jr. says:

    My Bohol trip with my wife and our friends was a very memorable one. The place is very relaxing and the province has lots to offer. We had a little misunderstanding with our accommodation but Kuya Dodong was there to personally assist us and make things happen. He really went out of his way to make sure that our concern was attended. For him what is important is that we enjoy our stay.

    Kuya Dodong, thank you. I have nothing but good praises for this man. Special mention also goes to Kuya Joseph for taking care of us during our countryside and Panglao tour.

  41. Michael L says:

    the whole trip went smoothly and me and my mom had a relaxing 4d/3n stay in Panglao. Everything was well coordinated from the airport pickup and trips to different destinations. highly recommended.

  42. Mitch Trinidad says:

    We had our Vacation last January 30, 2016 and this is the second time we got the service of Kuya Dodong. We first met him last December 2014, we are very satisfied to kuya Dodong’s service. Thats why we got his service again. The package tour and accommodation he gave us is very affordable and great. So guys if you are planning to have ur vacation at Bohol i am definitely recommending kuya Dodongs Service. Till we meet again kuya and thank you much for your warm welcome and accomodation to us when we stay at Bohol.

  43. Dyan Ames Olimpo says:

    kuya dodong and kuya harvey has the best affordable package in bohol tour the van was clean and airconditioned well, we honestly had a great time not worrying where to go next because of this affordable tour package bfast is free and loboc river lunch is free bohol is very nice and the people are very welcoming thank you so much kuya dodong and crew..

  44. John Victorious Arches says:

    I bumped into this site when I was searching for a cheap tour for Bohol. And I am glad that this site is so informative that’s why I’ve decided to follow the advice written here. Kuya Dodong was indeed accommodating when I first inquired about his rates. He even gave us a discounted price. I thought we would join other groups visiting Bohol but to my surprise, it was an exclusive tour! 🙂 Thank you to Kuya Alex, our tour driver, who not only kept us safe throughout the tour but also assisted us in all our needs. We appreciate that the car’s AC is always turned on right before riding the car, very minor but a big thing for me because comfort should always be a priority. Kuya Alex also invited us in their town fiesta (which is out of our itinerary) and experienced our very own “Filipino Hospitality”. Kuya Dodong’s tour is highly recommended.

  45. sally says:

    going to bohol july…12 adults 4 children…already know what hotel and what sites to go and see (I am a boholano) need a guide and contact person to arrange all the details also to hire a van to accommodate us…Please provide me Kuya Dodong’s email address so I can
    communicate with him. Thank you very much

  46. Blossom Limson says:

    We availed Kuya Dodong’s services last November 18-21, 2015. He is the best! His services are top notch, despite being so affordable. I am so glad I bumped into this website. I didn’t want group tours wherein we have other people in our tour. I want a private one, and Kuya Dodong’s packages are the best! We had our own little private tours. The drivers/guides are friendly, accommodating and always on time. The cars are clean and comfortable. I didn’t regret any single coin spent on this tour. He also seems to be on his phone 24/7 because he replies almost instantly. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and I will definitely avail of his services again if we comes back to Bohol. We are very thankful to Kuya Dodong, because of him, our stay in Bohol was worthwhile!

  47. Michelle B says:

    Hi Mark! Thank you so much for posting this blog! A very helpful blog indeed! we just had our tour last 7-9 November 2015 with my family. I’ve been searching and inquiring for the best package deals until i saw your blog. I immediately emailed Kuya Dodong to give me quote for 6 paxs. Since maganda naman lahat ng feedback na nabasa ko, I decided to pursue and out of so many travel agents na napaginquireran ko, I think ung package na ni kuya Dodong yung best package for us. We only communicated through emails kse nakabase ako out of country and it ended smoothly. Our Bohol experience is really awesome! Special credits to Kuya Herman for touring us around! Super bait & laging nakaalalay which is big factor for me kse may mga oldies ako n ksma 🙂 We stayed at Dumaluan beach resort (the mura version) kse there are 2 dumaluan resort along Bolod Panglao. Both frontbeach but if you prefer with pool,yun yung medyo matass ang presyo ng konti. Mas peaceful compare sa mga accomodations sa Alona beach & malinis yung beach especially kpg naglakd ka s katbing well known resort (Bohol Beach Club). Thank you everyone! It was really an awesome trip!

    • Raine says:

      Good day Michelle B! May I ask how much ang package na inoffer ni kuya dodong sayo? Me and my family are planning to go in Bohol this coming Saturday. Thank you

  48. marla says:

    my family and i (5 pax) availed kuya dodong tour sevices w/o accomm package since i opt to have 2 rooms (at paragayo w/c i arranged separately) instead of the family room included if w/ accomm packgage. i really commend kuya and his team for the great, very affordable and flexible tour they offered. our tour was last oct 18-20 when bagyong lando was affecting luzon. during our flight out manila, signal#2 was up but fortunately no cancellation on flight and tagbilaran was sunny that day, so our tour went as planned. but on day 2 & 3, we were affected by the typhoon, our dolphin watching was cancelled, since its so windy that its not safe to push through. but kuya still made our island hopping possible by renting 3 motorcycle to bring us at a different beach where it is safer and the water was calmer. i only met kuya dodong on the 3rd day and i expressed my deep appreciation for all his help in making our bohol tour perfect. and on the way to airport, kuya dodong even drive us to blood compact & peanut kisses factory to buy our pasalubong. to kuya dodong and his team (kuya lito, herman, gerald & bikers and michael our boatman) thank you and God bless you and your entire family. and to you, also a big thank u for introducing kuya dodong and made all these possible. God bless u always.

  49. Joy Suerte says:

    Thank you Kuya Dodong for the excellent service, thank you for making our Bohol vacation an enjoyable and comfortable for my mother.

    God bless you and your family, Wishing you all the best!

  50. CJ Guldentops says:

    We went to bohol at the end of may for four days. Kuya Dodong was an amazing guide. We saw all the amazing places Bohol has to offer! We will definility go back to Bohol.

    We did a three day tour and we could adjust everything as we liked. Also very afordable.

    Thank you for everything.

    Greets from Belgium!

  51. Quino Ramos says:

    My family had a great time in Bohol! Kuya dodong’s services is a two thumbs up! Affordable, reliable and hassle free. Credits also to our driver kuya German! Sobrang bait, accomodating, parang professional photographer kung kumuha, a very good tour guide. Truly it is a city of friendship.

    -Dumaluan beach resort. Sept. 20-22, 2015

  52. Stephen says:

    We availed services from September 19 – 21 for our family of three. And we we’re satisfied with the service they provide. The drivers kuya Jarvi, Kuya elyong and Kuya German are very courteous and accomodating. Will definitely recommend this to friends who wants to visit Bohol!

  53. Ralph says:

    My friends and I had our vacation at Bohol last August 30 – September 1,2015. This was the second time that I availed Kuya Dodong’s tour services and this certainly won’t be the last. He answered my emails immediately, quickly adjust to our sudden itinerary changes, makes sure that we are satisfied with his services and lastly he is very humble and appreciative that we visited Bohol. Kuya Dodong is very reliable, if you want a hassle free vacation he is the best person to go to. Our driver was Kuya German and he’s always on time, he opens the door for our girl friend every time our friend is about to get in/out of the car, responds to our queries with enthusiasm, and is friendly. Kuya Dodong and his drivers offers a vacation that is tourist oriented that helps boost tourism in Bohol. Thank you again Kuya Dodong and Kuya German.

  54. Con-Con Ramos says:

    My family and I stayed in Bohol last Aug. 7 to 9, 2015. Kuya Dodong was referred by a friend who heard about him through this blog. What separates Kuya Dodong from other “cheap” packages is the “service”. Despite the package being affordable, our whole tour was comfortable and we were able to go to all the places in the list he provided, no tricks! The vehicle he used is well ventilated and always clean. Kuya Dodong himself is also neat.He’s a very jolly person. He’s courteous and hospitable. And he definitely knows a lot about the different places in Bohol (tourist spots or not). He’s very considerate too. I highly recommend him not just for the budget travelers but those who seeks for good service. Thanks Kuya Dodong! 🙂

  55. Rosey Azarcon says:

    I used to browse the web for cheap tour packages every time I travel, Last year we were able to book a promo airfare for Bohol for my whole family, 10 adults and 1 child. I was tasked then for the whole tour and while browsing I was directed to this site of Mark Maranga. I was convinced with the positive feed-backs about this Kuya Dodong thus, I sent him an email asking for quotation for our group. He was prompt, very accommodating and offered us a very good deal for our tour package. Php22,000.00 for that 3days & 2nights stay without accommodation. We were in Bohol last July 6-8, 2015 and we were very much satisfied with Kuya Dodong’s service. I love to travel and I’ve been to many places with different travel agencies and tour guides but Kuya Dodong’s service is really one of a kind. Exemplary indeed! I will never forget this gesture of him: Every time na bababa kami ng van niya, lagi siyang nakaabang with his hand sa taas ng pinto para di kami mauntog. Since we just stayed in a transient house,there are times when we need to have our meals outside, he cared to bring us sa maganda at affordable restaurants in Bohol, sunduin kami after our dinner/lunch at ihatid kami sa accomm even if it’s late night already, extra service. Sana di ka magbago Sir! May God bless you more.

  56. Roma Almendras says:

    We were in Bohol last July 10-11, 2015 and Kuya Dodong was our tour guide. He did an excellent job. He is very courteous and accommodating. Looking forward to being one of his guest again. 🙂

  57. Ann says:

    Just had one of my greatest vacation in Bohol last may 29-22. I’ve been planning this vacation with my Ate since March and I talked to different travel agencies but I can’t close a deal because their offers are very expensive and the tour is not full packed,, I would like to explore Bohol as much as I can since it’s my first time to visit the place. After searching the internet, I was able to read your article Sir Mark, and contacted Kuya Dodong immediately and he replied. When I saw the itinerary, I immediately availed the package.
    Our stay in Bohol is really great! We are very comfortable upon arrival, during land tour, and on our stay at Tierra Azul. The staff are very kind and accomodating. Kuya Dodong is like a father to us, he makes sure that we are safe and that we enjoy every place we visit. . We also enjoyed the sea tour very much! The food? Thumbs up! I will definitely come back to this place!

  58. Jona Jimenez says:

    As I was browsing the internet sometime in February 2015, I was looking for an affordable BOHOL tour.
    I was directed to this blog of yours, Mark.
    I have read all the comments made by the satisfied clients of this certain KUYA DODONG of BOHOL and directed to GRAND SCENERY TOURS page on Facebook.
    Comments were all positive and have nice feedbacks.
    So I asked him to send me quotations for 02person on a 2d/1n accommodation, whole day countryside tour with lunch for my April 2015 trip with my husband.
    I didn’t expect that Kuya Dodong would reply to me sooner as I expected, from then on we exchanged e-mails regarding to the details of my tour until we finalized the whole trip.
    .. He sent me his detailed itinerary with very affordable rates for two (2) persons and asked for a deposit of Php 1,500.00 for our room reservation to be deposited on his BPI bank account.
    My booking was all finalized…
    April 08-09 overnight hotel accommodation in city proper, whole day Bohol countryside tour with lunch at Loboc and RT trfs from Tagbilaran port to hotel… Please note: I asked for a very affordable price package 
    We arrived BOHOL April 08 2015 at Tagbilaran port 09AM via Ocean jet ferry from Cebu and met by no other than KUYA DODONG he’s just on time and I was finally relieved of being paranoid since I was only communicating with him through emails… (with many unscrupulous websites and scammers circulating on the net, I was praying that I am not scammed)
    As we approached to his red Toyota Innova as our service car, i thought we were joined by other group of tourists throughout the tour since I asked for an affordable package, to my surprise it was only ME & my HUSBAND who is going with KUYA DODONG and serves as our Private Driver/Tour Guide & even our PHOTOGRAPHER 
    Kuya Dodong prepared private and exclusive tour only for us. The entire trip was smooth and hassle free, which made it extra “feeling VIP”…heehaw
    I don’t want to elaborate more… I want you to experience the same with his affordable packages.
    Two thumbs up to your service and affordable package KUYA DODONG… More power and continue giving pleasure to all the visitors of Bohol.
    Thank you Mr. Mark for your informative blog… a very big help to those who want to visit and travel the Philippines!!

    Highly recommended. 
    Jona & Bong Jimenez

  59. Danina Romulo says:

    Kuya Dodong’s service is the cheapest I have seen in the internet so I booked our tour service to him. He is patient in adjusting with our wants that’s why everything in our tour went smoothly. Kuya Allan was our driver on the countryside tour and he is so patient and jolly all throughout the day. Thank you so much to Kuya Dodong’s service! We are glad that we have chosen you and will surely recommend you to our friends and relatives! God bless you!

    • Judz Medes says:

      Hi danina. Kindly give me the email add and contact number of kuya dodong. We’re planning to go there next month. Thanks. 🙂

  60. Bong Comia says:

    Feb 6 to 8, 2015 one of our greatest days of our life.
    We had an experienced that we can’t forget, thanks to kuya Dodong who made this tour a memorable one, besides the best places that bohol had, Kuya dodong has the affordable packages that accomodate our whole family ()9 members to be exact) and the staff his drivers, kuya Orlando shared a lot of bohol history, our island hopping, dolphin warching with Kuya Gerald our Banca driver “) and kuya Rey assisted us in our one of a kind snorkling experienced not to forget our tour guide inside the hinagdanan cave, the craziest person in Bohol, these persons made our trip happy and enjoyable a great experinced to treasure
    Salamat Kuya Dodong.

    • Gretta says:

      Hi Bong,

      May I please know where did you stay in Bohol. We are planning to visit the place and we will be going as a family as well (9 adults and a baby).


  61. joan gonzales says:

    hi. i just want to ask. how much does he usually charge for 2 days tour (countryside and panglao island tour) for 2 pax? thanks!

  62. Maureen Pascua says:

    We travelled Bohol on Nov 2 to 5, and got Kuya Dodong’s services (got his info online). We were very satisfied with the travel itinerary and price he provided us, good for 4 days and 3 nights, even if I only booked our travel 2 weeks prior. We stayed at Dumaluan resort (food prices are cheap, clean rooms, and helpful employees).

    Upon reaching Tagbilaran City, I got curious and immediately asked our driver if there will be other guests who will be with us during our trip, since there were only 3 of us– I, my husband, and daughter. With great awe, our driver/tour guide answered that it will just be the 3 of us. I did not expect this, because I thought that we will be included with a bigger group, since our travel package was quoted cheap, and for it to be cheap, we will be travelling with other guests. More pleasant experiences– we had the brand new Toyota Vios all by ourselves plus a chauffeur/tour guide, and visited the places at our own phase. Even on the island hopping and snorkelling part, we were just 3 on the boat (plus the bangkeros).

    When it’s already our 4th day, I even demanded Kuya Dodong as to whom should I leave the remainder of my payment, because he was not even asking me the entire payment, during our 1st to 3rd day. I will highly recommend Kuya Dodong to my friends, who are planning to visit Bohol one of these days. I can also say that Bohol is a kid-friendly place (my daughter enjoyed all the activities and places). Keep up the good work, Kuya Dodong! Thank you for the wonderful Bohol experience we had (all because of good service and price).

  63. Carlo Parido says:

    Super saya and sulit ng tour with Kuya Dodong it’s worth the every dime 😉 I think this is the cheapest among those I asked quote for the tour. Definitely will recommend to my friends 😉

  64. Emmanuel Pedro says:

    Thank you kuya Dodong and kuya Lito our driver.
    Service – Ok, convenient
    Driving – Safe / defensive driving
    Food – lunch at Loboc river, excellent!
    Tour – memorable experience, nice place, peaceful
    people are so friendly
    Overall – excellent! I recommend their services.
    God bless! See you again Bohol!

  65. R says:

    Read this article two months before our travel date from Mla-Ceb-Tagbi. Actually, I only get idea about the nicest place in Bohol for our supposed-to-be DIY travel tour. But since maganda ang reviews and feedback on this article, I immediately sent an e-mail to Kuya Dodong. Two weeks before our scheduled travel (July31-August2) na nakareply si kuya, maybe because of his busy scheds. What really enticed us aside from the good travel deal is that he will only require you a downpayment of P1500.00 (Good for all the siguristang travellers, right?). Our tour went out really well – good weather condition, we had a big and clean room (super nice pa ng staff, forgot the name thou), we met the coolest driver / tourguide in town – Kuya Allan!!! Ang ingay namin sa sasakyan kakatawa with him! They used van pagsundo at paghatid sa port (btw, we are only 4 in the group!), pra siguro kasya baggages namin at di siksikan. Iba din gamit na ssakyan pag magtour :).
    ~Thanks Mark for the very reliable info. Thank you kuya Dodong and Kuya Allan! See you again Bohol! God bless us all and God bless Bohol! xoxo

  66. R says:

    Read this article two months before our travel date from Mla-Ceb-Tagbi. Actually, I only get idea about the nicest placest in Bohol for our supposed-to-be DIY travel tour. But since maganda ang reviews and feedback on this article, immediately sent an e-mail to Kuya Dodong. Two weeks before our scheduled travel (July31-August2) na nakareply si kuya, maybe because of his busy scheds. What really enticed us aside from the good travel deal is that he will only require you a downpayment of P1500.00 (Good for all the siguristang travellers, right?). Our tour went out really well – good weather condition, we had a big and clean room (super nice pa ng staff, forgot the name thou), we met the coolest driver / tourguide in town – Kuya Allan!!! Ang ingay namin sa sasakyan kakatawa with him! They used van pagsundo at paghatid sa Port (btw, we are only 4 in the group!), pra siguro kasya baggages namin at di siksikan. Iba din pag magtour :). Thanks Mark for the very reliable info. Thank you kuya Dodong and Kuya Allan! God bless us all and God bless Bohol! See you again Bohol! xoxo

  67. celfrey says:

    We just arrived today from our trip in Bohol (Sept. 9 -12, 2014) feeling tired but fulfilled and contented. We availed kuya dodong’s services,2 days tour (loboc and panglao tour)for a reasonable price, innova as our service….;-) our driver kuya german is very accommodating and informative, and sometimes our official photographer…hihi.

    Two thumbs up to the service given to us by kuya german (kuya dodong’s staff)….,surely we will recommend you to our friends who wants to visit bohol in the future……

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  68. carille says:

    To all who wants to have a cheap bohol tour package and have an enjoyable experience in bohol, just look for kuya dodong. A cool person and easy to approach, very nice tour guide. Thank you very much and god bless.. 🙂

  69. carille says:

    we came to bohol last aug. 21-22 and have a 2 day tour. it is a short period but we are very thankful to kuya dodong for the wonderful experience in bohol. eventhough we are just two, we enjoyed our trip.. we enjoyed our tour to chocolate hills, bee farm, butterfly sanctuary and loboc river. thank you very much kuya dodong and we are hoping to see you on our next visit.
    we will recommend you to our friends and families who wants to go there.
    #niceexperience #boholtour #kuyadodongtourguide

  70. JP Aragon says:

    This is Kuya Dodongs number 09166396347.

    It was indeed a pleasure doing business with Kuya Dodong. We are a family of 5 with little children. The package offerred by Kuya Dodong was really value for money and service was superb. The drivers were courteous and attentive – would never let you in a hot car, would always turn-on the aircon ahead before you board. A little gesture but in this business of service, little things count…that at end of the day matter. Including the boat trip, was very memorable. We went May 8-12, 2014.

  71. Vanessa says:

    May I know Kuya Dodong’s contact #? The number listed above are unavailable.
    Please help.

  72. Aileen says:

    KUDOS to Kuya Dodong who personally took us to the countryside tour of Bohol. My son and I was vacationing in Cebu last Feb 22-26, 2014 and decided to go for a one day tour of Bohol. I’ve searched the internet a day before our Bohol tour and came across this site. I texted kuya Dodong and he replied right away. I called him up and he gave us a fair deal for the one day tour. He amazingly tour us around and we have him joined us for lunch aboard the boat at Loboc River. Thank you very much Kuya Dodong… I have recommended you to friends planning to go to Bohol…. God Bless !

    • carille says:

      hi, ms. aileen. pde po b malaman ung no. ni kuya dodong kc we’re planning to have a trip in bohol with my frend. hahanap po kc kmi ng tour guide. can u help me? pls. email me, tenk u in advance.

  73. Susan says:

    Hi! I just want to add to the many wonderful words that you shared here with your stay in Bohol with Kuya Dodong. Unlike many of you, we had Kuya Dodong personally during our one week stay there.

    Me and my family stayed there from April 2 – 9, 2014. This is the first time I had such a long vacation from office since I started working and I planned to enjoy my stay there to the fullest. Therefore as early as November last year, i scouted for places to visit and budgeted everything that we will be spending from fare to entrances and tours. After all the scouting my boss referred Kuya Dodong to me and I contacted him for the quotation with the itinerary I gave him. Surprisingly, he matched the lowest among the scenarios I made. Therefore we close the deal with the initial deposit of P1,500 to guarantee the contract.

    Since our agreement was for a budget tour, I conditioned myself not to be expecting too much from him. The first time we saw him was when he fetched us from the airport to our hotel. Along the road to the hotel, he started his job with the many educational information about the island, its history and current events too. We were amazed how he was so keen to all those things as if we were in a history classroom. We were also surprised that the roads were all concrete unlike many provinces and islands we know of.

    Our amusement increased by the day as he tour us around the island. He would tell us about why the chocolate hills doesn’t grow trees due to its lime deposit concentration, how the largest python dies due to obesity, how the people celebrate fiesta during May and the many stories around the island whether history or current events.

    I don’t want to tell all the wonderful things that we learned from him coz I wanted you to experience it yourself personally by visiting Bohol with him. Your every peso with him is worth spending. That’s why during our last tour at the Bee Farm, I invited Kuya to join us during lunch there to show our appreciation of his good service to us. Even during lunch, he had many things to say, about the organic vege that was served in the farm. How those dishes were made and how eaten best and many more. We had the fresh salads with mouth watering dressing and we also tried their malunggay ice cream which is the best seller. The tour guide in the farm was like a botany professor as he told us the many benefits of plants to our body.

    We truly enjoyed our stay in Bohol with the great help of kuya. He made our stay enjoyable and educational as well. I hope my kids learned many things from him and when they discuss Bohol in their classroom, they got many things to share.

    I highly recommend Kuya Dodong to everyone. It will never be the same enjoyment and fulfillment if not for him.

    More power and continue giving pleasure to all the visitors of Bohol. Kuya Dodong, we salute you!!!

  74. marvin says:

    My family and i had so much fun in bohol!!!!!! what it made more enjoyable were the people behind the tour….. thank you so much po kuya dodong and kuya german for making our visit in bohol really a blaaassssstttt!!!!! godbless!!!

  75. MFlorida says:

    Thank you for your post!
    I’m glad I came across it and got the services of Kuya Dodong. I gave him a list of where I wanted to go and only requested for a down payment of 1.5k. He gave me suggestions and was very accommodating with my adjustments. Our driver/tour guide Amay is the best – always on time and smiling! I requested for an additional trip to our house of worship (I’m an INC) 2 hours after our tour ended and I was only charged 600 considering it’s far, over time and 2-way. Every peso I payed was worth it, even the tips I gave to the guides in the sites we’ve been to. My family will treasure our memorable Bohol trip. Hats off Kuya Dodong and team!!!

    Just 1 more recommendation: TIP GENEROUSLY! They deserve it.

    God bless!

  76. Mhil29 says:

    We loved our trip in Bohol, where the people are always smiling and very polite.
    Our first day coming from the airport started in a very special lunch in
    the Loboc River Cruise. Then visited all the beautiful sites in the city.
    The weather is just right and my kids do enjoy our visit in the
    Butterfly sanctuary, Bee farm and shell museum where they learned
    a lot of things. Loboc river and chocolate hills are soooo beautiful!
    Hinagdanan cave, cannot imagine that there’s a cave underneath the ground.
    Virgin island is awesome! In Baclayon island where we fed the fish and did snorkeling,
    you will see beautiful species of fish- all our tour guides kuya allan and amay, and our
    tour guides in Bee farm , butterfly sanctuary,shell museum and “kuya” who guided my
    Kids while snorkeling -good job to all of you!

    Kuya Dodong- thank you!

  77. JF says:

    AMAZING TRIP TO BOHOL… We really enjoyed our 3days and 2nights stay
    March 11-13, 2014 (Group of 8) Beach Front Accommodation. Thank you so much Kuya Dodong for being patient with us after too much revision to our group schedule, you can still manage to arrange it… Two thumbs up to All Itineraries listed above and especially the budget!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO MY FAMILY, FRIENDS & TO ALL, PLANNING TO HAVE A GREAT, MEMORABLE AND CHEAP BOHOL TRIP.

    God Bless Kuya and to your driver Allan.

  78. Red says:

    My wife and I visited Bohol last February 5-8, 2014. It is our first time to go there and I must say it was a very memorable one. Of course we would not have experienced it without the services of kuya Dodong. He did a great job in making sure that we enjoy our vacation and experience the best of Bohol.

    Kudos to you kuya Dodong.

    Looking forward to be back again soon.

  79. red says:

    My wife and I visited Bohol last February 5-9, 2014. It is our first time there and from what we experienced it was a very memorable one. Of course we would not enjoy our trip without the services of kuya Dodong. He did a great job in making sure that we experience the best of Bohol.

    Kudos to you kuya Dodong, till next time.

  80. Aleli Hilario says:

    I really enjoyed my 3d2n tour in bohol..availing the services of kua dodong is a good thing to do..hassle free..will contact him again next time..

    Kua german is a good tour guide..

  81. michelle says:

    my husband and i went to bohol on valentine’s day 2014. we spent 3 days and 2 nights. what a wonderful place to spend time with your love ones! we enjoyed the countryside tour, which is very affordable. there are other tours that we did not avail, AND THAT IS OUR ONLY REGRET! but as kuya dodong said, ” at least, may babalikan pa kayo sa bohol”. And yes, we’ll certainly go back there!
    kuya dodong and his drivers are very accomodating. they want you to enjoy the tour. unlike other tour guides, kuya dodong is not after your money. and that’s what makes him simply the best!
    if you are searching for the most affordable and enjoyable tour in bohol, this is it! call or text or email kuya dodong. you won’t regret!

  82. Liezl Liza says:

    We went to bohol last Jan. 21 – 22, 2014… That was GREAT Escapade with the family of my fiance. And with kuya dodong out bohol escapade is no hazzle dazzle… he is a perfect tour guide/driver/proprietor.

    He is nice, approachable and hospitable person. Super Thanks Kuya dodong… Keep it up kuya.

    More Clients… Bangon BOHOL… we will be back soon.

    No doubt, I’ll refer him to my friends here in DAVAO CITY. 10 stars for kuya dodong.

    God bless.

  83. Rosey says:

    We went to Bohol last Dec 14-16 and had a one day stay in Cebu. I’ve booked a flight last July (Mla-Cebu-Mla) but we planned to visit first the Bohol since we can travel there via fast craft. Then that time, I started to find a cheap package tour thru’ the internet. Some travel agencies answered my queries but too expensive to avail the package for two. And with the help of this blog, I was able to find Kuya Dodong. He arranged our tour and answered all my queries. But when October came, when the earthquake hit their region, I was afraid and worried if we will gonna’ push our vacation or not because of many ‘what ifs’ comes on my mind. Even my family and other colleagues told me that it’s not safe to travel there because of some aftershocks. Then, I immediately emailed Kuya Dodong and asked about their situation. Good thing, one of my close friend went there but they stayed in Alona. So, I told to myself that this it! 🙂

    When we arrived in Bohol from Cebu, I saw my full name written on a piece of paper and never thought that the guy who is standing and waiting outside the gate of the port was Kuya Dodong. Yes, he is! He’s so nice, approachable and very hospitable person. Even his drivers too. They treated us like royalty during that time. One of his driver told us that we’re so lucky because their boss is the one who drive us on our first day. But the one thing that I forgot is to have a picture with him, one of my regrets. 🙁 But me and my sister had a great time with them during our stay in Bohol and very thankful to meet them. All I can say that we had a superb vacation, indeed! 🙂

  84. michael says:

    Hi, this is Michael from China. we are planing a trip to Phillipines in mid Feb of 2014, and most likely to be in Cebu on Feb 10. we are one family with a couple and a nine-year boy, looking for a pack tour on Bohol with some rough ideas as below,
    1. half-day city tour in Cebu
    2. dolphin watching and island hopping, snorkeling
    3. bohol countryside day-tour

    we can arrive Cebu around 5am by rea-eye flight on Feb 10, and plan to catch another flight in Cebu on 13:15 Feb 13. what is your suggestions for Cebu city tour? and appreciate if you could quote for tour pack. looking forward to hearing from you.

  85. ronald says:

    3 nights and 4 days in bohol, thanks kuya dodong for a nice tour package.

  86. Ann H. says:

    Thank you sa info..

    Sino me plano mag punta sa Bohol this coming Nov 16-18. We’re only 2 in a group and naghahanap ng pwede makakasama to get a better deal for country side tour.. 🙂 message lang po. Salamat..

  87. Mara Zeny says:

    Inexpensive package tour with a great service!

    We just had our Bohol trip for 2 days and 1 night stay. It was a full packed package tour arranged by Kuya Dodong’s service. It was a fun trip for me, my 2 sisters and my mom. Thank you, Kuya Dodong for the excellent service as well as your drivers Amay, Kuya Allan and the boatman Gerald. We had a great time. Your service is highly recommended! May u be blessed with a lot more business coz you are a good man.

  88. Eva says:

    Super thanks to Kuya Dodong for being a big part of our memorable Bohol vacation. Kudos also to his staff Amay (driver/tour guide/photographer) and Gerald (boatman) for an excellent service. Every Boholano we’ve met during this trip was very hospitable and pleasant. We did not meet Kuya Dodong personally, but he was prompt in replying to our messages during the trip. Salamat po ng marami. Sa uulitin!

  89. chona says:

    Thanks to your blog.I read it last 2012 and found kuya Dodongs contact no. and email add.We had a great and wonderful vacation in bohol last Aug 23 to 2.Thanks also to Kuya Dodng for accomodating us.GOD Bless.5

  90. Kristine says:

    We just got back from our bohol trip (June 14-17, 2013).Thank you for providing details re your Bohol trip. I was able to contact Kuya Dodong and arrange for 4 days/3 nights tour package for my family. The service provided was excellent and I really appreciate that Kuya Dodong and his team are very professional and punctual. For those planning to visit Bohol, I highly recommend Kuya Dodong’s tour services.

  91. Aiza Jean says:

    Thanx mark for this blog. Sobrang helpful nito sakin. After kong mabasa itong post na ito ay naayos ko din ang magiging tour namin sa bohol sa tulong ni kua dodong. Totoo lahat ng sinabi mo. Very approachable si kua. Lahat ng request ko ay tinupad nya. Palagi rin siya nagrereply sa mga questions ko at may mas maganda siyang suggetion which is ok samen. Super memorable ng naging tour namin sa bohol in 5 days. Sulit na sulit!!! Feeling ko e nalibot na namin ang buong bohl from north to south. Sobra ang natipid namin kung icocompare ko sa ibang travel tours na napagtanungan ko. Mabait at friendly rin ung na-assign na staff ni kua dodong samin na si kua amay. My instant photograper rin kami. Galing nya kumuha ng shot. Parang my pre-nup na kami sa bohol,lol… On time din palagi sila. More power to you kua dodong and to your grand scenery tours…

  92. Ms Bernal says:

    Thank you Mr. Mark Anthony Maranga for this blog cause of this I was able to find Kuya Dodong and learned of his travel services. And to Kuya Dodong, thank you so much for arranging everything for us, for providing excellent services and very pleasant people who took really good care of us during our entire stay in Bohol. In behalf of my family, who was with me in Bohol, our sincerest thanks to everyone at Bohol Grandscenery. Thank you and God bless!

    P.S. traveled with family April 9-11, 2013

  93. Kel Ilagan says:

    had me and my girlfriends first out of town and celebrated my birthday in bohol as well… kuya dodong’s tour package was excellent and the service provided by kuya elmer (one of kuya dodong’s driver/tour guide) was superb! sobrang sulit ng bayad… it was a very smooth and hassle free vacation… even the boatman’s (we forgot their name) service was very nice and they really took care of us… it was really a very nice vacation and we will surely go back to bohol and avail of kuya dodong’s service again… thanks a lot!!!

  94. mervie francisco says:

    just went in bohol last month,march 18 to 20 to be exact.I must say kuya dodong is the best person you should look for if you want to have a very satisfying and hassle free vacation.I went there with my family and my boyfriend.Well at first i got nervous when we landed in tagbilaran cause i really don’t want to give them such a disappointment since i only found kuya dodong nga somewhere in the net lng sbi nila,especially my mom who is a balikbayan and it’s been years n tlga since our last time to spend summer all together.s0 mejo knbhan tlga ko in a while but,when we saw kuya jaime na 1 of kuya dodong’s drivers i smiled na and mejo nkampante na ko.And that’s it,nagtuloy tuloy na yung tour namin.super sulit tlga ng ibabayad nyo kay kuya dodong.from our very first day hanggang mkauwi kmi even the driver kuya jaime is so kind a bit quiet but very nice person and the place where we stay is very satisfying.All in all,our summer vacation in bohol is just perfect!Im s0 happy that i found kuya dodong i owe him the perfect smile we saw on our mom’s face because she saw us happy and satisfied.Sayang nga lang i didn’t get to know him in person:( And ofcourse i want to give credit to mr. mark maranga thanks to this blog site and god bless you and your family:)

  95. JimDBackpacker says:

    I was not able to read all the comments above but I have to say this blog is very convincing. This Kuya Dodong guy may be the most popular Tour Provider in Bohol now. Will share this link to my friends.

  96. Jomai Jomz says:

    We are a group of 5 ladies who puts Traveling on top of their lists so we went to Bohol with high expectations. Touring in places you’ve never been into is better enjoyed if you have security, comfort and fun written all the time. And so, kudos to Kuya Dodong for a job well-done because he painted Bohol with rainbows! No worries if you book a package with him because everything is fit for whatever and whoever you are 😉 He is transparent, flexible with changes and requests and never forgets his humor. He always gives you the best options…from our itineraries, our food, our drivers – Kuya Herman and Kuya Allan and to our bangkeros – Kuya Jobert and the little boy. Best smiles and services! Thank you everyone.

    Thank you so much Kuya Dodong! We’ll definitely go back to Bohol and have you as our Manager! 🙂

  97. Jillian says:

    We availed Mang Dodong’s service last 2011 through this website. I never thought he is already this popular and I also noticed the scrollbar at the side is getting thinner. Kudos to him. He is truly a champion!

  98. filipina says:

    Hi. We went to Bohol just few days ago, (March 6 to 9, 2013) and it was really a good tour experience. Kuya Dodong will never disappoint you, he complied with the tour plan and easy to talk to and he just required us to just make a down payment of 1,500 unlike the other travel agency wherein you have to pay the full amount. Kuya Elmer was also the one who fetched us at the airport and he always opens the door of the vehicle for us even if we are ready to alight. He was always on the dot and so with the boatman, we were never made to wait . As a matter of fact, Kuya Elmer even accompanied us to find a good resort for accommodation.

    Thanks Kuya Dodong. We really enjoyed your services. God Bless!

  99. Aiza Jean Dimaano says:

    Salamat sa site na to…

    Sino po pupunta ng bohol ng may8-12, 2013. Naghahanap lang po kami ng makakasama. 2 lang kasi kami sa group. Message lang po kau. Salamat.

  100. Benedict Sy says:

    Magkano po ang One-Day tour with Kuya Dodong? Me and my friends are planning to go to Bohol this coming April 2013 pero overnight lang and we are looking for a one day tour package.

  101. Jason Fernandez says:


    I went to Bohol Last Dec 16-19, 2012 for our 4 days & 3 nights together with my wife and my 6 yr. old daughter, We availed Kuya Dodong’s Service it was a memorable tour, Kuya Dodong is a Professional kausap and trustworthy no need to worry regarding sa down payment  Thank you din kay kuya Elmer who fetched us at the Tagbilaran Airport and tour us upon arrival agad with service delux pa (pinagbubukas pa kami ng pinto at pinapayungan ),  We really enjoyed the 1st day of tour, and thank you also sa Boatman at sa kasama nya on our 2nd day of tour at Balicasag Island for Snorkelling, Watching Dolphins and visiting the Virgin Island, and lastly on our 3rd day Very challenging kasi umuulan sakto while on our way going to our destination pero tuwing bababa na kami nawawala na ang ulan hahahaha… Thanks also to Kuya Allan for our 4th day at Bohol he Drove us from Panglao to Tagbilaran Airport sakto lang ang dating namin… We Really enjoyed our stay In BOHOL …. Thanks to Kuya Dodong ! “The Bohol Grandscenary Tours”. The cheapest among tour packages for Bohol!
    Very good service, very friendly and accommodating Tour Guide/ driver, we will be recommending your services to all my friends who wants to have a pleasant experience visiting Bohol. God Bless and hope we can visit again. We had so much Fun at BOHOL!

  102. Benjieson says:

    Thank you so much kuya Dodong sa mura pero sulit na tour. We had so much fun ang bait pa ng driver (kuya loyd) na tour guide pa at taga kuha ng pic hehe. Best Bohol experience, definitely babalik kami. Godbless po

  103. Benjieson says:

    Thank you so much kuya Dodong sa mura pero sulit na tour. We had so much fun ang bait pa ng driver (kuya loyd) na tour guide pa at taga kuha ng pic hehe. Best Bohol experience, definitely babalik kami. Godbless po. Affordable and highly recommended

  104. Mhee says:

    hello po!! looking for companions for the Bohol Trip this coming April 15 – 17 (3days/2nights Tour) to cut down the cost. Thanks

  105. jem says:

    we had so much fun … best bohol experience ever.. thank you po kuya dodong for arranging everything.. ang bait pa ng mga drivers.. may driver ka na, tourist guide pa at taga picture pa.. hehehhe.. napatunayan nio lang po that we don’t have to spend much to have fun.. 🙂 very affordable prices 😀 … god bless po.. ill recommend kuya dodong to all of my friends!!

  106. jem says:

    great bohol experience ever because of kuya dodong… thank you kuya for arranging everything… ang bait pa ng drivers.. driver na tour guide pa at taga picture pa.. hehehe.. napatunayan nio lang po na we dont have to spend much to have fun.. :D.. very affordable prices 🙂

  107. jerwin says:

    hey cno pupunta dyan ng feb 8 ?

  108. Erika says:

    There’s nothing like Kuya Dodong’s Bohol cheap package, and patience. Stayed in Bohol January 24-26 with my grandparents. We were initially booked at Dumaluan Beach Resort 1, but since my grandparents didn’t like it there, Kuya Dodong agreed for us to avail the tour and the transportation. He certainly considered my grandparents’ complains, needs, and condition. He responded to their numerous requests as well… Kuya Dodong was always on call during our stay! I’ll definitely contact Bohol Grand Scenery/Kuya Dodong on our balik-Bohol plan.

    Daghang Salamat Kuya Dodong, alam kong kakaibang experience yung pag-handle sa mga turistang tulad namin. Regards to our driver/tour guide/caregiver Kuya Elmer, my lolo had fun joking around with you!

    Kuya Dodong’s new number: +63916 6396347

  109. Pj Aseron says:

    Hi, my wife and I will be going to bohol on Feb20-23. We need companions to cut the costs. Just email me if youre interested.

  110. evan says:

    thanks a lot kuya Dodong for making our stay in bohol so memorable!!!we highly recommend your service.thanks a lot to kuya German as well.G od bless…

  111. robinson villarta says:

    we are planning to travel sa bohol pls help us fine good deal,were from mla.

  112. Fe says:

    Daghan salamat kaayo kuya Dodong! Sulit na sulit! 🙂

  113. Egay says:


    My wife and I are looking for companions for the Bohol Trip this coming Jan. 29-31 to get better deals for the tour. Please reply if you have plans on these dates. Salamat po.

  114. JC says:

    Hello May Plan po kaming magtravel sa Bohol ni hubby on March 1-3 2013 and we are also looking for companions so we can avail a cheaper package. We already booked for hotel somewhere in tagbilaran. We only needed a day tour package yung makakasama sa van or car para makamura sa package.. anyone PLSS!

  115. lala says:

    my bf and i are planning to visit bohol on january 24-26, 2013. we are looking for companions, so we can avail a cheaper package. please comment down if you are interested! thank u!

  116. Moymoy says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for this very helpful blog site of yours. I’ve been searching a cheap bohol package tour and got interested on Kuya Dodong’s package deal. My family(group of 6 or more) are traveling on March 25-27, 2013 from Cebu. What time do they pick you up at the port terminal? Did you go straight to the tour from the port terminal when Kuya Dodong pick you up, what about your things/luggages? Did you bring it with you during the tour and went to the hotel after the tour? Hope you can give us input about this and can we bring home cooked foods to the hotel so we can save money? After the tour on third day what time did he bring you to the port terminal to catch the boat back to Cebu?

    Thanks and more power to your blog site. God bless.

  117. Carla Medrano says:

    Kuya Dodong Thank you for the wonderful exprience… We enjoy our trip. I will recommend you to my friends.God Bless the bohol grand scenery

  118. analyn says:

    mark, thank you for your tour blog regarding kuya dodong and his travel agency….. talagang kuya dodong will give you the cheapest but memorable, exciting, unforgetable and sulit na bohol tour. no worries ka kapag kay kuya dodong ka nagpa book. even change in schedule hanggang kaya pwede silang mag-adjust at tutulungan ka pa sa iba mong travel itineraries. we visited bohol Nov. 20-24., first day sinundo kami ni kuya elmer sa airport for our panglao/dauis tour, the next day we have our countryside tour, third day is our dolphin watching/island hopping, fourth day (our other itinerary) and fifth day go back to manila. every hour of our travel is very sulit. salamat kuya dodong for accepting us warmly.. thanks to kuya elmer , our best driver (safe driving at parang kaming mayaman na pinagbubukas pa ng pinto ng sasakyan), tourist guide and official photographer, thanks to gerald and company sa di malilimutang island hopping/snorkeling/dolphin watching. kay kuya dodong at sa kanyang staff… inyong lahat maraming salamat po…

  119. JP says:

    I went to Bohol last November 17-19 together with my cousins and we availed Kuya Dodong’s service. We stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort 1, the room was okay, we only use it for bathing and sleeping purposes. As for Kuya Dodong’s service, it was good although we didn’t see him. Thanks to Kuya Jaime (1st day tour guide) and to our boatman which I forgot the name, to Kuya Benjie, the best guide in Balicasag Island (Snorkeling) and to Kuya Louie (3rd day guide), all of them were very nice and of course to Kuya Dodong for the cheap yet wonderful tour package.

  120. Rosielyn Pader says:

    I went to Bohol last Nove 16-18,2012 and avail of Kuya Dodong’s cheap Bohol package..I came for my annual leave from working as ofw in Abu Dhabi City, UAE…I started searching thru internet for cheap bohol packages and i found one with Kuya Dodong in the blogsite…I tried to communicate with him thru email and got my reservation…Finally when I am in Bohol knowing no one I was fetch from airport and started with all the itinerary that is included in my package though he is not the one who toured me it was really fantastic to be in a place i was just dreaming of coming and seeing the wonders of Gods creation…It is truly one of a kind experience that I wont ever forget and I hope I can come back again with my two kids..
    Thank you Kuya Dodong for the wonderful experience Ihad in Bohol…God bless us all and God bless Bohol……

  121. majoh says:

    my hubby and I are planning to go to bohol on feb 14-16, 2013 we are looking for others who can be with us po.please do text me at 09239088050.PLS PLS PLS

  122. Shaun says:

    Hi, I will be traveling alone this 22-24Nov for a 3Days/2Nts in Bohol. Anyone or group who will be travelling on the same dates? Sana meron para makakuha ng better group rate, otherwise, I need to “Do It Yourself” travel so it would fit my budget. 🙂 Just shoot me an email at

  123. mitch says:

    My husband and my 6 year old daughter are going to have a side trip to Bohol from Cebu (just after the Sinulog Festival 2013) Jan 21, 2013 for One Day City Tour. For those who are going to 2013 Cebu Sinulog Festival baka may plan po kayong mag side trip sa Bohol on Jan 21, 2013 (mon) para po maka avail ng mas murang package kay Kuya Dodong. Please text 09215486922

  124. Vine says:

    My two friends and I are going to Bohol on November 15-17, we are looking for other companions to join the tour para maka avail ng mas murang package kay Kuya Dodong

  125. Ana Marie says:

    Bohol is definitely incomplete without Kuya Dodong and his team. We had a 2n 3d package with him and it was definitely worth every peso you spend. Salamat Kuya dodong for treating us warmly. To Kuya Louie, Kuya Elmer and Kuya Allan who were very accomodating and professional. You not only drove us around safely but you were also very helpful to us. It was a bit awkward everytime you would open the car door for us though, but it was all “part of the job” as you would say. To Gerard and Kuya Benjie – the best boatman and snorkeling instructor/underwater photographer in Balicasag. Youre Simply the best! Kudos Kuya Dodong for having such good, hardworking people with you. Thanks also for accomodating even our last minute requests for change of schedules. Sayang wala ta nagkita Kuya, but will definitely be back next time again. God bless!

  126. Nizz Sapan says:

    Super enjoy sa Bohol tour ko with my family last October 28-31, 2012. We avail the promo tour of kuya dodong for as low as 12,800.00 for 4 days and 3 nights (accommodation not included). Thanks to kuya elmer sa pag sundo and pag tour samin nung 1st day sa dauis church, loboc river, blood compact, tarsier sanctuary, butterfly garden and sa chocolate hills. then salamat dun sa 3 magkakapatid na nagtour samin nung 2nd day sa dolphin watching at sa island hopping. then kay kuya jaime na nagtour samin nung 3rd day sa shell museum , bee farm, sa bahay ni boyoyoy, sa panglao church at sa hinagdanan cave and lastly kay kuya gener na naghatid samin sa BQ mall. Super nakaka enjoy ang tour guide sa butterfly garden at hinagdanan cave. BOHOL GOD BLESS!!!!

  127. Licel says:

    this is a good idea. we will be in Bohol on Nov 15 til Nov 20… we are 4 and we would like to avail 3 days of Bohol Tour from Kuya Dodong from Nov 16-Nov 18…mas marami mas masaya at mas enjoy…please email me….

  128. Cindy Arciaga says:

    Bohol is such a wonderful place 🙂 We had so much fun and it is a good experience. Thanks to Kuya Dodong of Bohol Grandscenery!!!Hassle free and very convenient travel we had last October 19-22,2012!!!So thankfull and blessed to had a accomodation like that,the rooms are good and clean,food are affordabe and yummy. Dumuluan Beach Resort 1 was a serene and peaceful resort. Guarantee that we will come back and surely we will still get the service of Kuya Dodong again and again!!:))Godbless BOHOL!!!

  129. xiotee says:

    hello po…hus planning to have their BOHOL TOUR this coming november 2 to 5??? 😉

  130. Jhen says:

    Hi my bf and i will be in bohol from oct 20-22. We are looking for others who can be with us para makatipid ng tour packages.

  131. jeruel says:

    Hi po,

    To all interested, I asked Kuya Dodong for a one day tour on Oct 8 for 2 adults. If someone wanted to join us just text me..09108640345 or email


  132. monica says:

    ok po sama po ako para makatipid dalawa po kami ng anak ko.

    • monica says:

      kung tuloy po kayo add nyo na lang name ko sa fb maria monica pineda lopez para malaman ko po na tuloy para makakuha na ako ng tiket.

  133. roselle says:

    we are planning to go to bohol on oct 25-29 , 2012, we are looking for others who can be with us para makatipid ng tour packages..please text me at 09266173293

    • Liza says:

      Hi, Im Liza Castillo from Cavite…ask ko lng kung tuloy ba kau sa bohol this oct 25-29…im interested na sumama sa group nyo para maavail ung cheap tour package…

  134. anne says:

    good day. i’m trying to e-mail Kuya Dododng for our Bohol Tour, any contact for Cebu tour naman po. kasi balak po namin na magside trip to Cebu for 1 day 1 night. thanks.

  135. Toni Yulo says:

    Last August 18, me and my husband went on a 3D 2N tour taking Kuya Dodong’s services.

    At first, I was skeptical as any other traveler would. It is protocol to pay 1,500 for reservation. I haven’t seen him yet but by just reading all the blogs from his past clients made me feel at ease. Don’t worry, and trust me, its a small fortune compared to what is waiting for you in Bohol.

    The entire trip was smooth and hassle free. We were the only ones in the vehicle which made it extra VIP-ish. 🙂 Everyday we had different cars and all of which were top of the line. The Drivers were very pleasant and accommodating.

    If you have any plans of going to Bohol, there’s no other person to contact but Kuya Dodong. People (inc. me) wont take the time to come back to this blog if we were not satisfied.I would definitely vouch for his guaranteed services. More power Kuya Dodong! May God bless you always and we hope to see you soon!

    and big kudos to Mark Maranga for this informative blog 🙂

    Toni Yulo

    • dred says:

      hi my hubby and i will be in bohol from sept 30 to oct 3 . hope may makasama kami to get cheaper tour package in bohol…

    • Cha says:

      Hi Mam toni.. Ask ko lang kung may contact number po kayo ni Kuya dodong.. Nakabook na kasi kami ng january 25-28.. Thank you :))

    • Toni Yulo says:

      Hello Dred,

      Below you can find Kuya Dodong’s contact details:

      Cell Phone: +63 9292742015 (Smart), +63 9166396347 (Globe)

      I suggest you try calling him first. He’s very2x busy and may take awhile to respond through emails. 🙂

      Hope you will enjoy your tour as much as we did. <3

  136. Rachel Cases says:

    Kuya Dodong,

    Thank you for giving me and my family an enjoyable stay at Bohol. Very good service, very friendly and accommodating driver/tour guide. Will be recommending your services to all my friends who wants to have a pleasant experience visiting Bohol. God Bless and hope we can visit again.

  137. vanessa says:

    do you how much is the rate for 2 adults and 2 kids under 6 yrs. old?

  138. Kuya Dodong,

    Thank you so much for the very warm accommodation with my fiance Juven last August 13-15, 2012. We enjoyed a lot.. Thank you also for sending kuya Toto for my assistance to the hospital due to my foot injury and because of it we were able to meet not only you but your whole family in your humble home in person on your birthday… (the foods? so delicious! hehe lechon lalo..) My fiance told me that he really enjoyed the tour.. thank you for making the tour the most memorable moment for us.

    God bless! Sa uulitin! Babalik po kami ulit..

    thanks din po kay kuya Elmer!

  139. Arra Moreno says:

    Thank you so much Kuya Dodong for all the assistance you & your team (KUYA TAta & KUYA JAIME- drivers) given to us durinng our stay in BOHOL last August 12-14, 2012. Even though challenging yung itenary details namin, you manage it efficiently and we ENJOYED it a lot. KUDOS to your team! God bless!

    Surely we will recommend you to our friends.

    BTW, thank you MARK for the blog.

  140. joh says:


    meron ba sa inyong may plan to go for bohol 2nd week of october?me and my bf is planning to go there…

  141. deejay says:

    cheapest and the best package tour in bohol!!!!

    pwede ninyu pong iadjust yung schedule ninyu.. inform nyu lang sila bout sa plan ninyu..
    every sms u sent, siguradong me reply agad cla..
    mapa inquiry man siyaa or anything..
    very comfortable from hotel, then sa starex, pati sa mga tour..
    very hospitable pa si kuyang tour guide/driver, c kuya allan.. 😀

    with their package, di kayo magsisi.. sulit yun pera ninyu..

  142. Mindi and Sam says:

    We had a great time with Bohol Grand Scenery Tours. Liezl was our wonderful tour guide for the Countryside tour and Kuya Dodong was very accommodating and informative for our tour of Bohol for the 2nd day. Would recommend his services to anyone- no worries- this tour operator is legitimate!

  143. crissalle says:

    thank you for this blog..

    my bf and I were planning to go to Bohol on Jan 11-13.. kaso dalawa lng kme..anyone na gusto mkijoin pra mkatipid sa package?haha

  144. Tourist driver manila says:

    Can i have the number of kuya dodong? Asap?!?

  145. Pearl24 says:

    My friends and I super enjoy our trip in Bohol last July 22-25,2012.
    Special thanks to Kuya Jaime who’s been very matiya and super haba ng pasensya sa mga lates nmin sa call time, sudden change of mind, and sa pagrequest nmin ihatid kmi sa place na pwede mkbili ng not so mahal n dinner, and sa pag-encourage nya na mag-Plunge kmi.
    I am also satisfied with the room, as the CR is very clean!

    I plan to visit Bohol again next year with my family, and will definitely will get kuya Dodong’s tour packages…

    Mejo na sad lng kmi kc hindi nmin nakita personally si Kuya Dodong.

  146. joyce g dizon says:

    thank you mr mark..
    my kids are looking forward to our cebu/bohol trip.
    it’s also a birthday treat for my son..
    this will be the first family trip for my four children and myself..
    i thank the Lord for sending angels like you…
    may God bless you and your family more each day..:)

  147. Em says:

    Sadly, we weren’t able to meet you in person, Kuya Dodong..but still, thanks so much! Thank you also to Kuya Tata and your other driver (forgot to ask his name:P) We’ve had an amazing 3d 2n stay in Bohol!

    TWO THUMBS UP FOR KUYA DODONG! We’ll surely recommend him to my other friends:)

  148. belle zuniega says:

    hi mr. mark.. i want to contact mr. dodong via text or even an email but no response. i am on a hurry of booking tour packages for tomorrow.. (hehehehe sorry for very urgent tour) this is only the free time that my visitor has and they are eager to see bohol. how can i contact mr. dodong today?

  149. Louie Rey says:

    I highly recommend Kuya Dodong’s Bohol trip package! Great accommodation and always on time! You made our Bohol adventure a wonderful experience!

  150. jaq n she says:

    kuya dodong’s package really is the cheapest among tour packages for bohol….cheap but worthwhile. very efficient with very fast response to every inquiry and concern.
    thank u to kuya louie who was our tour guide during our trip to bohol. he was very nice and a good photographer too.
    if ur looking for a cheap but sulit trip….u can all contact kuya dodong….

  151. Rhenz Villaluna says:

    Best contact person for your Bohol trip is Kuya Dodong. Very affordable rate, easy to contact and he’s very nice, as well as Kuya German. Thanks Kuya Dodong and Kuya German.

    Be sure to follow the time. When they say dolphin watching is this time, you must follow or else you’ll miss it. You’ll surely enjoy Bohol. It really is a paradise.

  152. Hana says:

    Thank you for this information! Very helpful. 🙂

    Anyone her planning to go to Bohol Sept. 17-19? Dalawa lang kami ng partner ko, masaya kung marami, at para mas makatipid din sa package price ni Kuya Dodong. 🙂

  153. Bea Kalaw says:

    Kuya Dodong provided us a very convenient planning for our Bohol trip last June 17-19. That trip was my 3rd time in Bohol but the package and destinations arranged by Kuya Dodong are far off better than the tour agency we’ve availed before. Communication is very efficient and all of his staff (Kuya Jaime and Kuya Vinzons) are always on time. His packages are very flexible, dont hesitate to ask for special requests. We enjoyed Bohol Bee Farm and Virgin Island the most! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Very affordable and we really got our money’s worth! Thank you so much Kuya Dodong, Kuya Jaime and Kuya Vinzons! 🙂

    *learned about Kuya Dodong thru this blog article, thank you so much Mark! more power to your blog! 🙂

  154. Zaymon says:

    Availed the tour first week of June, okay naman and sulit, though hindi kami nakakita ng dolphins/whales sayang.
    Tip: If umulan ng malakas the night before you scheduled for dolphin watching, better na unahin nio na ung virgin island while low tide kasi walang nakikitang dolphins pag malakas daw ulan the night before (which is what happened with our trip)
    I enjoyed the fish sanctuary. Wala naman masyadong magawa sa Virgin Is. except for that so I suggest you do it.
    Dumaluan beach is okay, katabi mo pa ang Bohol Beach Club, okay mag jog sa umaga

    All in all, the service is very good and right on the spot for the price. I didn’t expect na kami lang sakay nung van, so lalong masaya kasi solo ng family (4) namin ung tour, pati boat ride kaming 4 lang din.

    Thanks Kuya Jojo and Dodong

  155. Luvly Lovely says:

    hi guys
    we are planning to go to Bohol on Oct2-5, 2 girls lang kami…who wants to join???para mas masaya…at para mas mura ung package na makuha natin kay Kuya Dodong???

    • Mr. Engineer says:


      Me and my friend (both guys) are planning to go to Bohol as well. Can we join you? There’s a big difference in the price kasi pag more than 4… ^_^

    • joh says:

      hi guys,

      sure na ba yung travel date ninyo which is oct 2-5? me and my fiance is planning to go for a bohol tour din sana

    • joh says:

      hi is there anyone planning for a bohol trip this oct?2 lang kasi kami mas maganda kc kung marami at para na rin makatipid

  156. madelaidae says:

    Absolutely, the CHEAPEST tour package we’d seen…… Salamat kay kuya Dodong at naging maayos ang pamamasyal namin sa Bohol, though hindi namin sya nakita at thru text lang ang naging communication…. we’re also thankful to kuya German, sobrang bait nya at maasikaso sa amin… sayang di namin sya nakasama nung last day…. I highly recommend kuya Dodong’s service kung gusto nyo maging masaya pati ang wallet :)) nyo pag nagpuntang bohol…

  157. Sheena says:

    Thank you sooo much for posting this!!! I’m already on the lookout for the best blog but your blog is the beeest and mooosst helpful! Keep it up!

  158. jijie rubi says:

    i need your fast reply:-)please

  159. jijie rubi says:

    is it ok it if we are just going to rent the van,for 1 day for 6 person,
    just for sightseeing and going to anda white beach resort??
    how much would we pay for it??

    we already inquire the anda resort but its too expensive then i saw this website and it seems so interesting so im just asking if its ok,and how much would we pay for it,…

    wer planing to go to bohol,this june 6,2012

  160. cha says:

    hi guys! just went home from bohol. thanks to kuya dodong. he`s our savior. 4d/3n kami doon but super bitin pa..we really enjoyed our trip. 9pax kami at super practical ung binayaran namin sa kanya. a big thanks to him. super hassle free transaction pa sa kanya. at maganda ung hotel na binigay nya samin. didn`t regret we chose kuya dodong. very affordable at comfortable pa kayo sa trip. 🙂 God bless kuya dodong! 🙂

    • Anime says:

      hi… sabihin mo nman, mgkano binigay na price per pax sa inyo? ska sa hotel kau nag stay hndi sa resort? anung hotel and kamusta ung service and room? thankz…

  161. alex says:

    punta sana ako sa bohol on may 22, 2012, by chance i was hoping meron ako makuhang kasabay on that date, please text back pag pupunta kayu para makatipid text cell no ko 09153141171 -alex

  162. deejay says:

    hi guys..
    me and gf with her friends planned to go to bohol om june 22-24..
    anyone here want to join us so that we can have much affordable package..

    by the way, i already talked to kuya dodong via sms, the contact number above that
    mr. mark posted is still active..

  163. arleen says:

    wala ba landline kuya dodong?

  164. Anime says:

    hey guyz… may pupunta ba bohol sa inyo on aug 19-22? naka booked kasi kami ng ganung date. thankz…

    • Kram says:

      Hi Anime! My gf and I are also booked on Aug. 19-21 and we are interested in joining your group. Please e-mail me at for further discussion. Thanks.

    • Sam says:

      Me and my gf are planning to avail of a tour package as well. Kram I sent you an email regarding in case you are still looking for companions for a cheaper tour package. Thanks

  165. Luvly Lovely says:

    hi guys 🙂
    we are planning to go to Bohol on Oct2-5, 2 girls lang kami…who wants to join???para mas masaya…at para mas mura ung package na makuha natin kay Kuya Dodong???

  166. Luvly Lovely says:

    hi, my friend and i has booked a trip to Bohol on Oct2-5, 2012, may updated numbers po ba kayo ni Kuya Dodong???thanks in advance :)))

  167. encar aguilar says:

    hi mark,you are so convincing.will be in bohol this aug21-23…. kasama ko family ko ,pinsan and mga pamamgkins.8 kami…surely will get the services of mang dodong.your blog is very helpful and informative.thanks to you. mabuhay ka!!!

  168. Mirasol dela cruz says:

    We are sooo grateful and thankful to kuya dodong to have a wonderful tour in Bohol…partly im sad because i didnt see kuya dodong but kuya german as our driver/tour guide soooo accommodating and much fun in Bohol tlaga sulit tlaga kay kuya soooo satisfied of their services..i love island hopping…dolphin watching and of course the virgin island! Country side tour soooo great! Overwhelming tlga ang experience namin jan sa bohol just arrive here in General Santos City…next time kuya dodong i wanna see u kc i include kita sa iterinary hehehe… Luv u bayoyoy! Ma miss kita dito sa General Santos City!

  169. Maria says:

    Thanks, Yvete, appreciate your response.


  170. Yvette says:

    My barkada and I (5 ladies) just arrived yesterday from our trip to Bohol. It was a 4-days-3-nights-experience. We never regretted our first time in the land of Chocolate Hills. Thank you to Kuya Dodong’s Bohol Grand Scenery Tour Package. It was the ever practical package that you will enjoy because it was more than what we paid for. The tour I assure you was spontaneous in which time is the only enemy you will have. My barkada and I realized that 4 days is not enough for this tour. We have a nice service vehicle (Innova, color Red) and a very accommodating driver/tour guide in the person of Kuya Allan. Though we long to meet Kuya Dodong, due to his hectic schedule, Kuya Allan’s presence paid it all. But then again, we hope that the next time we visit Bohol, Kuya Dodong is already waiting to fetch us. God willing. Heheheh…..^_^

    Not much has been told yet but I can say that “IT’S FUN IN BOHOL, IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!”..:)

    • jing says:

      Hi Yvette,

      Ask ko lng how muct yung naging cost nyo for 4D/3N ? Ok b yung tour guide,, ndi kaba minamadali sa isang place??

      Thanks 🙂

    • Anime says:

      so yvette, sa inyo, how much per person po? thankz…

    • banesa says:

      Hi Yvette!

      Magkano ung package na binigay sa inyo ni kuya dodong? Thanks! 🙂

  171. Hannah Ramones says:

    We are thankful to the Lord for giving us an opportunity to visit the province of Bohol! We had a remarkable and one of a kind experience there. The people are very nice and kind. I am surprised knowing that all of the public vehicles must have Bible verses at the back or on its side in order to renew the what they call “prangkisa”…. Thanks to Kuya Dodong for such a cheap but great tour services! God bless Bohol! God bless the Philippines!

  172. Maria says:

    I have emailed Kuya Dodong thrice already about my query thru the email provided above. Unfortunately, he hasn’t replied to me yet.

    I hope somebody here could give another email address so I can send my query to him, as we’ll be in Bohol from 2-4 July.

    Appreciate any response.


  173. glbertz says:

    Hi guys,

    Just got home from our bohol package tour with kuya dodong… Super sulit at super bait ng mga staffs nya… He even tried to meet us in person though he have other clients. Grabe!!! Ang sarap at ang saya ng bakasyon with the help of his cheap package tour… Sana maulit pa kami…

    • Anime says:

      hi.. can i have the updated e-mail ad and cp # of kuya dodong? hndi kasi sya nagrereply. thankz…

  174. ruby says:

    kmi din august pero august 24-27 2 lng din kmi if ever meron na pupunta ng bohol ng gantong dates, willing kming makishare… thanks..

  175. Marj says:

    Hi there, We will be on Bohol on Aug 8, 2012 3 persons lng kami , kung may makakashare kami ok , para enjoy.. Gusto ko magpabook kay kuya dodong , My bago na ba cyang contact details ? Pls keep posted ….

    • Marj says:

      Hi there, me pupunta a ng august 8-10 , 2012 3d/2n . Sana my iba na nkascehdule ng month ng august with date pra marami tayo ang mkasave ng money were 3 girls lng naman. thanks….

    • kat casimiro says:

      hi marj! we’ll be there aug 8-11. 2 lng kme. pde tyo cgro sa isng van lng no, para mas tipid?

  176. ELAINE says:


    • Marj says:

      HI Elaine, August 8 , schedule namin , 3 persons kami , sana marami tau para mas cheap makuha natin kay kuya dodong … Thanks a lot ..

    • Marj says:

      Hi Ellaine,

      All 3 girls kami , nasa Bohol kami ng August 8 @ ETA 9:30 . Sana join tau pra mkamura tau kay Kuya dodong. thanks ….

  177. angie says:

    my friends and i will be going to bohol this coming 5th of april and still we dont have a guide for our trip… wanna ask kuya dodong how much would it cost for 3 persons?

    • fojie says:

      hi angie, me and my hubby are planning to go on april 5th too.. why don’t we join so we can get the cheap package of Kuya Dodong?

      please contact me… 09069599995. thanks. ^__^

  178. gel says:

    to those who are planning to go to bohol, maybe we can combine our package and get a cheaper tour. We will be in Bohol by June 22-25, 2012. We are still looking for a place where we can stay in, hopefully in front of the beach so we can just hang out even no tour is included. please contact me 0917-490-0505-gel~thank you!

  179. gel says:

    Wow,, i will contact him tomorrow morning, i will be going to bohol in June as my bday presents for my Mom,. sana maka kuha kami ng good deal kasi 7 kami kasama almost 3 years old baby. meron kaya silang isang room lang for all of us or isang bahay at tabi sa beach walking distance.

  180. mhae says:

    hi there,

    san ko b makokontact c kuya dodong? nagsend n ko ng email la p response… help me please… tnx

  181. vangie co says:

    punta kami sa bohol this coming april 3..bohol tropic kami mag-stay…gusto ko sana mag-inquire regarding sa tour.5 kami…me & my husband…2teenager and 1 girl-age 7yrs. old.for 2 days la..start april 3…dating kami bohol 12p.m

  182. Robz says:

    I didn’t know na sikat pala si Kuya Dodong dito. The best yung accomodation nila. Mabait ang guide namin. Siya din ung taga picture sa amin. ^_^
    We only stayed in bohol overnight lang pero andami naming npuntahan. =)

  183. twinkle bucks says:

    ano po ba yung latest number nih kuya dodong? and also his email.
    we’re planning to have a trip in bohol . we’re 10 . magkano kaya ang mababayaran namin ? individual bato or sa isang van nah talaga?
    we only want a tour , we dont want to rent a room. how much po ba yung sa tour only? sampu po kami. I’m waiting for ur response. ASAP !

  184. Joel Pagsuguiron says:

    Waiting for Kuya Dodong’s Email..,! Hope na ok for july 29.. 🙂
    Excited sa trip namin. lalo na kung mcocomodate kme ni kuya dodong.
    this is a very helpful blog.,! 😀

    Thanks mark! 😀

    • jing says:


      July 29 din ang trip namen…. I already contact Kuya dodong via his mobile number.

  185. merely says:

    hi Ronald im going to bohol also with my husband ds coming December .. pwede ba kami makisabay sainyo para mas makatipid tyo. dalawa lng kmi. wat date plan mo?

  186. alon says:

    hello.. hav plan to go in bohol with my hubby only in 3d 2n after holy wik sana.. anybody der na hav plan also on that sked.. psabay nlng sana para makatipid tau parepareho..

  187. Ronald H. says:

    I plan to visit Bohol this December for a vacation just for one or two days. Not sure yet if 3 or 5 person will join me….is there any package that is good for one or two days only?

  188. RonGilda says:

    Hi All,

    We availed of kuya dodong’s tour services last feb4-6, 2012. It was a great and hassle free experience.

  189. waren says:

    hi planning to have a vacation in bohol in 3d 2n with 4-5 person this april 7.pls help.

  190. BJ says:

    Hey there! If there is anyone here who intends to go in Bohol between Nov 7-12, will it be ok to share tour package with you? Thanks for this info. It will be my first time in Bohol. Solo traveler here.

  191. Ruth Barcelo says:

    hi mark,

    thanks for posting this blog… 2nd visit ko na ‘to sa Bohol, we had fun pero masyadong napamahal… sayang di ko nakita kagad etong blog mo nuon… anyways, i’ll be back in Bohol this coming June, and i’ll follow your lead kaya kunin ko na din si Kuya Dodong. =)

    Ask ko lang, if active pa rin ba yung contacts na nilagay mo dito sa blog for Kuya Dodong? hope so. kakasend ko lang ng email kanina, sana pwede pa kameng ma-accommodate. tnx.

  192. Lhen Baltazar says:

    hello..were planning to go in bohol sna..pls let me know all the vheaper info for travelling bohol..tnx.

    • Lhen Baltazar says:

      hello..were planning to go in bohol sna..pls let me know all the cheaper info for travelling bohol..tnx..wer looking forward toget schedule this coming first week of april..tnx.

  193. Sam says:

    We’re going to bohol this july 7-9. we’re just 2. Kung meron sana na pupunta din for that day. Pasabay n lng para mas cheaper. =)

    • Love LHES says:

      Hi Sam,

      My Friends and I are going to Bohol this July8-10, we’re group of 3 and will consider joining others to get a cheaper rate. Thanks 🙂

    • Sam says:

      hi love lhes, wat tym arrival nyo sa july 10? kung makakasama kc nmin kayo, mag papanglao tour muna kami ng july 9 then city tour ng july10 para kasabay namin kayo.

    • Love LHES says:

      Hi Sam,

      Actually July 8 arrival namin sa Bohol around 9am. So most probably July8 and 9 tau pwede magsabay ng tour depending on your time of departure on the 9th of July. Sayang kasi hindi pa talaga tau nagkasabay ng date.. 🙁

  194. Linda says:

    Hi Mark,
    We availed of kuya dodong’s tour services last feb4-6, 2012

  195. Jelsalvacion says:

    Thank you for sharing this to everybody.

    The contact numbers above are updated. I just called Kuya Dodong last Friday and asked for the details for the tour. He sent me an email and we deposited the said amount today. (1,500.00) Thank you so much for this advertisement.

    -Jelly Mae Salvacion

  196. San says:

    hi we’re planning to go to Bohol dis march.please help us find good accommodation and tour packages for four people.tnx!

  197. Syllaw says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for such an informative blog. It saved many travellers hassle and money. Fantastic job!

    Hi all,
    I am planning a trip to Bohol for 4d 3n, I am wondering if anyone has book amorita or amorela thru kuya dodong’s package? Roughly what would be the cost?

    Thanks in advance guys!!

  198. rajendran says:

    what a realy good comments above, but not only him in bohol that offers a good services, there are still a lot of numbers of package tours offering same price or lower, hes just the lucky one who had been blog by someone.try to search some bohol package tours or maybe youll get more cheaper and satisfaction.ilike this blog, but i will also want some guest to experience some other offering bohol tour,maybe the blogger of this site does not try some tour agency, so people try the others and compare.

    • Hi Rajendran,

      Yes, it is true that I’ve tried only Kuya Dodong’s tour company.

      I think most of the people who read this blog are intelligent enough to search for other options. The good thing about this webpage is that you can already see the excellent comments about his company and I think that’s the main reason why, after they read this blog post, they contact him.

  199. sir, i am a student po of UM in Davao, we’re planning to have our tour kasi in Bohol and Cebu… meron po ba kayong tour packages na puedeng ma-suggest for us? Thank you po…

  200. Erica says:

    hi! do you have updated number of kuya dodong? tnx!

  201. Len says:

    Hi again Rita,

    Sana pala pwede tyong magsabay para makadiscount.

  202. Len says:

    Hi Rita,

    Kami din ng boyfriend ko who happens to be an Aussie, plan to go to Bohol probably during the last week of March this year. Dalawa din lang kami. And I hope that our trip to Bohol will be a very pleasant and memorable one sa tulong ni kuya dodong. I have just sent my email a few minutes ago inquiring about the itinerary and price. Nagho-hope din ako na mabigyan ng affordable price ni Kuya Dodong.

  203. Rita says:

    hi mark,
    My friend din akong galing bohol binigay niya ung contact ni kuya dodong nung bibigay niya sakin un di ko pinansin pero nung naread ko ung blog mo naniwala na ko & naniwala ako super sana matulungan niya kami ng bf ko sa vacation namin.. Ok lang kaya un dalawa lang kami kayo kasi nung nagtour kayo dun madami kayo.. Sana makamura din kami at matulungan ni kuya dodong.. Gusto kong mapuntahan lahat ng napuntahan niyo sana maging perfect ang tour namin dun…

  204. Arvin says:

    May we know the Travel time from Tagbilaran Airport to Hotel ? thanks Arvin

  205. shyra says:

    Hello all. Thanks for the blogs. I would liek to inquire how much will cost for hotel accomodation and tour package for 2 persons on Feb 13-16, 2011. Please assist. Thank you so much. =)

  206. estvir says:

    i’ll bookmarked this site… way too helpful!!

  207. ianoid says:

    we will be travelling on feb14 to 15 to bohol. 2 lang kam. sana may makasabay kami coz we’re on a tight budget…;(

  208. peach says:

    are you also allowed to swim at panglao beach?

  209. Pearl D. says:

    Hi there,
    I just want to thank you for this site… I’ve been in touch with kuya Dodong for me and my daughters trip to Bohol this March… I was a bit hesitant since I haven’t meet kuya but when i read all these comments I’m relieved. I’ll be updating you soon after our trip.. Thank you again..

  210. Claribel says:

    Hi Mark, thank you so much for creating this site for Kuya Dodong! It is through this site that we were able to get the cheapest, yet excellent vacation package in Bohol through Kuya Dodong. We were in Bohol from Dec 30 to Jan 02, 4 days and 3 nights at a very reasonable price! We were six, my brother, my sister and her family. We stayed in Dumaluan Resort. Our only regret is that we were not able to meet Kuya Dodong in person, but he was in touched with us, making sure everything was going well. His business has expanded to 12 vehicles, if I’m not mistaken, and so he couldn’t do all the driving. Nonetheless, he gave us a driver-guide, Lito, who provided an excellent service – very professional, polite and prompt. There were no delays, hassles or incumbrances that could have spolied our vacation. It’s not surprising that a business like Kuya Dodong’s will prosper because he does not take advantage of the name he has already made for himself. He still keep superb customer service at a reasonable price. And this spreads by word of mouth from his delighted customers. Mabuhay ka, Kuya Dodong! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

    • peach says:

      meron po ba kayong recent contact number of kuya dodong?

    • ryan says:

      tanong ko lang po kung magkano ang rate nya nung tour nyo? sa dumaluan 1 or sa dumaluan 2 po ba kayo nag stay? ok po ba yung accomodation? salamat po

  211. Rela Cruz says:


    I’ve updated my blog featuring our travel in Bohol and Cebu. I’ve posted here before but I want you to see our great experience.


  212. iya ignacio says:

    our bohol experience was truly amazing and unforgettable because of kuya dodong and kuya jude.highly recommended to all bohol tour aspirants:-)

  213. laine says:

    hi. thanks for the blog. we will be there on sept, already sent email to kuya dodong, inquiring about his tour packages. hope he’ll reply to me asap. 🙂

  214. rizza says:

    tnx for this blog. me and my bf were planning to go to bohol on feb 6 2012. i already sent an email to kuya dodong.. hope he’ll reply..^.^
    any group who’ll travel on these dates? we’re willing to join para makamura tayo.. =p

    • Norma says:


      I’d like to join you for the tour. My husband and I will be in Bohol around that time (Feb. 5 to 7, 2012). Pls. let me know how we can get a good deal from Kuya Dodong. Preferably just for us (group of 4 people)


    • rizza says:

      hi.. ng-email na sakin si kuya dodong.. tinatanong lang kung we have accommodation na daw at ung time of arrival at departure.. whats’ your email address? para i can forward you the itinerary and price kapag nagreply na ulit si kuya dodong.. tnx..

  215. Rela Cruz says:

    We were at Bohol last week from Nov. 30 – Dec. 3. The experience is great! I was with my mom and four of my friends. Kuya Jude was our tour guide and driver and he was always on time, always cheerful. I love love love the whole Bohol experience. Im planning to go back! I fell in love with the place especially Panglao! I love the beach, the sand and the people.

    I posted all my pictures in FB and omg a lot of my friends are so jealous! LOL.

    For you guys who were not able to meet Kuya Dodong in person because he is such a busy person now, here’s a picture that will make you envy! I made him show up! He met us up at the airport. 🙂

    Also, Kuya Dodong and I have a deal 😉

  216. Rela Cruz says:


    Been to Bohol last Wednesday, Nov. 30-Dec.3 with my mom and four of my friends and grabbed Kuya Dodong’s tour package. Kuya Jude was our driver. The experience is just so amazing! I also requested that we meet Kuya Dodong and he did meet us up at the airport. Kuya Jude told me that Kuya Dodong seldomlu does that because of his busy schedule and he was surprised that I was able to convince him.

    Kuya Dodong is the man! I’m definitely going back there, also he and I had a deal 😉

    Here is our picture with him. 🙂

  217. Karen says:

    Hi. Thanks to your blog I found the best tour guide service in Bohol! I saw your site last August and I immediately contacted Kuya Dodong. He responded asap and even called me a lot of times, to answer all of my queries. He is a busy person because it takes24-48 hours before he responds through emails but it’s okay because you can reach him through sms and he will call you. 🙂 We booked his tour services for our vacation last Nov27-30.

    I wasn’t able to meet Kuya Dodong in person, though his tour guides/drivers were so friendly, patient and very accommodating. Kuya Allan on our first day and picked us from the airport, Kuya Hernan/Herman on the second day, Kuya Gerard on the third day (he’s Kuya Dodong’s boatman) and Kuya Jude who brought us to the airport. They’re also a good photographer, they can use any camera and they’re shots were awesome! 🙂

    Sobrang enjoy ang experience and sobrang thankful ako sayo, I was able to experience Kuya Dodong’s services. I will recommend him sa mga friends ko.

    BTW, i love reading your travel blogs, they were so helpful. We’ll be visiting Cebu this coming June2012. Sana magblog ka rin about Siargao, also Calaguas we’re planning to go there on Feb. Keep it up and more power to you! 🙂

  218. paulette eachon says:

    hi mark, thanks for your blog, it helps me a lot. Naging enjoy ang aking comeback Bohol trip together with my first timer friends. Thanks for recommending kuya dodong. Though i didn’t meet him personally, but he’s so accommodating, nag rereply everytime na mag text ako for some inquiries. Si Kuya German ang nakasama namin for a 3d/2n stay sa Bohol. KAhit napuntahan ko na ung ibang places sa Bohol it seems that parang bago din lahat sa akin. Enjoy talaga sa Bohol. Tahimik, malinis, mabait mga tao. Mura din ung package na binigay ni Kuya Dodong, food nga lang ang wala sa package. pero ok nmn kasi affordable nmn mga food sa Dumaluan Resort.
    Kay Kuya dodong and company, thanks you po sa alahat.

    Thanks again 🙂

  219. Anna says:

    Hi. It’s my family’s first time to travel all together and i really hope it would be a blast! We have already booked a flight which is on January 1st 2012… My mom asked me to find an affordable tour and voila! i found your blog! I’m psyched to meet this “Kuya Dodong.” Do you think he can reply to me as soon as possible? And do you think he can accommodate us? Kinda peak season, isn’t it? Still waiting for his reply though. I am really hoping for a memorable experience like yours!

    Well anyway, thanks for the blog! 🙂 More power to you and to your adventures! 😀

  220. gerry says:

    Good Day!

    my wife and i are planning to celebrate valentines day at bohol for 5 days..can i have kuya dong mobile number..ty

  221. ycel says:

    hello! ngtry aq mgsearch for some bohol tours and i found your blogs..just want to ask some information since i’m planning to visit bohol for the first time with my whole(large)family…just asking how much does it cost me..thanks!

  222. Toto says:

    Do you think he will accommodate one person? I gave the information of my visit there. I hope he’ll give his world class packages. Thanks for this blog and I’ll tell you everything after my visit there early January 2012.

  223. Kathy says:

    wow nice itenerary….

    if 2 pax only would it be a higher price?

  224. dory says:

    Hope that kuya dodong can help us to enjoy our very short vacation in bohol.thank you mark

  225. dory says:

    Thank you for your informative family will have a vacation this coming nov.26-28.2011. Our flight will be at 1.30 p.m. so hopefully we will arrive there at 3:00 p.m.We have only 2 days tour.Can you help us for a cheap tour package in bohol. ty

  226. michelle says:

    Hi. Kuya inquire lang po ako if there is a cheap promo package to bohol december 18-20, 2011. 3 male adult, 7 females adult with four year old girl

  227. jackie says:

    Everything turned out GREAT!!!!…. Thank you kuya dodong, kuya german and our tourist guide liezel…Panglao Island Nature Resort exceded my expectations….Balik Bohol, Balik….balik balik!!!!

  228. hi.. just want to ask how much per pax pag for 4 lng? thanks

  229. jackie says:

    Hi! Mark, thank you for your very informative BLOG…..I was browsing the internet because I’m looking for a hassle free vacation…and got hold of your blog…i have read all the comments and lists down ALL the contact numbers that you gave…after several CALLS! I’ve reached Manong Dodong….we are now in constant contact….we will be in Bohol this coming long weekend (oct 30-nov 1)..hoping everything will turn out OK!! again, THANK YOU and God bless.

    P.S. I’ve also told him that Im expecting the TEMPURA…. And his soft voice answered…I’m sorry Ma’am, I want to cook it for you but, now we are not allowed to cook inside the forest…sana in your hotel but you are booked in a Resort….can not be…. Hahahaha…ha there goes my Tempura!

  230. Cyril says:

    Thanks for the blog! I’m waiting for Kuya Dodong’s reply about my inquiry. We would like to experience the same fun and adventure you had. 🙂

  231. Jana Riza says:

    Hi! Just saw ur blog and sana mura makuha namin rates (5 pax) for our Bohol trip nxt year (March 23-26, 2012). We will contact Kuya Dodong now..Tnx!

  232. kata garcia says:

    My friends and I just had our Bohol trip last Oct. 6-8. My biggest thanks for this blog for introducing me to Kuya Dodong. Though I didn’t get to meet him personally, he called me every morning and afternoon to confirm our daily schedule. Our drivers, Kuya Germs, Mang Dodong (the second), and Kuya Lito, were all very nice, plus our boatmen Gerard and Kuya Benjie. I fell in love with Bohol because of these people. Will definitely go back! 😀

  233. fe san miguel says:

    my family and i were in bohol last oct. 4 to 5, super fun ang vacation namin thanks to kuya dodong package tour and our tour guide si kuya jude – super thanks kuya jude (super bait nya) hassle free talaga kay kuya dodong package tour siya din ang nag facilitate ng fast ferry ticket namin ng cebu-tagbilaran-cebu..

    • Maria says:

      Hi, anybody can tell me any recent quotes? Nagpaquote kasi ako for 5 pax following mark’s original iti in this blog, he quoted 4700-4900 per pax. Parang namamahalan ako, This is for 3rd week October. I still have to factor in flight costs from/to Manila. Any comment? Thanks.

  234. Cheryl says:

    Hi, does anybody know kung paano ko macontact si kuya dodong coz nag email ako sa kanya dipa cya nag reply. Ano ba ang correct numbers.

  235. Cheryl says:

    Hello kuya dodong nag email po ako sa inyo dalawang beses pero hanggang ngayon wala pa akong reply. Pina pacontact ko po kayo sa sis ko kasi di kita ma reach sa international call i just dont know kung tumawag na ba sya ngayon.

  236. venus says:

    We had our trip in Bohol last July and we really enjoyed the place and loved the people of Bohol with the help of Kuya Dodong and Co. He sees to it that there guests are well accommodated and happy with there services. If given the chance to go back to Bohol, I will surely go with Kuya Dodong’s package again c:…

    Sobrang sulit ang travel pag si Kuya Dodong ang pupuntahan. Makatarungan ang pag spend ng pera c: The best vacay so far dahil din sa tulong ni Kuya Dodong.

    Thanks Mark for sharing your experience with Kuya Dodong through this blog. Marami kang natulungang kababayan mo dahil dito c:

  237. jm says:

    sana may magpost din ng pictures sa danao adventure park….
    one of the place you’ll never regret to visit if your going to bohol.

    the plunge and suislide is the best.. try nio po. 😀

  238. ning says:

    hi mark,

    My friends and I were in Bohol last week, and we got a package from Kuya Dodong. They’re very accomodating and kind 🙂 Kuya Jude was the one who drive for us. To sum it up, I want to give you my deepest gratitude as your blog post contributed in minimizing our cost/ expense in our Bohol Trip. Thank you! 🙂

    By the way, would you happen to know any cheap package going to CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon? Thanks again!

  239. Nielsen says:

    weeee! naluha mata ko kakabasa ng comments! though i already contacted him yesterday! So far so good..I’ll give my feedback after our trip. though it will be on nov 25-27. :p

  240. jessie p. gorero says:

    pls send me best quoatations bohol package tour including round trip airfares ( MLA-TAG & vice versa) with hotel accomodation SEA FRONT for 3 days & 2 nights on DEC. 27-29, 2011 .




  241. ces says:

    hi mark! thanks for the info. i texted kuya dodong yesterday kaya lang as of now wala pa syang reply. acually matagal pa nmn yung trip namn to bohol, jun. 10- 12 pa. natakot lang ako di si kuya dodong ang makuha ko. sobrang excited na kami kahit matagal pa kasi first time namin magtravel kasama buong family. sana ma-avail namin yung tour packages ni kuya dodon.
    i will update you if ever nagchange na sya ng number para ma-update mo po yung contact number nya sa blog mo.

  242. Im planning to go back to Bohol this month and now Im browsing the web and trying to look for updates of the resorts and hotels rates. I was there 5 years ago though, and the prices were really cheap. It would be very nice if you could post updated rates of hotels and resorts there.

    Thank you!

  243. Francis Halili says:

    Panalo to!

    We just got home from a 3 day tour c/o Kuya Dodong’s services.

    Tour is from September 19-21. Sulit sobra! Ang bait ng driver (Kuya Toto) and very welcoming yung ambiance nila. YUng service, wala ka ng hahanapin pa. YUng place, hindi xa bongga pero enough para makapagpahinga ka. You would not stay naman sa room the whole day kung nagbabakasyon/tour ka diba?

    Worth spending at di kayo manghihinayang!

    Thanks Kuya Dodong! and Kuya Toto!!

  244. Gw4p1t0 says:

    Im looking for a group that will travel in bohol, between this date Oct 6-9 2011, me and my fiancee is willing to join. thanks…

  245. fe san miguel says:

    hi mark… thanks sa blog mo.. actually nakausap ko na si kuya dodong for our tour on oct. 4 – 5… kaya na eexcite na me sa tour namin.. this is my first time na mag avail ng tour package.. sana hindi me madala and i trust naman sa mga nababsa kong comment sa blog mo… can i vae your email mark? for some of my questions? if its is ok lang.. thank you so much

  246. Eds says:

    Hi Mark!

    Thank you for posting details about Kuya Dodong. Our Bohol trip was a success. Kuya Dodong assigned Kuya Jude to be our guide/driver for 2 days and we really enjoyed our tour. Every time we need/ask something, he responded immediately. Kuya Dodong is very efficient. He made our stay happy and memorable one.

    Thank you. 🙂

  247. joel says:

    yeah, kme sa oct5-oct7 ang punta dun, kso di rin namin ma-avail ung package na P3,300. 🙁

    • Elai says:

      sayang naman.. oct5-7 kau… hope we could avail his packages… I already emailed him and he gave me packages for 4pax (3980/pax) and 2pax(5920/pax). Hope someone can join us.. 🙂

    • Gw4p1t0 says:

      Hi joel, just to ask if there still a vacant in ur group for 2 person??? pls email ur Itirenary @,
      im very interested. thank you…

  248. Elai says:

    Hi, We’re planning to be in Bohol for 3days and 2 nights on Oct4-6. Can someone join us so we can avail the package of 3,300/person. It is the cheapest package I’ve seen. Just reply to this msg.. Thanks!! 🙂

  249. donat says:

    Hi. We’re planning to be in bohol for 4D 3N on Sept 29-Oct.2; Hope 2 more can join us so we can avail the P3,300.

    Thanks and God Bless!:)

  250. Mark PdL says:

    Hi Mark, good for you! We had a horrible tour guide/driver in Bohol last year. His name is Weng by the way. Beware of him he’s an idiot. He didn’t show up on our third day after we confronted him about why we it seemed like we weren’t getting what we have agreed on email and what we actually paid for and why he keep on asking us additional money if in fact we have already paid in full. His phone went unavailable and he missing. I hope dead. We were on our own on Day 3 and actually happier without him.

    Does Kuya Dodong offer Bohol day tour? I know I should ask him directly. Just trying my luck in case you know.

    BTW, I’m from Puerto Princesa. I do not know who provides the cheapest tour packages but I know a travel agency who gave us discount at least on our Underground River Tour. We got our UR Tour last February for 1200 each instead of 1500 (which is standard BTW). We were six in the group. It included the van for the whole day, boats, pack lunch, entrance and environmental fees. I suppose you could ask them for discount in other tours like Honda Bay and City Tour as well. Try googling Ellen Travel and Tours.

  251. catherine mendoza says:

    kuya dodong,gud pm. Gus2 ko po mag inquire how much po 3 days 2 nights for 2 persons? Tnx po.

  252. mheyo says:

    mas makakatipid ba kame kung mas marami kame?

  253. Julius says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for posting this details about kuya dodong. Because of your website, I contacted him via email last July 27 and he replied positively the next day. He provided me the details for my Oct 3-6 tour in Bohol, and yes, he found a beach front for us (Dumaluan1).

    I deposited P1,500 in his BPI account and he acknowledged it.

    I hope that our Bohol Tour will be as successful, as happy, and as memorable like our Puerto Princesa Tour without draining my wallet.

    More power! I shall provide feedback after the trip.


    • Julius,

      You are very much welcome. We’re going to Puerto Princesa this Dec 7-14 and until now I haven’t seen a cheap but reliable tour package/provider. Please send me the contact details of your palawan tour provider so I can contact him. Thanks! Enjoy your trip!

  254. Jgrace says:

    Thanks for the info. Because of your website we were able to avail kuya dodong`s service. Indeed he offers the cheapest Bohol Tour. We went there last Aug 17-19 and indeed we had a blast. Aside from having the cheapest services the guides are very accomodating and friendly.

  255. Dee says:

    In the good hopes of finding the “Cheap Bohol tour package”, Kuya Dodong must be the answer. Thanks Mark Maranga for putting up this blog. Anyway if there are Bohol travellers who are in to join us pack of 3 on Sep 15-17, 2011, please let me know. We want (and need) a good offer from Kuya Dodong, right? Thanks!

  256. Jane says:

    Hi i wanted to go to Bohol this January 23-25 with my husband. we want a cheap package tour. hope tatay dodong would be of help. thanks to you.

  257. cathy says:

    hello po…

    Salamat kuya sa post u sa webpage mo, super nakatulong sakin ito. kalahating araw ma me naghahanap ng cheap na tour package sa bohol pati na rin ung air fare papunta. grabe super hassle pla ang maghanap. at buti n lang di me tumigil maghanap until i found/click and read your webpage. base sa kwento u mukhang nasulit nyo iyong bayad nyo kay kuya dodong, mas nagiging excited na me sa tour namin even though next pa iyong tour namen. thanks ulit po.

  258. ning says:

    Hi sir,

    Thanks for being so nice and posting this in the web. I just emailed Kuya Dodong that I’ve read an article from you. It’s very helpful and I hope to get a good response from him. :)) We’ll also be travelling by next month.

  259. princess says:

    hello po.ask ko lng po how much package tour with accomodation 2N and 3D for 3(2adults and 1 child 5 yrs old). planning to bring my hubby n son in bohol this end of September. hope to get a response from u. thanks

  260. nicole says:

    hi mark,

    thanks for this info. kuya dodong texted me back but hasn’t replied yet to my email. anyway, i would like to ask if you have any suggestions on how to get a cheap Cebu package, just like this one cuz my friends and I are planning to have a 5-day Cebu-Bohol trip.

    thanks again! 🙂

  261. Bonne Garcia says:

    hi Mark,

    I just wanna thank you for posting about kuya dodong’s tour package. we were in bohol last aug 10-13 and availed his services because of your site. we had fun! super satisfied ako sa service nya. i was not able to meet him in person though. pero okay lahat. thanks!

    i will surely recommend him to my friends


  262. Cecile says:

    Our Bohol experience was really one of a kind despite of flight changes day berfore our tour. Thanks to kuya dodong for taking care of our trip. I thought it was just a joke when my friend told me that kuya dodong is like Charlie in Charlie’s Angels. Well it was pretty cool we finished our tour without seeing kuya dodong, only his angels “tourguide/drivers”. Amazing right? But that’s one thing i salute to this man that he’s able to establish the trust and confidence of people who wants to avail his services through phone. Very good asset kuya Dodz we call it “Goodwill” in accounting. For those who wants to avail his cheap but high quality service …..good choice guys!!! Kuya dodong will surely take care of you. Thanks kuya and til’ next visit in your very nice place!!! Hurray!

    • Cecile,

      Before, during our tour, Kuya Dodong was the tour guide and driver. After I wrote about him – because of his hospitality and other positive values – his tour business went up and decided to hire drivers/guides. Thank you for dropping by.

  263. Efa Joy says:

    Mark, thank you so much for you Bohol Blog & for those folk who left a comment. Greately appreciated! My family & I had a wonderful time with Kuya Dodong’s Bohol Tour last July 20. Kuya Dodong is real & trustworthy. He & his staff were respectful, helpful & on time with the tour. Kuay Allan was our tour guide while Kuya Dodong is always available to help. He is just a call away. We stayed in Dumaluan 1 but I like Dumaluan 2, a bit secured & the food was great! Bohol is a great place to visit & spent time with family!

    Again, thank you Mark, Kuya Dodong & staff for a safe & great time in Bohol! GOD bless you all!

  264. graze says:

    hi mark!! just want to ask hw to contact kuya dodong.. were going to bohol this nov 18-20, hw mch is kuya dodong package for 2?? tnx2..

    • Graze,

      The best way to contact Kuya Dodong is by sending him an email and texting him after your email so you can get a quick reply. His cell phone number and email address are found above.

  265. louella PC says:

    Sir Mark, juz read ds blog… reali ur God-send instrument for us! for my family’s upcoming Bohol-trip ds August — il call up Sir Dodong too, compare his tour-package w/ dat of Green Earth’s…

  266. jeanette says:

    hi mark!! thanks for this blog.. it help me alot..
    i enjoyed the tour with kuya dodong package.. its really cheap compare with other package.. i also met kuya dodok marfe..

  267. Maan Macatuay says:

    Hi Mark,

    My officemates and I are planning to visit bohol on September this year.

    Hope Kuya Dodong, can still accommodate us, despite his busyness..

    Thanks for sharing your great travel experience.

  268. Crystal says:

    Hi Mark,

    Included na ba sa rate niya yung accommodation? Thanks!

  269. Maylene says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just contacted Kuya Dodong for a quote. Thanks for the blog, medyo matagal na akong naghahanap ng contact person for a tour sa bohol. Ask ko rin kung meron ka bang marerefer na tour guide or contact person sa Cebu for our second leg of family escapade.

    Appreciate your response. Thanks!

  270. Arlh Enriquez says:

    Hi Mark!

    Thanks to your blog. Such a big help for me and my friends. We will visit Bohol also this Sept 23, 2011 and I find it really hard to search which package tour to choose over the net. Im the one in charge to settle this things during our stay in Bohol. I just emailed kuya Dodong and hopefully ill receive positive reply… sana available sya that time!

    Thanks Again.

  271. Gheff says:

    Thanks Kuya dodong for the Tour, buti nalang nakisama ang panahon last week hindi umulan. salamat din sa mga mababait na tour guides namin.

    Sa december po ulet mag pa book ako for my* family…

  272. Gheff says:

    Thanks Kuya dodong for the Tour, buti nalang nakisama ang panahon last week hindi umulan. salamat din sa mga mababait na tour guides namin.

    Sa december po ulet mag pa book ako for may family…

  273. Kath says:

    i already contacted kuya dodong how many times na even called him pero walang sagot sa email he just told me to email our schedule then i did but until now wala prin response. =( my bad for me… =(

  274. Jhun Canlas says:

    Tnx to this Blog… We just had our tour last June 17-19, 2010. Same tour package just what Kuya Dodong gave to Mark… It was fun and We had a great time during our stay at bohol,but we have no chance to mit kuya dodong last june 18, 2011 since we had our dinner at the lost horizon resort, but we’re lucky enough to taste the tempura he left for us… SO GUYS WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO A HEAD AND EMAIL KUYA DODONG.. NO DOUBT KUYA DODONG BOHOL TOUR IS THE BEST ….

  275. Kath says:

    Hi mark, Big help tlga tong blog mo.. I already contacted kuya dodong and he’s asking for the details… =) Sana lang available siya with our dates… Can I ask more question? How much kaya aabutin ang 5d4n each person, but our yung pang 5th day maaga naman alis as early as 9am so i guess wala ng magagawang activity that day? and How much yung sa tinulyan niyong hotel? until now wala pa kasi akong nakukuhang hotel for our trip eh..

    Badly need your answer.

    Thank you so much

  276. Gheff says:

    excited n kmi this June 23-25… next week na ang tour nmin with kuya dodong’s package

  277. Acia says:


    Thanks po sa blog, nag-email na po ako kay Kuya Dodong sana po magreply siya.

  278. Jean says:

    hi.. what is his contact number? thanks!

  279. trina says:

    Ask ko lang po if ok lng ba ung 17,000 for 3D/2N Bohol tour package compare sa iba? Thanks sa advice.

    • Trina,

      It’s not only OK, it’s “the best!”. You may (or may not) find other Bohol Tour Packages which are slightly smaller than this but I don’t think the “extra services” – medicines, free drive to fastfoods, etc – that Kuya Dodong offers to his guests is comparable.

  280. trina says:

    17, 000 (3D/2N package) all in all for group of 5 okay lng b yan compare sa iba? Thanks for advice.

  281. assenav says:


    We’re booked flight to Bohol this coming June 18-20. And I find this package as affordable for a group of 7.

    Can you accommodate us this coming June?

  282. Michelle says:

    Hi Mark!..:)

    I find your blog (actually your site) very helpful..Like what you said in this specific topic, it is very hard to find the right tour packages. So instead of making reservations I am asking for the opinions of ppl who have gone to bohol already. I find it difficult to book for a reservation kasi dalawa lang kami ng bf ko na ppnta sa bohol. so i figured na it will be a bit expensive unlike what you’ve had with Manong Dodong. Do you think it is wise for us to book for that kind of tour packages?or should i follow what my friend said, “marami namn dun wag na kayo magpareserve..”

    Pero mgnda kasi ung experience nyo, thorough tour of Bohol tlga. Nakakainggit..^_^ Sana we’ll have the same experience in Bohol.

    I hope you’ll find time reading my message and i hope you will be able to answer.
    Thanks a lot..:)


    • Hello Michelle,

      I agree to your friend that there are a lot of tour operators in Bohol (or you choose not to avail a tour package but still go to all the places we’ve been one by one).

      The main problem in Bohol (when we were there) -which will be your concern- is the transportation. The tourist spots are not located close to each other, unlike here in Cebu where you can see several attractions by just walking for a couple of minutes. Trust me, you will have a hard time finding jeepneys/taxis/tricycles in the rural areas. Habal2x (motorcycle for hire) may be an option but don’t forget to apply your sunblock.

      If it’s your first time in Bohol and you’re not planning to go there again anytime soon, I suggest you experience/see all the adventures and tourist spots during your visit. This way, mas sulit ang inyong plane/boat fare + accommodations. The only problem is the money. If you have enough cash, I strongly recommend that you avail a tour package. The complete package usually includes Bohol Tour, Panglao-Dauis Tour, and Island Hopping Tour at a price of P16K-P17K (higher or lower than other tour operators). You can choose not to avail any of the three tours to get a discount. There’s also Danao Tour (about 3 hours away from Tagbilaran City, I don’t know the price), if you want extreme adventures.

      If you’re confident enough you can find a tour operator in Bohol that’s cheaper than Kuya Dodong, then good luck to you – you may or may not find a cheaper one and there may be no one available. If you want to have “the best Bohol experience”, I suggest you find/reserve a tour operator ahead of time to avoid the hassles and get to all/most of the tourist spots in just one visit. Kung may babalikan kayo, yung mga new tourist attractions/adventures na, kasi tapos na kayo sa luma. Just continue searching the net for better options other than Kuya Dodong. You may be able to find a good price for the two of you.

      It’s better to go in groups, say 5-6 persons, because the price will be about P3,000-P3,500. If you really want to have a “honeymoon”, the price may be a bit high but it’s still worth it. If you need to go home 100% satisfied after your vacation, why not avail a hassle-free tour package?

      Additional: I’ve been to a lot of places already and as you can see on the sidebar of my site, I’ll be going to several other places soon. I’m a typical family man, who works at home, that doesn’t have a high salary (yet.. hahaha) but still save enough money to go to places I’ve never been in my whole life. When I travel, I always think of this quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”

      Hahahaha. Ang haba. Bagong gising lang. =)

  283. Tanne says:

    Hello. Matagal po ba talaga siya magreply? Sunday pa kasi ako nag-email and until wala pa reply and no text reply din.

    • Tanne,

      I’ve heard the telecommunication networks at Bohol are having intermittent signal because of upgrades. Please call Kuya if you want to get instant answers and reservation.

  284. kreh jimenez says:

    hi mark, i just want to clarify if that P3,300/Person (Group of 5) is per day or that’s for the 3days/2nights tour? thanks

  285. maddy says:

    hi mark, thanks for the information you provided on this site about bohol. i just want to ask how about if were a family of four but its 2 adults and 2 kids.. 1 and 5 year old. sa ibang resort kasi libre ang kids.. are they gonna be charged by kuya dodong?

    • Maddy,

      A 3 days / 2 nights stay in Bohol + Tour usually costs about 17,000 for the whole package, regardless if you are going solo or 12 (maximum number of passengers in the van). The prices differ a bit depending on the entrance fees and hotel accommodation. Just ask Kuya to give you a hotel room that’s good for 2 so you can get a discount.

      The use of the van + gasoline and outrigger boat (bangka) doesn’t matter kung ilan kayo sa group, as long as the van and bangka can accommodate all of you, so the price will still be about 17,000. You can save money if you go in large groups rather than with the four of you para mas ma-divide ang price.

      Just contact Kuya Dodong and get his advice. Enjoy!

  286. clarissa says:

    hi mark..i read your blog and got interested..tagal ko na din po kasing naghahanap ng cheap bohol tour package..i called kuya dodong and e-mailed me and my boyfriend po kasi will celebrate our anniversary there..tour date namin is june 14-16..kuya dodong gave me a package tour worth Php 10,700 for 2 persons..less ung dolphin watching and island hopping..tapos sa tierra azul yung resort accommodation namin..i want to get your advise it worth the money?

    • Clarissa,

      You can try to canvass for other options (tours provider) so you can compare and get a good price.

      Personally, I think Kuya Dodong is the best and cheapest travel/tours service provider in Bohol – he is the “biggest bang for the buck”. You may find other slightly better options but his “extras” like free tempura at the man-made forest + ready medicines and umbrella + take pictures for you + bring you to city center for your dinner, etc are the best.

      Normally the price for a 3D/2N bohol tour package including the island hopping and dolphin watching is about P16K-P17K. When we availed his services last year, he provided Tierra Azul, a hotel near the beach front, and we never encountered problems + the breakfast is free.

      The P10K/2 pax for the whole tour excluding the island hopping is well worth it. If I remembered correctly, when I was doing my research for a Bohol tour package last year, it was worth P14K/2 pax for the Bohol Tour + Panglao/Dauis Tour alone (w/o Island Hopping).

  287. pat says:

    hi guys,
    can you give me some feedback about Dumaluan Beach Resort 1? kuya dodong told me that we will stay there during our bohol tour. thanks. God bless

    • christine says:

      hi pat^_^
      im trying to contact kuya dodong pero ala nman can u pls tell me how to reach him email or new contact no. thank you so much^_^

  288. ivy says:

    nice blog mark!
    sana ma avail namin ni hubby yung cheap package ni kuya dodong sa august. willing kaming my makasama kasi dalawa lang kami ng husband ko.
    nagpadala na ako ng email kay kuya dodong, sana mgreply sya. 🙂

  289. Jon Santos says:

    Galing Sir Mark! Really appreciated you efforts. Will avail his services next month… Kudos!

  290. Rhazel A. valdez says:

    Hi, How much is your package tout for 7 adults and 1 child? I need a complete itinerary and package tour on may 11-13, 2011. Kindly send me an email the complete quotation as soon as possible. Thanks.

  291. madz says:

    hi der!.. just want to ask if pde p rn mkaavail ng cheap bohol package kht 2 persons and my husband is planning to go der dis june..please advise..tnx!..

  292. ken says:

    tnx so much for the info guys, we will be in cebu on may and are planning to visit bohol just for a day tour. hope kuya dodong will be able to acomodate us

  293. Chino says:

    Mark, this is overwhelming. Your blog is so powerful that it already convinced a lot of people, including me. ^_^

    I already emailed Kuya Dodong and I’ll be waiting for his reply.

  294. Boy Lagan says:

    Super galing! You’re convincing Mark… Naipadala ko na DP ko kay Kuya. Excited for Bohol escapade this May.

  295. Danica says:

    Hi Mark!

    Super informative nitong blog mu. Matagal na kasi kong naghahanap ng cheap bohol tour package e.. Anyway, do you have any idea kung nag ooffer din ba si kuya dodong ng transient house instead of hotels? gusto kasi naming mkatipid pa since we’re not going to stay that much in the hotel dahil sa pagttour..

    Hoping for your immediate response..
    Thanks so much.. 🙂

    • Danica,

      I don’t think so (or maybe I just don’t know because I didn’t ask about it).

      Or maybe if you ask him directly about it, it will open his mind to the idea. I agree, you won’t be staying in the hotel that much, so why not stay in a transient house? You try to suggest that and for sure many of the next guests will be happy.

  296. Marvin says:


    DTI registered ba yung agency ni Kuya Dodong?


  297. LaLLa says:

    Hi Mark! I’ve been spending sometime looking for helpful sites discussing Bohol getaway experience, since it’ll our first time going there, I’m really at a lost.

    Luckily, I stumbled upon your blogsite and you really, really, really helped me BIGTIME man!! THANKS SO MUCH and keep on being an angel to many!

    Kuya Dodong & I shall be seeing each other soon! I just hope he replies first to my email. Hehe! 😉 God bless!

  298. Bam says:

    Hi Mark. thanks for posting your blog. it’s very helpful. We’re planning a trip to Bohol next month and I’m happy that I read your blog… We’ll contact Kuya Dodong and hope he gives us the same experience that you had.
    Keep blogging about the Philippines!

    Thanks again and God Bless! 🙂

  299. Bam says:

    thanks for your info. we’re planning to go next month… we’ll try to contact Kuya Dodong (hope he gives us discount also) 🙂 I will comment again to your blog about our experience. hehe

    Thanks and God Bless! ^^,

  300. Laine says:

    hi sir mark. tnx for the infos you’ve shared to all of us.. it was really a big help for us who are planning for a bohol tour. at least less headaches for us. i already mail and txt kuya dodong and i hope he can give me a best rate.. tnx a lot and God Bless…

  301. Ochie says:

    It was through your website that I got in contact with Kuya Dodong and he made our stay in Bohol well spent. Although I haven’t had the chance to meet him, his tour guides made sure we get to see all the sites we have agreed during our 4d/3n stay. They are accommodating and punctual.

    Thank you! God bless

    • rae says:

      Hi Ochie! How much was Kuya Dodong’s rate for the 4D/3N stay? Most of the packages I’ve read here are 3D/2N so I don’t have any idea how much it costs for one additional night. Where did you stay, btw? Thanks!

  302. yaps says:

    hello po… Ask ko lang po yung P3,300 po ba yun is for the 3D /2N stay na po ba yun or per day lang po.? Thanks po… Hope mabasa nyo po ‘to.?

    • Yaps,

      Next time when you read a blog, you read it thoroughly and don’t ask questions directly unless it’s not written clearly. =)

      The P3,300 is already the price per person for a package tour of 3 days and 2 nights in Bohol and Panglao.

  303. cristy nicolas says:

    thanks for the info. it is big help. Is it included in the itinerary,the swimming time in the beach? coz my family really loves swimming a lot.

    • Cristy,

      It’s not included in the itinerary so be sure to have an extra time.

      The swimming time at Panglao depends on your own will – and time – in Bohol. The more extra time you have left, the more time for swimming. =)

  304. ariane says:

    talaga bang pinuntahan nyo lahat yun in 3 days/2 nights?

  305. chrischristian says:

    Can anyone help me about Dumaluan Resort 1? Dito kc kmi nireserved ni kuya dodong for our hotel sa tour nmin. nagcheck ako sa web about this resort puro halos negative ung feedback nila. but sbi nman ni kuya dodong okie nman ung resort dhil ma22log at magre2st lng nman kmi dun. ang gusto ko lng isure if okie ung rooms at comfortable during our stay dun. thanks sa reply nyo. 🙂

    • Reggie says:

      We had our trip last April 3 to 5. Dumaluan Resort 1 is okay naman–kung matutulog lang naman unlike other resorts na mahal. Yun food nila is cheaper compare to nearby resorts– We enjoy the stay and medyo bitin. Thanks to Kuya Dodong and our guide Kuya Herman…

  306. chrischristian says:

    Can anyone help me to about Dumaluan Resort 1? dito kc kmi pinareserved ni kuya dodong.hehe. sa mga reviews and comments from the web puro negative ung feedback nila. sbi nman ni kuya dodong okie nman dun. thanks 🙂

  307. venus says:

    Hi Mark!Thanks for sharing your experience with ‘kuya dodong’ and bohol…i’ve been longing to visit bohol that’s why my husband did not hesitate in joining the trip with our friends and we are already booked this coming month of july.This will be our first time to experience such trip that’s why we’re planning an affordable yet fun and unforgettable tour. Thanks for doing this blog for kuya dodong because it’s not just kuya you are helping but also the ‘tourists’…I’ll surely contact kuya dodong for more queries as soon as my friends will agree with me. I have shared this blog to them and hopefully I can hear a positive feedback from them.Again, thank you and more power.

  308. Grace says:

    Hi Mark! Thanks for sharing your experience in Bohol. We’ve been there last March 28 to 30, 2011. Unfortunately we were not able to meet Kuya Dodong personally. We’re not lucky enough to taste the tempura he prepared for you before. hehe…Kuya Dodong is too busy answering queries about the tour packages. But he has good and nice staffs like Kuya Herman, who have been with us for two days of tour. He’s very accomodating and “hindi mapagsamantala”… Basta all I can say, my family and I enjoyed our trip in Bohol… Thanks again. God bless.

  309. leizel says:

    Hi Mark , ask ko lang kung sa 3300 is kasama na ba yung Hotel accommodation? thanks, more power sa blog

  310. Anne says:

    Hydz, when schedule nyo? Nov. 24-26 kami..

  311. Gheff says:

    Thx to kuya dodong for the reservation… excited na kami this June

  312. Irish says:

    Hi Mark,

    Ok b ung tiera azul? rooms, foods and beach? nag reply na c kuya dodong. salamat.

  313. Hydz says:

    I have bicol tour this coming November. Syempre mas mura pag group… but we’re only 2. who wants to join =) to avail kuya dodong’s Iterinary in cheaper price. =))

  314. mirela says:

    hi Mark! came across your website, thank God! I have emailed Kuya Dodong just now and I will be waiting for his reply. Could he book us to other hotels? Lol. Tierra Azul is good I just need another one for comparison.

    Thanks a lot! 🙂 This site is awesome

  315. Leslie says:

    is kuya dodong still in service?

  316. Irish says:

    Hi gus2 ko sna magpabook kay kuya dodong, travel date namin is June 30 – July 2, 5 pax, hihinge sana ako quotation, also kung pede sa Whites and Greens Resort ung hotel. ilang beses ko na din kc sya naemail wala pa reply. tnx

  317. venus cuesta says:

    how much if duha lang ka person mu adto?

  318. ghen ruiz says:

    sir gud pm ask qlang poh kc pupunta kmi ng mga fren q on march 30 till april 1 apat lang poh kmi matagal na kming naghahanap ng cheap tour package ngaun q lang poh mkikita to..ask q lang kung magkano kami lahat at kung ung mga naka post sa taas na package yan din ung mapupuntahan?slamat poh

  319. gela says:

    Hi Mark,

    Just a few questions, we already have our travel date, and kuya dodong already give us quotations plus itineraries of the tour, its on August, i really want to know if gano katagal yung balicasag island Hopping tour? and Panglao Tour? Kung sana, kayanin kaya ng isang araw pareho yun?

    Unfortunately kase, we just have exactly 2 days and 2 nights, we will arrive at TAG city by 7AM – Friday and departs by 6AM – Sunday.

    I already give him also our preferred itineraries like on the first day after arrival, deretso na kame ng Complete Country-side Tour then after nun check in naman to enjoy panglao, then 2nd day — im having a hard time choosing between Balicasag island hopping and Panglao Tour, since kame lang dalawa ng hubby ko.

    I would really appreciate it, if you can enlighten us, or give us some points / advise, whether its Balicasag Island Hopping or Panglao Tour :). Or if kaya bang isang araw gawin yung parehong tour.

    Please please please!! Many thanks!!

  320. rj says:

    Hi there, I’m planning to visit Bohol with my friends on April 13, 2011.. Kaso 3 pa lang kami. And Mark’s right, it’s higher than 3,300.. I’m still trying to convince my other friends to come…

    Mark, please describe the accommodation.. one room lang po ba for 4-5 people? tsaka ilan po yung beds? Thanks

    • Marvin says:

      Good day!
      Me and my girlfriend would also like to go to Bohol this coming April 13. Kuya dodong already sent me a quote for 4 persons, 2 rooms. The price he gave was P5,980 per head. Is it OK if we go as a group?
      You can contact me at 09275253106

  321. Marvin says:

    This is my third time to post. Unfortunately, it seems my messages are not being approved by the moderator. I’m beginning to think this is a scam. I sent a message to kuya dodong regarding a trip for two and the package is worth P16,500. It’s like paying for 5 persons in the P3,300 per head package.

  322. Marvin says:

    Me and my girlfriend would like to visit Bohol on April 13. We need 3 more to avail the P3,300 per pax for 5 persons. Is there anyone who would like to join us?
    Thank you in advance.

  323. Panda says:

    My friend has recommended this person and she said na marami ngang positive feedback kay Kuya Dodong. Thanks for confirming this.

  324. pilar says:

    Ok. Never mind. I saw the updated contact details already. Thanks Mark for a very informative post.

  325. pilar says:

    Finally! There’s nothing like touring a city than being toured by a local. Have been looking like crazy to find a contact in Bohol. Amidst all these replies, somehow I can’t find Kuya Dodong’s number. Naduling na ako. Can you re-post again? Much thanks!

  326. Leslie says:

    Hi, mark after searching for wks now I think I found the right person to contact, thru your website. Kuya Dodong I already sent him an email for inquiries. for our May 2011 vacation in Bohol.Will make a comment later if everything works out. thanks!

  327. janina says:

    how can i be sure that kuya dodong is not a swindler? i just read the other comment, particularly paupau’s comment, that dodong didnt answer after the deposit has been done. thank you

    • Mark Maranga says:


      What more can this blog do to convince you? Comparing one not-so-negative comment to hundreds of positive comments is peculiar.

      Besides, you have thousands of options/travel companies out there which you can avail without worrying. My two cents… =)

    • Paupau says:

      Hi guys! okay na po.. sumagot na si Kuya Dodong 🙂 medyo na-late lang…

  328. chari says:

    Hi Mark.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought about” kuya dodong”, I just want to clarify if that is really the price P3,300/ per head? how if we are only three (3) persons that going to bohol in kuya dodong. Is it the same price?
    Anyway, how about the accommodation? does it include in P3,300?.

    many thanks.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The P3,300 is per head and the accommodation is already included. For a group of three, I think the price will be a little higher.

    • Marvin says:

      When will you go to bohol? My girlfriend and I are planning to visit bohol this coming April 15. I already sent a message to kuya dodong and he said that it would be 16,500 for the two of us. Is it possible if we could be a group of 5 to avail the 3,300 per head? I think we would just add a smallamount to have separate rooms. Thank you in advance!

  329. jing says:

    Hi mark,
    Thanks to your site, we already have our confirmed tour package with kuya dodong on april 7-10 for 5 adults and 1 child. Our package cost is 11,000 excluding hotel coz i’ve already book the hotel in advance.

    Just wanted to ask if how much is the fee for the swimming guide during dolphin watching? and do we really have to get a swimming guide?

    Well, am keeping my fingers crossed till the day of the tour.

    Thanks a lot. God Bless

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I don’t think a swimming guide is necessary because all you need to do during “Dolphin Watching” is watch the dolphins while you’re in your outrigger boat/s (bangka). I think the outrigger boat and the 2-3 boat crews are already included in Kuya Dodong’s package price. What’s not included are the rental of the swimming gears such as goggles and snorkels as well as the food (skyflakes @ P10/pack) for the fishes in Balicasag Island.

  330. Rolly says:

    I send a couple of text and email messages to “Kuya Dodong” he replied once but never since i never heard from him again. I guess he have move to another line of work ? At first I was trilled by the things I read at your blog but I realize that those were written last year ? as of today I still have not heard from him…. 🙁

    • Panda says:

      Hi Rolly,

      Nagreply naman xa sa amin ( Nag brown out daw sa kanila kaya di xa naka reply agad. This is the new number he gave us 09292742015. Ito iyong gamit niya din na pang reply 09212824728.

      Hope this helps

  331. gela says:

    Hi Mark,

    Im so thrilled when i read your blog, grabe sobrang reasonable nung mga prices, kala ko pinaka mura na yung P5,500 per head for 6 persons na nakita ko sa ibang travel agencies.. And yet nothing compares sa rates na binigay sau ni kua Dodong (as you guys call him).

    I already email-ed him, giving details for our target tour, and I hope magreply sya saken.
    Many many thanks to you and to this blog! Its really a great help!

  332. Paupau says:

    I contacted Kuya Dodong and he replied naman. ok na usapan namin.

    Nag-send na kami ng 1500 na down sa account niya. since then hindi na siya sumagot samin 🙁 he didnt pick up calls or answer emails :(( it’s been 4 days and hindi pa siya sumasagot! paranoid nako!!!

    bakit ganun??????

    • Paupau says:

      Hi guys! okay na po.. sumagot na si Kuya Dodong 🙂 medyo na-late lang…

    • Paupau says:

      i just went home from BOHOL!
      Kuya dodong is the best!
      si Kuya Lito ang nag tour samin pero dumaan si Kuya dodong sa beach house namin just to cook tempura and bring drinks…

  333. ann says:

    hi mark, i’ve been to bohol last march 2, 2011 and i availed the bohol countryside tour of kuya dodong, but his not our tour guide 🙁 he was replaced by kuya toto. we were not able to experience the free tempura of kuya dodong but still my mother and brother had a great time in bohol and also the beach of panglao island it’s a bit small compared to boracay.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      So sad, you didn’t get to experience the free tempura. Probably he’s now too busy attending to a lot of customers after I wrote this blog about him and his services.

      I agree, Panglao is smaller compared to Boracay. Any visitor who’s been to Boracay first will feel less attracted to Panglao. But still Panglao is a nice island/beach!

  334. juvy says:

    hello po mr. mark,

    Tanong lang po paano kung mg isa ka lang mg avail ng package? pwede po ba yon? Pinsan ko kasi pupunta ng cebu tapos gusto cya mg punta din cebu kaya lng wla siyang kasama. the same pa rin po ba yong rate?
    thanks.. please rply po ha

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Traveling alone is fine but I don’t think the rate will be the same. Just ask Kuya Dodong so you will know the price for a single person and post the price here.

  335. Bonne Garcia says:

    Hi Mark,

    Super thanks sa site mong ito… I already mailed Kuya Dodong last week and he already replied… 3300 per head, 6 pax at Dumaluan 1. Compared sa agency na muntik ko na iavail – 5800 per head at Dumaluan 2. Un lang ang difference, ung resort. Well I don’t know kung gaano mas okay ang DBR2, pero most of the time we will be out naman. So I guess this is really a good deal.

    Thanks a lot Mark! 🙂

    • chrischristian says:

      hi Bonne,

      Kailan tour nyo?thanks:) sa dumaluan 1 din kmi ni-reserved ni kuya dodong pero sa june 6-8 pa tour nmin. God bless 🙂

  336. madelene says:

    is there any way i can contact kuya dodong??

  337. Rachel says:

    Hi Mark,

    What were your most unforgettable experiences in your Bohol escapade and what activities would you suggest for me, my husband and my 3 year old son to do while in Bohol. My husband and I are both 28 years old and we both love adventure.

    Warm Regards,

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I’ve been to Bohol a couple of times already and the best part was Panglao and it’s Boracay-like beach & activities (such as jet-skiing, snorkeling, para-sailing, etc). The eat-all-you-can lunch at Loboc River while cruising was also amazing – if you can choose dinner time, I strongly suggest you choose it, it’s wonderful in the evening. Dolphin watching and feeding the fishes at Balicasag Island is also a nice activity.

      I don’t know how comfortable you are bringing your 3-yr old kid to bohol or if you have a yaya to help. But if only you, your husband and your baby are going there, for sure some of the activities can’t be enjoyed together because someone has to look and take care of the kid.

  338. Janice says:

    THank you kuya dodong for arranging our bohol trip last feb25-28..the sceneries were spectacular and we were so happy about his service!:-) We love bohol!

  339. Marie delos Reyes says:

    Hi Mark,

    How about package for two, this May 09 – 11
    Gusto ko sana itanong kung meron ba kayu and kung magkano.
    I was so trilled when I red this blog, I’ve been looking for 2months ng may magandang offer package to Bohol.
    And I hope you can help me.
    I would be my first trip outside Luzon kya sana gusto ko maging special ito and I will be celebrating my BDay doon.
    I also mailed Kuya Dodong yong info sa taas.waiting for response n rin ako.,

    Hoping and thanks
    Marie delos Reyes

  340. ac says:

    hi sir mark,! i wud like to ask if there is any discounts for us students we are about 50 students hu wud like to have a tour with our teacher….

  341. anchari clay rebuyon says:

    sir mark,

    im a student from DMC college foundation here in dipolog city..our teacher would like to have a tour in bohol and i found out that this site give affordable package for us student.
    i would like to ask if we can have discounts?..we are 50 students from our school…

    and wud u pls pm me at my facebook account? thank you so much sir.

  342. gina says:

    hi mark..u really made my day!..when i went across this blog of urs…been searching thru the net for cheap bohol tour package for 3 days but i can not decide from w/c to choose..siempre as a mom budget is also one of my considerations…i’ll try to email kuya dodong..we plan to go to bohol by end of apr or may. how much did u pay for the family room for ur 3 day stay in tierra azul?

    mom gina

  343. chrischristian says:

    can anyone help me about dumaluan resort 1? kuya dodong told me na okie nman daw dun, kaso halos ng review nabasa ko sa about sa resort na un puro negative. sabi ko na lng kay kuya dodong i trust him about that kc nkapagpareserved na daw sya. bka meron jan nakapunta sa dumaluan resort 1 po. salamat ng madami 🙂

  344. Mark says:

    Two thumbs up for kuya Dodong’s service. Though we have not seen him in person. Thanks mark for this blog. It helps a lot 🙂

  345. anne says:

    hi mark,

    i have already booked our Bohol trip ( March 30 – April 1) with Kuya dodong. Thanks to you. 🙂

    btw, do u have any contacts for Palawan tour? I need another “Kuya dodong” for this trip.

  346. Jester Edquilag says:

    sir mark are you a close friend of sir dodong? hihi nagkakatrangkaso nako kakahanap ng booking accomodations sa bohol sir… badly nid ko talaga ang help gaya ni kuya dodong especially when budget conscious. already emailed him regarding my iteneraries and plans. i’m just hoping he could help me assess my problem… looking for for sir dodongs services… thanks

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I met Kuya Dodong during our visit in Bohol. He was the one who toured us around the beautiful islands of Bohol and Panglao. I wrote about him because he has good services and the price is well worth it.

  347. Paupau says:

    Hi Mark,

    So the 3,300 per person is per day right?

  348. star says:

    hello mark,

    nag email na ako kay kuya dodong and gave him the dates we wanted to visit bohol sana, pero sabi nya 200% higher daw during april 3rd week dahil holy week, so i told him hw about last week of march, fully booked na rin daw..he advised me to pick may, a bit higher din daw but not as high as april…now i am confused…can’t decide on w/c month either 🙁


  349. erlin says:

    hi mark,
    till now la pa din reply si kuya dodong…need ko na confirmation sana niya…tinawagan ko naman siya at nag email din me sa kanaya…hay sana magrply siya…anu sa palagay mo mark…baka ayaw niya ng dalawa lang kame..wag naman sana…isana magreply siya…

  350. yd balderama says:

    hi mark, i just read your blog about bohol and kuya dodong. ask ko lang kung ok lang sa kanya ang day tour? thanks!

  351. erlin says:


  352. erlin says:

    thanks dito sa site mo na amaze ako…at nagsend na ako email kay kuaya dodong..nakausap ko na din siya…only now an a ahour ago…hopefully me reply na siya bukas kase hahanapan daw niya ako ng accomodation pax of 2…we are planning to go to bohol on april 15 til 18 thats why i contacted him as early as i can ..because as u said kuya dodong is really good..

  353. cammcute2002 says:

    hi mark! thanks for your blog.. we already contacted kuya dodong. and he did reply.. my cousins and I are hoping to have a great adventure in Bohol with kuya Dodong. =)

  354. krisnaangelica says:

    hi mark, nagulat ako sa cheap bohol package that you’ve posted. Talagang hindi scammer si “Kuya Dodong”? Ang mahal kasi nung package na nakita ko.

  355. lira says:


    Inquiry lang.. i’ll be bringing my mother kc.. she’s 60yr old..
    ok lng kya ang Bohol country side tour as part of our Itinerary?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Yes it’s fine to bring a 60 year old as long as she is healthy (considering her age). I think her only problem will be going to the “viewing” chocolate hill because of the long steep stairs.

  356. glennice says:

    hi we are planning to go there in bohol for our honeymoon how much we will spend for the two of us?tnx

  357. aileen says:

    Thanks for this informative blog… tamang tama i just booked our bohol trip on june with my family… sakto tlaga yippeee…will email kuya dodong now na… 🙂

  358. chrischristian says:

    Thanks obz for the comment about Dumaluan 1. I’ll go for it.hehe. Thanks. God bless 🙂

    • obz says:

      hi chris,

      done with your reservation in Dumaluan 1?

    • obz says:

      hi chris,

      done na with the reservation sa dumaluan 1? hope di pa huli…. just learned na meron pala Dumaluan 1 and 2. Sa Dumaluan 2 kami nag-stay ung with pool.

  359. chrischristian says:

    Mark, may pictures ka ba ng TIERRA AZUL RESORT?thanks

  360. Edje says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for blogging about Kuya Dodong and your Bohol Trip. Two thumbs up for the very informative read! 🙂 I emailed him and hope he’ll reply soon. I’m planning a family trip with little kids this June and I hope the weather cooperates so the little ones can enjoy the beach.


    • gel says:

      hi there, when in June are you guys going to bohol? maybe we can just combine and get a cheaper tour. we will be in bohol bu June 22-25, 2012.

  361. obz says:

    Hello Mark,

    Your blog is really helpful to travellers who would like to enjoy their trip without over spending. So glad to have found the perfect package for our trip to Cebu-Bohol this March 25-28. I have contacted kuya Dodong and deposited 1.5k in his account. Now, will just wait for the day that our group will experience the world class service of Kuya Dodong. 🙂

    Thanks Mark for the help. God bless 🙂

    • krisnaangelica says:

      hi obz, pwede patingin ng pictures nyo sa bohol with kuya dodong when you go there this coming march? hehe! just want to make sure. I really really want to go to bohol, and eto na ung cheapest price na nakita ko. please please please. 🙂 my friends and i are planning to go there this may. and please advise me kung san resort maganda mag-stay. i very much appreciate your help, and of course maraming thank you na din kay mark for posting his blog. 😀

    • obz says:

      hello kris, sure 🙂

    • obz says:

      hello kris, do you still need the photos??? if yes, let me know how can i share it with you. 🙂

  362. jojie says:

    hi Mark, we planning bohol tour on april after my wife arrive from singapore, i ask we are 5 in the me family me my wafe including my 3 kids ages 2,7 and 10 y/o the pakages tour is the same 3,300 per head? reply plz.

  363. star lopez says:

    hi mark,

    it’s me again..i read your blog and noticed u said “we have to pay for our swimming gadget” and food on the island for dolphin watching…can you remember how much did you pay for them?
    i am planning to visit bohol this april..about 3 adults plus one child..your info will be most helpful. thnks.


  364. chrischristian says:

    hi mark,
    Ask ko lng if ok sa dumaluan 1 resort (if my idea ka about dun)? un kc ung resort na ibinigay skin ni kuya dodong. I think ok nman un basta si kuya dodong ung nagrecommend. Sabi nya sa email nya pag family vacation daw un ang recommend nya, kso my nababasa ako sa mga forum about sa review nila about sa dumaluan resort, mdyo puro negative about the service and rooms but ung place ok daw dhil beach front. Thanks sa reply.Thanks sa blog na gngawa mo. God bless bro 🙂

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I don’t have any idea about Dumaluan resort. I don’t even know that Kuya Dodong provides Dumaluan for bigger groups. Try nyo nalang then mag post ka ng review after your vacation. Or better yet, ask Kuya for more options.

    • obz says:

      hello chrischristian!

      been in dumaluan for our company outing years back…. the rooms nman is clean, comfy and safe. 🙂

    • obz says:

      i mean rooms are good nman ‘coz i’ve seen other rooms in dumaluan aside from the room where i stayed and they are all good to me. 🙂 hope it will help you in deciding where to stay in BOhol. Happy trip!!!!! 🙂

  365. Pam says:

    Hi Mark, Thank you for posting this information and we are looking forward for our bohol trip this coming May. I already emailed and texted Kuya Dodong just waiting for his reply. May I ask if you can recommend other places to visit aside from bohol coz we are planning to visit as much places as possible just that there are so many and we need some help on where to go next after Bohol. Looking forward for your reply.


    • Mark Maranga says:


      Hopefully the weather will be fine and you will enjoy your trip.

      I suggest Camiguin, Boracay, Palawan & Cebu. Check my Camiguin and Boracay posts for the adventures and tourist spots you will see and enjoy in those awesome places. I have only one post for Palawan as of the moment but I’m sure it will be worth the visit. I will be there later this year to experience the magnificent place and blog about it.

      Cebu, my hometown, is a nice option too – for its history and adventures. I have a lot more blog posts regarding Cebu to add soon.

  366. bukidmd says:

    mark, thanx for posting this. looking forward to our bohol trip this, i name dropped you, he instantly acknowledged, sana sya maging guide namin

  367. EThel says:

    Hello Mark, Thank you so much for this info about cheapest package tour to Bohol as well as your wonderful experience with kuya Dodong’s help and service. We have booked our flight for August this year to Tagbilaran City and I have e mailed Kuya Dodong already for us to avail his package tour.I am just awaitjng for His reply.I have heard about Sea coral resort in Bohol which is also by the beach but maybe Tierra Azul Resort is okay from what I have read on this blog..This will be our time to visit Bohol and We would like to enjoy it to the fullest..

    Thank you and Godbless!


  368. Monika says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am so amazed with your blog about “Kuya Dodong” Tour packages. Me and my friends will be going to bohol this july and our number option is kuya dodong’s tour package. Halatang halata na nag enjoy kayo sa piling ni kuya dodong..

    Thanks a lot!

  369. gyprox_oxygen says:

    hi sir mark..

    ngemail na ako ky kuya dodong but until nw wla pa rply, 2 days na ang nkalipas..
    may package ba si kuya dodong na bohol tour with airfare?

    tnx sa blog sir mark it helps a lot..

  370. luckystar says:

    hi mark,
    thanks for the blog..just want to know if we are booked at tierra azul resort, according to the cheap package dodong offered, only breakfast was included and the free lunch at loboc (3d 2n package)
    what about the other meals, where do you eat? can you give me an idea how much will the meal cost? thanks .


    • Mark Maranga says:


      You can request (for free) Kuya Dodong (or any assigned driver) to bring you to nearby restaurants or fastfoods such as Jolibee or Mcdonalds – I think you already know the price range. They also know a lot of other restaurants that offer sumptuous meals that are budget friendly – barbeque, pinoy foods, etc…

  371. maricel duque says:

    we will be visiting bohol this summer…thanks for the info…

  372. maricel duque says:

    thanks to u & to ur blog…such a great help…

  373. Pauline says:

    hi! does he have a package for 2D AND 1N lng? thanks

  374. marlyn says:

    hi mark can you tell me how to contact kuya dodong ? we are group of three my daughter and her yaya we already booked our flights april 5 to 7 via zest air actually i make reservation on island accomodation booking online service but we cancelled please let me know how to contact kuya dodong and how is the arrangement from our arrival from the airport thanks for sharing your stories and make me feel to have kuya dodong to be with in our trip to bohol many thanks im just hoping i can bargain the package tour like yours

  375. Iedz says:

    and may mga bar po ba w/in the vicinity?

    Thanks! 🙂

  376. Iedz says:

    beach front? and malinis ba yung beach?

  377. Iedz says:

    Hey Mark,

    Ok ba sa Tiera Azul?

    Thanks 🙂

  378. nep says:

    hi my family and i are planning to have vacation in bohol, hoping to have budget friendly package… we are 7 in the trip 2 kids and 5 adults… id prefer cebu-tagbilaran fast craft coz i have kids… hope you could email me the details… im planning firstweek of feb…

  379. Anna says:

    Hi! I’m having headache for the past few days and I’m wondering if Kuya Dodong could help. We are planning to go Bohol on March 7-9 for two persons and we are looking for accommodation and tour package. Hope some could suggest a good tour package that is budget friendly. Thanks

    • jhil says:

      pwede po ba sumabay sa tour nyo? ako lng po kc nag but my flight to cebu sa mArch 8 pa, I’ll be in Cebu at around 8am,then to bohol… my expected time of arrival to tagbilaran is around noon of march 8.. tnx

  380. jing says:

    Hi, Mark i’ve been following your blog about kuya dodong for a couple of days already and like the others also trying to find the best deal. I have decided to avail of kuya dodong’s services. Do you have any idea or any readers from this site about the Harmony Hotel in Panglao? Is the accommodation any good? because my family 3 adults and 2 kids has a reservation there already this coming April 7.

    Thanks in advance

  381. benrai says:

    tnx so much for this blog!!! it really helped us a lot to make our bohol trip so enjoyable (ofcourse,not to mention our little budget ^-^ ) easy on the pocket,and yet,so jam-packed for tours.we must say that dealing with kuya dodong is two thumbs up! he will definitely help you to maximize your stay. tnx so much to kuya dodong (for free tempura and budgeted tour) and to his drivers kuya toto & kuya dodok, and to mark for this blog! :))

    @ms.cathy:we have read from this blog also about kuya dodong,and at first,i must admit,i have doubts about this.but kuya dodong replied thru our email fast and his package seems affordable than others with many spots to tour.he required us a deposit for room accomodation.i just have my fingers crossed until jan14(our first day of tour) and gladly,one of kuya dodong drivers came. he is very trustworthy.thats y i am so eager to post a comment here,for those like us who have doubts about this blog.because ive been also looking for some comment that they have met kuya dodong. we had our tour last jan14-16. and kuya dodong cooked also a tempura for us :))

    God Bless and many thanks again to mark & kuya dodong :))

  382. Michelle dela Cruz says:

    HI Mark, You just gave me a headache-free morning. I’m so glad I clicked on your website first. I’m in search of the best bohol trip and I think I found it 🙂

    We’ll be in Cebu ( husband and daughter ) from June 28-July and we would love to experience Bohol too since we’re just a ferryride away..

    Do you think Kuya Dodong can also do this tour in 2 days 1 night? We’re thinking of staying at Amarela Resort, would it be cheaper if he books it for us?

    Thank you so much Mark!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Yes, Kuya Dodong can give you options (ex: bohol-panglao or bohol-danao) on your 2D/1N stay in Bohol. It’s better if you contact him directly for more information.

      I think it’s OK if you choose Amarela Resort and book it yourself – to be sure. But if you need assistance, Kuya Dodong can help you book the resort without any additional cost. Just don’t hesitate to contact him and he’ll give you additional tips.

  383. Cathy says:

    Hi mark. I’ve read so much from those who said here that they’ll have a vacation in bohol and contact kuya dodong. Well, did you, readers, really push through with it? It’s pretty heart-warming to read the comments and words for his trustworthiness but is there a guarantee that kuya dodong is not a scam? Could anyone who had read this blogsite and really availed the tour with kuya dodong attest that it’s ok to relax and hand over your money to him?

  384. Cherry says:

    Hi Sir…i will like to know the quotations on how much are we going to spent, we are in a class, 14 persons all in all. can we go to danao bohol for some adventure? We are planning to have our tour this coming last week of March. thanks! God bless

  385. sheng says:

    this is very informative! i have sent queries to Kuya Dodong already and we’re exchanging emails about our Bohol trip in Feb. I just want to know where did you dine for breakfast – I have read that Tiera Azul do not serve one. Super thanks and nice job for the blog!

  386. Shiela says:

    Thanks, Mr. Mark.

    We contacted Kuya Dodong prior to our Bohol Trip. He was able to accomodate our requests pero hindi nga lang sya yung nag guide sa amin (si Kuya Dodok) because he was busy at the time. All in all, it was very satisfying and hassle-free. Sulit na sulit.

    Panglao is very nice and thumbs up ako sa tour namin.

  387. Lina Alarte says:

    thank you Mr. Mark for the info…My family would like to visit Bohol this March…I really appreciate you for this help….God bless…Will contact Mr. Dodong…

  388. Mers says:

    hi mark,

    Thank you for the info ’bout your bohol tour. Me and my friends planning to visit Bohol on February. namomoblema kasi kami kung anong kalakaran doon. But,Thank GOD! i read your blog.So, i got an idea from you where we stay in bohol. And i think,maybe we follow your itinerary. I’ve emailed kuya dodong na to inquire the rate of his bohol tour package.

    thank you for sharing & god bless always!

  389. marnelli says:

    hi mark! I will count on this post that this is really true. Seeing ur itinerary, I am so excited. We have a flight booked this Feb. I just called Kuya Dodong awhile ago,and he asked me to send him an email for my other inquiries. And so he can send us the itinerary and he will have a record as well if we will go on the package or not. I also asked him if the price he offered to your group is still the same. And he said “YES”. Super duper excited. Thanks for the info.

    By the way, do you know any CHEAP CEBU TOUR Package?Hehe I wll appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      You are very much welcome! Hopefully you will share my website to your friends and families.

      For your Cebu Tour, I personally recommend Green Earth Travel & Tours (c/o Mr. Tony Araneta, the owners). You can check their website at I don’t know if they offer a cheap price compared to the other tours company in Cebu but I think the prices are competitive. You can contact him directly for more information and advice.

  390. URBANO says:

    Thanks for the info about your Bohol trip and about Kuya Dodong. My wife and I with some friends want to go to Bohol, too, this May. What days do you think are best for the Month of May to go there? About the accomodation, did you guys got one family room or separate ones? And do you have any tips? like what we should bring with us, what we should have, etc… Thank you for your time ^.^

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The days of April-May are the most pleasant time of the year to stay in Bohol because it’s summer and there’s less chances you’ll experience rain.. I don’t have any specific days but I think it’s better you go there on weekdays (Mon-Fri) to avoid the large crowd in most of the tourist spots.

      We’re in one big family room but you can try asking Kuya Dodong about other options such as separate rooms and if there are changes in prices.

      Be sure not to leave your garments outside the room. Most of the resorts are open to anyone and most of the security guards sleep during the night (which should’t be). My bro, who went there last year on a separate trip, lost a newly bought cargo shorts priced at P1k+. The problem was not the amount, the problem was he only brought 1 shorts.

      Bring small towels for sweat, some cold drinks/water and snacks. Don’t ride Kuya Dodong’s van if you came from direct sunlight to avoid headaches. And don’t forget to ask for guidance from above. Good luck!

  391. Pao says:

    Ang ganda ng sinulat mo dito sa blog mo. Me and my friends are also planning on visiting Bohol this 2011. Tanong ko lang, what month kayo nagpunta? Did you saw dolphins during your dolphin watching?

  392. Chloe says:

    Hello there….

    Me and my son are planning to visit Bohol on January 3rd, we want to know which hotel did you stay so we could check it online? And of course…as you have mentioned here…( Kuya Dodong) we want to experience his world class service!!! A salute for Mark for sharing this to everybody!!!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I think you missed reading “Tierra Azul Resort” as our accommodation. I don’t think you can find a lot of information about it on the web and they don’t have their own website yet. I suggest you contact Kuya Dodong and ask him for other options. If you want a higher-end hotel, he can easily give you more details as he is living in Bohol.

      Thank you and hopefully you will share my blog to your friends and families.

  393. lenden says:

    i am hoping if im going to email kuya dodong im planning to have my honeymoon next year on bohol with my fiancee. june 2011

  394. Jean says:

    Hi princess culala! We are going to have our city tour on dec3 and sea tour on dec 4? If you want, you can just join us so we can lower the expenses! =))

  395. princess culala says:

    hello kuya dodong! I will be staying in metro centre hotel in bohol together with my husband. can u still cater us to be our tour guide in bohol. will be there on dec. 1-4. arriving at 10:00 am and departure @ 3:05 pm on dec. 4. Hoping for your response

  396. chachi says:

    hi, im also waiting for quite a long time on kuya dodong’s email but he is not responding. i tried to call him many times but he had so many reasons. well, i guess he really have a very busy schedule… anyways, i hope you can help me how to contact tierra azul resort. im thinking of staying at the same place perhaps you can give me the contact number. thank you.

  397. cherryl says:

    Hi! i enjoyed reading your blog., 😀 I just wanna ask., how much po nagastos nio individually for this trip?? bigay ka nman ng range.., 🙂 ty

  398. Carlo says:

    Hi Sir Mark,

    I would like to know you thoughts regarding the beach front of Tierra Azul, compared to other beach resorts (eg. Dumaluan)


  399. Jeremy says:

    mapagkakatiwalan po ba yung contact nyo?bukas na po yung scheduled trip namin sa bohol, yung binigay nilang # thru email( hindi macontact -09212824728
    We hope yo overcome our paranoia the way you did.

  400. mrleereyes says:

    like! like! like! like! like! just reading on, i was able to answer all my inquiries!

  401. che says:

    hi, i’d like to confirm the cp# of tatay/kuya dodong.. we’re planning on going to bohol nxt week..

    thank you!

  402. Shirley says:

    I’ve emailed kuya dodong to inquire the rates of his bohol packages, it’s been more than 2 weeks but I haven’t heard from him since, I’m really interested to avail of his tour services but I hope he’ll respond soon as we’re scheduled to go there by dec 10, will try to contact him through his mobile no. tomorrow, just wish he’d answer his phone. 🙁

  403. zaira mae tayco says:

    eureka!!! finally, i found a very great deal on our bohol trip! we’l be in bohol on mar9-11. and i’l surely contact kuya dodong as early as now. its always my dream of goin to bohol. i already have my plane ticket so im very very excited!! =)


    Please quote me for 3 persons Nov. 27-29 same itenerary as above. My contact number 09173686482

  405. Penz says:

    Thanks for this blog! 🙂

  406. Alfonz says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is really helpful. Thanks for posting. Do you have any idea if Kuya Dodong also offer package just for one (1) day tour? We will be in Cebu on Jan. 27, 2011 next year and we are planning to visit bohol the next day by ferry and leaving on the same day back to cebu.


    • Mark Maranga says:


      Kuya Dodong offers a one day tour which I believe is more affordable because you will no longer stay in a hotel.

      Your option would be to choose the Bohol Tour or Panglao Tour.

      Just contact him directly for more information.

  407. emil says:

    hi mark, we are planning to go to bohol feb. next year, were 6 in a group, with oldies. can you suggest a reasonable resort, beach front, alona beach. and where to dine. i will also contact kuya dodong , i hope he can help us aswell
    thanks for your site, it really helps.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Kuya Dodong can suggest better than me because he is from Bohol – a “boholanong lumad”. Tierra Azul is a nice resort which is near the beach front and there are other options as well which only Kuya Dodong and other boholanos can best suggest for you.

      The problem with Tierra Azul is that it is open to passersby – in the beach front area – and the guard is only staying at the road side entrance. When my relatives availed Kuya Dodong’s Cheap Package a couple of weeks ago, they lost a 1500+ worth shorts and Manjaru slippers left/hanged outside the room. Hahahahah.. It was funny because the problem was not the amount/worth of the item but the usefulness of the shorts during that time.

      When we stayed there during our visit we had no problems and the free breakfast – eating at the terrace – was fine and relaxing. Just don’t leave your items outside the room. Be sure to book ahead of time because I know Kuya Dodong is already getting a lot of customers because of this blog.

  408. Candy says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great offer! I just sent him an email… hope to get a feedback from him soonest! More power to people like you… and to Dodong as well 🙂

  409. Honey94 says:

    Hi Sir, does Kuya Dodong accomodate solo traveler like me too? I use to travel alone kasi then oftentimes nag jo-join ako sa other tourist / group. Mas na eenjoy ko kasi yun ganun, I met different people in different places. Gusto ko sanang mag explore sa Bohol ng hindi masyadong makakabutas ng bulsa. Anyway, thanks for the post bout your Bohol Escapade!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Yes, I think he accommodates solo travelers. Just don’t hesitate to contact him directly and also ask if he can add you to a certain group or tour you around using a smaller vehicle and not the van.

    • solotraveler says:

      Hi Honey94, were you able to booked for a solo adventure? I wonder how much that would cost..

  410. Rio May Torralba says:

    Hi Mark!
    Thank you so much for posting this blog. This is truly helpful. I emailed Kuya Dodong, hopefully he will answer my email soon because we are planning to go to Bohol on Oct 30-Nov1, 2010. Thanks again for this info. This is an answered prayer for me. Sa totoo lang ang hirap maghanap ng presyong budget-friendly sa panahon ngayon, madalas may hidden charges ang mga travel agency.

  411. Noemie Lumbang says:

    thanks for this info :)..

  412. lai says:

    thanks mark for this information. me and my family and some friends will be going to bohol on december and have to search for cheap tour packages to save some money. anyway, i already email kuya dodong and hoping to receive his reply soon. 🙂

  413. abby says:

    uhm, how long is the travel from manila to tagbilaran?
    i’m planning to contact kuya dodong for our family trip. but my mom is asking me on how long is the travel from here to tagbilaran.


  414. river says:

    hi, this is a nice blog…we are planning to go to bohol this end of october and i just want to know if the 3,300 per person really includes hotel accomodation plus tour package for 3D/2N? I presume this is a really good deal, considering the price. did you choose your hotel for that price? A friend of ours suggested the Bee farm resort, this is our first time in bohol, you think tierra azul is a better option?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Tierra Azul is included in that package. It is a mid-range accommodation which is why Kuya Dodong gave us that price. If you choose high-end accommodations such as Bohol Bee Farm, the price will be higher for your group. But if you are many in the group, you can choose Bohol Bee Farm and just divide the price among the group. Just ask Kuya Dodong directly and he will give you his inputs.

  415. patrick jay says:

    im planning to celebrate our wedding anniv by going to bohol
    hindi pa kasama un plane fares right?
    sencia na this would be my first time doing this
    how much pamasahe papuntang bohol?
    pano bumili ng ticket, pupunta na lang ba sa airport to get an available flight to bohol?
    thanks, i appreciate any feedback

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Patrick Jay,

      The price we availed does not include the plane fares.

      I think there is a Manila-Tagbilaran direct flight. Just check for the latest promotions on advance booking. But if your wedding anniversary is coming very soon, just avail the normal plane fare at about 1500-2500 per person for 1 way depending on the time of flight. You can book online at and

  416. Feneth says:

    sir mark, thanx for this useful and very helpful website.. me and my boyfriend our planning to have a tour at bohol and danao, and we r looking for a cheaper packages because we r only two individual. hopfully kuya dodong will grant our wish.. we are planning to go there by december 1… its our first time and hopfully it will be fun..^^, thank you..:)

  417. Rosemary Cruz says:

    I just arrived home from my trip to Bohol and Cebu. I and my friend were very glad that we made the right decision by choosing the service of Kuya Dodong. For our 1st day in Bohol it was Kuya Jojo (brother of Kuya Dodong) who fetched us from the airport. He was soft-spoken, very nice and would really offer everything. We asked him were can we buy tickets since we’re planning to hop to Cebu then he volunteered to be the one to book for us. We met Kuya Dodong that night and discussed our plan of going to Cebu. He made the reservations and all we have to do is worry for nothing but only relax and enjoy. No other travel agency can give you everything you need. Kuya Dodong & Kuya Jojo made our stay very memorable, enjoyable and yet affordable. Two thumbs up for Kuya Dodong and Kuya Jojo.

  418. ravy says:

    how can i reach kuya dodong?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      The updated number of Kuya Dodong is 09292742015. I have also updated the blog so others can contact him through this new cell number. The email is still the same and you can also drop him an email for further inquiries about his Cheap Tour Package.

  419. Shiela says:

    How much would it cost (kaya) for just 1 day tour for 2

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I don’t have any idea, I am not connected with him or his travel company. The best thing you can do to avail the cheap bohol travel package is contact him directly through landline or email.

  420. Sunshine says:

    I just want to ask why when my friend was calling the contact no. of kuya dodong he speak tagalog so fluently than his reply in english through my email. He can’t give tour package price over the phone? What guarantee can I have that I will deposit the DP to the right person? Hoping for your understanding of my hesitations.

    • Mark Maranga says:


      You’re comparing English, a foreign language and Filipino/Tagalog, a national language. Of course, it would be easier for Kuya Dodong to converse in Tagalog than in English.

      I think he can (and he will) give you the price over the phone but if he chooses to send it through email, maybe he wants you to have a detailed list of all the tourist attractions you will visit – depending on the number of days you will stay in bohol.

      I can’t guarantee about your deposit because I am in no way connected with him. I just made this blog because I (or we) was (were) happy with his service. I know your hesitations, it’s similar to mine… But if you see Kuya Dodong, you will know he is trustworthy.

  421. Sharon says:

    Hi Mark,

    What are the good points sa hotel/resort? What are the not so good points?

    Safe ba yung resort?

    • Mark Maranga says:


      Tierra Azul has friendly and accommodating staffs and 24-hour security. It is seconds away from the beach and they cook good food. There are two gates – the front gate is where the vehicles pass, the back gate is going to the beach. The bad part is that there is no gate when accessing the beach, which means anyone can get inside (but I think this is also the case in most resorts). The guard on-duty and staff always see to it that non-guests are not allowed. The room is safe and the locks and windows are good.

      Just ask Kuya Dodong where/what is the accommodation included in your package tour and ask him more information.

  422. Cecilia says:


    Do you think that he can provide a cheap price for the tour even if it is just for 2 persons?


    • Mark Maranga says:

      Hi Cecilia,

      Yes. I think he offers a more affordable Bohol Tour Package FOR 2 compared to others. Just don’t hesitate to contact him through his cell phone or email and you’ll get his price.

  423. chris says:

    Thanks Mark for the site … It helps us to meet kuya dodong , Kuya tino and kuya jojo … their the best when you visit bohol.. been there Sept 7-9 … we had a great time … Thanks!!!

  424. Nina says:

    Mark thanks for the infos and nice of you to do this for Tatay Dodong..

    I’ll contact him for our Dec 2010 vacation..

    • Mark Maranga says:


      You’re welcome. We were happy with his services and his Cheap Bohol Tour Package so he gets this free advertisement from me. I think Kuya Dodong has been getting a lot of reservations after I featured him on this website so be sure to contact him ahead of schedule.

  425. junalyn de guzaman says:

    hi…im interested…can u please send me a quotation on bohol package tour on sept 27-30,2010 with 2 adults…hope to hear from you…tnx!

    • Mark Maranga says:


      I’m sorry, I’m not connected with Kuya Dodong and I’m not offering a Bohol Tour Package. Kindly contact Kuya Dodong directly so you can negotiate the price.

  426. Mae Elemia says:

    does kua dodong accomodate 3 persons? We’re planning to go there march next year. is it possible? TIA!

  427. irish anne says:

    hi, i sent an email to kuya dodong and try to connect with him but still there is no response?? do you have his present contact #?or anything? thanks., 😉

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Irish Anne,

      I’m no longer in contact with Kuya Dodong. Just wait for 24-48 hours for his reply, maybe he is busy attending to his guests at the moment.

  428. Madel says:

    hi, i am planning to visit bohol this october with friends.
    thanks for this info. i’ll contact “kuya dodong”

  429. Keith Capili says:

    a highly recommended person… you’ll gonna enjoy your stay with his service….
    we had our great time in bohol with the service of kuya dodong….
    you must avail his packages too…. he always considers the comfort of his passengers…
    book early so you can avail….

  430. rannie says:

    sir did visit virgin island….?

  431. Lhuc says:

    totoo ba talaga to?

    • Mark Maranga says:

      Lhuc, yes this is true! Because of Kuya Dodong’s world class and affordable service I decided to blog about him so many Filipinos will avail his services.

  432. matchbox twenty says:


    Kindly give feedback on the resort (Tierra Azul)). Did you enjoy your stay (resort per se)?

    Thanks! =)

    • Mark Maranga says:

      When we stayed at Tierra Azul, its only use is for sleeping and bathing. Most of our time was spent for touring around Bohol and Panglao Islands. The Room and Comfort Room are clean as well as the outside surroundings. They have a restaurant overlooking the sea of Panglao and the meal prices is not too expensive (P80-150). Even when you are staying at Tierra Azul, you can still enjoy the long stretch of white beach in Panglao.

      We enjoyed!

  433. sara says:

    Thank you so much for this! I am travelling to Bohol in September and have been looking like a mad woman through all the sites… I have just emailed Kuya Dodong for information and packages!! I have mentioned your name and now I am dreaming already about a fabulous holiday!


  434. Chester V. says:

    Thanks soo much for blogging your Bohol experience. It’s a good thing i saw this site.. now i know who to contact if i’ll go to Bohol. Thanks..

  435. You made our Bohol experience great by giving us a quality service. We are so happy and blessed to have you as our Tatay and tour guide. More than seeing the beautiful places in Bohol, we enjoyed the tempura bonding (super sarap po tatay). He made us feel secured. He makes sure that we are satisfied (actually we are more than satisfied). He made us feel that we will go back to Bohol over and over again.

    To everyone Tatay Dodong is the best tour guide that you can ever have. make him your tatay and tour guide and enjoy the wonderful trip in Bohol.

  436. Belle Pacay says:

    Bohol is not complete without kuya dodong!!! he is one perfect example of a hospitable filipino. He is a very effective tour guide. For those who plan to visit Bohol don’t hesitate to get kuya dodong as your tour guide it will make your travel stress free and your money worth it. And every one should also have a taste of tempura!!!! a complimentary snack that kuya dodong introduce to us.,it taste good!!!! =)

  437. Kim Abar says:

    Kuya (or Tatay) Dodong made our Bohol Tour. He is the man!!! He was always patient with us photo-op addicts, and very very accommodating. He made sure we are comfortable like when we ran out of drinking water at our resort, he called-up the guy to deliver water to us. There were no problems requesting something from him like stopping over at some place to buy pasalubong or water, going to the market, and even taking loads of pictures for us – tour guide -cum-father-cum-photographer. And he tells you where to buy the cheapest pasalubong. And his tempura, yummy!!! When we left Tagbilaran for Manila, it felt like leaving a family behind. Bohol tour IS Kuya Dodong.

  438. Laarni Sta Romana says:

    Kuya DODONG IS THE BEST CONTACT PERSON if you are planning to have a visit in Bohol. Not just that the tours and accommodations are affordable and great but also, you will appreciate on how kuya dodong set everything for you… all you need to do is hop in his van and enjoy the tour…We really enjoyed our stay in Bohol because of TATAY DODONG! We miss his tempura so much! He used to call us ANAK…so sweet….everyone in the group was really touched by his unmeasurable and top-rated service. We really love Tatay Dodong! THank you for making a special section for tatay dodong in your site…we are really planning of making one for him coz we know that he deserves all these good words.